Alexander’s Range

September 19th, 2018

Solid play.

We’re talking the NFL here, not high school.

Yeah, a kid in high school, even college, if he is good enough, can cover a lot of range on a pass play and make a splash. But for a guy to avoid a block or even shed a block and cover a lot of real estate to make a play, that is special.

That’s why Joe brings his readers this All-22 video of Bucs middle linebacker Kwon Alexander from the Twitter account of Stephen Cheah, a producer for SiriusXM Radio.

Check out the amount of green Alexander covers to make a tackle for a loss. It was a screen play by the Eagles last week and Alexander had already dropped into pass coverage, read the screen like a book, avoided a blocker and buried the ball carrier.

In Joe’s eyes, Alexander is having a helluva year. Nice timing too, since this is a contract year for him.

16 Responses to “Alexander’s Range”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    I’ve noticed Kwon will make a few missteps early in games but then seems to really turn it on by the 2nd quarter this year.

  2. Lord Cornelius Says:

    He wasn’t good in new orleans imo but was balling out last week.

    GO BUCS!

  3. RawDog Says:

    Looks like they were in man coverage, so probably pretty easy to see that the RB was waiting for a screen pass. But I agree that Kwon has been playing very well.

  4. Neal Says:

    “He wasn’t good in new orleans imo but was balling out last week.”

    So 9 tackles with one for a loss and a forced fumble isn’t good to you? lol you people get dumber by the day.

  5. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Too many of Kwon’s tackles occur 8-10 yds down the field….

  6. Joe Says:

    Too many of Kwon’s tackles occur 8-10 yds down the field….

    Prefer him not making any tackles?

    And if Kwon was out of position so often to make those tackles, would Bucs have benched him?

  7. Leighroy Says:

    No no no no enough of this 8-10 yards down the field BS. Kwon is NOT Barret Ruud, not even close. Take that back!!

  8. joestang Says:

    Kwon looks better than he did last year. Lavonte David seems to be missing, no splash plays in awhile.

  9. Brandon Says:

    You should link Brian Baldinger’s video of Carl Nassib’s bull rush on Lane Johnson pushing right into Foles and then chasing down Foles and laying a hit on him after he left the pocket.

  10. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    Gotta give Lavonte props for funneling the runner inside

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like #58’s key was the RB.

  12. Realbucfan941 Says:

    No Joe, not good timing…. Career years during a contract year handicap teams. They know what they have, a bad year would be good for the bucs theoretically. Of course you want the team to win so I’ll take great play all day!

  13. Mikadeemas Says:

    NICE! And good hustle from Gholston. GO BUCS!!

  14. Cobraboy Says:

    Look like the RB was #58’s key. He did show great athleticism on that play.

  15. Neal Says:

    “Too many of Kwon’s tackles occur 8-10 yds down the field…”

    You mean the tackles he makes on hustle plays when other people miss? Are you kidding right now? Do you think he plays every position at once? I can tell by your comments that you have never played an organized sport in your life.

  16. orlbucfan Says:

    The Kwonster has already earned a raise. 14 more games to go, too.