FitzMagic An “Illusion”

September 20th, 2018

Comparing quarterbacks.

The Bucs have their quarterback and Bucs fans should stop fooling themselves.

His name is Jameis Winston.

That’s what Gene Clemons of Football Gameplan types. Joe doesn’t know Clemons but Joe does know his editor, Emory Hunt. Joe has a great deal of respect for Hunt, who works his arse off at his craft and has significant contacts in both the NFL and college football.

The last guy Hunt hired to write for his website got hired as an NFL reporter for BSPN.

Anyway, Clemons notes nothing in NFL history reveals Bucs backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has played anywhere close to how he is now and typed that for Bucs fans to think he is the long-term answer at quarterback, they are living an illusion.

So is a five or six game sample size at almost age 36 is supposed to be proof that the Buccaneers should leave their young prodigy on the bench? Really? Since when?

Even if you argued that Fitzpatrick was better right now, we have seen that meritocracy doesn’t mean much at the quarterback position. Kaepernick is out of a job, but so many horrible quarterbacks are employed. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold are both starting when their teams decided to trade away AJ McCarron and Teddy Bridgewater, the best options for success on their teams. Tyrod Taylor would have the Browns at 2-0 if it wasn’t for field goal kicking so bad, it made Bucs fans cringe. Instead they are chanting for Baker Mayfield. Eli Manning has been terrible for years and his job has never been in jeopardy until he was justifiably benched last season in favor of Geno Smith. The Giants were destroyed for their correct decision and not only went back to the 37-year old Manning, but doubled down on him in the offseason by not adding any competition at the position, and letting Geno Smith end up with the Chargers.

People always bring up the turnovers for Winston as proof that he may not be the answer, but they conveniently forget all of the positives about his game. In his first three seasons, Winston has accounted for more yards (12,149 to 11,814) than Fitzpatrick in his best three seasons. They both complete passes at just above 60% but while Fitzpatrick has more touchdowns (82 to Winston’s 77 total TDs), Winston’s 44 interceptions in his first three years is 10 shy of Fitzpatrick’s best seasons. All of this, and most are willing to admit that Winston has superior arm talent, mobility, and is almost 11 years younger.

Look, Joe makes no bones he is a Jameis kind of guy but Joe is also of the mind that you don’t fix something that’s not broken. There is nothing broken about the Bucs offense, unless you want to bang your fist on your desk about the running game, but Joe’s not going there yet.

The way the Bears are playing defense, it’s likely Fitz’s bubble bursts on the shore of Lake Michigan in less than two weeks.

Right now the Bucs need wins and Fitz is getting them. Until he stumbles, it is hard to argue Fitz should return to his place on the bench.

89 Responses to “FitzMagic An “Illusion””

  1. Ed Says:

    How about discussing points per game offenses read by Winston have produced in his career I think you’re find his good yardage numbers don’t relate to high scoring offenses

  2. miken Says:

    Fitzmagic is an illusion or not? I’m not really sure. He’s just a back up and he will probably revert back to it But it’s nice to see a qb with all the weapons be able to make smart decisions, not turn it over and put the ball where the reciever can catch it in stride to run after the catch. I was sick of seeing #13 have to stop, box out the defender or dive just to make a catch and djax being wide open and the ball wasn’t close last year. He’s a great back up and reliable and most likely that’s it, but maybe he’ll spend a season or 2 being kurt warner?

  3. Walter Seidel Says:

    Game 4 starter? FITZ!!!! …and game 5, and 6….

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    Lets just enjoy the ride. There is no controversy so long as the Bucs are winning.
    As a side-note: ANYONE can be replaced. That goes for Fitz, Winston, Koetter, Licht, Smitty, DJax, Evans……

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, you have such a way with words. This whole piece is paramount to saying ‘I’m a Jameis guy but stick with Fitz until Chicago eats him alive and bursts the FitzMagic bubble”. Commendable … NEVER SAY DIE. Ride that Jameis horse all the way to Uberville. I do like your LAST 2 sentences though: “Right now the Bucs need wins and Fitz is getting them. Until he stumbles, it is hard to argue Fitz should return to his place on the bench.”

