Stop Overreacting! It Was One Week!

September 15th, 2018
When is Le’Veon Bell going to sign? Is Aaron Rodgers going to be out awhile? Should I trade Leonard Fournette? Should I cut Derrick Henry?
In this edition of The Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast, Todd sounds exhausted. Literally one week and one game into the 2018 NFL season and the overreaction seems to be an epidemic. There is a lot of news out there and there are more names on the injury report than expected, but there is way too much panic in this disco. Also, Todd is always happy to get your questions via email at as long as you do NOT ASK HIM TO PICK YOUR STARTING LINEUP. If you’re unsure about a player and whether to keep them in your lineup or put them in your lineup, there’s a way for you to ask about that type of player without saying simply “Hey Todd, A or B? Thanks.”

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