Jameis Time!

October 14th, 2018


Heavy burden for America’s Quarterback these days.

For reasons that thoroughly baffle Joe, folks actually lay awake at night trying to concoct ways to run Jameis Winston out of town, even though he is on the cusp of just about every franchise record for a quarterback.

Joe’s favorite (cough) excuse to run off Jameis is win-loss record. Joe Montana couldn’t win with this turd of a defense the Bucs have, c’mon!

Sadly for Jameis, pressure and demands and expectations border on the obscene much less unreasonable as he is mere hours from his first start of the 2018 season. And Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has Jameis’ back.

The signs on the field were trending up last season. He finished with a career-high 7.9 YPA and is now 11th among all QBs (min. 500 attempts) in the stat since he was drafted in 2015, ahead of guys like Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford. He still made far too many bad decisions in 2017, but the Bucs were ultimately a top-10 passing attack according to Football Outsiders, trying to keep pace with one of the league’s worst defenses.

The elements that helped the Bucs get out to a flying start with Ryan Fitzpatrick before the Bears game remain in place. Offensive coordinator Todd Monken is ultra-aggressive calling plays, and the Bucs sport a basketball team full of receivers who can come down with contested catches. Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and Chris Godwin have a chance to be the best receiver trio in football. Tight end O.J. Howard is already back at practice after spraining his knee before the team’s Week 5 bye. This is the team general manager Jason Licht and coach Dirk Koetter built around Winston’s strengths, and I don’t blame them for wanting to see what it looks like fully formed, before it’s too late.

Winston is the rich man’s Fitzmagic on the gridiron. They both see the field and anticipate beautifully. They both believe in their arm too much and get way more value out of their feet than they are given credit for. They seem too smart to take the chances they do with the ball. They run hot and crash spectacularly. They play every game as if it is their last. It doesn’t hurt Winston that a trip to Atlanta is up first on the schedule, but this opinion is about more than one week. Winston is at the stage of his career, with the right group around him, to elevate his play to another level. He doesn’t have a choice.

This is what scares Joe. After the Bucs fell to 2-2 losing their last two games, Joe has yet to hear one person blame backup Ryan Fitzpatrick. Oh, some mocked him for his three picks in the first half against the Steelers, but Joe is still waiting for someone to say the Bucs should cut him because he lost.

With Jameis? Folks have the Uber waiting as Jameis’ front door.


66 Responses to “Jameis Time!”

  1. Gobucs Says:

    2 picks.

    48-17 falcons

  2. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    Since when did this Joe take the emphasis off the QB being the one to win games? Funny, when Freeman was QB it was up to him in your opinion to win games regardless of a crappy defense, running game, and offensive line. Same with in your words and opinion about McClown and Glennon. Why aren’t you holding Jameis to the same standards? Oh, we on the outside know why? Because this Joe staked his reputation on this QB and is willing to fall on his sword to prove he’s right by shaming those who see it differently.

  3. jmarkbuc Says:

    “Winston is the rich man’s Fitzmagic on the gridiron. They both see the field and anticipate beautifully.”

    Winston does not (has not so far) throw the ball with anticipation, to me that’s one of his biggest throwing problems. Doesn’t throw receivers open. This isn’t baseball. The targets move in football.

    That and locking in and staring down receivers. He’s got to be one of the easiest QB’s to pick off.

    Hoping today is different.

  4. Trench War Says:

    excuses already being bandied about. Atlanta’s defense SUCKS TOO

  5. RustyRhinos Says:

    What happend to those views that Great “Franchise QB’s” elevate the players around them, how much fluff did we hear about how Glennon just could not win so we needed a Savior QB one who makes his teammates better just being lined up behind center. When will this become reality? We have heard and watched how well this view works. If Mr. Winston goes 2-3 today and we fail to win what fault will lay at the “Franchise QB’s” feet?
    I am still “waiting for it” you know for this savior to win a ton…

    Go Bucs!
    I hope Winston has 340 yards and is 2-2 TD-INT and a Win in ATL

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Ultimately, today’s game will define Jameis

  7. Sumo Says:

    He will do what he always does today. He will throw two interceptions and fumble the ball twice for a total of four turnovers. Can’t win like that. I hope he corrects it, if not, it will never work.