  6. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Jameis has been nothing but mediocre. Fitz isn’t the long term answer but how can one argue Jameis is? He isn’t reliable. He’s had one winning season, his interception count grows every year, his fumble count exploded last year, cannot hit the deep throw and he has the maturity level of a pubescent adolescent. Fitz is 4-1 as a starter with the Bucs and has earned it. Jameis broke a bunch of Buc records which really isn’t a high bar to reach.

  7. Walter Seidel Says:

    [This thread has absolutely nothing to do with that. — Joe]

  8. Walter Seidel Says:

    What is NOT an illusion is Winston’s character.

  9. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Enjoying the ride, enjoying the ride. Fitzmagic as long as it lasts

  10. VaTom Says:

    What Miken says. The biggest difference to the eyeball test is THIS version of Fitz puts the ball on the RIGHT receiver and in the RIGHT spot. 2 yrs of watching Jameis throw to Mike Evans and OJ and Brate and they had to stop to make the catch in two or three man coverage. Now, maybe it’s Monkens play calling or maybe its a better O Line. But I’ve never seen Jameis play anywhere close to what Fitz is doing. So the team needs to give Fitz some room to play. Yeah Jameis or someone else is the future and I don’t want to see Fitz signed for starter money. But damn I hope he can hold it together for the season.

  11. Trench War Says:

    So if Fitz is just a backup and keeps the starting gig when Jameis gets back then wouldn’t that make Jameis a backups backup?

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    Ride Fitz until the wheels fall off.

    I know…. I said that 2 days go and yesterday too.

  13. Stravenite Says:

    The negativity born out of Fitz taking the bucs to 2-0 is unbelievable, instead of internally embracing the team we are generating controversy about a immature quarterback who is always in the news for the wrong reasons, to the detriment of the team.
    Jameis has decided by his actions to place himself in this position and can blame no-one else, if he wasn’t from FSU then would he be getting the support he does not deserve ?.

    Don’t care who wins games for the bucs, just keep it happening.

    Bucs fan from Scotland !.

  14. BucFamous Says:

    This isn’t rocket science. Based on his past resume and advanced age there doesn’t seem to be any way Fitz can keep this pace for a long stretch of time. Let him start till the quality of his play drops and then put in Jameis who has shown amazing potential.

    Boom. Done. No more articles needed….

  15. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Chicago is more than doable. They are likely to over pursue which is typically exploited with screens draws and misdirections. Totally doable, hopefully Joes hero DS76 can keep his sh!t together and move his feet.

  16. Casual Observer Says:

    Illusion? Keep the illusion going.

  17. Buc1987 Says:

    Feed the trolls some more Joe.

  18. Wausa Says:

    If 25 year old Tom Brady was returning next week and Fitz continued to be on pace to throw 64 TD’s, 6,552 yards and have the highest QB rating in the NFL I would play Fitz over Brady until he cooled off.

    I know the media exaggerates things to the extreme and loves to harp on negativity. However, the reality is Jamies is the long term QB for the Bucs, but Fitz is playing better than any QB in NFL history through the first two games of a season.
    I look at this as a positive, but almost all media and some fans look at the QB situation as a negative because they want to get rid of Jamies.

    To me it looks like the Bucs have the best QB situation in the NFL.

  19. BuccYa Says:

    In 2 games Fitz has done what Jameis was expected to do all last year. I don’t know what’s wrong with Jameis but he better figure that out very soon.

  20. JabooBuc Says:

    Joe, there is no doubt as to who is the more talented QB. Fitz knows the answer to that question. The point is who is better trusted with this offense and this team.

    As we can all see, there is a ton of talent on that side of the ball which means on any given play we should have mismatches. Fitz is a very smart guy that has now been in this offense for a couple of years. He knows where the ball should go and can get it there.

