Duffner Brings Needed “Energy”

October 16th, 2018

New DC Mark Duffner

Newly promoted Bucs defensive coordinator Mark Duffner is a humble guy with strong religious roots. As a kid he wanted to be the first Pope from the United States.

But the two sentences above paint the wrong picture of football coach Duffner.

On the job, he’s all fire, and he’s quick to say that players can’t match his energy — even at 65 years old and 44 seasons of coaching.

There was a classic moment on the Ira Kaufman Podcast back in the spring when Duffner joined for an interview Joe strongly recommends. That’s why Joe replayed it after the Bears-Bucs game, aka the Windy City Wipeout.

Ira asked Duffner, then the linebackers coach, how he matches the daily energy of guy like Kwon Alexander. Duffner quickly corrected The Sage of Tampa Bay sports. No, Duffner said, it’s Kwon who has to match his energy.

Fast forward to yesterday’s firing of defensive coordinator Mike Smith, and it’s no surprise that Lavonte David was talking to media in the locker room saying Duffner would bring a lot of energy to the job.

Jason Pierre-Paul said the same thing on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

“I like Duff, even when I didn’t know anything about him,” JPP said. “He always came to me and said, ‘Jason, I appreciate you, like I appreciate everything you’re doing.’ That right there makes me feel special. You know what I mean? It makes me feel special as a player, even though I know how special I am.

“Smitty did the same thing but [Duffner’s] energy is always the same. Like, since I came in and been a Buc from training camp, Coach Duff’s energy has been the same every day. And it’s hard to do that.”

Joe likes that Duffner has a history coaching under Dick Lebeau in Cincinati, who never met a blitz he didn’t like. Joe expects a much more aggressive Bucs defense on Sunday.

37 Responses to “Duffner Brings Needed “Energy””

  1. theodore Says:


  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Suit him up because it’s the players on D who need energy……not coaches….but if he stays on the sidelines with them….they will certainly feel his energy.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    By the way…..does anyone know what happened to the Realist? Cooler? or was he actually Mike Smith….I know he was a big supporter…..almost an athletic supporter.

  4. Bucman0620 Says:

    LMAO. I just commented on another post about Dick being the one I want in here. I guess I should do some research on this guy cause I had no idea he coached under LeBeau. Starting to feel a little bit better. But a winning streak would make me feel a LOT better.

  5. miken Says:

    I don’t care how bad the d plays. With our offense and this schedule, we should win 5 of next 7 games and be sitting at 7-5 for the stretch run.

  6. buc15 Says:



  7. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I fear that Dirk will be in somewhat of a no-win situation here.

    If Duffner does no better than Mike Smith, than we will keep losing.

    If Duffner blows away what Smith did, and brings huge improvement (which I obviously hope for)….. than everyone will scream that Dirk should have done this sooner.

    Should be interesting to watch. Rooting for that Defense. Go Bucs

  8. i like gunslingers Says:

    joe, koetter miss fired on this change imho it came 2 weeks late, i think it was critical to come out of the bye with a win against a wounded and all but dead falcons team, now we change coordinators without the extra time to implement his scheme, the next 5 games three are on the road with teams we have trouble against, ala skins, panthers, browns are a dangerous bunch, and the bengals are 4-2, we should beat the giants, but damn that should’ve happened against atlanta although i am happy this change has finally come, with the teams we still face, the best i see is 6-10 if were lucky, to little to late dirk

  9. i like gunslingers Says:

    go bucs

  10. Bucman0620 Says:

    I don’t think it is too much to say, “IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE SOONER”. I think there was a part of Dirk that wanted to keep his buddy. I also think, this is his ONLY shot of keeping his own job at season’s end. If we fail to succeed, this team is going to get a new coaching staff which means more down years for us. If we win, we have to find a DC that is going to get these guys in here to play ball like they are trying to make an NFL team instead of like they are a bunch of millionaires. But the Smith firing should have happened “NO LATER” than the Monday following the Bears game where “MITCH FREAKIN TRUBISKY” abused us at will.

  11. Dewey Selmon Says:

    A guy who wanted to be Pope and turned the Holy Cross program around? Maybe we’re about to have a divine 12th man from above. cash them favors in Duff.

  12. DayOnePaul Says:

    Two seasons as Defensive Coordinator in Cincinnati in ’01 and ’02, with some good measurables, and not another opportunity since, until now?

    Can anybody familiar with anything here tell me why?

  13. jjuice 32 Says:

    Guess we all know now what was the overall message was from Dirks “player suggestion cards”….fire the ass clown

  14. Jeff Says:

    You know Mike is too close to Dirk to bring him down as well. Dirk got him a job when he had no prospects. This was no surprise to Smith. Duffner will be marginally better. Bucs at home should have good energy and effort to spite Smith. 40% chance of beating Cleveland! Going to be TONS of Browns fans.

