“Second To Only Peyton Manning”

August 7th, 2018

Eye-popping data.

Want to know why Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht got an extension?

Well, Scott Kacsmar has an answer. Normally typing for FootballOutsiders.com, Kacsmar put together a piece for BSPN ranking NFL teams from 1-32 based on who has the best crop of talent 25 years old and under. And Kacsmar has the Bucs at No. 5.

One big reason is America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. Kacsmar notes only one quarterback this century has been better at moving the chains than Jameis. And that guy is a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame the instant he is eligible.

Mike Evans turns 25 just a couple of weeks before the cutoff date, so that dropped Tampa Bay a little from last year. The Bucs still have quarterback Jameis Winston, though he will serve a three-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. In his career, Winston has produced a first down on 38.5 percent of his passes, which is second to only Peyton Manning (39.6 percent) since 2001, according to ESPN Stats & Info. He’s difficult to analyze, with underrated stats balanced by shoddy decision-making and off-field concerns, but Winston is capable of being a franchise quarterback if he ever figures things out.

Simply put, the Bucs would be out of their minds to run off a guy like Jameis for some hassle with an Uber driver.

Maybe Joe is just nuts, but Joe seems to recall Jameis guiding the Bucs to nine wins in 2016 with a Muscle Hamster of a running back who crawled into a hole, and throwing to the likes of a completely worn out Vincent Jackson and Cecil Shorts.

Why the Bucs didn’t do well last year Joe can type into three categories:

Jameis doesn’t play defensive end.

Jameis doesn’t play cornerback.

Jameis doesn’t kick.

107 Responses to ““Second To Only Peyton Manning””

  1. BuccaneerScotty Says:

    You make me want to puke ..

  2. Buc_Down_Under Says:

    Well you don’t make me want to puke. :-/

  3. Mbfists Says:

    To many issues last year and years prior to blame 1 position on the field

  4. Alanbucsfan Says:

    …and Jameis didn’t play middle linebacker when Kwon was injured

  5. Dewey Selmon Says:

    But Jameis fumbles and throws too many ints. Cherry picking stats that only matter in between the 20’s. Red zone Jameis is not so hot.

  6. Walter Seidel Says:

    Maybe Joe is nuts? No, Joe wears big blinders when it comes t this clown. The fumbles, the decisions, the “hassle” (still love sexual assault being referred to as a “hassle” If anyone was sure it was sexual assault, then Joe would call it that.–Joe), the HISTORY.

  7. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Key word of the quote is IF. He is still a turnover machine and noted for tremendous poor decision making skills.

  8. Sweeptheleg Says:


    You really think Bobo Wilson is better than hump?

    That’s idiotic. But you’re an FSU fan so it’s not surprising.

    Also with your beliefs on ra ce it completely makes sense

  9. Sweeptheleg Says:


  10. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    “If he ever figures things out”. Nobody here has a crystal ball, but I’m dubious about WineStain ever figuring it out. But I could be as wrong about JW as Joe was about Johnny Football. Wits gonna be an interesting season.

  11. El_Buc941 Says:

    Jameis has no many got attributes to him that if he were to ever concoct all of them into one season he would blow this league out the water and make Tom Brady look like Josh McCown. Hopefully this is the year he blows up.

  12. Stanglassman Says:

    Dewey-If you really want to know what caused all the fumbles last year there is a great break down with video clips on reddit. I’ve saw a breakdown of the INTs too but it was just a written summary and not as thorough. I don’t remember the exact fumble numbers but it was like 6 bad snaps, 3 Rb exchanges (appeared to be good handoffs) and 4 unblocked blindside hits and a couple Jameis tying to do too much. The interceptions are harder to discern the blame on most but he had a hand full where he was doing too much. Give the guy a decent running game a somewhat reliable kicker and a adverse defense and he will get you to the playoffs.

  13. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Walter: pull up your pants. Your bias is showing.

  14. Walter Seidel Says:

    1sparky…..you like that kind of quality in men apparently.

  15. Walter Seidel Says:

    El Buc….hoping that this is the year he “blows up” is a double entendre’

  16. Walter Seidel Says:

    Joe, even if you’re NOT sure, to call an alleged sexual assaul a “hassle” is in poor form my friend. It certainly wouldn’t be a “hassle” if it was someone you knew.