    What i am seeing now is a team that seems very much behind their QB and a coaching staff that does not need to deal with drama. If JW could grow up quickly and keep it in his pants, then you have a very talented option at QB who is only 24. Unfortunately, he’s missed 4 games in two years for basically being an idiot. His past makes him very difficult to trust.

  21. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s kinda like at Alabama with Jalen hurts and tua
    The wideouts there aren’t allowed to say anything though.
    But if they could they would sound a lot like Jackson.
    I go back to Djack being pedestrian last year.
    Why was he pedestrian?

  22. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Fitz is capitalizing on his deep ball opportunities. IT helps to be accurate in the 30 to 40 yard range when passes are well thrown and good receivers can extend plays.Author fails to point out that part of Jameis’s game has been inconsistent in this area. He still needs to learn to put a little air underneath his passes to lead his Receivers. Jameis works hard at getting in shape,but IMO he needs a top flight private
    QB coach to iron out some of the kinks in his game.

  23. Godeep66 Says:

    So your research before posting from writers who are in fact an “illusion”. The guy does not exist that is unless he is a high school assistant football coach/writer. Positive articles on JW must be hard to find these days, LOL.

  24. Godeep66 Says:

    Do you research

  25. Godeep66 Says:

    JBoo who? Fitz over Ditz all day long.

  26. tbbucs3 Says:

    This topic is being beat to death. Its simple, you go with the better quarterback and the guy who gives you the best chance to win. Right now, thats Fitzpatrick. Will that change? Who knows. But for right now, Ryan Fitzpatrick is our guy and that should be the focus. Now were 2-0, can we talk more about that?

  27. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Fitzpatrick has been known to say that he has an average at best arm strength. Maybe his previous poor games have something to do with his lack of Superior arm strength and playing in some brutal weather environments. Fitz has played in Cincinnati, Buffalo and New York where weather conditions in the later months can be an issue for those without great arm talent. Maybe bring in warm Tampa will help keep the magic going this season?

    I think the biggest lesson learned through two games is that it offense is talented enough to score points without a franchise quarterback, think the Mark Bulger Rams, sorry but Mark Bulger was not a franchise quarterback, or the Randall Cunningham/Dante Culpeper Vikings. Those teams hung points on everyone and their quarterbacks were average or had one magical year. Sound like our current Bucs.

  28. NJBucsFan Says:

    This has gone from being informative opinions on the situation to an outright agenda. It’s getting old. This is why the fan base continues to be split. Just enjoy the moment and put agendas aside for a few weeks and I guarantee you the quality of life of Bucs fans will go up and there will be some unity.

  29. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Right on the money, Joe.
    It wouldn’t be right for Fitz, Jameis or locker room to make a change while team is winning, unless it was because of dominating defense, despite a sputtering offense, which is Not the case.

  30. tbbucs3 Says:

    I dont think the Joes no how to handle the Bucs winning yet. Were 2 and 0 and all I can see is TMZ articles about Jameis. Last time I checked, Jameis as nothing to do with the Bucs being 2-0.

  31. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL…at least we are arguing over a good Bucs team

  32. passthebuc Says:


  33. Lunchbox Says:

    @Walter Seidel Even though Joe censored your comment, I have a feeling I know what it was, because I was thinking the exact same thing.

  34. Jim Says:

    No one is saying Fitz is the future, so give it a rest. But Fitz can be the bridge to the future QB, the bridge over Winston.

  35. NPR SageBoy Says:

    If FitzMagic is an illusion, Jameis is a delusion.

  36. Rick Says:

    It’s not a secret that Winston is younger, better arm strength. He’s superior to fitz in most ways. The difference is poise, decision making, and team chemistry. The offense is rallying around fitz to produce numbers never produced by Winston.

