King: Keep Jameis For 2019

October 20th, 2018

Prove it next year, too.

A lot of Bucs fans believe this season is a crossroads in the Bucs career of America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

The Bucs can wash their hands of Jameis after this season with no penalty, other than to have to start from scratch in finding a new quarterback, which means sucking for a high draft pick — which means untold more years of losing.

Or the Bucs could bring Jameis back for the fifth and final season of his current contract. And Mike Florio-arguing, L.L. Bean-wearing, Second Amendment abolitionistparrot-insensitive, chewing-with-his-mouth-open, soup-gulping, California train-romancinganti-football proliferationouthouse-admiringairline-nappingsteerage-flyingYogi Berra-worshipingurinal picture-takingvideo game-playingTaylor Swift-listeningpickpocket-thwartingBucs-uniform-frowningAllie-LaForce-smittenBig-Ten-Network-hatingpedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerking, craft beer-chugging, cricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvebaseball-box-score-readingNPR-honkfilthy-hotel-stayingfight-instigatingbarista-training social activist Peter King, star of NBC Sports fame, thinks the Bucs should bring Jameis back for at least another season and force Jameis to prove he’s the franchise.

Discussing potential Bucs coaching and personnel moves after the regular season, King noted the biggest decision may not be the status of Dirk Koetter but of his quarterback, Jameis.

“I think the other thing is that you are going to have to look at at the end of the season is where is Jameis Winston?” King said in a recent broadcast of “Pro Football Talk Live” with host Mike Florio. “Basically Jameis Winston has the next 10 weeks to prove he should be given this $20.6 million after this season and that he should be handed the reigns of this team long-term. It’s going to be a very, very tough question for this team to answer.

“I think it isn’t only wins and losses that the Bucs have to be concerned about or that Dirk Koetter has to be concerned about. It’s the development of Jameis Winston and whether he is going to their guy long-term.”

Florio believed this season is make-or-break for Jameis. King was not on board.

“I disagree with you, Mike. In fact, I would disagree, vehemently,” King said. “Here is the deal, Mike: Jameis Winston hasn’t done enough on or off the field to deserve that vote of confidence and that five-year contract or whatever it would be. I think he should be on that prove-it contract in 2019.

“I don’t think he deserves any show of faith. What are you going to find out off-the-field in the next two, 2 1/2 months? Nothing. Jameis Winston knows he’s got to be an altar boy for the next three months. He knows that. The time to find out about Jameis Winston is what is he going to do in another offseason? Is he going to continue to be on the straight and narrow? Or is he going to get into some weird issue again?”

Joe leans towards King’s take. Of course, if everything works out the way it should in King’s mind, that will likely cost Team Glazer quite a bit more of their loot because, as we all know, salaries do not go down in the NFL. What may be an overpayment today is the going rate tomorrow and downright cheap next week.

A new contract for a starting quarterback is likely to be more expensive after the 2019 season than it would be in three months.

Jameis’ projected salary for next season would put him right in the middle of starting quarterbacks based on 2018 prices. Jameis would be the 15th-highest paid quarterback just above Alex Smith. That’s about fair.

92 Responses to “King: Keep Jameis For 2019”

  1. Ron from ESPN Disney Says:

    How does Jack Del Rio sound for a D/C?

  2. Joe Says:

    How does Jack Del Rio sound for a D/C?

    Sounds pretty terrible and not sure what this has to do with Jameis. Please don’t hijack threads.

  3. Greg Says:

    So Joe will run this story but not mention the fact that the Buccaneer players did NOT vote for Jameis to be a team captain? Ive never heard of a Quarterback NOT being a team captain! How can Joe call him Americas quarterback when hes not even Tampas QB?

  4. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Jaemis is the least of this dysfunctional minor league franchises problems. Until they set some standards in that building and get a real football guy in there who demands excellence and stops accepting excuses, losing and soft play there truly is no hope for bucs. Note to low standard losers: Dungy is not a real football guy. He is nothing more than a media darling who chokes in the postseason. Oh and he is the guy who rendered the hall of fame absolutely meaningless with his pathetic postseason record.

  5. Greg Says:

    Waiting on an intelligent response here from Jameis fans…. Bueller? Bueller?

