Vibe In The Locker Room

September 22nd, 2018

So what will the Bucs do come Tuesday morning when America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, arrives at One Buc Palace after his three-game sentence from NFL strongman Roger Goodell has been served?

Jenna Laine of ESPN has been snooping around One Buc Palace. In addition to talking to several players, she passes along the words of Bucs coach Dirk Koetter.

You can see her update below.

53 Responses to “Vibe In The Locker Room”

  1. Godeep66 Says:

    The BIG variable is the 20.5 million dollars the Bucs are on the hook associated with JW aka Winocheo and if he were to get hurt this year. He gets hurt( or fakes an injury) and The Bucs will have to pay the LOSER.

  2. Big Stinky Says:

    Can you believe that a Bucs QB now holds the record for the best 2 game start to a season? Wow! #FearTheBeard #GoBucs

  3. Alphabucfan Says:

    Ride with fitz for the time being. He’s playing very well. That said he is not the future an there is a reason he’s bin on many diff teams. 3 is the future he’s grown since the incident many years ago off the field an on the field. Sorry go deep but your not loser just cause you make mistakes cuz then YOU an I and the rest of the world are lol losers cuz we all make mistakes. 3 will put it all together soon an we will have the best offense for years to come. Wish I could say the same for the defense lol go Bucs

  4. T REX Says:

    @alphabet – Jaboo lied to everyone last year about it. He’s rotten at his core. No amount of charity work or baptisms is going to change that.

  5. Sierra048 Says:

    I hope FHITP never takes a snap for the Bucs again. Why not just trade him. We should be able to get four first round draft picks for him according to crabby’s nut-gobblers.

  6. Wjs Says:

    Godeep may be the dumbest person ever to figure out how to get on the internet but JW’s contract next year is a valid point. If Bucs go with Fitz past the bye week they should trade JW. As an organization you either believe JW is your best QB or you don’t. Riding the hot hand is as valid as believing in magic. You don’t signal to the team and to him that he is not the better player then pay him 20mm next year. That would be a very Bucs thing to do and about as smart as trading him but if he is not your guy, go get value for him.

  7. SB Says:

    Lifelong Gator and Alum
    Huge JW supporter from day 1
    Still supporting him but I am not a Homer. I will continue to support JW ass long as he wears Pewter and red. This said though, I will no longer do it with blinders on. Fitz was 2 and 1 last yr in relief of JW with the Same team JW had. This yr he is 2 and 0. 4 and 1 vs 18 and 27 is ………………well what is it?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Fitz is doing what we paid him to do but let’s not get it twisted! Come on home JW!

  9. Godeep66 Says:

    @wjs: I will forget more than you ever know. I figured out the acronym: Winston Just Sucks.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Sure the Bucs will go with the aging Fitz and cut Winston loose. NOT in your dreams.

  11. Wjs Says:

    Godeep. Said you made a valid point, that was a compliment. Hope you can afford to keep paying the people that remind you to breathe.

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Winston will be the first one there to greet everyone.

    Everyone will welcome him with open arms, because everyone on the team loves him.

  13. Bucsfan77 Says:

    I’m a JW supporter, but I am a Buc fan first and foremost. Put who ever on the field that gives us the best chance to win period. … the chicago game play Fitz, give JW 2 weeks working with the 1’s then start him week 6. Fitz knows he is only relief for JW not other way around. Everyone seems to be forgetting the main focus, you play who ever gives you the best chance. Fitz is hot and fluid with the offense rightnow , JW hasnt played in almost a month and is rusty so give him the time to get up to speed. As for VV and Jones. … give VV the benefit of actually getting in a game before you pass judgement, Jones has mega red flags. Hopefully he will come around before barber gets hurt and screws us.

  14. BuccaneerScotty Says:

    I don’t think anyone cares what happens with Winston come Tuesday morning

  15. Oneilbucs Says:

    Go deep you and the rest of the Winston haters don’t nothing about football. Ryan Fizpatrick is playing good. But come on this is the second time in his 13 year career he has played well and that’s why the jets, titans, Bills , Beangles, Texans, Rams , or just laughing at y’all now cuz all of them know we going to no playoff with know Ryan Fizpatrick!!!!!!! Lol lol lol y’all are so stupid to me and those teams . They know it’s the play calling cuz Dirk is not calling the plays . Go Winston and Go bucs !!!!!!!