  8. BigScott55 Says:

    48 – 21 Falcons

  9. Chris K Says:

    Sure is. Falcons D is poor and the weapons are there to explode today. Today begins the prove it segment of his career. We should all be rooting for his success!

  10. LakeLand Says:

    All of these Jameis stats are useless

    His record as the Bucs starting QB is 18-27

    All this other crap is all HYPE

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    The excitement around Fitz was winning and its that simple. There are no hidden agenda’s! Winston drug a deep hole by not staying out of trouble but some like to throw around the kids will be kids comments. A leader and a man would have stepped forward in 2017 and said hey sorry but I really can not remember what happened. I shouldn’t have been black out drunk while taking the uber let’s move on.

  12. SteveK Says:

    Jameis is the number one overall pick, dare the expectations of his performance match that? Jameis’ ability to lead this team to wins: TD:Turnover Ratio.

  13. LakeLand Says:

    Cam Newton record as the Panthers starting QB

    He don’t have all of these fancy passing stats
    But he move the chains and scores on offense
    While resting his defense
    Controlling the clock

    That equal success

  14. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Bizarro world!!!
    Thought this was a BUCS site. So much hate. BUCS win period

  15. T REX Says:

    Oh poor Jameis. He’s such a victim.


  16. Bigbucfan90 Says:

    Man I hope Jameis airs it out against the falcons

  17. Bucnjim Says:

    95% of everyone who posts on here including myself predicted we may go either 1-3 or 0-4. We are 2-2 should have been 3-1 because Fitz and the offense were playing some good football. You expect fans NOT to be happy about that? Winston hopefully can take it from here but has not proven anything yet. Hit wide open Jackson? No.. Hit Evans in stride? No…Scramble for first downs (when needed)? No…Limit fumbles? No….So saying he has a heavy burden means we are actually just looking for him to do his job. Sorry that’s not too much to ask!

  18. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    56-21 falcons, new home depot built on monday near ray jay

  19. AfrikaThaRapper Says:

    Listen ppl. Jameis is that best friend of yours that you hook up with a job at your place of employment. And then 2 weeks later your supervisor starts to complain about his performance (not focused, shows up late, etc….). You love him as a friend and just hopes that he gets it together in time before he is fired and ultimately gets you fired too. I love the man and hopes that he shuts all of his haters up in his 12- game interview. Good luck, Jameis. Love you, man. We’ll raise the flags. Now go out and fire those freaking cannons !!!! Go ‘Bucs !!!

  20. Bucnjim Says:

    What should have been done is every Buccaneer fan sing the praise of backup Fitz for keeping this team competitive against four excellent teams while our starter served HIS 4 game suspension. Oh wait that’s what we did!

  21. JWBUCS Says:

    Who in the Heck are these people who post on this website…. I read 3 scores, all high points Scored by Falcons and all 3 Blowing out the Bucs…. Where is the positive view with people…. What a bunch of losers…. I bet none of these jerks are successful Business Owners…. Likely, none are self-employed because none have the slightest amount of Positive input…. You should never go through life always choosing the negative aspect of any subject!

  22. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Wow we just get too high and too low. There are 12 more games left. Jameis and crew need to figure out how to win 8 of them.

    There will be highs and lows along the way but win 8 of the next 12 and it’s all good.

    The Falcons should give us a good litmus test of where the team is right now.

  23. SteveK Says:

    I am breaking the JW3 jersey out of my closet today , and starting him in fantasy over Kirk (You like that, Lovie?) Cousins!

    Let’s go Bucs!

    Unleash the QB!

  24. Patrickbucs Says:

    None of the past stats matter, today is the start of a new day. Like someone said earlier, a 12 game test or interview basically.

  25. Buccfan37 Says:

    I expect a close game with less than a TD deciding the winner.

