The Value Of Explosive Plays

September 27th, 2018

Bucs coach Dirk Koetter likes to define explosive plays as completions at least 16 yards and runs of at least 12. Koetter believes no stat outside of turnovers tells more of the tale of victory… or defeat.

The good folks at NFL Matchup, produced by NFL Films, have their own definition of explosive plays. It differs slightly from Koetter but also sheds light and backs up their value.

Per NFL Films, the Bucs rank No. 2 in the NFL in explosive plays. Other top teams include the Steelers, Chiefs, Saints and Dixie Chicks. The common denominator? Those teams are winning.

NFL Films also has the bottom dwellers in explosive plays. The common thread is those teams are struggling.

Koetter’s claim about explosive plays was true last year when the Bucs didn’t have many and the team struggled.

15 Responses to “The Value Of Explosive Plays”

  1. Bird Says:

    Think they’ve had more in 3 games then all of last year.

    Fun to watch for sure !

  2. Seminole Bill Says:

    I notice that the Bears are in the bottom rung of explosive plays. Our CB’s and safeties have a chance this weekend to be the difference.

  3. Dewey Selmon Says:

    The main reason people are calling for Fitz to play. He has proven he can complete the long ball. If you put Winston in and we lose 3 in a row and deep passes to Djax are 5 yard behind/over his head/out of bounds. You going to put Fitz back in?

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Amazing what happens when your offense is more than running it up the middle on first down against 11 in the box.

  5. 813bucboi Says:

    what about explosive plays given up by the defense and how that factors in to “W’s” &”L’s”…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!…GO BUCS!!!!

  6. GhostofSchiano Says:



    Fix the “D” or better yet the shot caller on “D”

  7. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Just think before Monday night Pittsburgh probably had only 11. I wonder have we ever won a Monday night game game

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    The same plays were there and open last year. Could have been partly protection like I’ve said Jensen is a huge addition. Jameis flat out missed Jackson all last year and struggled to hit Evans in stride hence lack of YAC. A lot of those runs came after incompletions that left us in desperate situations. These are ALL the same weapons we had last year and we blamed coaching! Get the ball in their hands and they will make plays!

  9. tickrdr Says:

    “Koetter believes no stat outside of turnovers tells more of the tale of victory… or defeat.”
    ————————————————————————————–Did Did you know that in the three years since Winston was drafted (not even counting this year’s games), that there is a group of games that the lowly Bucs (of Buccaneer Cove fame) went 15-4. That’s right 15 wins vs. only 4 losses.
    No, it wasn’t when Jameis passed for more than 300 yards, because the Bucs were 4-7 in those games.
    No, it wasn’t when Jameis passed for 3 or more TDs, because the Bucs were only 4-4 in those games.
    It wasn’t even when Jameis passed for LESS than 230 yards a game, though they were 9-4 in those games!
    No, it was when they WON THE TURNOVER BATTLE!
    Five game winning streak in 2016? Yep, they won the turnover battle in every game, and the “trainwreck” defense had 14 takeaways during that five game streak.
    Oh, and when Fitzpatrick started those three games last year, the Bucs won the turnover battle EVERY game, and went 2-1 in the process.
    Everyone says that JW3 played his best ball during the last five games last season, but in those last five games the Bucs gave up 13 turnovers, with JW3 losing 5 of 7 fumbles, and he also threw 5 INTs, while the Bucs went 1-4.
    BTW, even though the Bucs won that last game vs. NO, that was the only game that the Bucs were able to win when they had three or more turnovers in a game. That’s right, the Bucs were 1-12 in games with three or more turnovers.
    So, let’s update the data to include this year. First game vs. NO, the Bucs won the TO battle, 0 – 2. In the game vs. Philly, tied at 2-2. Everyone knows the results vs Pitts, 4 TOs vs. only 1. So now, the Bucs are 1-13 W vs. L when they have 3 or more TOs in a game, despite FITZ throwing for more than 400 yards, and 3 TDs.
    For the last three years plus three games:
    Win the TO battle: 16-4
    Tie the TO battle: 2-6
    Lose the TO battle: 4-19
    More than 3 TOs: 1-13
    BTW: Fitz in six games: Won the TO battle in 4
    Tied the TO battle in 1. Lost the TO battle in 1. Record 4 Wins vs. 2 Losses.

  10. Resurrection of Fitz Says:

    @Dewey…..YES you put Fitz back in!

    Until Fitz goes south you keep him in.

    The Glazers are probably looking for playoff before having to find a new coach. Specially after seeing the possibilities in performance by this team today.

    IMO Jameis has to be able to score TDs rather than going back to field goals when you get to the red zone like last year. Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to seeing Jameis takeover when the “magic” is gone. Jameis looked sharp in preseason. But you can’t skip the playoffs because you are waiting for your 4th year QB to start hitting the deep balls consistently.

    If Jameis does not continue playing as good as he did in preseason, with the running game we have at the moment playoffs might be a pipe dream.

    This historic run is being very forgiving to our defense. I’m hoping our defense comes together before the “magic” is gone.

  11. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    2016…. No DJax… Winning record….

    We dont need to worry about DJax to win…

    We need a run game and better Defence… The least of my concerns is what JW does with DJax…

    I jist want our D to step up win JW gives us the lead in the 4th quarter LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES….

    Anyone think JW goes 3 and out on the most important drive of the season thus far????




  12. Duke Says:


    So since we have neither the run game or decent defense you’re saying Fitzpatrick is the secret weapon? If winston gave the team the lead in quarters 1-3 we wouldn’t need a comeback. Besides, keeping the lead has been a problem in the 4th qtr .

  13. BuccYa Says:


    You’re absolutely right! Because he can hit D-Jax in stride and spread the ball around to open receivers is why I want him to remain as the starter for now. I also want to see if Jameis can do the same this year. Fitz has set a bench mark of what this offense is supposed to look like and I wanna know if Jameis can reach that benchmark or not.
    But ya if you put Jameis back in and the offense struggles, bring back Fitz. Coaches need wins for jobs. All of this IMO of course.

  14. gp Says:

    Green Bay’s opening game against the Bears found them at the half 20 pts(?)
    down with a battered and bruised Aaron Rodgers in the locker room
    Aaron came out after the half, and with a bum leg, dinked and dunked the Bears in a hurry-up offense that never let the Bears D get a rest
    They got gassed and the Packers (barely) won

    The secret to this game is NOT explosive plays but to gas the defense early and never let them get a rest!

  15. gp Says:

    Preferably before ANY of our quarterbacks get injured