“Whatever Dirk Decides To Do, I Respect That Because I Respect Him”

September 27th, 2018

Ryan Fitzpatrick is 23-22 as a starter since the 2014 season kicked off, but he’ll accept a benching gracefully and willingly — if it happens — for one big reason.

That was a core message floated in various different ways by Fitzpatrick at his news conference this morning at One Buc Palace. He’ll be all good with it because he respects Dirk Koetter implicitly.

Fitzpatrick explained that Koetter has earned that respect of the entire team because he’s 100 percent about winning and “he’s open; he’s honest.”

Joe thought this quote by Fitzpatrick summed things up best. “Whatever Dirk decides to do, I respect that because I respect him.

(No, Joe doesn’t think Fitz will be benched on Sunday. Joe would easily wager $250 that Fitz is the starter.)

Forget about the quarterback controversy for a moment, it’s great to hear Fitzpatrick speak of the allegiance to the head coach and the respect Koetter is commanding. That’s almost always a key element to winning. See the 0-3 Raiders.

43 Responses to ““Whatever Dirk Decides To Do, I Respect That Because I Respect Him””

  1. PLEX Says:

    To me, the team choosing to start fitz is cutting jameis’ legs out from under him. When fitz finally messes up and they want to bench him, how are they gonna expect the team to ball out for Jameis, the guy who didnt even deserve his job back??? Either Jameis is the future and you start him or he isnt and you dont. Fitz already proved he gets rattled under pressure! Pick six! And who was the best QBs IN THE LEAGUE under pressure for a large part of last year……… that would be Jameis Winston! Put him back in.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    That statement pretty much sums up how the “real” fans feel!!!!!!! This is a high flying fun to watch team!!!!!! and the roster is still just a work in progress!!!!!! Very exciting football to come sheep!!!!!!! just watch!!!!!!!! So sad that the so-called fans want and wanted to destroy the exciting direction that this team is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #trust the coaches!!!!!!! Fix the real problem!!!! the roster!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Robert Says:

    If JW starts they play safe and we lose. (not saying we should not start JW)

    If Conor McGregor look alike, 400 yard par game, NFL history making, dressin like prime time, porn shade FitzMagic starts they will go back to their winning ways and light up the bears early on and go on to win the game. We gotta find a run game and underneath game…..but we got blow the top off early. AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE!

  4. Sarasotabuc Says:

    If only the defense respected Mike Smith the same way

  5. Robert Says:

    I think he hopes they bench him. He’s set the bar so high it’ll be tough for him or anyone to play to that level.

    He’ll be the starter again this year though.

  6. deminion Says:

    Wonder when we will know who is starting this week ? I think Fitz is tho I’d be surprised if JW starts, even thought It would be cool to see him out there

  7. Alphabucfan Says:

    Honestly having 2QBs that can light it up is a good problem to have cuz injuries happen all the time an the real problem is our defense. Idk if it’s the coaches or the player or both. I thought we had gotten better up front on the line an our LBs are really good which should make it easier for our young secondary but jeez it’s like last year all over again besides our offense lighting the sky up. JOE YOU MIGHT NEED TO GO COACH OUR DEFENSE!!!!!

  8. Resurrection of Fitz Says:

    A historic first 3 games. Bafflingly that some still think now is the time to bring Jameis in. It’s almost comical. I say bring Jameis in when there’s no more magic. Meanwhile, Jameis hold the clipboard and take notes. Expectations for JW will be very high when he comes back and rightfully so.

    Go Bucs!!!

  9. OneBucPerson Says:

    As soon as Fitz starts struggling on Sunday (and he will, that Bears front 7 is ridiculous with Mack) that’s when you put Jameis in because he’s one of the best QBs in the league under pressure.

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    Koetter said something in his news conference that hinted at a week to week type scenario – Hmmm…

    That would be a ballsy ass creative strategy to be playing two QBs throughout the season – the starter each game dictated by who has the hot hand, who looks good against a certain type of opponent. Koetter’s whims… etc.

    Mix it up – even within games. Have designated series or even single plays for the week’s non starting QB to play within games just to give different looks and keep DCs perpetually guessing – and also to see if maybe the day’s non starter is “hot” that day.

    We’ve got 2 good QBs with some different strengths that are both a bit streaky for good and for bad.

