Derrick Brooks Offers A Jameis Theory

October 31st, 2018

Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks has a weekly meeting with America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. It’s about friendship and a young player learning from an all-time great; it’s not for public consumption.

However, occasionally Brooks will offer a glimpse into the general nature of their discussion.

Brooks talked about Jameis for a minute today on WDAE-AM 620.

“Yes, he’s pressing a little bit,” Brooks said. “And I think the layoff for the first few games, from a mentality standpoint, and the chance to come back to prove himself, I think that has led to Jameis not being himself when it comes to on the field and pressing and doing too much, which has led to some costly turnovers.”

“So right now you learn from it. Again, you support your teammates from a teammate standpoint. And you prepare for an opportunity to come your way again.”

Brooks said those will be topics, among many others, for his upcoming meeting with Jameis this week.

Nobody can say Jameis is lacking great support in Tampa. From experienced coaching, to years in the same system, to a team-first veteran backup, to Derrick Brooks himself, and ownership had his back through rough times.

Joe is confident Jameis will handle his benching in the exact opposite manner that Josh Freeman did five years ago. No meltdown is forthcoming.

As for Jameis forcing things, “pressing,” as Brooks said, because of internal pressure following his suspension, Joe’s not sure what to think about that. Most NFL players are under varying degrees of pressure for a variety of reasons.

The successful ones have “poise in the noise,” as Brooks has said on his weekly TAMPA TWO show with co-host Ira Kaufman.

Yes, there will be plenty of Jameis talk from Brooks and Ira on this week’s TAMPA TWO episodes right here on and at The Identity Tampa Bay.

152 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Offers A Jameis Theory”

  1. Fartman Says:

    Its a bad look for a guy who was drafted for his mental toughness.

  2. Jeff Says:

    We all know “book smart” people that have zero common sense. JW lacks self control. At this point, he’s years from having the mental discipline required to be a top flight QB. If common sense was common they wouldn’t have a term for it.

  3. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    It’s 100% between the ears. America’s pu**y grabber thrives in preseason when there’s no pressure, and the 2 minute offense when he doesnt have time to think. Engage the brain and poor decisions are made…on and off the field.

  4. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    You posted that already, Bradentuckey.

  5. Meh Says:

    This article also leads one to think. If #3 “pressing…….to prove himself”, how will he handle legit “win and in games”? How will he actually handle a playoff game? The former is 1000x more likely than the latter. I think he will “press…to prove” in “win to get a chance to win in order to win to get into a win and in game” I have never liked #3, he came from a team that broke records for putting players into the NFL. Yet somehow he got all the credit. He has had a terrible reputation as a person and an even worse reputation as an inaccurate doofus on the field.

  6. Robert Says:

    “Joe is confident Jameis will handle his benching in the exact opposite manner that Josh Freeman did five years ago”

    WTF????? C’ MON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Freeman had the mental strength of Stephen Hawking when compared to Jameis, CRABMAN, Winston

    seriously JW is CRABMAN from a mental standpoing. the intelligence of a tomatoe base on his actions.

    C’MON JOE!!

  7. Not there yet Says:

    His teammates are behind him, just because you fans don’t like the guy take a moment to remember you aren’t important to the people in that locker room and won’t personal preference affect their paycheck for anybody. The benching is the best thing for him but you people who want it to be done for him and are so sure, it’ll be fun to heckle if your wrong. Me I don’t care either if 1 they have a plan that doesn’t include Fitz being the qb the next two years or paying him 10-15 mil or 2 the entire front office and coach get the axe which should have happened last year. I’m a buc fan not a Winston or Fitz, I don’t care who it is THIS Year because I just don’t think this coach has the stones to get many more wins this year

  8. Joe Blahak Says:

    Here’s my theory: WinSTUNNED played lights out as a freshman at FSU with a super talented team. Made throws in the “not as tight” windows that he sees in the NFL and a championship team overcame his faults. He said all the right things, like a con man, pre-draft and shows the baseball pitcher fast ball to woo the GM. The unknown was his ability to diagnose defenses, make quick decisions and PROTECT THE BALL!. A complete failure there on the 3 most important parts of an NFL QB. You either have it or not. END OF STORY, END OF WINSTUNNED!

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Man, I can’t beleive fickle Buc fans are so willing to trash Jameis. If he leaves I guarantee you this..He will come back to haunt the Bucs. Just as trent Dilfer, Doug Williams and Steve Young Did. Mark my words.

  10. AlteredEgo Says:

    Oh BS #55 …. stop enabling and glossing over the obvious to everyone without pride and wishful thinking at stake….Jameis has shown none of the traits of an elite NFL QB… and the leadership qualities of someone between the class clown and a egomaniac

  11. onetrickpony Says:

    some collage players do good in collage but hit the nfl its another story.
    ie: tim tebow

  12. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Does he remain America’s QB as he rides the pine? Wouldn’t that make America worshiping a loser?

  13. JimmyT Says:

    U r so wrong! OMG seriously? I am gonna say this & maybe it will sink in. In his rookie year on a HORRIBLE TEAM Jameis had them at 6-6. His first game EVER as a 20 yr old rookie HE THREW 4 Picks and his first pass was a pick 6. The following week, they ran, he settled down & on the road he threw zero picks and threw the game winning TD against the saints. He had multiple bad games but also multiple turnover free games. He NEVER had an issue w understanding an offense! His second year after the D “Simplified things they had a five game win streak, Jameis was awesome on 3rd down conversions, even now he is #1 in the league, but the BUCS went 9-7. Again last year HURT BUT u can count at least 4 games we should have won if not for a kicker and NO D. The Buffalo game, The PATS GAME, the Packers game, the Falcons game. Look HATE him all u want and I agree he should be benched u guys r INSANE if u think all of a sudden he SUCKS! There is much more to this! No question!

  14. csidedave Says:

    Really Not there? Do you really think a single player thinks Jameis should be starting now? They want to win and there is no doubt who gives them the best chance now and I am certain, that’s what they want. They are not thinking, it’s OK to lose as long as we keep developing this guy.

    He needs to watch until Fitz falters or until he proves in practice that he is ready to go again. Jameis DOES need the support of the others but that doesn’t mean that the best player shouldn’t be playing.

