If You Had A Do Over On Winston/Mariota, Would You Use It? Plus How The Day Tony Dungy Arrived Was The Day Everything Changed On This Week’s Free Stretch

August 16th, 2018

The old debate is back with a very different feel now that the Titans and Bucs will play Saturday night following practices together this week. Bobby Fenton, @bobbygameday. has Winston-Mariota on his mind and so much more today. A Bucs fan from his days in the womb, Bobby never let’s it get boring on The Free Stretch! Dive in right here and right now above, or listen and/or subscribe free at  iTunes and Google PlayListen or download above. 


Bobby has hosted The Free Stretch on a variety of platforms and Tampa Bay area radio stations over the years dating back to 2006, and has also done a national show on Sporting News Radio.

Born and raised in Tampa, Bobby is a graduate of Jesuit High School (’98) and the University of Florida (’02) and has been a Bucs fan since attending the 1979 NFC Championship Game at Tampa Stadium in his mother’s womb.

In addition to the Bucs, Bobby loves the Gators, Lightning, and Rays. He is an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, as well as a defensive back and special teams ace for the Dunedin Pirates semi-pro football team of the Florida Football Alliance. His current deadlift PR is 455 pounds. He’s 37 and lives in South Tampa with his wife Chelsea, two children, and two dogs.

8 Responses to “If You Had A Do Over On Winston/Mariota, Would You Use It? Plus How The Day Tony Dungy Arrived Was The Day Everything Changed On This Week’s Free Stretch”

  1. Walter Seidel Says:

    A do-over on Winston/Mariota? In a heartbeat!!!

  2. ben Says:

    i always thought bucs picked Winston to help fill the stadium..Mariota beat Winston on EVERY category at the nfl combine. Also the bucs two greatest coaches (Gruden,Dungy}wanted Mariota over Winston but Licht made the choice.. will never understand.

  3. Jim Says:

    It’s clear now, outside the bubble, that Mariota would have been the better choice, but that was not the ONLY choice. The Bucs could have drafted a running back or defensive end (sacks?), swapped their number one pic for a bunch of high picks, and added any number of promising young QBs that have surfaced over the last three years…

  4. Skipper Says:

    I’ll stay with Winston, he has been more impressive with a lousy offensive line and no running game. He will continue to prove he was the right choice if he can stay clean off the field, on the field unquestionably the better QB.

  5. Bill Says:

    Winston is and has been the better of the two. It’s too bad he screwed up because no one really cares anymore. I would still take Winston but that’s in the hope that he hasn’t done anything else. Problem is , the Bucs may not know until it is too late!

  6. Lamarcus Says:

    I’ll retake JW 10 times over and over and over

    No question. Marriotta had everything JW didn’t have and didn’t rise much

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    Are there still really morons saying they’d have taken Mariota? LOL! Talk about low IQ dolts that don’t know a thing about football.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sometime as pure football fans we forget that NFL is a brand and a business first. Please know my comments are stemming from a football junkie especially when it comes to (x’sand o’s) I’ve always knew Jameis was the better talent but not the better player or leader that Mariota is. Time always reveals everything, I just would have taken the clean player that I knew had no off the field issues. Bottom line, when it comes to Qb’s the only thing that matters is wins and losses. Thus far Mariota has taken his team to the playoffs and Jameis hasn’t.