  15. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Very, very well said @Bucman0620.

    I do agree with you that it should have been done after that horrendous Bears game. Also agree with your point that, ultimately, Mark Duffner could actually end up helping to save Dirk’s job.

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I agree, the change should have come during the BYE.
    We may have won the Atlanta Game.

  17. ChrisBakersBib Says:

    Funny people keep forgetting Mike Smith was the Highest paid DC in the league..if not one of em.. This team keeps finding ways to get robbed

  18. DNI Says Says:

    This is certainly a step in the right direction, its just a shame that it was not done sooner. If there is any way that they can pick up some additional assistance in the secondary, that would be beneficial.

  19. ChrisBakersBib Says:

    Oh, and once the Glazer boys sell Mn U for 4 billion dollars..maybe they can focus on the Bucs more lol

  20. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Just going to be more of the same. Until the entire staff and GM are purged and a real football expert is brought in to make all personnel decisions, we will continue down the same path.

    Question is, can the Glazers even identify a football expert??? I say no.

  21. Bucsfan77 Says:

    Are the glazes trying to sell ManU? Haven’t heard anything about that.

  22. LakeLand Says:

    Don’t just sweep the trash from one room to another room

    Clean the house

  23. martinii Says:

    It probably makes no difference but does anyone know if Duffner is going to be on the sidelines or up in the box. Personally I like coordinators and all coaches for that matter on the sidelines. Like someone mentioned above bring his energy to the players.

  24. lambchop Says:

    @Tampa Bay Demon,

    If the Bucs D actually shows some pride and help start a winning trend, nobody will care that Dirk should have done it sooner. I think we’ve all become numb to the Yucs that everyone would be in a frenzy just to eat some Ws.

    It would be DuffMagic!!

  25. Mike Johnson Says:

    Every man deserves a Shot. Lets see what coach D has. Ypou never know. He might just be the change these guys need. He coaches from the sidelines. Not from the presbox. So thats a good start. I expect this Bucs Defense to be fired up
    come Sunday. Go get’em coach D!!

  26. Darin Says:

    Exactly. 3-2 is huge difference over 2-3. That Atl loss could be playoff killer. I thought it should have been done after least season. Oh well better late than never.

  27. joestang Says:

    I hope Duffner can turn this defense around, however, with no talent it will be hard to do. good luck

  28. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Great comments, @Mike Johnson — With ya man,, Go Bucs!

  29. Ludicrous Speed Says:

    lambchop Says:

    “everyone would be in a frenzy just to eat some Ws.”

    Sure do love me some Ws.

    Breakfast of Champions

  30. Eric Says:

    I dunno, last time this guy was a defensive coordinator was 2002 bengals.

    2-14 season.

    38, 27, 29, 27, 52, 29, 27

    scoring totals for their opponents in last seven games.

    Looks kinda familiar.

  31. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    ChrisBakersBib Says:
    October 16th, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Oh, and once the Glazer boys sell Mn U for 4 billion dollars..maybe they can focus on the Bucs more lol

    you should be hoping the glazers sell the bucs not man u…. bucs will never even SNIFF a playoff birth with glazers running show…. never ever!

  32. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    lambchop said “If the Bucs D actually shows some pride and help start a winning trend………….everyone would be in a frenzy”

    Soooo true, lambchop, and very well said. You are exactly right that no one would care at that point when Dirk made the change.

  33. Ludicrous Speed Says:

    Eric Says:

    “I dunno, last time this guy was a defensive coordinator was 2002 bengals.
    2-14 season.
    38, 27, 29, 27, 52, 29, 27
    scoring totals for their opponents in last seven games.”


    And this was back when teams were actually allowed to play real live defense…

    To actually hit people (including quarterbacks)… in a realistic football like manner…

    When men were men… and women were glad of it.


  34. Sunday_44 Says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY no one who could have turned around the Bengals in the late 90s early 2,000s.

    In the 90s; the Bengals had 1 non losing season in 1995 and that was 8-8.

    I’m not gonna lose sleep over that team giving up a ton of points.

    Duffner CAN”T do worse than Smith, so let’s see what happens.

    Either way, this season has turned into a joke.

  35. Issaic haggins Says:

    “I never saw this day coming “ but 100,000 people have for two years , Your an NFL head Coach , They are not !!!! They were correct for two years , NFL head coach , YOU Were NOT !!!

    Really Really REALLY take some time and think about THAT !!!!!

  36. Eric Says:

    Never underestimate the buc’s ability to make it worse.

  37. BushidoEvans Says:

    @theodore I fell on the floor laughing, that was so funny man! Lmaooo