  15. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    @Mike Johnson
    Man, how can we get haunted worst then that!!!!!!
    For five last years we are consider the worst or one of the worst team from: NFL, Vegas, ESPN, NFL Network, some say we can’t make in CFL!! How in the world can we except this as a status quo ??!!
    We need change, and the weakest link now and for sometimes is the “leader” of this team, our unfit QB JW.
    Brook, please stay with your bright house adds, you promoted JW draft, you vouch for him as a man with character and on and on just because he is …. and FSU player.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    I can’t believe they’re going to spend $20MM to keep this POS. Fire Licht now

  17. D1 Says:

    Not there,

    His teammate already said the Coach couldn’t stand in front of the team and say Winston is the best option this week. The players wouldn’t stand for being bull spotted to.
    Keep up.

  18. Roger Phillips Says:

    Coaching. Fix offensive line first. Pull Caleb. Try webster or lidke couldn’t be any worse. Shorten pass routes just like Dallas did for Zak. Maybe then jamis can hit someone in stride and not get them killed. Use more two tight end sets. Worked well for Patriots. You can’t throw 20 or more yards down field if the O line is giving you less than 3 seconds to throw. Jamis has had to win games single handidly for so long becsuse of our defense, it’s all he knows. Simplify and change his thinking and he may surprise all of us

  19. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    You Brook, and Tony D, not have Bucs interests first, like most of us here do. Big different between you two guys and us: You make money doing this, we pay money(tickets, gears,TV)doing this.
    Both of you are BIAS so your opinion is not strong.

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    he’s pressing…..simple as that…..hopefully he comes back like he did when he was injured…..


  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    Have To love how hard he tries!
    But It’s always sad to me when someone wants to be great but just doesn’t have the chops
    23rd best quarterback
    Tua in 20

  22. Jean Lafitte Says:

    The reality is, Koetter needs to do what’s best to keep them here next year. Jameis’s poor play was speeding up their demise. If you were the coach, would you want to be fired midseason or would you like the chance to finish out? Jameis (with his horrid play) would have had them fired midseason. At least Fitz prolongs that fateful decision, and offers some renewed hope.

  23. Robert Says:

    great point cw-crzy

  24. zzbuc Says:

    Timmy T, you are forgetting about something here? Jameis has tons of goods and bads, but there is one thing you cant´t have on the NFL is the amount of turn overs this guy has……YOU HAVE TO PROTECT THE BALL!!!!!
    And JW in his career doesn´t prtect the ball….pure and simple…….. The problem here is he is in a pivotal contract year……Do you wanna pay 20mm to this kind of player? My answer is NO WAY….but I am not the GM…….So we have to wait and see

  25. ATrain Says:

    Please ask Derrick Brooks why Jamies was throwing INTs before he was suspended

    Excuse after excuse with this guy

    He cant make good decisions
    He cant throw long
    His accuracy is hit or miss
    He cant read a defense
    He stares down recievers


    WHAT does Jamies do that some of you think will make him this elite QB

  26. Gambelero Says:

    It may really help Jameis to spend a half season carrying a clipboard, though I don’t think our oline can keep Fitz upright for that long.

  27. Says:

    You heard it here first folks (before JW3 suspension was announced). It just happened in 2.5 JW3 games instead of 5… Says:
    May 30th, 2018

    “If QB play continues to suffer, the switch will be made to Fitz by week 5 in a last-ditch attempt by management to save their jobs, which should still give him enough time to scratch out 7 wins.”

    “Coach is not “tied” to the QB. He will bench the QB by 5th game if we don’t have 2 wins.”

  28. Back2bucball Says:

    You Jameis supporters just baffle me ! The guy has proven time & time again to be a turnover machine and a bad decision maker. How many times is this guy gonna burn you for you to get it through your heads that this guy is not the QB for us! How many high throws? How much crotch grabbing? How many excuses does he deserve? Let me ask you all this, if he is so great then why are we even having these conversations ? Drop mic

  29. SKBucsFan Says:

    Although I am not a Winston fan, and I said they should trade down , we are stuck with him as our quarterback. My time machine isn’t perfected yet. Lol

    The best thing for him now may be to sit and watch a pro for the rest of the year. He has never had the chance to learn from a mentor since stepping into the league. Us this opportunity to learn what it takes to be a leader, learn to remain calm under pressure.

  30. jmarkbuc Says:

    DBrooks is undoubtedly my favorite Buc…

    Sad to see him turn apologist for JW.

    Jameis is pressing
    Jameis tries to do too much

    Yadda yadda yadda

  31. View from 132 Says:

    We could all see he was pressing. I think Jameis time here will be cut short by these stupid contract rules. If the Bucs could come back to him and offer a 5th year for a lot less money and a 6th and 7th that’s bonus rich but lower risk if he continues to struggle or get in trouble, he stays as long as he needs to grow up. But at $20MM next year and $100MM+ to sign him long term, how can they take that risk?

  32. Max Says:

    Desean Jackson is toxic, should have traded the old man diva.

  33. NPRSageBoy Says:

    Here’s a thought: have America’s Turnover Machine cut out the pregame rah rah stuff. Say him last week in Cincy with his “we know how great we are” pregame BS. Enough already! Take a seat, it’s NOT about you anymore Shameis

  34. BucEmUp Says:

    Jameis needs to start…shoukda traded djax. You.have to see how j ameis responds t this. starting Fitz is the wrong move. there is too much time invested in this kid to not see how he finished the season and reacts to that game.

    This coaching staff is a joke. I thought Koetter would be a good coach and I was dead wrong….the guy doesn’t have it and is mis managing a ton of talent

  35. Joe Blahak Says:

    please, please, please…everyone, including the Joes, stop making excuses for a faulty QB. He doesn’t have “it”. Put the guy in the past. On to the future!

  36. aceinthehole Says:

    Jameis will win an NFL MVP or Superbowl MVP award- after the Bucs “fanbase” runs him out of town. That is what Mike Johnson means by coming back to haunt us.

  37. ATrain Says:


    Super Bowl.

    What year will that be

    When Uber Sponsors the superbowl

  38. #1bucfan Says:

    Mike Johnson that’s the same way I feel. I didn’t get to watch Steve young or Doug but I did get to see Trent silver play for us then leave an go win a SB with the ravens even if it was because of their great defense it’s still erks me an if we let Winston go then the same thing will happen. I can’t watch that happen again lol give #3 a prove it deal an see if he can make the step next season an if not then we should be preparing to draft a new QB let’s go Bucs

  39. ATrain Says:

    Why is DJax a diva

    Because he wants a QB to throw him a catchable ball


    Get onto the guy because one QB and hits him and the other can’t which pisses him off

    Love it

    Trade the Guy NOT DOING HIS JOB

  40. bucsnole Says:

    @Robert tends to be very emotional about JW. . . lots of anger in that boiee.
    But then he will come along with some real dumb $hit like
    “the intelligence of a tomatoe base on his actions.”