  16. richbucsfan Says:

    Whatever happens is a team thing. Koetter owes me no explanation at all. What he chooses to do is up to him.

  17. INSPIRED Says:

    OMG, the butt hurt Mariotta fans are in full force. Look, it would be better to go ahead and start to fade away now so that you look like you had good timing at the least. Besides that, you truly sound like you are butt hurt. Figure it out before you fall out. GO BUCS!!!

  18. Reach87 Says:

    Again, Bucs “fans” crying. The key is to keep winning. Why are you crying about bringing Winston back? He’s suspended. We are winning. When he comes back we’ll continue to win because we have a better team and appears some better coaching. You would rather wallow in your factless belief that Winston is a liar, predator or felon and should be cut or traded. IF you feel that way, go root for someone else, because you will never truly enjoy the success he will be a part of this year. He is on the team, is not getting traded, and is our franchise (I didn’t say HOF) QB. All praise to Fitz, and his success is not mutually exclusive to Winston. I hope you pre-supposing self righteous “fans” do leave, because if you do stay you’ll keep spouting that venom rather than rooting for the TEAM you say you support. Please leave. Go Bucs! (All Bucs).

  19. Buchead5588 Says:

    Seriously Love what Fitz is doing but don’t get it Twisted #SupportMyQB#3 JW is the Present and Future Fitz is our BackUp he knows it an he’s good with it

  20. Reach87 Says:

    Fitz is playing great and that greatness is not mutually exclusive. Winston will be back on the field when the coaches decide. All you self righteous “fans” who seem to be unable to enjoy a better team and seemingly better coaching should leave now. You’ll never truly be able to enjoy our improved play this year and will continue to cry and gripe about Our franchise (I didn’t say HOF) QB. If you really cant stand it, if you are convinced he’s rotten to the core, quit your job, become a crusading private eye and prove it, go root for some other team, and go wallow in your righteous indignation someplace else. What’s that? Still here? Not as righteous as you pretend. Hang tough team…be ready for the Steelers…they will be hungry and tricky but we can win this game. Go Bucs! (All Bucs).

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    The vibe in the lockerroom is perhaps the most important thing. Funny thing is, it’s the least mentioned thing by fans. I just don’t think many of you are understanding the human element here…..perhaps too much fantasy football or Madden?

    Fitzpatrick’s former stat lines are well documented but do you know who the people are who care the least for what he did with the Jets, Bills, ect? That would be each and every player in the lockerroom and the coaching staff… the ones who matter.

    GOO BUCS!!!

  22. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    @Wjs – “If Bucs go with Fitz past the bye week they should trade JW.”

    He is damaged goods. I don’t think we would get much for Jameis, which is a shame as he has the talent to be a great QB. As from an owner’s perspective, Jameis would turn off the fan base and cost them revenue. From a GM perspective, Jameis is a risk because if he screws up again, they would have to cut him. No owner or GM would want to take this big of a risk on Jameis unless your sitting at the bottom of power rating and there is no QB prospect available for the next year’s draft.

    I would love for Fitz to continue his streak of 400 plus yards and deal with the situation of both QB in the offseason. Jameis is stuck with the bucs if we like it or not. I pray this is a lesson learned for Jameis.

