Buccaneers Did Not Vote For Captains

September 14th, 2018

“We’ll wait for you, big fella.”

Dirk Koetter changed course on his team-captains policy/mindset at some point this summer and feel free to speculate why.

This evening, Koetter offered insight.

Asked about captains by a fan, Koetter finally shed some light on a subject that appeared to give him agita when media inquired about it last week.

“At some point in the year we’re going to have the players vote on permanent captains,” Koetter told the Buccaneers Radio Network. “We’re just doing something a little bit different this year.”

Koetter explained that captains will change weekly, including this week, because he wants multiple players to experience being a captain and to earn that honor.

“I think we have a much deeper group of leaders this season,” Koetter said.

Joe has to call it straight. Joe believes Koetter delayed the captain vote by players to keep the Jameis-related results, whatever they would have been, from becoming a story and a potential distraction.

In past years, players voted to choose their captains after final cuts following the fourth preseason game. Koetter said that would happen again but changed course unexpectedly.

Watch Derrick Brooks’ keys to Bucs-Eagles below. It’s TAMPA TWO!

29 Responses to “Buccaneers Did Not Vote For Captains”

  1. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Did we fire mike smith yet?

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    He has one thing right and that it’s an earned honor not a popularity contest! Mike Evans has my first vote for showing maturity and especially grit this year that I haven’t seen in the past. Next would be Jensen at the center position. Not only is he tough but sets the tone for the offense. When the standard is set high other players respond. I would consider Kwon because of his spirited leadership but has to back it up or his words become empty. JPP when healthy will set the new standard and raise the expectations of everyone on this D.

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    No one wants to hear it but we need one more year of success gathering talent for the defense. Do you know why our offense looks good? Because the Bucs have spent at least three or four years concentrating on it. Weapons for Winston? I do like the direction they are going with the new D guys they are bringing in.

  4. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I can the think of a number of people that earned the right to be captain of the week.Djax ,Evans, Barber, Fitz and the whole O line. J. Evans and VH3 were around the ball quite a bit also .

  5. Bucnjim Says:

    If they were going only by last weeks results Fitz should have his face on the coin used for the coin toss.

  6. FreeTheSecretWeapon Says:

    I vote for Jack Sparrow… The GOAT

    How about the Parrot on the back of the Pirate Ship before Kick Off on game days… He is a BEAST!!!

    Only a Caption can talk craziness to people like that Parrot…

    Better yet, I vote for the New Band that plays on game days!!! They Rock…

    Nope I figured it out just now…



    @ Bucnjim

    That’s classic!!!

  8. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Marpet and Godwin on offense, #58 and #54 on defense and Humpries on ST

  9. Hawk Says:

    “… he wants multiple players to experience being a captain and to earn that honor.” Koetter paints himself into a corner with this.
    If Winston is named a ‘captain’ his first week back, he will not have met either criteria ( already been a captain, and not played in three weeks). But if Wniston is *not* named a captain, the media (local and national) will have a field day with the ‘message’ being sent.
    Less is more. It would have been better to stop talking after, “We’re just doing something a little bit different this year.”

  10. horse liver Says:

    That’s the reason. When Jameis comes off suspension they will vote.

  11. webster Says:

    @ sb

    No. Fitz did not play for the bucs team that was coming off a 2-14 season. Fitz did not put the bucs in position to win 4 games last year with 3 minutes to go only to see the defense mess the bed. Fitz record as a starter is like 34-7O. Does that give you something to think about?

  12. BigBucFan11 Says:


    No. Fitz only starting 4 games is nothing compared to the 45 games Jameis has. If we’re going to start talking about 4 games, we could call Tandy one of the best safeties in the league for his 4 game season ending stretch in 2016 (and some did). Look what happened with him. Sample size man. Sample size. Plus, I agree with everything Webster said on top of that.

  13. webster Says:

    @ bucjim

    I disagree. The bucs have invested in the defense. Yes, lichts 1st two drafts was offensive heavy with kwon being the only defensive selection but you have to remember the offense was horrendous. Add that to the fact you had a defensive coach who you thought would carry the load until the offense matured. The motto of weapons for winston did not start until last offseason. The last 3 drafts have been very balanced while also adding free agents. Take a look

    ’16 1st rd hargreaves 2nd rd noah premium selections 4th rd ryan smith 5th rd bond
    ’17. 2nd rd evans 3rd rd beckwith premium selections 6th or 7th rd stevie t
    ’18 1st rd vea 2nd rd davis and stewart premium selections 4th rd whitehead 6th rd cichy

    The issue is the defensive selections have not matured at the level of the offensive pace. Its not from a lack of effort. Again the bucs also added players through free agency ie grimes, baker, beasting, carter, mcdonald etc. Our selections need to step up like ali, donavan, mike evans, godwin, barber, adam, oj, winston etc. The only defensive selections to step up is kwon, beckwith, and evans. Thats the problem.