  17. NJBucsFan Says:

    More state TV propaganda

  18. Stanglassman Says:

    Nothing worse than a bunch of closet racists hiding behind the me too movement. You didn’t hear a beep out of any of these guys when Koetter was hired.

  19. Wausa Says:

    Great analysis Joe
    The extremists that want to get rid of Jameis are out of their minds if they truly want the Bucs to succeed

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think I fall into the category of most fans when I say that I am both, rooting for Jameis to succeed, and I’m also not willing to minimize his actions.

    Not only has this been called a “hassle”….but the other day a bunch of “hooey” (nonsense)…..It was certainly not nonsense.

    Now, I have stated many times…”give Jameis a half-way decent running game and a good defense and he will win a Championship for us”

  21. Chris Says:

    Yards and first downs are all Petty stats when winston can’t mske throws in the red zone and he turns it over more times he’s thrown tds.

    Fumbles and INTs and stupid misses hurt the Bucs. Manning may have thrown many picks but he delivered wins. Same with Favre. Winston hasn’t.

  22. Donuts Says:

    The NFL called it inappropriate sexual contact. You can write hassle. Those are clearly equivalent descriptions in your mind but not for most as you see in the comments. I think it’s sad that media types and fans try to use words to diminish the deplorable actions of their favorite sports stars.

    Fitzmagic will be fine for this Steller 5-6 win team. We don’t Winston to get to 5 wins he made that clear last year when he got hurt and we still made 5 wins.

  23. Larrywoods3 Says:

    I’m of the belief that sexual assault and misconduct should always be called out, but I’m also of the belief that when it’s he said/she said and the accuser went to a website instead of the police, It gives me pause. Some of you have been on the America is great stand up for the flag kick yet you forget innocent until proven guilty. This suspension does not prove his guilt smh

  24. Bird Says:

    Joe – you are not nuts

    Obsessed is a better word. To cover just one player on the bucs because he moves your needle is obsessive. First, Joe doesn’t just cover one player. Second. Jameis does NOT move the needle here. Don’t judge comment totals.–Joe

    You act like Jameis is Aaron Rodgers . Jameis is average to good player who plays at a high level a few times a year. But on this site , he always gets the benefit of the doubt and gets article after article just about him.

    Again if he was better then the 15-20th qb in the nfl , then I could see it. And hopefully that changes this year cause I could put 10 pts on the board with this offense

  25. donuts Says:

    The NFL called it inappropriate sexual contact. I think using adjectives like hassle do nothing but stir the Winston pot of hate as it is perceived as a pass by most. We (fans) should not care and JBF does have a valid point about wins and people will forget (see Mike Irvin, Lewis, Elliot as examples). If Winston hits the field, I will root for him because I support the Bucs team not one player.

    Winston will determine his fate with his play on the field. If he sucks, everyone is gone anyway.

  26. Dan Says:

    Because loosing gets rewarded in Tampa. Keep loosing we will keep you around.

  27. The Buc Realist Says:

    Can’t throw for first downs and “yards” when you are suspended and watching games on your couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Doctor Stroud Says:

    A GM should not be judged by the few gems that they can pick up in free agency or the draft (e.g., Mike Evans). Any team in the NFL, even the Browns, can point to the individual accomplishments of their players. Many of us care more about the team’s record, which is not good during Licht’s tenure. That’s okay, though, because we all know that the contract extension that Licht just received is the kiss of death from Team Glazer. They love to throw around their money and pay people not to play, coach, or manage. #PaidFloridaVacation

  29. Wausa Says:


    Jameis could lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl and throw for three TD’s and 1 interception and you’d have people harping in the interception.

  30. Dapostman Says:

    Winston Derangement Syndrome on every Winston article by the usual suspects. You may want to seek treatment if you have any of these symptoms including nausea, delirium, tourettes, sexual repression and WDS obsession.

    #theycanthelpit #nottheirfault #bucfanobsession

  31. Walter Seidel Says:

    Larrywoods…..”accuser went to a website” ? The accuser IMMEDIATELY informed her employer (which immediately got Winston banned from using Uber).

  32. ndog Says:

    Facts hurt don’t they Walter and Realist. The real fans say that they will trust the FACTS not what some FAKE FAN making up garbage about crap “on the street”.

  33. Joe Says:

    Winston Derangement Syndrome

    Good one!

