Consistency The Final Frontier

October 17th, 2018

Dirk Koetter explains his quarterback’s lone flaw. (video)

Joe damn near lost his mind reading the JoeBucsFan Twitter feed Sunday night into Monday.

The defense (once again) played like a cheap businesswoman on Frontier Street in Las Vegas on Sunday, giving up a quick three touchdowns to open the game and combined with another kicker failure, the Bucs never could catch up.

Yet some Bucs fans wanted to throw America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, into an infected sewage dump blaming him for the loss.

After the game, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, probably knowing how these same folks would react, defended Jameis in his postgame remarks. But in his weekly sitdown with Dan Lucas of WFLA-TV Channel 8, Koetter scolded Jameis for his inconsistency in the red zone and didn’t mince words in saying that is the lone thing keeping Jameis from being an elite quarterback.

And it is also costing Bucs wins, Koetter said.

“We have to have consistent decision-making,” Koetter said. “That’s one thing that the best quarterbacks in this league have. And I truly believe that Jameis is a guy that has the ability and the talent and everything he needs to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league. But when you get into those games where only one or two possessions is going to make the difference, you need your quarterback to be making great decisions all the time.”

That’s fair. Of course, one could argue the only reason the Bucs — with the defense they have played the past two seasons — are in any one- or two-score games is because of Jameis, not in spite of him.

Once again, Joe will remind readers that four times last year Jameis gave the Bucs the lead in the fourth quarter only to watch this gutless defense gag up the lead. And here last week, Jameis looked as if he was on the cusp of another winning rally in the fourth quarter until a cool high school play wasn’t executed right.

You can watch the full video of Koetter with Lucas below, courtesy of WFLA-TV Channel 8.

59 Responses to “Consistency The Final Frontier”

  1. Dreambig Says:

    On the roster you have OJ Howard, Godwin, Evans, Jackson, Brate, Humphries and you only have one play left. Who ever chose that high school BS play has serious decision making issues.

  2. AtlBuc Says:

    The put their tall receivers in the end zone to knock the ball down I like it. I also liked the play they tried last year when Jameis threw the ball to OJ at about the 5 and other receivers were in front of him to block. That play would have worked but OJ wasn’t looking for the pass

  3. Realbucfan941 Says:

    There was time for a quick 7 8 yrd out, then a manageable throw to the EZ. If Evans or Howard were doubled I’d take Godwin on their 2nd or 3rd corner in a jump ball situation all day over that play!

  4. Resurrection of Fitz Says:

    Dreambig……Our coach did not trust Winston enough to use our big targets of Evans and Howard to finish the game.

    Like Joe just said…..Consistency The Final Frontier

  5. isrBuc Says:

    Jamies was also responsible for slow starts and playing from behind. How many points does the bucs average on first quarters and first halves?
    And why is it fair when its coming from HC but not fans saying the same thing? You call us”haters” because you are a HOMER. JW is no probowler. Calling him that is an insult to the game of football. I don’t hate him at all and I don’t put the loss on him solely but I do think:
    1. Defense was much improved in the second half and down 8 gave the offense few short fields to tie and get the lead
    2. No drops by receivers. all came to play Sunday.
    3.JW should have had at least 3 ints if not 4. the first throw to the EZ was dropped badly by the corner. it should have been an int and no TD.
    4.players were wide open on the RZ int.
    6. ATL has got a terrible defense
    5. and that’s me thinking – Fitz would have won that game and players, who want to win, knows it.

    now you can fool around with stats and yards and whatever. this doesn’t cut it nowadays. no one outside of tampa think that much of JW. He is who he is.

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    Don’t worry! Webster will be here to tell us all about what big Tenn QB fans we are if we critique #3!
    Consistency is the key. He looks better so far. Just needs to clean up a turnover or two and we’re good.

  7. Zipurban Says:

    It’s very rare that a quarterback will play through an entire game without any mistakes. The great quarterbacks make mistakes during their best games. If you want your quarterback to be elite and have a chance to help the team score in the red zone at the end of the game, why call an offensive Play that’s inconsistent and low percentage? You have receiving weapons, why not use them? That sounds like a coach that’s on the hot seat!

  8. BucEmUp Says:

    Someone remind me how Marcus Mariota looks? Bout the only thing that team has is a DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ndog Says:

    Good morning all I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Jameis is on pace to be a hall of fame qb with his numbers. Say what you will but if you actually pay attention you will see there are only two guys in the history of the game to do what he’d done thus far in their career and one of them is in the half of fame already and the other will be after he retires. I just wanted give all the haters a little dose of reality. #facts

  10. Resurrection of Duff Says:

    Captain Duff will bring this defense together for more consistency.