    FACTCHECK – Winston came out of high school with a 4.0GPA
    Winston was accepted by Stanford coming out of high school.

    Please do some research before you post your garbage takes
    and maybe do a little work on your grammar, js

  41. jmarkbuc Says:

    He’s haunting us right now…scary stuff when he’s on the field.

    It’s like the old joke.. God got Jane’s periods backwards..once a month she’s nice.

    JW’s game is backwards, once in a while he throws a good ball..The majority of the time..not even close.

  42. Brandon Says:

    Robert Says:
    October 31st, 2018 at 11:43 am
    “Joe is confident Jameis will handle his benching in the exact opposite manner that Josh Freeman did five years ago”

    WTF????? C’ MON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Freeman had the mental strength of Stephen Hawking when compared to Jameis, CRABMAN, Winston

    seriously JW is CRABMAN from a mental standpoing. the intelligence of a tomatoe base on his actions.

    C’MON JOE!!

    Really? Questioning another man’s intelligence and then pulling a Dan Quayle when it comes to spelling “tomato”? Welcome to irony.

  43. ATrain Says:

    Hey Joe why are my post so slow to come up?????

    Maybe Im on the Winston Watch List

  44. jmarkbuc Says:

    We’ve been through tons of QB’s here…

    Why such an attachment to this one?

  45. spicoli Says:

    Food for thought

    Through 48 career NFL starts:
    attempts in ()

    Winston: 74 TDs, 52 INTs, 12,672 yds (1672)
    Favre: 75 TDs, 54 INTs, 10,802 yds (1635)
    Peyton: 85 TDs, 58 INTs, 12,287 yds (1679)
    Eli: 68 TDs, 55 INTs, 9,803 yds (1550)
    Elway: 58 TDs, 56 INTs, 9,681 yds (1463)
    Marino: 111 TDs, 56 INTs, 13,274 yds (1645)

  46. Ndog Says:

    Joe Blahak Says:
    October 31st, 2018 at 12:41 pm
    please, please, please…everyone, including the Joes, stop making excuses for a faulty QB. He doesn’t have “it”. Put the guy in the past. On to the future!

    Just like Steve Young didnt have it, or Doug Williams didn’t have it, or Aquib Talib didn’t have it, or Michael Bennett didn’t have it, or Legarette Blount didn’t have it right Joe Blahak? It’s always the player in this town. Let me ask you this what has Dirk done decision wise for you to trust him so much? I know it must have been the great way he handled the Doug Martin situation, oh oh I know it was the impressive way he dealt with our highest paid in the league former d coordinator, no i know it’s the way he got Jay Hayes paid then fired him after the fact, no it must have been the way he handled our starting QB clearly being hurt and still running him back out there. Yeah you’re right this coach has an impressive track record, my bad 🙁

  47. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    bucsnole Says:
    “@Robert tends to be very emotional about JW. . . lots of anger in that boiee.
    But then he will come along with some real dumb $hit like
    “the intelligence of a tomatoe base on his actions.”

    FACTCHECK – Winston came out of high school with a 4.0GPA
    Winston was accepted by Stanford coming out of high school.

    Please do some research before you post your garbage takes
    and maybe do a little work on your grammar, js


    Standing ovation, @bucsnole. VERY well damn said.

  48. jmarkbuc Says:


    Winston nearly had a 300 yd game in three quarters in Cincy…

    He has a lot of those. Doesn’t absolve him from throwing four picks and sucking the life out of this team…

    His stats are grossly over rated.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like Brooks is saying Winston isn’t properly prepared.

    Not being prepared is an ongoing theme with Dirk’s team. QBs, LBs, Oline, STeams.. …it don’t matter.

    These guys just do not train on a professional level.

  50. '79Defense Says:

    To me the bottom line is that if Jameis had ANY kind of a defense and ANY kind of a reliable kicking game the past two and a half years, then his win/loss percentage would have been at least be to the point of being good enough where everything would not be blamed on him.

    Vinny and Dilfer through INTs in the 30’s during a season and they played for six years in Tampa. I would say Jameis is far better than them. You know he hasn’t seen the last of the field for his days in Tampa. Let’s see how he plays when he gets his chance again.

  51. JimmyJack Says:

    Sounds like Brooks is saying Winston isn’t properly prepared.

    Not being prepared is an ongoing theme with Dirk’s team. QBs, LBs, Oline, STeams.. …it don’t matter.

    These guys just do not train on a professional level.

  52. jmarkbuc Says:


    The whole thing needs to be blown up….

    Sorry but JW is not the answer. He never will be.

    Fitz isn’t either in the long run, but he did come in and lead us to 18 points in 18 minutes. I’ll ride with him. It would appear his team mates do as well. That’s what a QB does.

  53. bucsnole Says:


    Through 48 career NFL starts:
    attempts in ()

    Winston: 74 TDs, 52 INTs, 12,672 yds (1672)
    Favre: 75 TDs, 54 INTs, 10,802 yds (1635)
    Peyton: 85 TDs, 58 INTs, 12,287 yds (1679)
    Eli: 68 TDs, 55 INTs, 9,803 yds (1550)
    Elway: 58 TDs, 56 INTs, 9,681 yds (1463)
    Marino: 111 TDs, 56 INTs, 13,274 yds (1645)

    Yo Spicoli – where did you get these stats???
    Is there a link or did you crunch the numbers yourself???
    Pretty interesting stuff

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    Jmark that’s what you say. IMO this decision over Winstons future in Tampa should be made by one guy…..Our next HC.

  55. Robert Says:

    bucsnole is the grammar police, got it!

    4.0 GPA . RFLMAO….

    If he was white and did not play football he would be homeless or in prison based on his actions.

    just sayin’

  56. Ndog Says:

    jmarkbuc Says:
    October 31st, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    Fitz isn’t either in the long run, but he did come in and lead us to 18 points in 18 minutes. I’ll ride with him. It would appear his team mates do as well. That’s what a QB does.

    I love this argument, the players want to ride with Fitz. Well of course they do cause we have a bunch of cowards that are about as weak minded as you can get. Do you remember the flag against the Titans where LVD said we couldn’t recover? So what’s happens if/when has a 2-3 pick game? When they quit on him what do you do? Did you happen to notice the one guy that came over and sat next to Jameis when he was pulled? Yeah it was JPP who is a winner unlike the rest of this team who are just a bunch of weak minded losers. Outside of JPP, Evans, Godwin, OJ, Brate, Kwon, Justin Evans , and Carlton Davis this team is weak just like their coach which is the real issue with this team. If the main reason for pulling anyone is because the way the players react then act your self who’s running the team?