  23. Jeffbuc Says:

    Wj by playing Fitzpatrick the team is not saying he is the better than Jameis Winston. Would you say he is better than every qb in the league right now. Hell no. Probably 28 teams wouldn’t trade a 5th round pick for him. But by playing him you are just riding this in incredible hot streak he is on. In any sport people get hot. There are people in the nba that for 3-4 games put up better numbers than Michael or Lebron. But then they come back down to earth. Ryan is the best quarterback right now. Jameis is the best quarterback we have on the roster overall. Big difference. When Jameis comes back I bet the first interview he does he would even agree you can’t take Ryan out with how great he has been. I will support him be the back up and be ready to keep the qb position rolling when my number is called. It’s a great time to be a buc fan. But to think Ryan will keep this up all year is just not possible. He will eventually come back to earth as teams get more tape on him in this new system. Defensive coaches get paid a lot of money to figure out players weaknesses and they soon will find out his. But for the mean time every one relax enjoy the ride. But jameis is still the quarterback of the future for us. No doubt about it or he would have been cut earlier in the year. You really think a team would have held on to him all offseason and through his suspension. Just to release him next offseason. So all you people that keep rooting for him to be cut or be gone. if what he just went through didn’t get him cut. He isn’t going anywhere. Just like two years later we still have the same president. And two years from now he will be running for re-election. With probably the Russia probe still not complete. We are all just peons entitled to are opinion. But we have no say so in anything. Jameis will sign a long term contract and all you nay sayers will still be rooting for the bucs in 2021. So move on with this made up debate and enjoy the season. I know I am it’s fun watching major sports networks and hearing about the bucs.

  24. sandwichman Says:

    Soooo…. she literally said nothing in this video we didn’t already know. I hate her. She asks dumb questions to boot. Typical.

  25. ATrain Says:

    Ok I will ask one more time

    Winston Fans Including Joe

    When Winston comes in and doesnt have success and I mean win will you call him out and boot him

    4th year He has had the time and has the weapons I say he has to win or Yrade him

  26. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    ATrain… Define success, because the only reason US REAL FANS support JW is because of his success…

    Lose the ATrain handle…. You would have ditched Allstott for not going dor 100 yards every game like he could have if his TEAM would have aloud…

    JW has NEVER had the team we have this year!!!! Wake the F up…


  27. Fritz50 Says:

    “He is damaged goods. I don’t think we would get much for Jameis, which is a shame as he has the talent to be a great QB.”

    Sure, like the QB we face on Monday was such damaged goods that he lost the Steelers fans & soooo much money that they dumped him. Oh wait, I don’t remember it happening like that…where does this stuff come from? The only controversial QB the NFL won’t pay is the one who won’t stand for the anthem. With the crap QB’s out there, I can guarantee that some team will pick up JW, if the Bucs drop him. I’m fine if JW sits until Fitz falters, or even till he retires, if he doesn’t. But to think no team would give him a try is just stupidity.

  28. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:


    To gour point…

    The human element is you give a guy a second chance… Facts are facts…. You cant prove JW has done ANYTHING wrong other than being careless….

    The human element says… So the F what… Uber chick quit her job… Did she hate her job in the first place??? Did she meet a guy that promised her the world while drunk just to diss her when he was sober…

    I do that all the time…. Difference is… IM NOT JW…

    She it so BUTT HURT and has a money hungry lawyer….

    Get over it… JW is 10 times the man any of us are BECAUSE HE IS A LEADER AND PUT IN THE WORK….

    Let Nature take its course…. JW deserves to replace Tom Brady as GOAT!!!

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    FreeTheWeapon……My comment apparently went way over your head. The human element has little to do with just JW. There are 52 other player in that lockerroom.

    This is not about coddling and stroking one man’s ego. This is about doing what’s best for the entire team.

    What’s best for everybody is that the team continue winning. There are a lot of careers at stake here and right now they are all looking up with the team getting national pub. You don’t mess with that because at the end of the day you won’t find the intangibles that Fitzmagic is bringing on any stat sheet.

  30. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I love what Fitz is doing as much as anyone, but for people to say that Winston has had 4 years to get better (it’s really 3, but ok), can we remember that it took Fitzpatrick 14 years to have a 2 game stretch like he’s having. It’s not like Fitz wrote the book on how to start a career. You can want Winston gone for whatever reason you like, but 2 great games by Fitzpatrick doesn’t mean he’s the answer at QB. Fitzpatrick held out for the Jets to pay him, and he was talking retirement after last season. With the large family he has, do you think he’s going to sign next year for peanuts? If we want Fitz to play, we gotta pay. Fitz will want 20mil+ per season. That means Winston is gone. That also means that we are looking for a QB again in the draft next season or the draft after that. Some fans are so hungry to win this season that they would mortgage the future to do it. Doesn’t that sound like Gruden just before he was fired? I want to win this season like anyone, but I also don’t want to start over again at QB. We’ve seen how that works out in Tampa. I want to win now, but I also don’t want to roll the dice on the future.