  11. Chris Says:


    Why do you think Jameis was able to climb back I can the fourth qtr Sunday? Defense found. Way back and played dominate 3rd qtr football.

    Jameis is holding himself back from being in the top qbs of the league. Bc of stupid give aways. His sorry TOs aren’t badluck. They’re balls that’s shouldn’t be thrown.

    The deep ball to Jackson. There was a safety over the top and threw it to the safety.

    The pick to Godwin: I get he has 1-1 coverage but on second down in the back of the end zone that ball should been high for him to catch it or it’s incomplete. He underthrow it and doinked it off the falcons defenders helmet.

    Like i say. 4tdd and 400 yds look great but as dirk said. Inconsistency

  12. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    If our Defense had stopped just one of those first 3 drives, we win, period.
    Ya Jameis could have mad a few better decisions but people bashing almost 400 yrds through the air and 4 TD’s? Tell me a quarter back the Bucs ever had with those same stats and followed that with the statement he played poorely?

    Imagine if we had a defense that could stop a drive when we need it and not in the 3rd quarter either when we are down. Imagine a defense that doesn’t dance on the side lines when we are still down 8 points. Just imagine pressure when we need it or a pass breakup? Sad state this defense, i hope this firing is a wake up call for this defense.

  13. Lunchbox Says:

    But when you get into those games where only one or two possessions is going to make the difference, you need your quarterback to be making great decisions all the time.”
    Asking that from a guy that historically has shown little ability to make good decisions even most of the time, is a tall order.

  14. Bird Says:

    Please stop with Mariota comparisons. Neither player is next level at this point. No one wants Mariota.

    Both struggle at being consistent. Both are a roller coaster. Playing elite a few games a year. If you criticize Jamies you are a hater. Meanwhile , people rip into every other player on the team. Some of you posters are a joke.

    And you want to give 100 mil to someone who is average and plays good at times. You would think he is Aaron Rodgers or something. Regardless of age , this is year 4 and same mistakes being made with the most weapons in nfl .

    No question He needs to continue playing for rest of year and will but the greatest show on terf -part 2 is gone. Throws down field gone. Sunday was pretty boring if you ask me. I always root for any buc player (except Keyshawn) but I just don’t see the It factor.

    And he will be do for a good game soon cause he does that every 3rd or 4th game and all the messiah worshippers will say I told you so . Until the next week , not so much and the excuses will come out again

  15. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Fair assessment by Koetter . I called for him and Montgen to sit
    Jameis down and tell him red zone int are not gonna cut it in a recent post.
    He needs to strive for more completed drives. Its highly debatable that the
    last play would have worked, but his execution was terrible on the lateral. He
    was in an awkward position to make the lateral that is supposed to reach the
    receiver in the air not a bounce pass. To his credit , he looks to be in awesome shape and is quite a bit quicker.But IMO he was playing with a bit too much nerves at critical times in games.


  16. isrBuc Says:

    @Ndog – these substances are no good. JW is going to canton is a #fact?
    I bet you there are more people thinking he’s a bust than he’s a HOF or even PB.
    And he got the best weapons a QB can have. A 35 years old backup just showed you what can be done with those weapons and against much better defenses than ATL.

  17. Bucsfanman Says:

    This goes for the whole team, we need consistency. Thus far in his career Jameis has been inconsistent. He has shown flashes this season of improvement which is great because we cannot rely on our defense, apparently.
    I think we’ll be able to tell how much he has evolved as we move through the season. As I have stated many times before, if we’re throwing 35+ a game, that is not a good sign in terms of winning football. We need balance, not just for wins, but for Jameis. We’re putting too much on the QB.

    30-35 passing attempts+100 yards rushing+AVERAGE defense= Opportunity to win.

  18. Ndog Says:

    Again people, including Koetter, are literally expecting perfect play from their QB to win. Think about his numbers if he doesn’t throw those two picks. They would have had roughly 415 yards 5 TDs, 0 Int, 0 fumbles about 30 yards rushing and a perfect QB rating. So we are seriously on here saying that is the expectation for us to win? I mean it would be nice but really the EXPECTATION? If that is the expectation of what we want in a QB for us to be happy and say he’s good enough then we will be waiting a long time to be happy my friends. For real even those that loathe him, which are most of you haters, you are expecting perfection, isn’t that a bit ridiculous?