  37. Ryan McGregor Says:

    I’ll be wearing a fake beard and a big ole’ gold chain to MNF (good thing Halloween is around the corner and all the Halloween stores are open now). I encourage other Bucs fans to do the same. Also, can we get a few chants going? How about “3-AND-0, 3-AND-0, 3-AND-0, 3-AND-0!!!!!” as we walk up the ramps prior to 8:30

    LETS GO BUCS!!!!

  38. Fartman Says:

    Tough spot for some of you…. Having to hope your team fails, so Jameis can play. I couldn’t do that. I don’t think the Magic is going to wear off this year… and I don’t think Jameis can throw the deep ball like Fitz… so no, I don’t think the offense would be as good with him in the game. on another note.. I have to think the run game will get going soon. There is no way to keep a safety in the box on this team… because Fitz can get it down field.

  39. WillieG Says:

    The Bucs are 0-2 if JW was starting. He is good for slow starts because he gets too excited and therefore overthrows receivers on the first couple of drives. Once the defense gives up a couple of TDs, he racks up lots of yardage because the Bucs have no choice but to throw. He is also good for at least one gifted TD to the opponent every two games, sometimes more.

    I say trade him. Get a 1st round pick for him. Bring in a smart, disciplined rookie that can learn from Fitz and not bring shame to his community. Who in the hell wants to cheer for a sex offender? I damn sure don’t. (I was a vocal JW defender because I researched his “issues” at FSU. Not anymore.)

  40. TBTemojin Says:


    2013 and 2014, Bucs Offensive points per game 18.0 and 17.3.
    2015 in comes Jameis Winston Points per game jumps to 21.4.
    2016 and 2017 with Jameis points per game 22.1 and 20.9

    Last time Fitz was a starter 2016(17.2) and 2015(24.2) Jets. Pretty much the same numbers. Both are pretty much middle of the pack numbers. Point is I don’t think Jameis or Fitz are the reason their teams lose. I think the reason we are seeing wins materialize now is because this franchise finally stopped trying to build the team from the backend. Everything starts in the trenches and we finally have a good O line and a talented D line. Both have lots of room for improvement. Hopefully Fitzmagic continues, as long as the Bucs are winning I don’t care if they have Marty St ‘Louis playing QB. Just WIN Baby GO BUCS!!!

  41. YoungBucs Says:

    You know what is not an illusion? Fitz is 2-0 and has reality Winston ever accomplished that? How about a pass with touch for 75 yards twice in 2 games? Ever seen 800+ yards in 2 games out of Winston? How about reading a defense? I haven’t seen much of that out of Winston by the way also Fitz never got suspended for putting his hands on women inappropriately. Fitz is not an illusion he’s a backup with experience from many years of failure who is putting it together RIGHT NOW!!! If and when Winston returns he better do the same.

  42. Robert Says:

    being a Fitz supporter now is like seeing your ex with with a perfect 10 under each arm!

    suck it bi*ches

  43. gotbbucs Says:

    Wins…..I care about wins.

    I dont even care about Fitzpatrick’s 800 yards and 9 TD’s. I care about 79% completion percentage, 1 Int that was a tipped ball by OJ, and 2-0 versus last years NFC South Champ and the Super Bowl Champs.

  44. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe that the Bucs will blow out the troubled Steelers on Monday night.

    In the 4th quarter, Fitz will suffer a mysterious injury and come limping to the sideline.

    Ryan Griffin will mop up.

    Jameis will start against the Bears and the team rallies around him. 4-0.

    The Bucs (18-1) go on to win the Super Bowl.

    Moncken is universally proclaimed a genius and gets a head coaching gig somewhere and takes Fitz with him. Fitz gets a $100 million contract.

    Fitz has his 8th kid, names him Jameis.

    Jameis gets his contract torn up and receives a $150 million 5 year deal.

    Every one lives happily ever after especially Ryan Griffin.

  45. DailyRich Says:

    I think Koetter has his toughest coaching job this week. Not only a Monday night game, but this team tends to go in the tank once it tastes a little success and starts believing its own hype. He needs to keep their heads screwed on straight.