  31. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Can we all just enjoy the ride my god we are 2-0 about to be 3-0 for those look I support Winston and I do believe he will play this season but fitz is playing his butt off u can’t take him out also for those idiots who say Jameis sucks or didn’t put us in a position to win for f$&$& sake u guys are very dumb when he came back he got the buts within a fg to win every game last year guys is it Jameis fault we missed a kick or jump off sides no to me the people who are complaining are not even stick carriers cause if ur are u stick is so small cause ur so insecure about everything u guys better man up and speak softly and carry that big mother f$&@)ing stick

  32. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    88, you speak the truth! Beat the Steelers! Go Bucs!

  33. Lucious Selmon Says:

    “3 is the future he’s grown since the incident many years ago off the field an on the field.”

    Actually, just a couple of months ago, he was still lying about what happened, and recruiting his alibi buddy to also lie for him. That is not demonstrating growth.

    “3 will put it all together soon an we will have the best offense for years to come.”

    OK, Nostradamus. Sure, this could happen. It could just as easily not happen. People who use fortune-telling as evidence do not deserve a response.

    “Riding the hot hand is as valid as believing in magic.”

    What an ignorant thing to say. Magic is an illusion. The hot hand is setting NFL records (not an illusion for you slow witted). Say something that at least makes sense.

    “You don’t signal to the team and to him that he is not the better player then pay him 20mm next year.”

    Umm, so you wouldn’t pay someone what they are worth, but also decide to play another player who is performing better and has a cheaper contract? Maybe you should tell TE Cam Brate that someone made a mistake, and you are here to fix it.

    “Put who ever on the field that gives us the best chance to win period. … the chicago game play Fitz, give JW 2 weeks working with the 1’s then start him week 6.”

    You contradict your own self-righteous statement. So you magically know that all of a sudden, 3 weeks from now, someone will flip a button (the “who gives us a better chance to win” button). Another Nostradamus.

    “OMG, the butt hurt Mariotta fans are in full force.”

    Actually, you’ve got it backwards. The only fans acting butthurt are the FHRITP supporters. The actual BUCS fans are simply trying to talk some sense to you. I actually can’t stand Mariotta and wanted us to trade down in that draft; but if we were going to take one of them, my choice was Winston.

    “JW has NEVER had the team we have this year!!!!”

    Well NEITHER has Fitzpatrick!!!! Wtf? Actually, the offense has not changed that darn much at all. Whatever team

  34. Wausa Says:

    Fitz has been amazing but I’m excited the Bucs are getting Jamies back

  35. Lucious Selmon Says:

    “JW has NEVER had the team we have this year!!!!”

    Well NEITHER has Fitzpatrick!!!!

    Wtf? Actually, the offense has not changed that darn much at all. Whatever team variables have changed have obviously changed for BOTH quarterbacks. So what do you even mean? You sound like a kid screaming “It’s not fair!” even though no one is to blame for the situation but Mr FHRITP. So you think it would be fair to Fitzpatrick and the team to just pull him now, so that you feel like everything is “fair” to Jameis? And what if the results aren’t the same? You don’t usually sacrifice a possible NFL win just to check and see what will happen.

    “Sure the Bucs will go with the aging Fitz and cut Winston loose.”

    Sorry, but I don’t hear anyone calling for cutting Jameis loose. That would be stupid. Straw-man argument.

    “I do that all the time…. Difference is… IM NOT JW…”

    You probably need counseling more than your crab legged hero.

    “JW deserves to replace Tom Brady as GOAT!!!”

    Cue the theme to the Twilight Zone.