  19. Bob in Valrico Says:

    400 yards and 4 touchdowns is a good start. but just one more successful TD in the redzone could have easily won the game with a field goal which we were in good position to complete.

  20. Wausa Says:

    No logical person blames Jamies for loosing to Atlanta
    There is a reason someone lost their job this week

  21. Jeffauer Says:

    Running game is the final frontier! Give him a consistent running game, what happened with Bortles when he had a healthy Fournette, Wilson looked like a future HOF’er with Lynch, now even with Graham?

  22. Buc believer Says:

    Interesting that Koetter said “A decision was made” instead of I MADE the decision. I think left to his devices he would have stayed with his buddy and both guys would be gone at the end of the year.

  23. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Giving the team a chance to win a game by getting a lead in the first or second
    quarter and building on it is still the best most successful way to win a football game. One comeback win out of four isn’t good enough. I hope our”Fourth Year
    Quarterback ” figures this out. Because at this point he is 0-1 in fourth quarter comebacks.

  24. German Buc Says:

    OK, I got it: Someone needs to be blamed for the loss.

    But this time there is enough blame to share. Of course Jameis didn’t help the team with his second INT. Some offsides didn’t help as some sacks given up by the the OL. Some missed calls by the refs didn’t help. The missed XP didn’t help the team, the defense giving up a FG with 28 seconds to play to end the first half didn’t help the team. Wins are often a team effort – as was this loss!

  25. lambchop Says:


    The HOF is a personal milestone. I could care less about personal milestones and I’m sure anyone cracking their skulls in the NFL would say the same if it meant they weren’t going to win a SB in their career. JW is on pace to be Dan Marino 2.0. As a fan, that’s not good enough. We aren’t putting up with losing seasons just to watch a player get a golden jacket and a ring of honor nod.

    Bring the hardware or go home. JWs play reminds me of prairie dogging. Almost out but not quite.

  26. LakeLand Says:

    I lay the blame on the TEAM

    They lost as a team

    The offense 2 turnovers hurt the team
    But the offense didn’t lose the game
    The kicker missed PAT hurt the team
    They had to go for 2 and missed, the score should been 24-24
    At the end the score should have been 34-31
    But he didn’t lose the game
    The defense gave up 21 quick points, 34 in all
    But they did not lose the game

    The TEAM lost the game

  27. lambchop Says:

    *I couldn’t care less…that one gets me every time.

  28. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Jameis’ 3 biggest flaws:

    1. Poor decision making at times
    2. Poor accuracy at times
    3. Poor accuracy to DJax 99% of the time.

    Fix those issues, and he’s a keeper.

    Don’t fix those issues by the end of the year, and we probably don’t pick up his 5th year option.

  29. DB55 Says:

    Do you ever wonder what the reaction would be if Winston was ranked 32nd in the league for the last three years and each year gets progressively worse?

    Mike Smith is a great man blah blah blah that had the worst weekend in the league but Koetter is defending him? What if Mike made more great and consistent decisions? What if?

    Call me when Winston is ranked as the league worst anything!!! Until then try to play some defense.

  30. BucThis Says:

    I’m starting to believe there was a rift between JW and Dirk and now that Dirks BFF is gone he’s gonna take JW down with him

  31. Ndog Says:

    BucThis Says:
    October 17th, 2018 at 8:18 am
    I’m starting to believe there was a rift between JW and Dirk and now that Dirks BFF is gone he’s gonna take JW down with him


  32. BringBucsBack Says:

    …his QB’s LONE flaw? Okaaaay!?

    Koetter is being positive here, he can’t possibly believe this.

  33. Joe Says:

    JW is no probowler.

    Saw him play in a Pro Bowl. Even paid a TV news crew in Honolulu to interview him there.

    Unless someone spiked Joe’s Bud Light that week.

  34. Buccernutter Says:

    Only twice in history has a team had a 100 yd rusher and 350+ passing yards and 4 passing touchdowns and lost.

    Why is it so hard to explain to most of you the defense is that bad? Jameis is playing very good and unfortunately it’s going to be almost impossible to have a winning season no matter who is at quarterback.

    The king has returned and he isn’t going anywhere. Those who don’t agree are just not very intelligent. If the defense can resemble even the second half then we will win a lot of games.

    Remember we don’t play very many more excellent offenses. Just the Bengals saints and falcons again.

    We’ll be fine. 9-7 or better. Jameis is that good. You’ll all learn.