  57. jmarkbuc Says:

    The main reason for pulling JW was 4 INT’s, which should have been 6…

    C’mon Man

  58. spicoli Says:


    I saw it on a post from a friend. I did a little quick fact checking to compare the numbers through

    Didn’t find anything to find out about fumbles lost.

    The only difference is that those QBs W-L record… As we know winning cures all and INTs are forgiven as long as you’re winning.

  59. Joe Blahak Says:

    I know my Bucs history, this is a different QB evaluation. He’s had 4 years, same stupid play. Young was part of a horrible Bucs team and they chose Testaverde to start over with a new coach. I cringed at that decision too. Doug Williams was the real deal at the time. It was the lousy, cheap owner that let him go, nothing about his play. He was the heart and soul of the team and still the greatest Bucs QB of all time!!! Young and Williams didn’t have this type of talent to work with on offense, which makes this Winston failure even bigger!!!!

  60. jmarkbuc Says:


    Did JW look mentally tough to you last Sunday?

    He looked completely bewildered.

    I bet even you..faced with a free pass rusher, would have thrown the ball out of bounds..not directly at a Cincy LB.

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    Well ndog it’s been 3 years and Dirk’s team has come out flat and/or choking in any potentially meaningful game they have entered. They have come out flat and embarrassed themselves at home, in their division and in primetime.

    So yeah good point. But maybe we witness a miracle and Dirk gets his team playing at a nother level………..Based on the fact that we still play like we haven’t practiced at times I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  62. jmarkbuc Says:


    The only difference is that those QBs W-L record…


  63. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Isn’t “pressing” just a nicer word for “choking”?

    @NDOG, DB55, 87, Bonzai…

    An honest question. Let’s say we agree with ALL your observations about how the coaches suck, JW’ teammates are weak minded and they haven’t helped…bad OL…no running game…impatient stupid fans who have now turned on JW.

    Do you guys see ANYTHING that JW is responsible for…anything that is his fault. I’m not trying to be smart or snarky just honestly curious as to that part of the viewpoint.

  64. JimmyJack Says:

    Jmark he did look bewildered on his 2nd INT but he also looked untrained. There are three options on that play and Winston looked like he had never practiced for the third option.

    Sure, I could be wrong but my opinion is some of Winston’s INTs are coachable……But only time will tell that. I’ll be patient.

  65. SKBucsFan Says:

    @ spicoli

    I realize that stats are all Winston fans have now to back him up, but I wonder how many of the all star list of quarterbacks threw their interceptions in the first and second quarter compared to the fourth quarter when they were desperately trying to win the game and willing to take some chances.

    I would trust anyone of those on the list to lead my team. Yet when Winston has the ball my expectations are minimal. I worry about starting deep in our zone and the panic on his face when he scrambles. The guys listed didn’t create that same feeling , especially after 3 plus season. From what I have seen to date with Jameis, he is not in the same class as those listed.

  66. Not there yet Says:

    Ok we will let you idiots keep calling us Winston but your to ignorant to realize we are bucs supporters. Coming here just for the purpose of bashing Winston is getting really pathetic. You don’t like the turnover machine that is Winston but it’s ok for Fitz to throw 3 int’s in a half because why? Fitz is also a turnover machine to but don’t you’ll see for yourself, you’ll understand why why Fitz keeps getting benched in a few games.

  67. LakeLand Says:

    Since Hue Jackson was fired

    I can say that the Bucs has the WORST Head Coach in the NFL
    Also the worst GM
    The worst defense

    It’s not pretty

  68. LakeLand Says:

    Only a FOOL would trust Fitz

    Jameis is 24 and have been in the league for 4 years
    All with the Bucs
    We know this franchise is pathetic and the coaching is horrible

    But Fitz is 36 and have been in the league for 14 years
    With 7 teams, and they all sucked
    Never been on a playoff team

  69. T REX Says:

    He’s always been a turnover machine. How is this year any different?

  70. JimmyJack Says:

    Not there…….This is football. The QB will always take the brunt of the blame. You are basically name-calling people who are disappointed in the team performance. I think that’s pathetic.

  71. jmarkbuc Says:


    I do not like Koetter, never have.

    But JW’s inherent problems are NOT on coaching.

    The 3rd INT was completely inexcusable..any High School QB throws that away.

    Funniest (well not really) moment on Sunday? On the JBF live thread, multiple people, myself included calling for the pick six..then it happened.

    We all know what we’re gonna get with JW.

  72. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Robert Says:
    “If (Jameis) was white…. he would be homeless”


    Wow, man. Guess that tells us a lot of where you have been coming from with your comments for awhile now.

  73. DanBucsFan Says:

    Maybe, just maybe, our Qb of the future is already on the roster. Ryan Griffin . Let’s see what he can do if Fitz gets hurt or cools down to point of mediocrity.

  74. jmarkbuc Says:


    “Only a fool would trust Fitz”

    But we’re supposed to trust JW? Why?

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    Jmark I love your confidence but confidence don’t make your opinion and more accurate.

    Like I said I disagree and think coaching could have Winston better prepared. The 2nd INT was my example(not the 3rd) and he has thrown tons of those throughout his career.

    Winston will get another HC to play under and then we will see. Sometimes I hope I’m wrong on my opinion but hopefully I’m right on this one.

  76. Joe Blahak Says:

    It’s possible, they’ve stuck with him for a long time. He could be the next Kurt Warner. Hopefully he moves into the #2 role and WinSTUNNED is inactive…

  77. LakeLand Says:

    I don’t trust either of them

    As I have said many of times
    There’s not a QB on the Bucs roster I would build around

  78. Ndog Says:

    Guys you’re not getting it Jameis was HORRIBLE Sunday there is zero doubt about that. But that is also the worst game he has ever played. You were just waiting for a game like this to say how bad he sucks and completely ignoring everything he has done. And yes he looked defeated Sunday which I had never seen before in him. But when you consider half the fans of YOUR TEAM hate you and say you suck, just after a win BTW, you have a head coach who threw you under the bus last year when you clearly should not gave been playing, just 24 hours before you play a huge game a diva selfish WR on your team asked to be traded and YOUR TEAM clearly backs him over you and the entire town would rather see a career backup play on YOUR TEAM instead of you, do you think that might have something to do with him having his worst game and stressing out Sunday? On top of that he’s playing for a huge contract, is trying to be better as a person and is a new father. Now he has done a lot of this to himself no doubt, but to act like Sunday was who has always been and will always be is just foolish in my humble opinion.

  79. JimmyJack Says:

    The daily mentionings of Ryan Griffen are cute to me.