  46. Robert Says:

    agreed with you miguel right up until the team rallies behind JW part.

    I think JW comes back and wins a couple and loses a couple ultimately losing his $hit and the locker room in the process because of the bar set by fitz.

    they still make the playoffs though as fitz comes back and goes for a ron in the playoffs

    from there the drama really starts on winston

    I hope better for him, but you gotta go with histroy

  47. Greg Says:

    I love how the guy just talks as if the off field stuff never happened. As if the only thing we’re comparing his statistics. There’s also the fact that he lied to the organization gropes defenseless women and can’t be trusted to act like a human being. There’s also the fact that he’s completely inaccurate when throwing down the field. Winston is the kind of quarterback that gets coaches fired because fans Think he can walk on water yet he creates just enough turnovers to lose games. Turnovers matter a lot more than yards per game. Any coach would tell you that. Once again I am not necessarily saying Fitz Patrick is our future. I’m just saying there’s a lot of quarterbacks they can succeed with these weapons. We don’t need to trap ourselves with a guy who has the maturity of a 14-year-old

  48. Rob Says:

    For F’s Sake. Jameis really isn’t that good. He’s a turnover machine, and bad decision maker of epic proportions. Besides that, he’s a PR nightmare. But sure, keep posting stories how Fitz is irrelevant, and going to suck eventually. The future is Winston? The future isn’t any more Winston’s than it was Freeman’s.

  49. BuccoDav Says:

    The articles seem to be getting repeatedly redundant…

  50. Dooshlarue Says:

    Jameis acting like nothing happened?

    No, no, no.
    I believe Silly Joe might say that he’s a professional and knows how to deal with all those “hassles”.

    He’s certainly had enough practice.

  51. Miguel Grande Says:

    I just don’t see a problem with a hetero sexual QB leading our team.

    When I was 22 years old I made many passes at females, some complete, some incomplete. Some were interceptions.

    The problem I see, is our PC litigious society today.

    Come on man!!!

  52. Dapostman Says:

    Comparing 2018 Fitz to 2015-2017 Winston is laughable. Apples to oranges.

    Comparing 2017 Fitz to 2017 Winston? Edge Winston.

    Comparing 2018 preseason Fitz to 2018 preseason Winston? Edge Winston.

    Comparing 2018 Fitz to 2018 Winston? TBD.

    Fitz is playing great right now and deserves to start right now. Winston is going to get his shot sooner or later and the peanut gallery will be silenced. Enjoy the ride with Fitz as I am but Winston is the better QB.

    #Get After It!

  53. miken Says:

    @dapostman… not sure 2017 fitz didn’t out play 2017 jw. Jw’s best stretch was the last 4 games where he turned the ball over 8 times. Good qb’s don’t average 2 turnovers a game. Remember that elite saints game finale in 2017by JW everyone is so excited about? 3 picks but the defense held. I guess if you want to say JW was great in 2018 preseason, he was but then so was ryan griffin. We will see. And if you want to say JW is better than Fitz, I’d say ok,but Fitz is just a back up

  54. Robert Says:

    Fits outplayed Winston in preseason as well

  55. Greg Says:

    Miguel, there is a big difference between making a pass at a girl and what these girls are claiming. The first girl thinks she was potentially drugged taking back to an apartment and raped. The second girl was an Uber driver trying to do her job and was grabbed between the legs by a total stranger. If you don’t know the difference between sexual harassment and making a pass at a girl on a date then maybe you need some counseling. If you want to be completely ignorant I suggest you keep it to yourself

  56. Tc Says:

    Hippocrates, unfortunately there are tons of men in society that make much worse advances on women that we don’t even know about. Get real!

  57. BrianBucs Says:

    I really don’t think that the Bucs QB of the future is on their roster right now. However, for now it’s Fitz. Gotta think about the present, and right now Fitz is playing out of his mind. Winston’s new best friend should be the clipboard for this season, then the Bucs will have to decide what to do with him

  58. BucEmUp Says:

    Fitz stays

  59. Tc Says:

    Fitz until he fizzles.