  35. Dooshlarue Says:


    A quick search turned up:

    JW tied with Bortles for most fumbles lost in 2016 with 6.

  36. Loyaltotheend Says:

    If he hasn’t figured out how to protect the ball after 46 starts he probably never will. Quit comparing his stats to Hall of Famers compare him to Bortles, Eli Manning or Kirk Cousins cus that’s who he is.

    A turnover prone QB matched with an awful d is a bad combo for winning in this league

    Jameis is the type of QB who needs a running game to limit his throws and potential mistakes and a average d to bail him out when he makes a mistake. Just like other average QB’s

  37. Fartman Says:

    we really going to give 100 million dollars to a qb with a 18-28 record?

  38. joestang Says:

    Jameis will never be in the hall of fame even with those stats if he can’t win games and continues to make bad decisions. I don’t blame him for loss but he is no hall of famer. I think McCay said it best about DeBerg, he just good enough to get you beat.

  39. Buccernutter Says:

    Okay guys so we all know and realize that Jameis has a propensity to turn the ball over. The sample size is small this year so we can’t determine if he has improved but the guy is at 75% completion. In watching the game Sunday it was clear that he has improved. Pocket presence and maneuverability is nearly elite. He looks far more accurate and makes plays that are dead. I counted 5 plays that were extinguished but he made something out of nothing. The first turnover was essentially a punt as it pinned the defense back. Our defense just couldn’t stop then regardless. I won’t fault him too bad although it was into double coverage and I’m sure he’ll learn. The second was a tad underthrown as the defender tipped it with his helmet or that is 6. Freak play. Not necessarily a bad decision although hump was wide open. This is stiff learned in the film room. It was only his first game back and the dude played lights out.

    To the critics that suggest the bad outweighed the good, well you guys are just dumb. We need more of a sample to see if he has improved but Jameis was the #1 qb in the league last week. Regardless of his ints his qbr was that good. Those turnovers did not set them up with good field position. Defense choked and it’s that simple. There’s a reason a coach was fired and a reason why ownership still stands by jameis.

    If u haven’t been paying attention it seems pretty evident Jameis will be here a long time. Too quick to judge but he’s been great so far and you’re wrong if u think it’s the same old Jameis.

    Willing to bet koetter is here a long time too.

  40. Thisisouryear!! Says:


    I want Jameis gone simply because I want to feel good about cheering for this team again. I think he has the ability to become a great qb, but he is still making the mental mistakes and he is not a first quarter quarterback. I’m not sure that he is going to improve at this point.

    I think I am like a lot of fans in that I want him gone because of the off the field garbage that keeps coming up.

  41. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Also reading the comments, he may not have lost the game, but with those two int’s he didn’t win the game. Hall of fame qb’s win the game.

  42. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree….

    and i’ll take it a step further…..

    Winston has to learn how to trust his team mates….not just players on the offense but trust the defense…..instead of “trusting” that evans will come down with the ball when he’s doubled, throw it away and trust the defense…..

    the defense didn’t give up any points off his turnovers but it allowed ATL to run clock which is what did us in….


  43. tickrdr Says:

    Question: Did Matt Ryan play better than Jameis Winston?
    Ryan: 31 of 41, 354 yards, 3 TDs, and ZERO INTs.
    Winston: 30 of 41, 395 yards, 4 TDs and TWO INTs, plus “credited” with 2 Fum.

    BTW: SEVEN teams had ZERO turnovers for the whole team this Sunday, so it is not “rare” for a team to play error-free football. Not so surprisingly, most of them WON.


  44. Bucman0620 Says:

    Can you show the numbers as an example to back your claim that he is not a first quarter quarterback? Can you also tell everyone when his last off the field issue happened? You simply want him gone because you thought Mariota was a better QB and instead of saying you were wrong you are making up things in your own head. Jameis being gone will not make you feel good about cheering for this team. If people truly believe that it was just Jameis’ fault we lost this or any other game with the defense playing the way it has, they know nothing about the game. It is probably the same people that want McCoy gone, Licht gone, should have drafted Derwain, and should trade to get Peterson. People are absolutely ridiculous.