  6. Hawk Says:

    I think King is right, unless Jameis turns into a ‘carry-the-team-on-my-back’ QB, or a ‘can’t-stop-doing-stupid-things’ QB, in the next 3 months. Otherwise, it’s a better option to keep him for another ‘cheap’ year. It does *not* mean that the team should not think about drafting another QB, if one falls to them. Good businessmen always hedge their bets. And the NFL is first, and foremost, a business.

  7. Waterboy Says:

    If Case Keenum is making 18 mil a year there’s no question Jameis will get that 20.9 mil next season.

  8. Joe Says:


    Joe has explained too many times to count. Don’t throw around the term “intelligent “ if you don’t know.

  9. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Let’s not forget a new GM and coaching staff. Unless the Glazer braintrust makes keeping Jameis a condition of hire, it should be up to the new regime to decide if they put their future in the hands of America’s Turnover Machine.
    With a loss to the Browns at home tomorrow, this season circles the drain.

  10. SilverBuc Says:

    How ironic and Buccaneer would it be if ownership and the anti-winston crowd screw this up and Jameis signs on the become a Saint when Drew Brees retires after his contract is up next season.

  11. Greg Says:

    Your statement doesnt make sense but the point is YOU insist on overhyping this D-bag as Americas Quarterback which is irresponsible and offensive. 3 girls came forward on this guy and you ignore it because your a Florida st fan. You overhype any stories that favor Jameis and undermine anything aginst him. You have mislead your sheep with no objectivity at all. I like your site because your quick to get stories and update often but please stop acting like Jameises fluffer. He already has an agent and lawyer and doesnt need you. He is a turn over machine on the field and a D-bag off the field. If he went to any other college you would be a lot more objective!.

  12. tickrdr Says:

    Hawk Says:
    October 20th, 2018 at 10:22 am

    I think King is right, unless Jameis turns into a ‘carry-the-team-on-my-back’ QB, or a ‘can’t-stop-doing-stupid-things’ QB, in the next 3 months. Otherwise, it’s a better option to keep him for another ‘cheap’ year. It does *not* mean that the team should not think about drafting another QB, if one falls to them. Good businessmen always hedge their bets. And the NFL is first, and foremost, a business.
    I would do both. Keep him for next year, but move up in the draft if necessary and take a QB. I believe that I read a post on SB Nation last year which stated that NO QB has ever won the SuperBowl, who did NOT get his team into the playoffs in their first FOUR years in league. Does anyone know if this is true?
    Drafting a QB means more “window” before the big money contract, and allows a better team supposedly by allowing other vets to get paid. If Jameis is the man, then the other QB becomes a trade asset.


  13. Defense Rules Says:

    @Peter King … ““Basically Jameis Winston has the next 10 weeks to prove he should be given this $20.6 million after this season and that he should be handed the reigns of this team long-term. It’s going to be a very, very tough question for this team to answer.” King’s half-right IMO Joe … Jameis has the next 11 games to prove that Bucs should keep him for 2019 (and pay him $21 mil for the privilege). BUT … seriously doubt that he’ll be getting a long-term contract anytime soon. A 5-10 year contract for a QB is a HUUGE investment for any team, and even more-so in the Bucs’ case … we’ve got several ‘super-stars’ (?) who have already been paid or are in line to be paid, and the trough can only feed so many.

    My bet is that Jameis will be here in 2019, REGARDLESS of what happens with this coaching staff & GM, providing that Jameis plays reasonably well the rest of this year. But I’d also bet that Jameis will be franchise-tagged for 2020 (as a minimum … maybe for 2021 also) providing once again that his performance on the field warrants retaining him. Of course there’s a better than 50-50 chance that the Glazer Boyz will take a totally different view (they seem to do that periodically, but hey, it IS their billions at stake, not ours).

    In any event, I can see Jameis (and a number of key other players) working with an entirely new coaching staff AND management next year (to include a President of Football Operations). With Scapegoat Smitty gone, a LOT of other ‘weaknesses’ will be exposed in these next 11 games.