  80. LakeLand Says:

    This franchise is pathetic , from the Owners to the Ballboys

    They give people good laughs ( Which is a good thing)
    That’s their ” Value” as an NFL franchise
    They add humor to a violent sport

    No one take them serious

  81. jmarkbuc Says:


    I know which INT you were referring to…

    The third was even worse.

  82. spicoli Says:

    @ SKBucsFan

    I am the first to agree that stats don’t paint the whole picture. I’m a Bucs backer, so I want the best QB that will help us win.

    I’m sure there are some stats people can find and compare how many 4th QTR INTs each QB had, Jameis has been known for his slow starts and “usually” played better in the second half. He is rated one of the best QBs when blitzed on

    I’d agree he isn’t in the same class as those others I give an exception to Eli… other than his superbowl runs he’s had a meh career with a 112-110 record.

    Then again those other QBs had far better complete teams put together (Off, Def & ST)

  83. jmarkbuc Says:


    Agreed the future QB is not on this roster..

    But it’s a helluva lot more fun to watch Fitz play, at least you think you might have a chance.

  84. Buc1987 Says:

    LakeLand Says:

    “This franchise is pathetic , from the Owners to the Ballboys”


  85. JimmyJack Says:

    Lakeland you are right but that can change.

    This off-season might just be our best shot and getting some true NFL professionals to run our FO…….You really couldn’t say that in other off-season because the team was in need of a complete rebuild and with no core players. Nobody was wanting the Tampa job.

    This year will be different because we have a lot of intruiging pieces to work with….especially on offense.

  86. jmarkbuc Says:


    Do you remember his first game?

    Sunday might not have been his worst game ever…just another one.

  87. jmarkbuc Says:


    “This off-season might just be our best shot and getting some true NFL professionals to run our FO”

    Of course I hope you are correct..But when was the last time we had some true professionals in our front office or coaching staff for that matter?

  88. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs has turmoil, drama every season
    That’s the nature of a perennial BOTTOM FEEDER

  89. JimmyJack Says:

    Jmark……I don’t care which INT was worse. I care about which ones are fixable and on the 2nd one it looked like Winston just drew that play up in the dirt rather then having practiced it for the last several months.

  90. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    I think we can all agree as Bucs fans that Robert is a monumental douchebag.

  91. jmarkbuc Says:


    Maybe he ignored the play call and did just what you said..drew it up in the dirt.

    That muddy place that is JW’s mind

  92. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Robert is a pr ick.

  93. JimmyJack Says:

    We have been a poorly run franchise since McKay left.

  94. jmarkbuc Says:



  95. JimmyJack Says:

    But then again the Glazers pissed of a lot of people around the league when they fired lovie. They also pissed of the guy some of you think should come back and be president………like you forget Dungy would actually have to wanna come back here.

    Burning bridges around the league puts us at a disadvantage.

    And it’s not just because they fired them guys put it had a lot to do with the way they did it.

  96. LakeLand Says:


    No one want to coach on a “Short Leach”.

  97. Robert Says:

    you ladies can’t handle the truth

  98. jmarkbuc Says:



  99. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Lakeland. They gave Dirk a extra year this season just to try and show they can extend the lease but problem is memories don’t die easy.

    It gonna take a long time or a lot of luck to fix their reputation……..

    This is something our moronic owners should have considered years ago when they decided to go cheap and hire raheem(I’m going out to the booby bar with my team) Morris. But nah, they tryed catching lightning in a bottle rather then built a legitimate franchise.

  100. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Robert Says:
    October 31st, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    If he was white and did not play football he would be homeless or in prison based on his actions.

    just sayin’

    Blake Bortles is terrible, he’s white but he’s still starting quaterback, Donald Trump grabbed a woman’s crotch, he’s white but he’s president.

    Guess being white ain’t so bad?

  101. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Robert Says:
    October 31st, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    If he was white and did not play football he would be homeless or in prison based on his actions.

    just sayin’

    Robert Says:
    October 31st, 2018 at 2:08 pm
    you ladies can’t handle the truth

    Blake Bortles is a terrible QB, but he’s still starting. Trump grabbed p–y too, but he’s still president.

    Can’t handle truth can yah?

  102. cw_buc_crazy Says:

    “This franchise is pathetic , from the Owners to the Ballboys”
    Why you bother with Bucs and with this blog??!!
    Let us, the rest here, that like this franchise to try to make a point how can we make it better. In majority of fans here, we think the firs step is to depart for good from pathetic JW.
    You can go to a different blog, like FSU blog for example…… I know they suck big time too. Sorry no intend to insult …..

  103. Rod Munch Says:

    With a legit kicker he’s 2-1, and has been at the head of the NFL’s #1 offense since his return.

    If you think that is failure, then you’re an idiot.

  104. cw_buc_crazy Says:


    unfortunate no, they can’t. It is nothing u can do to convince them.

  105. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    @Robert, cw_buc_crazy

    You mean comments like, “If (Jameis) were white… he would be homeless.”

    (scroll up for these great words of wisdom from Robert)

    — eyes roll

  106. Rod Munch Says:

    Shut up with the race thing – I’m white and love Winston and half the black guys I know want Winston out of town. Anyone talking about race is just as stupid as the Winston haters.

  107. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Exactly, @Rod Munch. Agreed.

  108. BrianBucs Says:

    Let’s also not forget that Winston is now taking all of the mental and emotional counselling that the NFL ordered. Who knows what effect that has had on him. Might just be a basket case from now on

  109. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    I’m done with Winston, he isn’t pressing, because these boneheaded plays aren’t new. This is who Jameis is and for me it isn’t the quarterback I give that second contact to. Play Fitz, play Griffen, play Jameis who cares, next year will have a new regime and I don’t think any of these quarterbacks start 2019. Look at all the quarterback movement this past off season. That’s the new NFL. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bridgewater, or Carr brought in by the new regime. So in conclusion I don’t think it matters who we play the rest of the year.

  110. D1 Says:


    You mentioned two things, Stanford and 4.0. One is not accurate and the other possibly. But only a very very naive individual would actually buy that hook line and sinker.

  111. Rod Munch Says:

    I’m done with Steve Young – he runs around like a moron throwing INTs every two seconds, he’s awful! The Bucs HAVE to draft a new QB and dump this Steve Young jobber.

    A couple of years later….

    I’m done with Vinny Testaverde – he’s a headcase and all the moron does is throw INTs every two seconds. How is this guy even in the NFL? We need to cut him right now, he’s the biggest bust in NFL history and he’ll be out of football in 12 months.