  45. BrianBucs Says:

    With Winston, you will always get a lot of good mixed in with a lot of bad. That’s just who he is and how he plays

  46. Thisisouryear!! Says:


    I don’t agree with your thoughts. Yes I would have drafted Mariota because I thought he had a clean background compared to Winston and I thought they were equal on the field. I didn’t say I thought they lost the game because of Winston, I said he had two chances in the red zone that he threw ints. If you want to point to someone I agree that the defense is pathetic. His past with the accused rape, crotch grabbing, the facebook post of him in front of a tray of crablegs on draft night- I don’t like him. I know this happened 3 years ago, but from my understanding he did not come clean with his team about what was going on. I don’t think he’s grown up yet.

    As for stats, what I could find quickly. In the last 2 years he has thrown 19 TD in the first half and 30 TD’s in the second half. That means in only 60% of games has he thrown for a TD in the first half. Between that, turnovers and a horrific defense, that’s why they have played from behind since he’s been here.

  47. LakeLand Says:

    The Atlanta Falcons has only 3 turnovers for the year. If they were turning the ball over. They would be 0-6.

  48. Dapostman Says:

    Jameis Winston has to pitch a shutout every time out to win. He should realize by now how bad this defense is and has been. Oh and don’t forget his kickers who have probably missed more kicks than all the other kickers since 2015. He has to play perfect to win. Fitz had two perfect games to open the season and we know he can’t play perfect every game hence the next two losses. Almost perfect looks good but will not win with this team. Defense sucks and kicker sucks……still. Only perfect will win and quiet the Winston Derangement Syndrome crowd down. Perfect or bust!

    #Get After It!

  49. Marlow Says:

    I hear Oakland is looking to trade it’s head coach….

  50. orlbucfan Says:

    BucThis Says:
    October 17th, 2018 at 8:18 am
    I’m starting to believe there was a rift between JW and Dirk and now that Dirks BFF is gone he’s gonna take JW down with him

    You are either a stupid yahoo or a troll. Probably both as you sure aren’t a Bucs fan.

  51. orlbucfan Says:

    Marlow Says:
    October 17th, 2018 at 11:21 am
    I hear Oakland is looking to trade it’s head coach….
    Hey dumbo: it’s ‘its’, not it’s when you write ‘it is’. How much you getting paid to troll?

  52. orlbucfan Says:

    Typo: ‘its’ is a possessive aka you own it.

  53. unbelievable Says:

    “The defense played good for 1 quarter (bc Sanu and Ridley we’re both out) so it’s all Jameis’ fault that we lost. Doesn’t matter that they were a complete sieve that couldn’t stop a peewee team for the other 75% of the game.”

    – your average, idiotic JBF commenter.

  54. unbelievable Says:

    @Thisisyouryear and all the other buffoons who don’t understand simple football terminology-

    The 40 yard line is NOT the Redzone, no matter where the ball ends up.

    You’re welcome.

  55. tickrdr Says:

    Four teams this week scored 29 or more points, and yet still lost the game.
    All four of them lost the turnover battle.
    Even the Bears scored 28 points,yet turned the ball over three times, and lost the game.
    Hundreds of yards passing and many TDs, yet all lost their games!
    I gave Winston a “B” for his overall performance, because he threw with better anticipation leading some receivers etc., but his lateral on the last play of the game was nowhere near Humphries, and I would like to know if he said anything in the huddle like “Remember, we need TIME more than a few yards, so get out of bounds, and hustle back to the LOS”; before ME13 wasted precious seconds.
    They don’t have to play “perfect” just smarter.


  56. unbelievable Says:

    I mostly agree with you tickerdr- I gave him the same grade.

    However, when the defense can only play for 25% the game, the offense has to be pretty close to perfect to have a chance…

  57. Dapostman Says:

    The average NFL defense gives up 24 points per game. The Bucs 34 points per game. Throw in the idiot kicker who cost two points actually and since they were down those two points they didn’t get a chance to tie with a FG. If the average NFL defense gives up 24 points that means the average NFL offense scores 24 points. The Bucs average 28 points per game. Offense is not the problem even though they can play better. To shut up the doubters Winston must be perfect with this defense and kicker. Simple as that.

    #Get After It!

  58. tickrdr Says:

    Since no one answered this question above, I’ll repeat it here:
    Did Matt Ryan play better than Jameis Winston? Was he “perfect” or just better?
    Ryan: 31 of 41, 354 yards, 3 TDs, and ZERO INTs.
    Winston: 30 of 41, 395 yards, 4 TDs and TWO INTs, plus “credited” with 2 Fum.


  59. lambchop Says:


    Matt Ryan played better but it was in large part thanks to our horrible defense. So, in this case, the stats don’t tell the full story.

    And that is why I think stats are for losers.