  14. Charlie c Says:

    I had season tickets for over a decade. I was there in person when the light went out in Raider fans eyes and the Bucs destroyed the Raiders to become world champions. I love this team and watched Doug Williams hurl the long bomb as a little kid to Kevin house and James wilder ruining all over the place. How about the Bucs do something crazy, like actually sign a quarter back to a second contract? You know, what good teams do to have a chance in this league? For all these short term, short brained Bucs fans, gl look it up. Find me another QB who has been signed to another contract here. You won’t. Never happened. So, instead of letting Jameis leave and go win super
    Bowls with another team, how about we sign him long term here? He WANTS to WIN. Has PASSION to win. You can’t coach that. Want things to Get better around here? Keep you quarterback. Let the defense just get to average. We will then be back on the playoffs, instead of the Browns of the NFC.

  15. Greg Says:

    To be fair Jameis is not our biggest problem. Our defense is inexcusable! We just have too many holes on this team to pay an average at best qb 25 million a year.

  16. Dan Says:

    Winston should be a backup period. Stop all this talk of him being a starter. Freeman was run out of town with a better record.

  17. Greg Says:

    A-men Dan

  18. Kobe Faker Says:

    Weekly adjusted betting lines

    2019 Tony Dungy new Tampa Bay President of operations

    Yes -800
    No +750

    “Dungy in means JW out”

    Kobe Faker

  19. Kalind Says:

    I’d try and sign him long term now. He will never be cheaper than right now. If he plays well the rest of the year and next year? That number will be Carr/Cousins franchise destroying. Do it now. Save the coin.

  20. JimmyT Says:

    What the F r u talking about? 3 girls? So u r counting consensual sex in Tally as a crime. If you had a son going to college make sure u demand NO SEX! The Uber incident is the ONLY incident that occurred PERIOD! Why don’t u broaden your biased & possibly racist mind and READ the report form the district attorney in Tally. Kriseman has as much credibility as dr Ford make NO MISTAKE!! I’m sure though that if this was Ben Rothlesberger we wouldn’t hear PEEP from You!!!!

  21. Bucsfanman Says:

    DR- you got the nail right on the head but, I’ll go even further: if Koetter and company don’t go 9-7, they won’t be the ones deciding.
    If this team lays an egg, expect everyone, including the GM to be gone! What HC is going to want someone else’s QB?

  22. Dre Says:

    Joe I’m done with your website… you have your tongue so far up Jameis and McCoy’s butt …. you should be lucky you have followers with your complete disrespect towards people who post on here… your nicknames for overrated players is the dumbest thing I have ever seen … outside of the bucs you don’t know jack about football … hell you don’t know the difference between average players from great … matter of fact it’s ass backwards … take your website and shove it

  23. Pickgrin Says:

    tickrdr Says:
    “NO QB has ever won the SuperBowl, who did NOT get his team into the playoffs in their first FOUR years in league. Does anyone know if this is true?”

    Without looking anything up – It’s obviously NOT true because Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl….

  24. Greg Says:

    Well Jimmy T since your pulling the race card and dont know your facts Im assuming you do that a lot.. There was a girl that got thrown under the bus at Florida st, then Erica Kingsman, then the Uber driver. How many girls have to come forward before you wake up? I guess its the girls fault for not walking around with a wireless webcam belt buckle.

  25. Greg Says:

    By the way Jimmy T Winston paid a settlement to Erica Kingsman and will do so again for the Uber driver. As Joe said INNOSCENT PEOPLE DONT SETTLE!!!

  26. Joe Says:


    If he went to any other college you would be a lot more objective!.

    Don’t give a damn where a guy went to college. And until Jameis has to actually stand in front of a judge for a charged crime, no Joe doesn’t give a sh!t what he does off the field when others *have* stood in front of a judge and copped pleas and subsequently handed a pass.

    Jameis is the best quarterback this franchise has ever had not named “Steve Young” and Joe has zero interest in running him out of town unless the Bucs already have a replacement in hand as good or better than him.

  27. Joe Says:

    I love this team and watched Doug Williams hurl the long bomb as a little kid to Kevin house

    Love the Kevin House reference. 🙂

  28. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Let’s be real; just because Jameis is statistically the “best” QB the Bucs ever had doesn’t make him a “franchise QB”.
    The only stat that counts is W/L record. On that count, Jameis is woeful.