  60. miken Says:

    @tc… love that! Capece till Caput and Fitz until Fizzle

  61. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Honestly, anything can happen during this game or before next week. Jameis could have more time added to his suspension because of the lawsuit (which would not be fair but Goodell doesn’t care about ‘fair’). Fitz could get injured in game 3 and Griffin could step in and dominate.

    Fitz could throw 6 picks in this game against the Steelers and everyone would jump off his bandwagon.

    All I know is this:

    • Steelers have beat the Bucs 8 out of 10 times they played.
    • Bucs are placing Tony Dungy in the Ring of Honor this game.
    • Bucs tend to lose Ring of Honor games.
    • Lately, Bucs lose more prime time games than they win

    Too many things are pointing at a loss in this game. This doesn’t make me a hater. Unless the Bucs go undefeated (unlikely), they have to lose a couple games. The Steelers and the Pats are the two teams they have the hardest time beating.

  62. Rob Says:

    Two words. Rich Gannon. Fitz is a late bloomer and has weapons like he’s never had in his career. With Koetter in job saving mode, it will be hard to go back to Jameis unless the wheels fall off.

  63. orlbucfan Says:

    ^^^^BBonzai.^^^^ Bucs are usually snake bit/Buc Luck bit on MNF. Hope it changes Monday, and they win this one for Tony Dungy.

  64. Owlykat Says:

    Clemons made the bad mistake of ignoring the two major stats in favoring Jameis over Fitz. If he had compared Fitz’s success in the Red Zone to Jameis’ ineptitude there, or Fitz’s accuracy in long passes in hitting VJax to Jameis’ lack of accuracy in hitting VJax on long passes last year and wasting VJax’s usefulness to our team, he would have come to a real different result. I would rather watch Fitz carry us to Superbowls over the next five years than watch Jameis starting slow, overthrowing because of over adrenalin, getting behind, getting desperate then taking too many chances trying to catch up, and throwing interceptions, resulting in losses.

  65. Sunday_44 Says:

    All the stats of Ring of Honor and Prime time etc can go right out the window with this team.

    It’s like talking about the Bucs not being able to win cold weather games, until they did it.

    Having already beat Philly, and only losing to the Patriots last year because of 4 missed field goals, this Buc’s team is way beyond not beating “Good” teams.

    I would be more concerned with Pitt keeping this team below 50 than the Bucs losing!!!

  66. RODNEY J ALLEN Says:

    U do realize JWs one winning season was also the last time the oline was good at pass protection till know

  67. Jmarkbuc Says:

    When do we talk about the Steelers game, or our lineup? Or Hell, even Vita Vea..if he’s still on the team.

    We did this story yesterday, and the day before…



  68. TOM Says:

    We all know Fitz is not the Bucs QB of the future, but lets just sit back & enjoy the run. For all we know, we don’t know if Winston is the Bucs long time QB.

  69. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Fitz has the best OL the Bucs have had in the last 15 years. He also has the best receiving corps in the history of the franchise. Jameis played with starters and third string OL and receivers in the preseason and still outperformed Fitz. Jameis is the franchise and will replace Fitz at some point in time. I hope he wins 19 games as our backup, but he is not the future or even the bridge to the future. Jameis is. GO BUCS

  70. Walter Seidel Says:

    Hippocrates?? Is that Socrates brother??

  71. T REX Says:

    God Winston fans are so sensitive. Please go away, all of you.

    Bucs first. Wins first. Gropers, to the bench!

    The butthurt is hilarious. America’s Groper! Benched. LOL.