    Maybe you ride that roller coaster of playing them both – at least in spots – and gain a legit advantage that wins you an extra game or 2 this season – perhaps this even becomes the “genius” strategy that catapults this team to the Super Bowl and instantly makes Dirk Koetter a creative/innovative legend… LOL

  11. Wausa Says:

    PLEX Says:
    September 27th, 2018 at 12:23 pm
    To me, the team choosing to start fitz is cutting jameis’ legs out from under him…… Put him back in.

    I agree Plex:

    I think it is a huge mistake to start Fitz.
    However, if the Bucs Coaches want to go with Fitzpatrick they need to announce that to the team and the media and let Jamies go to another team.

  12. Wausa Says:

    Those that think Jamies is good with being the backup are living in a dream world.
    Jamies will be a good teammate if that is the decision, but he has and/or will talk to his agent about an exit strategy away from Tampa if the Bucs start Fitz the rest of this season.

    This should be Jamies 2nd year in the league(if he used up his college eligibility) and he is smart enough to know it does not benefit him to sit on the bench during these early years of his career.

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its truly Great the team is allegiant to Koetter. Come Sunday they are gonna have to really pull together. This Bears Defense is no Joke Buc fans. They do..Bring the pressure… As you will see. Jameis may get his Chance in the saddle sooner than many think.

  14. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Explain that to your other Joe, because it’s almost certain he will be on here kneeling at the altar of everything Jameis, and trashing the cohesiveness of this teams winning attitude. Why Jameis should take a backseat just doesn’t seem to resonate with his love for his American QB.

    …and for you turkeys out there threatening fans with a Jameis departure are missing the whole point of this. The team didn’t sit Jameis, Jameis sat Jameis, and Fitz has run with his opportunity and it’s working. I like winning. Jameis wasn’t winning except for the last game last season against a team that already made the post season.

  15. Robert Says:

    if JW turned all drama b*tch if he had to wait some gaimes, then he’s not a team player. well he’s already a drama b*tch, just hope he can swallow his pride for once. For some folk it aint all about “them”, they “legacy” and $hit.

  16. tickrdr Says:

    I would be LMAO to see Fitz hold the ball too long on prupose on the FIRST play of the game, and then come out with a “sprained beard” injury, and let JW3 deal with Khalil Mack and company.


  17. Bird Says:

    People commenting that a guy can just get up and leave a team are not thinking straight.

    He is under contract next year and bucs can franchise him twice after that.

    Leveon is on second franchise tender and has a little more opportunity to push back.
    James ain’t going anywhere. He will get his shot . But you ride fitz as long as you can and see where timing is with James and receivers. I think this offense is humming. Why mess it up now. Who doesn’t love the long ball

  18. Bird Says:


    What a class act! Glad he is a buc.

  19. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree…..

    funny how folks had little to no faith fitz could steal a game but now want him to be the starter….lol….

    @joe, you got cash app?….i’ll take that bet!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  20. Pistol Pete Says:

    Remembered this when I was reading the comments…

    Florida Coach Steve Spurrier doesn’t have set formulas for his quarterbacks, or predetermined plays. He doesn’t know why he uses Jesse Palmer one play and Doug Johnson the next. And if either one is in for two or three straight plays, the head Gator may not know his reasoning for that, either.

    Spurrier just knows that it’s working.

    “I don’t know the best way to do it, if it’s [switching them) every other play or letting them go three or four in a row,” Spurrier said. “We just go play.”

  21. rriddler Says:

    My opinion, the starter this week, Fitz or JW isn’t important.

    It’s after the bye that matters.

    If the Bucs believe that Winston is the QB of the future, he’ll play after the bye. It’s really just that simple.

  22. Rod Munch Says:

    Go win against the Bears, in Chicago, a place where the Bucs are 5-21 all-time, against one of the best defenses in the NFL and one of the best pass rushes. If he performs well then obviously he stays in there. If he turns into Ryan Fitzpatrick, then he eats the bench. Pretty straight forward stuff.

  23. Jean Lafitte Says:

    keep jumping hurdles Fitz, cause we all know you’ll never get a fair shake

  24. Rod Munch Says:

    Jean Lafitte – He’s a 14 year vet you dope, he’s had his “fair shake” about 7000 times.

  25. Wausa Says:

    Well said @ Rod Munch

  26. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Sarasotabuc Says:

    If only the defense respected Mike Smith the same way


  27. SOEbuc Says:

    Jameis is the STARTER. Give him week four and the two weeks after the bye. He must go at least go 2-1 to continue the #1 QB spot for the season if Fitz can come back and start to produce again.