  29. Architek Says:

    I think one key in expectation that everyone some times forgets is Jameis was the #1 overall pick; not middle of the first round or mid-round pick. So a lot of the fans disappointment on the field is the lack of consistency and decision making issues. Number one overall is and should be expected to be a game changer. Jameis hasn’t been that [yet].

    So I agree with King – pay him middle of the pack and let the next HC and staff evaluate him without bias.

    Jameis isn’t bad and he’s good but not dynamic as a thrower or a playmaker. And no he’s not Bret Favre because Favre had a sick deep ball.

  30. ben Says:

    i am long time season tkt holder and spent $$ to go to Ca. for bucs superbowl… Fitz has a better winning % the Winston and Winston NOT being voted captain says LOTS but Joe has been quiet on this. If qb DIlfer had all the fire power on this team to play with he might have been bucs best qb ..

  31. Seminole Bill Says:

    The BIG question is whether Koetter will be the head coach next year; that will determine whether Jameis stays or goes.

  32. Zwak Says:

    DIlfer? Easy Ben it’s way to early hope your not driving..

  33. tickrdr Says:

    I just looked up Trent Dilfer on, and during his FOURTH year with Tony Dungy as coach, the 1997 Bucs MADE the playoffs as a wildcard team with a 10 – 6 record, and actually won a playoff game 20 -10 vs. the Lions.
    Does anyone know of any others?


  34. Pickgrin Says:

    My bad tickrdr. I was thinking Dilfer was drafted in ’93. Thus proving I didn’t look it up… LOL

  35. Pickgrin Says:

    tickdr –

    First overall pick in 1971 and 2X Super Bowl winning QB Jim Plunkett never had a winning record as a starter nor took his team to the playoffs until his NINTH season in the NFL…

  36. tickrdr Says:

    @ Pickgrin:
    Not bad at all, but I did read that last year, however I haven’t been able to find it since.
    I agree that it is hard to imagine Trent Dilfer as a playoff-winning QB, let alone a SuperBowl-winning one.

    IIRC, he still has one of the worst all-time plays in Bucs history, and that is hard to do. As I remember it, we were leading the NY Giants late, at a time when everyone would expect the defense to hold a lead, but there was Dilfer rolling left on third and long, and then jumping in the air with a scissor-kick throwing a weak-ass interception from our own 2 yard line, which was returned for a pick6 TD.
    So, no punt, and an eventual loss.


  37. Pickgrin Says:


    Additionally – Bart Starr did not take his team to the playoffs in his first 4 years.

    Aaron Rodgers and Jeff Hostetler didn’t either (because they weren’t playing)…

  38. Gobucs Says:


    If Winston went to UF instead of FSU these morons would be screaming off the rooftops to get rid of him. But since he went to FSU all is good and you’re a racist if you dare criticize him.

  39. JimmyT Says:

    Just because there was a settlement doesn’t mean Jameis was the one paying! Man U r cluelss!! He sued HER & she could ha e lost the $900k she made off FSU IN HER TITLE IX lawsuit so as usual u assume u know but u don’t! When this can be talked about u will have to eat your words on who paid who

  40. JimmyT Says:

    And by the way a Jr high person w aspirations to be lawyer coukd have won the case Had CHARGES EVER BEEN FILLED! It’s kind of hard to prove rape your underwear has Jameis DNA & Her boyfriends! CASE CLOSED! It’s not illegal to have sex last I checked!!

  41. Gobucs Says:

    And saying he’s the best QB the Bucs ever had means people don’t understand how low that bar has been set.

    I hope he succeeds I love the Bucs no matter who the QB is I just don’t like the blind defending the homers do. It’s really pathetic.

  42. T REX Says:

    Having a QB that divides the fan base is ignorant. I can’t believe that the fsu honks stick up for him. I know plenty of FSU fans that hated him because he’s trouble. I can’t wait till he is gone and hopefully these fsucks fans go with him.