    A couple of years later….

    I’m done with Trent Dilfer, the guy is a headcase and a moron and all he does is throw INTs. If it wasn’t for the Bucs he’d be out of football – the guy couldn’t even lead a middle school team to a victory, so why is he here. The moment the Bucs cut him he’ll be out of the NFL, he’s terrible and won’t ever do anything in football.

  112. Rob Says:

    I think it’s much simpler than the deep analysis I’m reading here. At his best, Jameis is a player who thrives on confidence and ‘being himself’. The three game suspension put him on notice and he’s playing scared. (Scared for Jameis is trying to win every play and making bonehead decisions). With Fitz playing so well early, the combination of the suspension and job security has brought out the worst in him. Compound that with a GM and Head Coach trying to save their jobs and it’s the worst combination. The best that can happen for Bucs fans and keep Jameis is a change in regime. Otherwise, I can’t see Jameis staying in this current environment. That being said, he is 4-12 in his last 16 starts!

  113. Rod Munch Says:

    Rob – He leads a top 5 offense that entire time while having the worst defense in football, and would be 3-1 in his last 4 starts if he had a decent kicker (and even with the worst defense in football and a bad kicker is still 2-2 in that time). But yeah, as we know from Joe Flacco, the QB is the one responsible for a teams success and Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl winning QB – and thus he’s much better than that loser Dan Marino. LOL!

  114. donuts Says:

    The NFL is all about performance in times of adversity. The great ones you just know they will do it in times of great adversity. I think we have seen enough of Winston to know how it will end in the moment of adversity. I think if he could have sprinkled in a few games where he showed flashes of that ability to fight adversity than he would get the benefit of the doubt. He has 2-3 games per year with 4Q come backs but does not win. His own players doubt him publicly and that speaks volumes to me. Do you really need more examples? I know most of us who have been watching this game since the 80s….dont need to see more; its obvious at this point. We know it when we see it (greatness). We don’t see it and its not going to change.

  115. donuts Says:


    Its the help line. Do you want to talk about it? (credit: Scooter McGruder for joke) lol

  116. Rod Munch Says:

    Tssss fawkkin HOMERUN DONUTS!

  117. csidedave Says:

    Running a top 5 offense means absolutely nothing if you consistently lead the league in turnovers.

    It’s just yards.

    I have spent the last five including years including FSU defending Jameis off and on the field. I have to admit, they were right and I was wrong.

  118. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Wow, Dilfer, now there was a great quarterback, I can’t believe he wasn’t a first ballot Hall of famer. Yes he absolutely played on a team that won the Superbowl, but certainly not because of his stellar play. If that’s the argument to keep Winston, I’ll pass

  119. gilhealy Says:

    If after reading these comments you can’t fathom a reason why Jameis may be pressing, you’ve got a lot to learn about life.

    Ndog, well said. I agree

    Hang in there, Jameis. You’ll figure it out.

  120. csidedave Says:

    @csidedave I will walk back my post a bit by adding that I still not would give up on him yet but he can’t pay while the season still has a chance.

    I went to the game on Sunday and just watched the broadcast. While he did look bad in person, it was even worse on TV review.

    I hope he can fix it and return but he cannot play in the mean time.

  121. Robert Says:

    Trump never grabbed anything…. it was locker room TALK

    So tired of hearing that lame bs

  122. Duthsty Rhothdes Says:

    Winston is the next GM decision as well as next HC, name another “franchise” qb that got benched after 4 years for a 36 yr old journeyman? Winston is just an average qb at best, there will be many more 4 int days & some 4 tds days, its time to go for winston gm & hc, we know what this qb & regime are

  123. meh Says:

    Hey look, a fake meh.

  124. ronan Barbarian Says:

    How about this, I believe he goes back to baseball. I just feel it. Especially following the success of Tebow and he is younger

  125. donuts Says:

    To those writing about Buc QB history, you can’t make NFL decisions based on fear or history. Each decision is unique. Is Dilfer the reason Ravens won SB? No. Young had Walsh and Siefert, 2 HOF coaches IMO.

    Here is the deal on Winston. There is still a small chance he will progress but it wont be in Tampa. He needs a new environment. I hinted he needed a new voice this offseason and the retaining of Bajakian was a bad call and I based it solely on Winston’s progress. It’s going to take about another 3-4 years to coach all the bad habits out of him to make him a quality NFL starter, IF it is even possible. I am not so sure. He needs to watch and learn how not to put his team in bad positions by trying to do too much. Do Buc fans want to watch transition or not for 20 million a year, which keep in mind will strap the team from fixing other holes?

  126. Rod Munch Says:

    You gals need to calm down. While I think in general that Dirk is a complete dullard and a terrible head coach (but a good OC to be clear), and I’m a huge Winston backer, this isn’t a bad call in my opinion.

    Winston has historically had his worst games against Carolina. He’s coming off a bad game. The Bucs have to win right now and Fitz came in and played OK (albeit against a defense with a big lead that was playing soft and not to lose).

    Again, said it all year, you play the hot hand. Winston is the future of the franchise, but if you have a guy that is literally putting up numbers that make HOF’ers look like garbage, you play him until he cools down.

    If Dirk put this much thought into it, if the idea is that this isn’t going to be a good bounce back game for Winston, and the Bucs have to win this next game or they’re done for the season, then playing Fitz isn’t a bad idea. But I have zero depth in Dirk to even have that much though put into his decisions – and I’m assuming it’s your typical knee jerk emo Dirk at play – and Winston will be right back in there in 2-3 weeks when Fitz plays like Fitz.

    BTW, unlike the Jameis haters I actually want the team to win regardless of who is at QB. So if Fitz can come out and look good and get a W, then fantastic! You play him until he cools off, then you have Winston back in there ready to go.

    Or if Fitz is Fitz and the team gets blown out, in that case you fire Dirk next Monday.

    We shall see.

  127. donuts Says:

    Baseball? Are you kidding me? He stinks at baseball. His own teammates could not stand him.

  128. Rod Munch Says:

    donuts – Actually the reason you look at history is to see how when you listen to lynch mobs you end in a constant rebuild. The fact you think a 24 year old QB who has lead a top 5 offense the entire time he’s been in the NFL is a failure and won’t improve tells me everything about you. You’re the dope who not only says to cut Steve Young, you’d be the same dolt saying you can’t win with Brett Favre, who Winston is a clone of.

    The Bucs run a deep ball offense and have no running game – and when you take shots downfield you get yards and will often get turnovers. When you literally have the worst defense in the NFL then guess what, you have to take shots. What you want is a game manager like Mike Glennon.