  28. Godeep66 Says:

    Great article Joe

  29. JameisNOT Says:

    Trade JameISNOT now

  30. BradentuckeyBuc Says:

    There IS no argument for this week. The hot handed 2x player of the week vs. the guy who hasnt practiced with the team for a month or played a meaningful game in 10? Cmon! Now if Fitz goes 2-2 The Molester gets his keys back, if we go 3-1 why would you not stick with him? Fitz is 35 and about ready to cash in his chips. He is NOT the franchise QB you build your team around. JW is still the future but there’s NO need to upend the cart because you have a favorite dog in the fight.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Radio is a sound salvation
    Radio is cleaning up the nation
    They say you better listen to the voice of reason
    But they don’t give you any choice ’cause they think that it’s treason
    So you had better do as you are told
    You better listen to the radio

    Radio Radio – Elvis Costello 1978

  32. Oneilbucs Says:

    You people are crazy lol lol if they trade Winston this franchise would be done for at least 10 years. We don’t even have a good defense to survive with , Ryan Fizpatrick have shown that he can not lead us to the playoffs. He proved that Monday night. Now I have seen Winston throw 1 int in the first quarter and he got blame for the loss after taking the lead in the 4th quarter. Now fizpatrick threw 3 in the first half and we loss and people on this site still said he played good , but that defense has to play better. Mike Smith is trash . I know a lot of people on this site just hate Winston. But Winston will be ok he would leave and win somewhere else just like the ones did.

  33. Bucsace Says:

    Jameis will be lucky if he has the backup career that Fitz has had….lucky!

  34. Buc68 Says:

    Yes people just hate Winston. Some fool above doesn’t count the Saints game last year because “they didn’t care” because they were in the post season. Then why was Drew Brees on the field? Do you even know what that loss cost the Saints? Fitz gets credit for choking and throwing the football 3 straight times to the Steelers when the game was on the line. He brought us back! Bad defense! Winston gives us four 4th quarters leads that the defense blows, Winston gave it away in the first half! I have not ever seen Winston soil himself in clutch time the way Fitz did on his final drive!

  35. bucanation Says:

    Hate to say this but this is a must win game /I like fitze but he made the same boneheaded plays as JW does but Jw is the qb here and I would rather him play now fitze magic is coming to a end .

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    (No, Joe doesn’t think Fitz will be benched on Sunday. Joe would easily wager $250 that Fitz is the starter.)

    If I was a gambler, I would take you up on that bet. Ian Rapsalot is being played by the players and team he said would suck this year.

  37. bucanation Says:

    The loss to the Steelers could do the bucs in they are not mentally tuff and they played right into the Steelers hands / Must win game and I am saying it now Bucs lose and it going to be a rough season .

  38. PLEX Says:

    Go back and watch some tape of fitz in NY when he got benched. Its gonna look a lot like the first half against Pittsburgh.

  39. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Since 2014 Fitz has won only 5 more games than Jameis and you guys act like he gives us the best chance to win???? Such short sightedness is ridiculous. The Mr. Hyde Fitz reared its ugly head just as it has in the past and you guys ride his zipper hard. What do you think is going to happen in ChiTown? They got a great front line and Pittsburgh doesn’t you do the math. Sure he did great once adjustments were made and he was given time. Just as you all say that Jameis did this to himself, Fitz did not earn the start,. it was given and he did his job. Jameis outplayed him in the pre season and would have started game one so it’s back to his job and that is the starting qb of the Bucs.

  40. pick6 Says:

    at one point i had an opinion about which QB i wanted to start over the other. now i just wanna see the bucs keep throwing up 30+ per game regardless of who is back there. If Fitz falters, the bucs have a move they can make that everyone will understand and probably be a little excited about. If Fitz doesn’t falter, the bucs are probably winning 10 games regardless of Mike Smith’s defense

  41. Dave Says:

    I think some of you, Plex, are reading way too far into it. It is pretty simple the team is playing well except for 1/2. The offense has been kicking ass. I am a big Jameis Winston fan but there’s no way in hell you bench a quarterback playing that on fire.
    I think Winston understands this. He knows he’s the future.
    The timing is actually perfect. Give Fitz one more week then you have a bye week to get Jameis back up and running with the team.

  42. Bucsdelight Says:

    Hope Jameis is learning a lot from Fitz, would do him a world of good.

  43. Jaycee Says:

    Fitzmagic is a great story. Older back-up in one last rodeo. Ride that horse as far as it will go. It’s good for the Bucs and the NFL.