  43. JimmyT Says:

    U guys r INSANE! I could care less where Jameis went to college but u guys will never want him here and that’s fine but he is a very good qb playing for a bad franchise! It’s a team sport ! All I know is FITZ 100% LOST the Steelers game and you all made excuses for the pick 6, the red zone pick and the 10 yard OVER Evans head pick. If Jameis had thrown a pick 6 and 2 more in the first half and thrown 3 TDS in the 2nd half and “almost won” u ALL sure wouldn’t be KISSING HIS BEHIND like u did for FITZ! THAT IS WHAT IS PATHETIC! Hey let me know when u r done fighting the civil war!

  44. Gambelero Says:

    How would a rebuild work? We can’t tank this year, so if you’re going to cut Jameis loose, you’ll need to bench him. Otherwise, you risk injury and the possibility of paying him $20m+ when he’s not even playing (remember the Bucs picked up the fifth year option. No way Koetter is going to bench Winston unless he plays very poorly.

    So you really start the rebuild next year. You fire Koetter, Licht and co.; bring on a coach that is sure to lose; take away his best players by not signing DJax, Grimes, all the this year vested free agents and get away from or out of (via trades) contracts for Winston and 3 of 5 of Brate, Marpet, David, McCoy and Dotson. You only re-sign one of two of Alexander and DSmith.

    So, we fans will only have to wait until about 2021 for the team to be at least nominally a contender, and that’s if we get lucky and there’s a franchise QB coming out in the 2020 draft, and we are able to rebuild enough to have an oline, a defense and some weapons for him by his second year.

    But wait, there’s not going to be any football in 2021. That’ll almost certainly be a strike year. The players are preparing for a long strike; both sides feel like they gave too much last time.

    So maybe we’ll all be watching XFL and hanging out with our grandkids by the time we get back to a team with this talent level.

  45. Gobucs Says:


    So you’re saying you “could care less” than you already do? So you have room to care a little less?

    I think you mean “couldn’t care less”. Which means you could not care any less than you already do. That dang FSU education 🤦‍♂️

  46. Gobucs Says:

    I didn’t make any excuses for Fitz so don’t lump me in with that crap. I don’t care who the QB is. I just wanna see wins that’s all. I just love the homers that literally defend everything he does. No matter what Winston does the homers will say he’s great and anything bad he does gets blamed on someone else.

  47. Gobucs Says:


    And there you go trying to label me a racist with the civil war joke.

    You’re a pathetic person. I bet you’re wife is ugly or you’re husband more likely. Go trip on a fork going down the stairs in mommas basement.

  48. Gobucs Says:


    Hey let me know when you’re off EBT and have a job other than trolling the websites looking for ways to label people racists.
    You’re about as much use as a wet paper bag full of sh*t.

  49. BucdUp Says:

    Greg and ben and gobucs,

    This is a pro bucs fan site. Why waste your time posting thoughtless belligerent comments toward our team? Instead use it to go do something therapeutic or productive, like donate your time to the kids in our local education system or compose an athletic camp for our local youth.. or even a charity auction! You know the things role models do… Kinda like our Buc QB Jameis Winston

  50. ATLBuc Says:

    This is such a non- issue. Anybody’s crazy who thinks the same coach who held on to Doug Martin and Mike Smith when they were terrible is going to get rid of Jameis, who keeps getting better.

  51. joestang Says:

    Don’t know if any other team out there will give Jameis 20+million. Try to sign him but for a cheaper amount or let him try free agency.

  52. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I would pay middle tier money to see how Winston would do under another regime. I can’t think of an upcoming free agent who could come in and unseat him for the same price.

  53. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    This is the peril of covering all 32 teams. Pete’s somehow constructing the narrative that the groping nite happened 3 months ago when it happened 3 years ago.

  54. unbelievable Says:


    Ugh, I still remember that play! Dilfer…. ugh.

    I actually enjoy his an analyst though, minus some of the dumb BSPN antics they do.

  55. tickrdr Says:

    Good find on Jim Plunkett, though he was on his THIRD team, but that should count anyways. Looks like we’ll have to wait 5 more years with Winston then.
    Just kidding.


  56. tickrdr Says:

    I wonder who Winston will be playing for during his 9th season?


  57. JimmyT Says:

    How ridiculous! He’s trouble? Enlighten me please! Define what u mean by trouble? I am on pins & needles just waiting for u to sound like u have a clue! Please define “he’s trouble”?