  26. LakeLand Says:

    For the Bucs to win this game

    Jameis has to “manage” the game, and not get into a shootout with Matt Ryan
    In 2015 they swept the Falcons, they rush for 100+ yards in both games
    The score were 23-19 and 23-20
    They need to keep Matt Ryan and the offense on the sidelines

    I don’t know the Bucs or Falcons gameplan

    Therefore I can’t make a prediction

    But I will say Matt Ryan is a hot QB at home with a 133.3 passing rate
    10 TD, 1 INT
    The Bucs need to keep him and the Falcons offense off the field

  27. Jean Lafitte Says:


    that is funny. So instead of playing JW3 all the time on your fantasy team you play him because he’s playing against the second worst defense in the league. LOL ..how brave of you

  28. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    JWBUCS Says:
    October 14th, 2018 at 10:02 am
    Who in the Heck are these people who post on this website…. I read 3 scores, all high points Scored by Falcons and all 3 Blowing out the Bucs…. Where is the positive view with people…. What a bunch of losers…. I bet none of these jerks are successful Business Owners…. Likely, none are self-employed because none have the slightest amount of Positive input…. You should never go through life always choosing the negative aspect of any subject!
    Well said!
    Cheer for the TEAM man!
    here you go homie…
    BUCS 38 atl 24

  29. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Atl 38 Bucs 20

  30. LakeLand Says:

    If someone is betting on the Bucs often

    I would say that they are not a successful gambler

    This has nothing to do with cheering for a team

    This is all about, who you think will win the game

    And cover the point spread

  31. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Ingenious Jean, how would he play Jameis in his lineup when he hasn’t played this year? And fantasy football is all about match ups vs bad defenses.

  32. theodore Says:

    This is the decision point game for Jameis. Either he is a capable veteran who scores points and gets resigned, or he’s inconsistent with bad turnovers and will be let go.

  33. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    Best QB in the league. Buckle up boys! 2bGrand on the Bucs!!! Easy $$

  34. Jameis Almighty! Says:

    There is also a apecail place in hell for all the Jameis Haters. The den of depression isn’t the name either.

  35. LakeLand Says:

    I’m not betting on someone with a career 18-27 record to win

    This is just good ole plain common sense

  36. LakeLand Says:

    And I seriously doubt that the the so-called faithful are placing bets on him to win

  37. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Lakeland… wut up homie. I’m not talking gambling. Talking bout backing the team man. But scared money don’t make money.
    Game hasn’t started yet, according to a lot of players here we’ve already lost. What’s the point of being a fan? I know we’ve been bad but damn
    Go BUCS

  38. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    ^^^ according to a lot of posters

  39. SteveK Says:

    Jean Lafitte Says:
    October 14th, 2018 at 10:24 am

    that is funny. So instead of playing JW3 all the time on your fantasy team you play him because he’s playing against the second worst defense in the league. LOL ..how brave of you


    This is Jameis’ first week starting, and I do like that he had two weeks to prepare against this matchup.

    How could I start Jameis when he was suspended and not starting? If I wanted a “0” from the QB slot, I’d start Johnny Football.

  40. LakeLand Says:


    I think the Bucs win
    If they come with the right gameplan and control the clock
    Force turnovers and not turn the ball over
    Jameis record is 18-27, because he try to win the game alone

  41. Jean Lafitte Says:

    And fantasy football is all about match ups vs bad defenses.

    So you would not play Jameis against say Pitt, Phil, Carolina, etc…? If he’s so GD elite why don’t you play him all the time?. So, If you have Brady, Ryan, Roth, Goff, or etc.. and Jameis as your second, the only time you play Jameis is if any of them are on bye or JW3 is playing the worst defense in the league? What does that say about JW3? ….SMFH

  42. ATrain Says:

    NO EXCUSES!!!!!!

  43. SteveK Says:

    Starting Jameis @ Atlanta


    Kirk/Kurt Cousins @ home vs Arizona

    Jean- I agree with what you say. About FFL matchups and JW3! It’s no excuses time and I’m so excited. Sink or swim, either you’re our QB of the future and you are the first in the franchises history to get s second contract, or you’re a turnover machine/losing more than you win.

    I am pulling for Jameis to shine and make the pro bowl, not just an alternate.

  44. Wesley Says:

    Haters gonna hate, they’ve hated him from day one. And they will look for any reason to keep hating, and yes, it is sad.

  45. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Because in fantasy football it’s not about who wins but what players produce the most points. People steer clear of Jameis most of the time because of his knack for turn overs and it goes against his points. admit it?

  46. Dirk.k Says:

    Falcons 42 Bucs 21! Jameis throw 3 interceptions Fitz plays the second half!

  47. Sydney Says:

    2 INT’s and 1 fumble.

  48. Bculaw Says:

    This Bucs fanbase is doomed to repeat history. We’ll run off our 24 year old, record setting, former first pick because he can’t carry the worst defense and running game in the league. We’ll replace him with another young, hopefully talented QB that can’t carry the worst defense and running game in the league while we continue to search for credible, qualified coaches. Or, we’ll run out retreads that represent a quastionable “present” and offer no future, while we continue to wallow in mediocrity.