  129. donuts Says:

    He also got dismissed from FSU baseball team in last year. I have also heard he was told by Jimbo Fisher to not come back his for his Junior year hence why he went to NFL draft. Keep in mind, that was the year where he was told not to dress for Clemson game and dressed anyway….alot going on behind the scenes. If you google it with Orlando Sentinel they still have video up of Jimbo Winston exchange after pre-game. Tension!

  130. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod Munch … “He leads a top 5 offense that entire time while having the worst defense in football, and would be 3-1 in his last 4 starts if he had a decent kicker (and even with the worst defense in football and a bad kicker is still 2-2 in that time).”

    More #ExcusesForJameis Rod. Worst defense, horrible kickers, no running game, OLine sucks … wah wah wah. At what point do fans like yourself take an honest look at Jameis’ PERFORMANCE over this last 4-year period and say ‘You know, those turnovers REALLY were his fault, because the rock was in HIS HANDS when they occurred. And yes, he REALLY does throw inaccurately quite a bit of the time. And oh ya, he REALLY does only score an average of 21 PPG despite marching the team up & down the field. And oh yes, his leadership REALLY does leave a LOT to be desired.’

    At what point Rod do you look at PERFORMANCE and say ‘It’s heading in the wrong direction.’ And THEN ask ‘Is it fixable? And if so, HOW?’ Because right now, all a LOT of fans can see is more of the same with Jameis at the helm. And that same is called LOSING.

  131. csidedave Says:

    I completely disagree that you take chances because your defense is bad. It’s exactly the opposite. You can’t afford to turn it over. You want to possess the ball and keep the D off the field.

    Teams with great defenses can afford to take chances.

    I had hoped that Jameis watching Fitz would help him but instead, it has hurt him. It’s like he wants to go through progressions like Fitz but he has never really read defenses like that before. I thought he was making good progress late last season and especially preseason but for the good of the team, he has to sit for now.

  132. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense Rules – You’re the same guy that said all offseason the defense actually isn’t that bad. Your scouting abilities are zlitch.

    Anywho Winston took over a 2 win team, took them to 6 wins, then 9 wins, then was injured for most of the year, and then should be 2-1 this year except for a kicker in ATL.

    Yeah, that’s a real bust.

    Anywho tell me about how the defense again. LOL!

  133. Rod Munch Says:

    csidedave – So you’re in the Glennon crowd. I get it, there’s lots of people like you that get very scared at the idea of turnovers because they once read a bumper sticker that says you can’t win if you turn the ball over.

    Anywho when you push the ball downfield, that leads to more turnovers. Period. The Buc run the only offense like this in football, a variation of the 1970s Air Coryell offense. If you want to run a west coast offense like Gruden runs with his franchise QB in Oakland, where Carr averages 4 yards per attempt, but doesn’t turn the ball over that much (except for when they throw it downfield), then great, you get Mike Glennon, tell him to throw the ball 3 yards downfield, lose every game 27-9 and you go 4-12 each year. Now if you have the 2002 Bucs defense, then great, don’t turn the ball over, put everything on the defense, and you still win – but the Bucs don’t have that, they literally have the worst defense in football and they don’t have a running game. If you think you win in that situation with 3 yard passes – but no turnovers, then you don’t know football.

  134. mickman Says:

    I believe the pressure is different. There are so many people in the media that are constantly writing about how he should have been cut due to his off field behavior. All articles start our with oh boy he has to wine, 8,9or ten games to get a contract. Bottom line i believe he has the talent but is pressing trying to proof not to just his team but to his coaches and non believers. The only reason we don’t hear that Marriotta is in the same boat is because no off field issues have happened. Yet he stinks, can’t stay on the field and when he is off the field others play just as well.

  135. SchlomieBarmitzahCircumScissorStein Says:

    Mr. Brooks doesn’t have a solution relating to Jameis and his decision making. He can only offer hyperbole soup. Millions of people in the world dealing with setbacks much more substantial than Jameis can imagine. These same people are scraping by to make a living and if they make one mistake, they are canned. Stop apologizing for him.

  136. csidedave Says:

    Rod Munch I am not in the Glennon crowd.

    Did you watch the game? I hope you didn’t because if you did, I would really question your football knowledge.

    Do you know that it’s considered poor performance to throw the ball directly to the other team? By rule, when the other team catches it, they get to keep it unless they continue into their end zone. Seems harsh but that’s the rule. Most successful teams do not do that. They throw it to the guys on their team.

  137. Reach87 Says:

    One bad game. Benched. Brooks is probably right about the pressing. Let Fitz light it up, the defense play well enough to win, and he’ll be back to help us win this year. Fantastic team player (despite what you folks who make stuff up think) with demonstrated ability to play QB. Go Bucs!

  138. Rod Munch Says:

    csidedave – Did you see Fitz do the same thing in Pittsburgh? Did you watch Brady on Monday night do the exact same thing against Buffalo, except for the guy with Buffalo dropped it and it changed the entire game? Did you ever watch any game with Brett Favre where he’d have like 3-4 turnovers and then have the ball at the end with a chance to win it?

    Winston is a Favre clone, it doesn’t mean he’ll have a HOF career, but that’s the type of QB he is. However Favre never had the worst defense in football for year after year after year and he didn’t have to score 38 points a game to have a chance to win.

    Winston is a high risk, high reward player – and again took a 2 win team to 6 wins, then 9 wins, then was injured for most of year 3, and with a decent kicker is 2-1 on this year. He’s one of the most accomplished passers for someone his age, and with number of starts, in NFL history – and people want to run him out of town because he had a bad road game on a windy day.

    People need to get a grip and pretend they’ve watched football before. If you want a boring safe offense where you never take any risks, then great, bring back 1999 Mike Shula. However match 1999 Mike Shula (who by the way had a great running game with Dunn and Alstott) with the 2015-2018 Bucs defense and instead of losing 11-6 in the NFC Championship game, the Bucs go 0-16.

    It’s complete nonsense to think the most important thing in football is not turning the ball over. The most important thing in football is winning, and when you have a defense this bad, you must take chances and score points because you’re giving up 30-points a game no matter if you don’t turn the ball over or not.

  139. SteelStudBuc Says:

    It’s just amazing how Winston can play like doggy doo-doo and still be called America’s Quarterback. Put it to bed… For Pete’s sake.

  140. Rod Munch Says:

    If you want to see the QB that ran the 1970s Air Coryell offense the offense the best, then look at Dan Fouts.