  58. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Jameis isn’t going anywhere. He’s had ONE drunk and stupid incident in near four years with this team. It was an incident not a criminal act. No QB in franchise history has put up the numbers like he has, and they all had better defenses than he has had. Great franchises have success because they stick with the GM, HC, and QB. The defense needs an overhaul. The offense needs a couple of linemen. Build on that. Don’t start all over from scratch. Four TDS and an 80% completion rate wins most games. I remember Favre throwing six interceptions in a game. It happens, and he never had a defense this bad. Favre holds the league record for most career interceptions. Most here would still loved him in a Buc uniform. We dumped Steve Young. Don’t repeat that mistake with Jameis.

  59. JimmyT Says:

    Hey Gobucs
    I luv it
    When u have nothing or the take I made hit home u resort to that joke of a take. Mission accomplished on my end. LOL!!!!
    I can tell no if ands or buts u r a GATOR FAN! U didn’t go there, probably couldn’t qualify but no QUESTION of who u root for! PUNK!!!

  60. JimmyT Says:

    Hey Tickrdr
    In year Jameis will be in a town that appreciates him and he will kick the BUCS ASS everytime he plays them and he will have a couple super bowl rings to boot! The BUCS will probably be 5-11 every year with Will Grier throwing picks left and right

  61. JimmyT Says:

    That is correct Favre is a HOFer w most picks in history yet he is idolized. Rogers rarely throws picks but he was able to ride the bench and learn for 4 years. Jameis started at age 20 from day one on a HORRIBLE team! No comparison it’s a team sport but in this town the BUCS record is JAMEIS’s record.

  62. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Bucs have already committed to the $20.6 million next year, so he;s not going anywhere after this season unless he somehow voids his contract…which he isn’t likely to do.

  63. JimmyT Says:

    The 20.6 mil is only guaranteed if he gets hurt! The BUCS do not have to pay if at the end of the year he is healthy I don’t believe. I’m sure they will pay him but it’s only guaranteed if injured

  64. Trench War Says:

    Regarding Jameis I think all decisions should be made at the end of this season. period

  65. Trench War Says:

    If a new regime takes over they may choose to go a different direction without Jameis.

  66. DBS Says:

    Jimmy T. People quit reading when you are to danm lazy to spell you and are.

  67. DBS Says:

    ^damn lazy

  68. SOEbuc Says:

    One rookie QB in 2019 with first round (J.Herbert-Oregon) talent and would assume very much we’re going defense in the first. We gonna trade for a good QB with all the money we don’t have? People that don’t think Jameis will be here in 2019 are idiots.

  69. SOEbuc Says:

    Trench War

    “If a new regime takes over they may choose to go a different direction without Jameis.”

    Hopefully they can turn him into a great QB instead of these crappy, soft a$$ coaches he’s ever played under in TB.

  70. sunshine Says:

    yep ,,I’m the idiot that hopes Winston is gone so kids, ladies and fans local and national can be proud to be a bucs fan and like the face of our favorite team .

  71. OneBucPerson Says:

    Joe what would you think about Jameis getting the Kirk Cousins in Washington treatment? I.E. playing out the next 2 years of his contract then 2 years on the tag?

  72. Doctor Stroud Says:

    JW should get another shot in 2019, but the Bucs have to draft another QB for insurance. Losing to the Cleveland Browns tomorrow will be the end of this coaching staff and possibly the season, which will guarantee a high pick. I just don’t trust the front office to pick well.

  73. Sweeptheleg Says:


    Laugh it up all your want but your boy won’t be here long. He has peaked and doesn’t have a Super Bowl run in him because he’s a turnover machine on the field and a typical mistake off the field. So enjoy all your insults at me calling and implying I’m a racist but we’ll see who has the last laugh. He may make it a couple more years but the turnovers will mount up and the new coach will want to pick his own QB and all you moronic stupid FSU homers will retreat to bottom of the barrel from where you came. And I’ll be kicked back in my nice house with my hot wife while you wait for the first of the month to roll around and spend my tax dollars. So enjoy it. Your boy is on borrowed time.
    And to make it even better he’s gonna get beat by a rookie lmao.

  74. Sweeptheleg Says:


    You don’t have to hope. All it’s gonna take is time. Give it roughly 2 more years and he’ll be gone.

