Drew Brees Talks Bucs Linebackers, Gerald McCoy

September 7th, 2018

While the Vegas oddsmakers and pundits around the country are laughing at the Bucs’ chances Sunday against the Saints — Boomer Esiason of CBS thinks New Orleans will be in the Super Bowl — the opposite vibe coming from where the Bucs are known more thoroughly.

Joe’s talking about the mouth and mind of Drew Brees.

Enjoy the Nola.com video of Brees below. His seriousness is intriguing as he talks about the greatness of the Bucs linebackers and Gerald McCoy.

As Joe has studied what’s been going on throughout New Orleans this week, it’s clear the Bucs primarily are viewed as the team that stormed back with 18 fourth-quarter points on New Year’s Eve to beat New Orleans 31-24 — when the Saints believed they desperately needed the win to clinch the NFC South crown.

24 Responses to “Drew Brees Talks Bucs Linebackers, Gerald McCoy”

  1. Reality-is-a-Beotch Says:

    Of course, All QBs love them some buc defenders especially the backup QBs…. no bigger charity to opposing offensive units than a bucs defense led by captain blowout tinker bell 93 and his mentally weak companions…

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    Uh-oh! I’m guessing Drew’s never spoken with some of the posters here regarding THEIR professional, thought out, peer-driven opinions of McCoy.
    Clearly Drew has never seen, nor played against Gerald in his 17 year career. How can we possibly take him seriously?!

  3. LakeLand Says:

    A team that has excellent coaching and run great schemes can beat any team in the NFL. The players are a major part of a team success, but the coaching staff are the biggest part.

  4. louis Says:

    Brees is a smart player, he doesn’t put locker room ammo into play. By praising his opponents he doesnt give ammo for uplifting a competitor. This should be a telling game for us, and set the tone for the season

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “His (Drew Brees) seriousness is intriguing as he talks about the greatness of the Bucs linebackers and Gerald McCoy.” Great line Joe, and anyone who listens to that interview should get a sense that Drew Brees is being very genuine when he says good things about the Bucs’ defense & about GMC in particular.

    OR … Instead of putting any stock in what some off-the-wall QB like Drew Brees say, we could all line up behind commenters like BucEmUp, 813bucboi, Lakeland and some guy who thinks that Reality’s a Bitch or something. Commenters like that obviously know sooo much more than All-Pro QBs like Brees, and certainly more than experienced coaches. (Just to be clear BucEmUp … I just turned the sarcasm font off).

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    I love Drew Brees, yet I hate him for being so good. The guy is pure class and I wish we had him on our team. I still like our chances Sunday and Drew never takes opponents lightly. This will probably be the toughest team the Bucs play all year. Bree’s is the best QB in the NFL by far. Please retire already 😂

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    LakeLand….HOLY crap we agree….

  8. martinii Says:

    Defense Rules:

    Thank you
    I seldom post on this site because the joe’s have awarded me terminal censorship. That being said I read a few posters on a daily basis and you are one. You have excellent insights and I can tell you are a true fan. I agree when a QB the calibre of Drew Brees states that players from the Buc’s defense can be a source of concern he is serious. I think with some of the new additions we made in the offseason we are going to sneak up on a lot of our competition. Again keep punching for the non-haters.

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    NFC Championship game

    Lions vs Bucs

  10. LakeLand Says:


    The NFL is all about coaching, putting players in position to succeed.

  11. 813bucboi Says:


    when you have ever hear brees not being genuine?……that’s who he is….a genuine guy……

    but smitty nut huggers like yourself take things and run with them…..when have you ever heard brees trash talking about another team right before gameday to the media?…..

    when have you heard a QB 2days before playing their opponent say,” I aint worried about them because they suck, next question”……

    its called being a professional dumb ass!!!!!!……

    you think he was saying all those things in team meetings and on the practice field…..hell nawl!!!!!!…….brees is telling his team mates, “no way we lose to the bucs, we have better players and better coaching”……

    brees aint telling us nothing knew…we know we have great LB’s and GMC is a good player…..

    we also know just like brees that smitty and HIS defense was #32…..PUT SOME STOCK IN THAT!!!!!!


  12. 813bucboi Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    September 7th, 2018 at 11:39 am
    The NFL is all about coaching, putting players in position to succeed.


    scheme, game planning, adjustments, identity…..that’s all apart of coaching…..

    but if you ask defense rules, bonzai and rhealist, its all about excuses!!!!!……for every failure this staff makes, those clowns make 5 excuses!!!!!!


  13. Wausa Says:

    Brees is without question one of the best QB’s that has ever played.
    Regardless, the Bucs have a great shot at beating them on Sunday.