  72. JimmyT Says:

    Hey BUCYYA, Jameis was injured last year in Game 2 vs Vikings! When he was healthy the last 5 games his stats were off the charts. Also FITZ didn’t light it up last year. I agree ride the hot hand for now. This OLINE is head and shoulders better than last year. I mean a new center and Marpet back at guard. Any Qb would do well if they had a clean pocket and these weapons so as long as the O line stays healthy this offense will dominate

  73. ATrain Says:

    WHY do I keep hearing Winston’s Stats were Great

    Who Cares except maybe Fantasy Players

    RHeem got one thing right “Stats are for losers”

    You know when you talk stats after you lose

    Winston can throw for 5000 yards but can’t win a game

    Fitz is winning with the same offense Winston had last year except a center change ALL THE SAME RECEIVERS

  74. Guzzie Says:

    This is setting up well for Winston to take off, hear me out, Godwin, OJ, n Djax were new to the offense last year, look at how great the timing has been since camp with all 3 QBs getting comfortable with them, Fitz will start at Chicago, that defense is tough, he will falter, therefore JW gets a week of practice plus a bye week (if he doesn’t get back in after halftime) to get acclimated, after Fitz loses his Fitzmagic from Chicago, it’s going to be a media firestorm who should start, JW will get his shot versus a beat up Atlanta defense, and he’s going to light them up, and away we go

  75. Guzzie Says:

    Fitz beats Chicago all bets are off, Winston stays on the bench till injury or Fitz has 2 poor games, not average games, I’m talking ints and sub 200 yard type games

  76. Bucsfanman Says:

    ATrain- Those are “alternate facts” for those with an agenda.
    This is how the offense was supposed to look like last year. There are two undeniable differences: Jensen and Fitz. Now, I’ll concede the play-calling appears better, but there’s no denying that the offense looks different right now with a different QB under center.
    Everybody KNOWS that even HOF’ers are going to have bad games. Why are we waiting like masochists for the sky to fall for Fitz?! Just because we want to see Jameis?! It’s kind of sickening!
    We’re winning! Let the “Beard” be the “Beard”! There is no controversy!

  77. Guzzie Says:

    Lose to Pittsburgh in a shootout and beat Chicago Fitz stays in, lose both JW is back in with 2 weeks to practice, beat Pitt lose to Chicago its a coin flip

  78. Guzzie Says:

    Bucsfanman….you saw how different this offense looked through preseason and the 2 weeks, it’s the QBs getting comfortable with OJ, Djax, n CGod, Winston played better than anyone in the NFL with backups the whole time, who’s to say JW wouldn’t have destroyed the league the first 2 games, Fitz is just lucky JW was suspended, Fitz is not a great QB, Winston could be, Fitz played great, it’s not sustainable

  79. Godeep66 Says:

    This is FAKE NEWS fools.

  80. Bucsfanman Says:

    Guzzie- Historical data supports the argument that this tear cannot be sustained by Fitz. This data will also show the same for Winston.
    I don’t think anyone, at least not me, is saying Jameis could not have the same success. They are different QBs, one has experience on his side, the other has better physical tools. I think Jameis looked improved in preseason and it is what we hope for.
    I sincerely hope that when Jameis comes back, he enjoys the same success.
    Until then Guzzie, my friend, I’m going to enjoy the ride!

  81. Owlykat Says:

    Just compare Fitz’s red zone production to Jameis’ last year; then compare Fitz’s accuracy to VJax to Jameis’ inaccurate long throws to VJax; then notice how many times Jameis’ adrenalin caused him to overthrow receivers at the start of games, to Fitz’s calm quick starts this year, then compare the number of turnovers percentage per game to each of them. Jameis would get behind and start taking big chances in his throws resulting in interceptions; compare that to Fitz’s calm demeanor and confidence when he plays from behind and wins. Then compare the win rate between the two. Jameis is not the superior QB. Everyone thinks Fitz at 36 has no future production. People thought Peyton had no future left and traded him and promoted their Young QB of the decade. How did that work out for Indianapolis? Fitz could play this good for five more years and win Super Bowls for the Bucs like the ageless QB for the Patriots. Stick with Fitz no matter what the pundits think. They only thought the Bucs would win 3 games all this year! Put the best players on the Field each game—That means start Fitz until he is not our best QB and don’t let him go to some other team until he retires for good!