    His own teammates didn’t even vote him for captain lmao. When is the franchise QB not picked as a captain? Lol. He’s an embarrassment to most people outside of Tampa. The only reason people nationally say keep him is because they know there really isn’t another option. So they’re just kinda stuck with him for now. But the new regime will likely want their own QB and not a QB that’s good for 2 turnovers every game. He’s average and has peaked.

    The FSU homers blame every turnover he’s ever had on someone else.

  75. Buc-n-Idaho Says:

    Good riddance Dre, and take Dan and Greg with you!!!

  76. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Wow this thread could not get anymore cancerous.

  77. Jbeachbuc Says:

    I would love to see Jameis play with at least a competent defense before I can take his win loss record seriously

  78. JimmyT Says:

    This Jameis bashing is all about HATRED nothing more! FSU homer? No I am a BUCS homer and I want Jameis to do well HERE! He has improved every year! I mean seriously in Jameis 2nd year they went on a run because the D Played well and we went 9-7! Last year the D was horrible so without a competitive D U CANT WIN! Jameis played great against the Falcons he didn’t lose that game! I don’t even think u r BUCS fans because if u were u would want things to work out! Who do u want to qb this team! Justin Herbert? Will Grier? Come on that’s ridiculous! But it doesn’t matter because it’s all about HATE

  79. JimmyT Says:

    And by the WAY
    I can say U instead of you all I want! It’s a free country

  80. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Jameis will be signed to a long term $100 million plus contract with some kind of behavior clause that bails out owners’ obligation…
    Jameis will be here for 10 more years.
    There are several teams that would take Jameis in a heartbeat- by the way, he doesn’t play defense.

  81. Sweeptheleg Says:

    10 more years?

    Lmao hahahahaha that’s hilarious

  82. Bucsace Says:

    One thing that was nice about Josh Freeman, we didn’t have to deal with any Kansas State homers on this site

  83. swissPolitics Says:

    “And until Jameis has to actually stand in front of a judge for a charged crime, no Joe doesn’t give a sh!t what he does off the field when others *have* stood in front of a judge and copped pleas and subsequently handed a pass.”

    “I don’t care if he does terrible stuff to women because others have also done bad things that have been even easier to prove and gotten away with it.” So….go Bucs! Right?

    Why can’t everyone everyone get behind that noble sentiment?

  84. sunshine Says:

    its NOT hate for Winston .. just a disappointment of him as a man and poor choice as the point man for the team! How is he rated nationally???

  85. Sweeptheleg Says:


    The moronic homers say it’s beacuse we’re all racists. That’s the only reason we question the chosen one. The messiah. The greatest QB to ever grace a football field. All the turnovers aren’t his fault and the women are all liars. It’s because we’re racists. Don’t you get it?

  86. D1 Says:


    “All the girls are liars” even the Jr high school kids?

    Lying must be viral in some parts.

  87. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Honest question: is there any other fan base which has been so divided by their current starting QB?

  88. Dapostman Says:

    The Bucs defense is LAST(32) in the league allowing 34.6 points a game.

    The Bucs offense is eighth(8) in the league scoring 28.2 points a game.

    The league average is 24 points a game both offense and defense.

    To make this simple for the anti-Winston simpletons…………

    The Bucs offense is a +4.2 pts

    The Bucs defense is a -10.6 pts

    If you can’t understand these numbers you are a moron.

  89. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Franchise Tag Jameis Winston and GET KOETTER A GOD D#MN DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!!

  90. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m a huge Winston backer, but I’d franchise unless you get a significant discount. I mean if you say can sign him for like $24m, then duh, you lock him up for 7 years because you’re basically getting a free starter with that money left on the table – but if he’s wanting say $29m instead of $30m, or whatever the contract ends up being, then just tag him since there is no reason not to.

  91. Rod Munch Says:

    Dapostman – There are many many many morons here. Winston threw for nearly 400 yards and 4 TDs last week and the offense should have put up 31 points with a better kicker, and people are acting like he needs to be cut. They just hate Winston and will always hate him and will always make up something to complain about, they’re fake outrage morons.

  92. Onetrickpony Says:

    Has any one man, ever divided a fan base like Winston has?