    “it took Fitzpatrick 14 years to have a 2 game stretch like he’s having. You can want Winston gone for whatever reason you like, but 2 great games by Fitzpatrick doesn’t mean he’s the answer at QB.”

    No one “wants Winston gone.” another straw man argument. Sure, 2 games don’t make anyone “the answer,” but it’s sure a nice start! Unless you have an agenda.

    Someone said it yesterday–all this stupid argument is taking the fun right out of what we are experiencing. I’m so sick of it. Some oeple just cannot enjoy it because it isn’t happening with Jameis–so they would rather take the chance of ruining the whole thing JUST TO FIND OUT if it’ll keep going after FORCING a change at quarterback.

    The only thing that is worse than seeing everything through garnet and gold glasses is seeing everything through the prism of race–and sadly I think that is what is driving all of this BS. Start rooting for the TEAM, and the members of that team regardless of what their skin color is. We went over all of this 60 friggign years ago, and it is sad that so many people still let it drive everything they see and do and teach their children.

    Remember when the coaches said that last year, the plays were always there–but the players were not hitting those plays? Well, they are hitting them right now! Maybe when Jameis comes back, we still will hit them, but NOBODY KNOWS FOR SURE (except Nostradamus, and he’s dead). Nobody in their right mind changes a record-breaking team dynamic until they HAVE TO.

    So sad that we cannot just enjoy this sh!t because Jameis. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who you are, and pretending otherwise does nothing but divide people.

    PLEASE JUST STOP!!! I love all you guys.

  36. Trench War Says:

    Lucious Selmon

    thanks man, seems some of our so-called fans need a reality check and you gave it.

    I like winning, and right now Fitz is winning. If and when Jameis comes in, and he will at some point, I hope he does as well. ..did I mention I like winning?

  37. BUC IT Says:

    We just need to let it play out. Jameis screwed up and put us in this situation. So he needs to sit back and learn his lesson. If this experience has humbled him then I think it will be good for him. I definitely don’t want to give up on him. He’s 24 and was our #1 pick.. we need to see another season or two. But we can’t take Fitz out while he has the offense on fire. That would make no sense.

  38. THETRUTH Says:

    Fitz could be knocked out of bears game, JW comes I. Does the same and all Buc fans will say we need to sign him. Bandwagon supporters they change like the wind , some of you starting to remind me of Miami fans.

    Who trades a 24 yr old who all NFL People ( coaches and players not talking heads who played tennis )say he has it all to keep. 34 year old journeyman QB as your future. Haha

    Ride Fitz till flame goes out and than make the change … easy as that

  39. BucDan Says:

    The lack of winning culture is so new to this team that even the fans argue over backups and roster spots.

    Like Coach Koetter said the first week: “It doesn’t matter how it happened…”

    Let’s get off of the “what if’s” and move forward with “what is”

    “What is “ is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, last year one of the bottom half offensively ranked teams in the league, is ranked 1st in offense and 2nd in points. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 1-of-7 undefeated teams in the league and we did it with our backup quarterback AGAINST THE HARDEST STARTING SCHEDULE IN LEAGUE HISTORY (based on prior year’s record).

    No need to question any decision making by the staff as of today. All decisions have led to WINS.

    Vita and RoJo can sip tea all season. I don’t care when we are winning!!!

    This team is moving in the right direction -WINS.

    I hope to see fans fill up the stadium on Monday Night, which cannot come soon enough!!

    Go Bucs!

  40. Godeep66 Says:

    @jeffbuc: I got to give you some props. You are one of the only snowflakes that did not change your user name.