  82. tickrdr Says:


    I agree with your basic premise, but you may want to use DJax and not VJax.
    I have posted on multiple occasions that Jameis is a better “pitcher” than a “quarterback”. What I mean by that is that Jameis is great throwing “fastballs” to a spot, so that curls and comebacks are great routes for him, however he seems relatively poor at throwing to a moving target, especially one moving directly away from him, such as fly or go routes, or a wheel route by an RB. To me, the ability to hit a stationary target is best for a pitcher, however to hit a moving target is best served by a quarterback. Again these are relative differences, because even a blind squirrel finds a nut, so please don’t tell me about the pass to Godwin last year. I believe that Fitz is much better at hitting MOVING targets than Jameis.

    For example:
    ME13 2017: 136 targets 71 receptions for 52.2% catch percentage and 5 TDs.
    2018: 19 targets 17 receptions for 89.5% catch percentage and 2 TDs.
    1001 yards in 2017, but already 230 yards in 2018, with improved YAC.

    DJax 2017: 90 targets 50 receptions for 55.6% catch percentage and 3 TDs.
    2018: 9 targets 9 receptions for 100% catch percentage and 2 TDs.
    668 yards in 2017, but already 275 yards in 2018, with improved YAC.
    BTW, 2 of his 3 TDs in 2017 were………………… Fitz to DJax. Go figure?


  83. Bucsfanman Says:

    tickrdr- Interesting analogy. Definitely piqued my interest!

  84. Tc Says:

    Hey people it is never how you start, it is how you finish – example eagles!

  85. T REX Says:

    For example:
    ME13 2017: 136 targets 71 receptions for 52.2% catch percentage and 5 TDs.
    2018: 19 targets 17 receptions for 89.5% catch percentage and 2 TDs.
    1001 yards in 2017, but already 230 yards in 2018, with improved YAC.

    DJax 2017: 90 targets 50 receptions for 55.6% catch percentage and 3 TDs.
    2018: 9 targets 9 receptions for 100% catch percentage and 2 TDs.
    668 yards in 2017, but already 275 yards in 2018, with improved YAC.
    BTW, 2 of his 3 TDs in 2017 were………………… Fitz to DJax. Go figure?

    BOOM! That says it all JW nutswingers!

  86. Buc68 Says:

    It’s crazy how Jameis haters ignore facts. Someone above just referenced Jameis having OJ for the last two years and doing nothing with him. This is OJs second season so the math don’t work. Another implies that he drugged the girl in college and fails to mention that same girl was blood tested and was not drugged.. T Rex continues to post stupid stuff completely ignoring that this 17 Offense didn’t perform for Fitz or Winston primarily due to the difference in the OL play which is night and day. We are also actually running the football well in the first half of games. Also they ignore we are actually doing damage with playaction pass on first down from under center.. Thank god for Monken I couldn’t handle anymore 2nd 11 from Dirks first down run call. To that point in preseason Winston was clearly better than Fitz with Monken calling plays..

  87. T REX Says:

    @ 68 – you do know that Fitz changed 8-9 Monken plays at the line, right? That 75 yarder to DJAX was one of them.

    Do you think JW can make those deep balls? No he can’t. He can barely read let alone a defense.

    And the lockerroom? It’s all Fitz. That lockerroom is 100% behind the non-groping non-suspending non-eating W’s QB.

  88. Bucsace Says:

    The question is…..CAN FITZ EAT W’S!!!!!

  89. tickrdr Says:


    DJax was here last year and this year.
    JW3 to DJax = 1 TD
    Fitz to DJax = 2 TDs in 2017
    Fitz to DJax = 2 TDs in 2018 already and leads the league in passing yards.
    Nobody had much YAC last year because they needed to make tough catches on balls not thrown in stride. JW3 has had “Rashad Greene syndrome”, and locks onto his primary read, and oftentimes just lets it fly right into double or triple coverage.