    Meanwhile, Jameis joins a well run franchise, learns the scheme behind a successful vet for a year and then wins multiple Superbowls somewhere other than Tampa.

    You think Belicheck doesn’t love the idea of having Jameis back up Brady for a year or two until the GOAT retires? You think Coughlin doesn’t have a plan to swoop in to pair JW with THAT defense and running game?

    We put our team in position to fail and then can’t wait to run our young talent off when the team loses.

    Fix the coaching. Fix the schemes. Then evaluate the talent. See e.g. Jared Goff.

  49. Wausa Says:

    I am with you Bculaw.

    Hopefully the Bucs are smarter than the fans that want to get rid of the best QB the franchise has ever had.

    I expect Jamies to play very well today.
    Hopefully, the week off helped the Bucs defense a lot.

  50. tickrdr Says:

    I have posted on multiple occasions that Jameis is a better “pitcher” than a “quarterback”. What I mean by that is that Jameis is great throwing “fastballs” to a spot, so that curls and comebacks are great routes for him, however he seems relatively poor at throwing to a moving target, especially one moving directly away from him, such as fly or go routes, or a wheel route by an RB. To me, the ability to hit a stationary target is best for a pitcher, however to hit a moving target is best served by a quarterback. This often leads to little or no YAC.

    Please click the above link from the post by Gregg Rosenthal at NFL.com, and scroll down to the section about Jameis Winston. There you will find the video of every JW3 throw from week 4 against the Bears. Please honestly look for all of the perfectly thrown passes leading to lots of YAC. Not a single receiver has to adjust his route or fall to the ground just to make a reception. Be sure to pause the out pattern to DJax at the 33 sec mark to see how perfectly Jameis leads him, even in a tight window. Even the TD pass to Brate led him perfectly.
    Yeah, ……………………I didn’t see any of that either.


  51. ATrain Says:

    Why are Fans HATERS if they want elite players to play elite

    If Jamies comes in and does his job GREAT

    I’m about the BUCS


    No Way a Guy gets 100 million dollar contract for 4000 yrdd
    .300 winning percentage

  52. ATrain Says:



  53. Jean Lafitte Says:

    So for Jameis to succeed he needs a perfect team around him? A team that any QB could look great behind? A defense that can makeup for all JW3’s poor decisions, and turnovers. Then why the heck do we need to pay JW3 20 + mil when there are plenty of backups that can play for a whole lot less and still win with a perfect team behind them? shaking my head again

    Sorta like Brad Johnson who was lunchbox ordinary on a great team. Don’t tell me he was elite because his name never gets mentioned when debating the best Buc QB’s all time.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I, for one, will be happy when you trolls are absent for the next few days because we win this game.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Along with the next 5 games…

  56. Jean Lafitte Says:

    man the truth hurts so we call them trolls lol

  57. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If the Bucs do not make the playoffs (they will, but this is an ‘if’ scenario), Jameis Winston will still get a new contract. The only question is whether the Bucs get a deal on him or not.

  58. Jean Lafitte Says:

    oh and I’m not the one making excuses “in case we lose”

  59. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    tickrdr: that’s what I saw too. He’s pretty accurate with stationary targets, like a baseball pitcher. He’s not great at hitting receivers in stride on crossing patters, slants etc. We’ll see if he gets better at that.

  60. Season Is Over Says:

    Where does it say anyone has to like Winston?

  61. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I’m done with Jameis. He’s not the answer.

  62. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    All you Jameis crotch smellers..good grief..wake up!! Jameis is NOT a good QB!! Why is it so hard for you to see that!!???

  63. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Here’s a thought: the Bucs have been yearly accumulating really good pass catchers since JW arrived. Is it possible that explains his slow improvement in completion percentage, instead of the often repeated mantra that “he’s gotten better every year”? Maybe he’s always going to be average.

  64. Alex Says:

    He’s trash Jameis ain’t the answer

  65. Lucious Selmon Says:


  66. Lucious Selmon Says:

    Same spit, different season. Un-forced interceptions, forcing throws with all these weapons??

    Defense actually did their part in the second half.