  41. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Big Ben has been accused of much worse than Jameis, yet he has no idiot “fans” demanding he be cut, traded, or jailed. Maybe if he was black……. some here can’t tell the difference between an accusation and a conviction, and automatically assume he is guilty. It is possible that Jameis has been truthful and falsely accused. Before the lawsuit, what was her motivation? The motivation now is obviously money. Damaging his reputation apparently is not enough, but $$$$$ will soothe her. We have a system that elects a president who has bragged about worse, and nominated a judge for the Supreme Court who is accused of worse, but that’s acceptable because they’re white and Republican. Jameis is loved and respected within the organization. He isn’t even accused of what Ben Roethlisberger was. He got drunk and overly friendly and never pressed the issue beyond a feel. Big deal. One single incident over two and a half years ago and “fans” want the most promising young QB in franchise history run out of town on a rail. He’s a Buc and I’m a fan. When Fitz fizzles, I want our starter back, and I’m willing to wait until after Fitz wins the SB if necessary. GO BUCS

  42. Slugglife Says:


    That post just left half of the posters here who are obsessed with race completely blistered.

    Well done.

  43. ARGH_M8E Says:

    As long as Fitz has us rollin and eating I mean getting W’s… There’s no reason to switch. Start losing, in comes JW3. Simple.

  44. Slugglife Says:

    Future. I keep hearing about “the future.” Not sure if all”the future” people know this, but we are already involved in a 2-0 start of the most brutal schedule we’ve had in years, and you’re worried about “future” seasons?

    GTFOH with that. Jobs are on the line this season, but let’s worry about the 2021 season, right? Hell, why not start preparing for the 2028 season? The losing is so ingrained in this fan base it’s sickening. Even when we win, you still act like losers.

    Future. F that. Win now. This season. At all costs. Nothing less. It ain’t about one man.

  45. Slugglife Says:

    Since we can rely on Fitz flaming out as you say, by historical reference of course, can we expect Jameis to fumble the ball into the arms of a Green Bay lineman for a touchdown and cost us the game instead of taking the sack? I mean, since we’re using historical references.

    How about forcing the ball to Evans? Fumbling at the goal line. Committing stupid personal fouls against division rival cornerbacks. Or is past performance no guarantee of future performance?

  46. Lucious Selmon Says:


    My intent wasn’t to blister anybody. My bad, because I was trying for some peace.

    Anyway, I’m freaking jonesing. Don’t know if I can make it until Mon night. I’m gonna watch baseball today, and try to pretend tomorrow is Sunday.

  47. Slugglife Says:

    Yeah, I actually despise these Monday games. I like my Sundays to be filled with beer and Bucs wins. Now I have to settle for the Fins since my Fins neighbor don’t have the ticket.

    And blistered May have been to strong a word. Roll on.

  48. tickrdr Says:

    Lucious that was luscious! Major props to you, for a well-written and beautifully worded post! ++++++++


  49. Dan Says:

    History? The history on Winston is he’s an erratic passer who loves to fumble and can’t close a game out. He’s a backup at best and honestly he has been a total bust for us in so many ways. Please move on Bucs.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    Lucious Selmon…the more words you use like crab-legged hero…..takes away your credibility to judge anything…..thrown in a few more college stuff and we have total bias. Oh that’s right meme FHRITP and all that crap….I forgot.

    Just end your posts with….I hate Jameis Winston. Then we’d get all the other stuff that was said before it.

  51. D1 Says:

    Sparkey and truth,

    The foundation for not resigning JW has been created by folks like yourself. Don’t blame anyone for finally seeing the truth . Those people who couldn’t understand the complexity of team effort for the last year or two could only lay it all on one person. JW. So just when people start listening, you go all sideways and change what you’ve been repeatedly saying is no longer true.


    Your post is amazing and insightful. It takes us on a wild ride. Twisting and turning then reversing course and jumping off the rails time and time again .
    Youre part MacGyver , mixed with the grateful dead and toxic levels of estrogen.
    It is a mix for creative construction of alternative consciousness . No lie, your post is so good I encourage people to save it and pass it along.

  52. D1 Says:


    I have to believe you’re suffering from an acute case of confirmation bias. What Luscious wrote and how you interpreted it is an indictment against you.
    Maybe take a breath and reread his posts and look for the message that is central to his thoughts. If you can’t understand it afterwards, perhaps a concession to that effect will aid in your recovery.

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    D1…anytime someone mentions crab-legged hero….I discount everything else that was said. It becomes meaningless to me.