  14. FairMinded Says:

    Smart move by Koetter

  15. SB Says:

    OK Fair enough Webster and BigBuc. I am a life long Gator that has been a Staunch JW3 supporter from Day 1! However I am taking the blinders off now. I am NOT saying Fitz is the better QB overall. But if he continues playing like this then he IS for right now.
    I saw JW LIGHT it up Preseason and I don’t care about which team D it was. Woulda been the same if it were first team IMO.
    Just sayin’
    Fitz Offensive player of the week 6 times in 120 starts
    JW Offensive player of the week 1 time in 45 starts

    Fitz winning 75% of his starts with the Bucs
    JW winning 40% of his starts with the Bucs

    I am not bashing JW right now, I am simply stepping back from my .42 yrs of being a Fan and looking at stuff I don’t want to.

  16. westernbuc Says:

    Koetter has taken so much crap from the media for doing what he can to help the team from the Jameis story. I get that he’s “rude” but so is Belichick. No one had the Bucs hanging 48 on the Saints, but Koetter did it with a journeyman QB. I hope all you dipsticks calling for him to be fired and all the media with perpetually hurt feelings realize what he’s done for this team

  17. SB Says:

    And on the other side of the ball if this newly ‘revamped’ DL can’t get some pressure better than last week we are in trouble with two rooks at CB

  18. Mr World Says:

    Tampa 3:13 says the Bucs just whooped your candy arse!! Go Bucs!!

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:


    That was a very interesting take. If I’m reading you correctly you’re saying that if you look at our past few drafts Licht actually has spent some capital on defense as well as offense.

    It’s just that our offensive picks have developed and most importantly produced more than their defensive mates. Of course since we’re talking only a few years here some of these D guys may yet develop.

  20. webster Says:

    @ sb

    How many offensive players off the week did fitz have his first 3 years? That would be zero. He picked up his six from year 8 on basically. How many do you think jameis could win before year 8? Btw..just because you do not win player of the week award does not mean you had a bad game. Rodgers would have won this week if fitz didnt have a CAREER DAY!!!! Did jameis win it when he threw 5 tds O Ints as a rookie against the eagles? Did he win it when he threw 4 tds for 3OO yrds in the 1st game in ’16 against the falcons? Player of week is not a barometer on the quality of the player. Its just means who had the best game in a win for that week. Nothing more nothing less

  21. T REX Says:

    Weak Dirk, weak. JW should not be a cpt this year in any week. He has to earn that back and this pansy ass vote each week in crap.

  22. webster Says:

    @ sb

    Btw …..rookies are not up for olayer of the week award. They can only win rookie of the week. Jameis won rookie of the week like 4 times. The eagles game he was nominated for rookie of the week with 5 tds and martin was up for the player of the week with 235 yrds. So yea, that has something to do with your 6 to 1 ratio.

  23. Jaycee Says:

    Wow, I’m glad Koetter cleared that up, because “I watched the game.”!1

  24. webster Says:

    So basically fitz won the award 6 times in 12O games and jameis won it 1 time in 29 games which equates to 1 and 3/4 of a season. Do you hear me now?

  25. BucEmUp Says:


  26. Trench War Says:

    Sounds like Koetter is waiting on his franchise QB before selecting permanent leaders. It’s important to embrace Jameis if we’re dead set on keeping him. Skipping forward, while he has matured a lot since that fateful UBER ride, I think he has been making good strides on his game as well, and it showed during preseason. Anyway, if he is chosen as a captain by his teammates it sure would be a huge vote of confidence for him going into his important 13 maybe 12 game audition, and for me, the Buc fan who likes winning, would like to see Jameis improve on his decision making, and being a complete stud moving forward. ..let it be known that I am biased.

  27. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe that this captain deal just shows what a complete control freak Koetter is.

    Which also explains why he has such difficulty turning over the offensive reins to Moncken.

    I don’t mind a control freak as long as they win.

    Al Davis, anyone?

  28. Bucwylde Says:

    @Miguel Grande

    It’s hard to blame Koetter for wanting to control all he can he has more on the line than everyone at One Buc including Licht If I were Koetter and I failed I would want to look back and at least know I swung at the pitches I thought were strikes.

  29. The Buc Realist Says:

    The “real” fans are very impressed of the way Head Coach Koetter has had to navigated thru the QB debacle!!!!!! It has not been easy and the sheep have tried to criticize The Coaches for the QB rotation that they had to implement to the handling of the whole situation!!!!! Great Job so far!!!!!!!!!

    #trust the coaches!!!!!!!! Fix the “real” problem!!!!!!! The Roster!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!