    1978, 2999 yards, 24 TDs, 20 INTs (his 7th year in the league)
    1979, 4082 yards, 24 TDs, 24 INTs
    1980, 4715 yards, 30 TDs, 24 INTs
    1981, 4802 yards, 33 TDs, 17 INTs
    1982, 2993 yards, 17 TDs, 11 INTs (only 9 starts)
    1983, 2975 yards, 20 TDs, 15 INTs (only 10 starts)
    1984, 3740 yards, 19 TDs, 17 INTs
    1985, 3638 yards, 27 TDs, 20 INTs
    1986, 3031 yards, 16 TDs, 22 INTs

    BTW, here’s his stats for year 4 of his career…

    1976, 2535 yards, 14 TDs, 15 INTs

    Those are the numbers of a HOFer running this offense that Dirk runs. For his career, 254 TDs, 242 INTs.

    Learn some history kiddos so you know what you’re talking about.

  141. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man this fan base have been waiting for Jamies to have a bad game like this . That’s why this fan base is the worst in the NFL. The hold NFL is laughing at y’all cause I know what fizpatrick is. So they are laughing at y’all now y’all are the only ones that think fizpatrick is good. Right now he’s playing comfortable now that’s all . He been robin the NFL for years laughing at national media and laughing at fans like y’all. Cause he has already made his money. Look how he acts when he throws ints he really don’t care . Last week he was laughing while we or losing . He knows that the Panthers ain’t going to let him throw the long ball . The Panthers ain’t going to stop like the Steelers did on Monday night. So he better be ready.

  142. jmarkbuc Says:


    Thanks Pops.

    How many attempts?

  143. DalvinCookRules Says:

    A lot of head scratching comments here, both for & against JW. The bottom line is, he’s not getting it done. His weaknesses have been exploited–and let me say this, virtually every QB in the league has some weaknesses. Tom Brady can’t make some of the throws that Winston can make, but he doesn’t have to. He knows this. He can take advantage of his strengths & the coaching staff in Boston (perhaps the best in the history of football) knows how to design the offense around it.

    That said, Winston’s inability to see the entire field & process NFL-speed movement in space of defenders in real-time is going to prevent him from ever being elite. We’re not even talking about elite right now, though, he just needs to get the demons inside his head OUT right now, as Derrick Brooks alluded to. That is step one.

  144. PriMech54 Says:


    Drew Brees was benched 3 times during his time in San Diego while having a HOF LaDainian Tomlinson behind him and Marty Schottenheimer on the sidelines. Look at what he turned into with a genius coach.

    Everone’s recency bias is absolutely killing their credibility. We can talk alarmist emotions and your (untrained, uninformed) “eye test”, or we can talk history and facts.

    Really good qb’s throw really ugly picks sometimes – Sh!t happens.

  145. jmarkbuc Says:

    “Really good qb’s throw really ugly picks sometimes”


    Not “set your watch by it” sometimes. but sometimes.

  146. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod Munch … “Anywho tell me about how the defense again. LOL!” At the start of the year Rod, the Bucs defense had promise. Of course, no one was hurt at that time either. The DLine added some talent (JPP, Allen, Unrein, Curry, Vea) and our LB corps was supposed to be as good as any in the league. I’ve said all along that our Secondary needed help … Licht’s answer was to draft 3 rookies who are now ALL on the field because of injuries. Sorta unprecedented don’t ya think? Injuries have decimated the Bucs defense this year, but even without them there was bound to be a period of adjustment at the start of the year since the defense had so many new pieces. The whole thing turned into nothing more than a house of cards.

    And BTW, “Learn some history kiddos so you know what you’re talking about” sounds cute but you’re just cherry-picking when you compare Dan Fouts in his year 4 to Jameis Winston in his year 4. Totally different types of QBs for one thing. For another, Fouts overall record was 86-84-1 … hardly a QB for anyone to look up to. He threw 254 TDs against 242 INTs … that REALLY sucks. Even Brett Favre (kinda known for throwing INTs) threw 508 TDs against 336 INTs, a significantly better ratio. As I said … cherry-picking.

  147. jmarkbuc Says:


    Think Unrein ever suits up for the Bucs?

    Just curious, seems like a decision should be reached soon, for this season.

  148. lambchop Says:

    The excuses are strong with this one!

  149. BUC IT Says:

    Not there yet….. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on our #1 pick either but I’m not entirely sure the team is behind Jameis in the sense that they think he should be the starting QB anymore. The receivers just look indifferent when Jameis has been out there. You can kinda read it all in their facial expressions. I actually kinda get the sense they are on the edge of wanting to move on to. Its no coincidence that the djax trade rumor came back out last week. That has to do with Jameis because Djax was happy go lucky the first couple weeks. Mike Evans was on fire and then Jameis comes back and he is just an above average WR and no longer looks like the superstar talent that he is.

  150. D1 Says:


    Dirk does not run the air Coryell system from the 80’s . The SD Chargers of the 80’s is just two different from today’s era to compare. That said, I am surprised by the conclusions you’ve drawn from the Chargers. And you’re dead nuts correct. Ints occur at a higher rate in a offensive system that throws for more yds/per att.

  151. ATrain Says:

    Thank you Rod for coming here and setting everyone straight

    I would hope Joe would lend your post to the national media so you can be put on TV be cause none of those guys know anything


    not Jamie’s for missing DJax twice

    Wait Rod wasn’t it the Kicker who won the one game for Jamies

    Oh that doesn’t fit into the WINSTON LOVERS PLAYBOOK

  152. Diaval Says:

    Jameis is smart and talented and over-confident and aggressive… when backed into a corner, he’ll try to win the game all by himself which can be both a saving grace and a huge mistake, depending on too many elements beyond a QB’s control. Unfortunately this has been an expectation that is lauded when it works and damned when it fails. That’s too much pressure for any one player, even a franchise QB. Jameis’s success at FSU came from being well-coached and from playing with a talented team that was also well-coached. To obtain top performance, to recreate that kind of success, then get the right coaches and players to optimize each other. Create a TEAM, not a bunch of guys who play football for money. Jameis’s demise was predicted before he ever set foot on the field, and those same people now make inane comments like “stats are overrated”. No, stats are facts stripped of emotion and bigotry and opinion. Stats demonstrate that Winston’s capabilities are on par with some pretty damn effective quarterbacks… what they fail to show is how well the O line protects him; how often the QB needs to score to make up for inadequate or non-existent defense; whether the coaches getting the best play from this team or do they spend more than a little time covering their own butts. There are things about Jameis I don’t always like, but he comes to play and he can learn… but only if he’s taught, not taunted. The Buc’s culture must change, and that won’t happen by auditioning a new team leader every few years.