  14. Zwak Says:

    Just once I’d like to hear a QB say man this week we are going to have a blast, this team we are playing really sucks!

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hope Smitty calls a lot of press man coverage. If they can check their receivers hard at the line, it may be enough to disrupt the Saint’s timing and give the pass rush the extra 1/2 second to get Brees down. This is what I would do.

  16. BUCLUV55 Says:

    Oh look, Reality-is-an-idiot figured out how to spell his own name. What happened to Reolity?

  17. Wausa Says:

    I agree BigMacAttack.
    Brees is way too accurate to play soft off coverage.

    Even though Jamies is a much better QB than Fitz I think the Bucs will still score 24 to 31 points.
    If the Bucs play a lot of press and JPP and McCoy can get consistent pressure on Brees I am confident the Bucs will win.

    The question is can JPP and McCoy get consistent pressure?

  18. Billy_43 Says:

    There is NO WAY you can put coaching and schemes ahead of player talent in deciding football games.

    I’m not diminishing a great coach in any capacity, but there is no coach on the planet that could have made Cleveland a good team last year.

    Our issue at Tampa has not been anywhere near the ballpark of being because of simply bad coaching.

    Tampa has lacked overall talent on both sides of the ball and that has changed in a hurry.

    The Rams will score 35+ a game because of pure Talent.
    Sean McVay will simply help them score 40+

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    Sack Brees a couple of times to rattle him then pick him off. Go Bucs!

  20. Brad Isherwood Says:

    Winning D finds way to get turn overs.
    The Bucs Superbowl Team was All That!

    Players have to know*.. they Control the area/player they face.
    You just Own them……And Enjoy the Pirate plunder.

    Bucs have the Ability to stomp Saints – 10/14 on Fumble and Pic 6.

    Ya…it’s been too damn long…
    We are due the Party time as D just rips the ball from them

    Falcons loose,
    God’s are giving already.

  21. 813bucboi Says:


    its all about coaching…..look at brady….6th round pick is now the GOAT….if he didn’t have a great coach, he may not even be in the league…..

    look at L.Blount…..UDFA, run outta tampa but once he got some good coaching he was successful…..

    look at mark barron…..very talented….but his talent wasn’t maximized until he got better coaching and played in a scheme that fit his skill set……

    last night was another perfect example of coaching and scheme….look at nick foles and nelson agolor…..foles almost quit football until he started receiving better coaching and played within a scheme that suites his skill set….nelson was considered a 1st round bust until coaches put him in position to be successful…..

    the entire rams team made the playoffs because of better coaching and mcvays scheme……

    an example of your theory is GMC……great player but will never win anything because of poor coaching and a lousy scheme…..

    in the NFL its all about coaching…..theres a lot of parity in the NFL….coaching is what separates the winners from the excuse makers…..


  22. GhostofSchiano Says:

    I hope they ask these questions again right after JPP gets a clear shot at him….and he will since the reality of the situation is Gerald “ALL PRO” McCoy will be doubled and even triple teamed allowing JPP a clear path to Brees. Double up on the Nyquil Boilmaker, your going to need it.

  23. stpetebucsfan Says:


    L. Blount would have been a first round draft pick not a UDFA if he hadn’t SUCKER PUNCHED a guy on the sidelines…caught clearly on video and definitely seen by many as it went viral.

    Belicheat didn’t start Brady until he was forced to start him…if Belicheat is a genius…and he is a great coach…why did he mess up like the rest of the league and let Brady go until the sixth round. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good and Belicheat was definitely lucky to even have Brady.

    The Rams were an up and coming team when Sean got there because they’ve had some excellent drafts and the best defensive player in the league in Donald.

    I totally agree with Billy 43…There are many great coaches but only a very few who have done it every year. So IMHO Don Shula is not just the all time winningest coach he’s the greatest coach. If Belicheat wins with another QB or perhaps another team then he can join the conversation.

    So as great as Shula was he did have two losing seasons out of his 33 years.
    What happened those two years? Perhaps the players?

    Koetter will not complete a pass..Moncken will not run for a first down and Smitty will not make a single tackle.

    Is it better to have a really good coach instead of a bad one..absolutely…but players play and coaches coach and only the players can score a TD or stop one.

  24. Dapostman Says:

    The more better players you have the easier it is to coach. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Take the 2005 playoff game with the Redskins. Gruden schemes a perfect play for Edell Shepherd to score a TD from Chris Simms but wait for it………………Shepherd dropped the TD. If you don’t have the horses you can’t pull the wagon.

    #Get After It!