  34. Gospeedy Says:

    Joe you are a genius!!! The picture of JW in this article is the exact face the Uber driver had. And it just hit me… he only got three games because he fumbled the pigskin….I hear she was on the heavy side. He would have gotten 6 if he could have just held on.

  35. Joe Says:

    Well played Speedy. 🙂

  36. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Keyword here is “IF”, if Jameis can figure things out? WHEN will that be? Does he need 6-7 years to figure it out? I don’t know, but he doesn’t have a grasp right now and it is unfortunate for us.

  37. Godeep66 Says:

    Damn. godeep66 should have got credit for that

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dewey Selmon Says
    “But Jameis fumbles and throws too many ints.”

    The second best qb in our division had the same number of turnovers. The haters tend to miss that.

  39. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Winston has to get better, no doubt about it. I think this is a make or break season for him. He has had enough time to throw, but he makes bone headed decisions. Stats or not, if you turn the ball over in bad situations, then you aren’t going to go anywhere. Pray for Jameis! #America’s Crotchgrabber

  40. Buc1987 Says:


  41. bucshot Says:

    Also Joe doesn’t play RB- though not sure how much of an upgrade he’d be lol…

    That said, we did upgrade each of RB, DE, CB, and K this offseason, hopefully that is the difference. Just need Fitz to steal us a game during the suspension and we definitely have the talent to push for a playoff spot.

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Ghastly Bucs Says:

    “He has had enough time to throw…”

    This season…actually watch the games…

  43. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, it seems like you’re minimizing Jameis’ actions (a ‘hassle’ … really?) while heaping praise on Jameis for ‘moving the chains’ … between the 20’s. He’s a decent passer (61% career completion average) who ends up passing a lot (because of low Bucs’ rushing % due to a mediocre run game) and has some outstanding WRs & TEs to pass to. Does well with lots of open field to work with (between the 20’s) but when the field gets compressed he’s not even average. YET!

    You can push OFFENSE all you want, but the results from this offense last 3 yrs have been below average. POINTS SCORED and POINTS ALLOWED are all that REALLY count … the rest is fluff. Bucs’ DEFENSE will improve considerably this year (both in fewer POINTS ALLOWED and less YARDAGE ALLOWED IMO) because Licht finally improved the TALENT level on defense this off-season. Hopefully the Bucs’ OFFENSE also rises to the occasion and figures out how to put the ball in the end zone (preferably by scoring TDs instead of FGs).

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    This is a big year for Jameis and the Bucs in general. If he’s working on his craft and we get a decent run-game and defense, it should be a good year.

  45. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    Jameis isnt going anywhere gonna be here another 10 years legggo playoffs

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai…you can’t talk sense to this MeToo clown. He/she has an agenda….

    I told he/she last week that I work with a woman that grabs everyone’s asses on a daily basis……no one complains. Even new employees. It’s been going on for over a year now.

    He/she could not work there…not without a lawyer I suppose.

  47. T REX Says:

    He won’t be run off for the uber incident. He’ll be run off for 20+ turnovers and a winning % of .333

    That’s why he’ll be gone.

  48. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Listen, I’m not defending the defense here but if you think for 1 second that the offense wasn’t a big issue last year, then you need to take off those blinder glasses. Yards and first downs don’t matter if you can’t score td’s. Don’t blame the special teams for missed fg’s, blame the offense for not putting the ball into the end zone. I mean, the bucs offense averaged maybe 6 points in the first half last year and maybe 13 points after 3 quarters. Their 4th quarter scoring was one of the best but by that time, the defense was tired and falling apart. Do I want Winston to succeed?… OF COURSE! Do I want Winston and the offense to start off games faster?… They need to if they want to win games. Fix the slow starts and watch this team take off!

  49. Gambelero Says:

    If the Glazers were smart, they’d negotiate an extension now. They’ll never get him cheaper. Waiting could cost them $50m.

    The contract would obviously have an out if he has another off-field incident, so the only drawback is if his on-field play deteriorates. I advocated for Jameis back in 15 asking, “Who can become Peyton Manning between Mariota and Winston?” This is the first time I’ve heard any of the new crop of rookie quarterbacks compared to the great one.

  50. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Bucs1987, unfortunately stats don’t lie. Winston was ranked 10th in most time to throw. Ahead of Carson Wentz, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees. Sorry man, but I watch the games and even though it doesn’t look like he does, he is ranked 10th with 2.77 seconds. DeShaun Watson was #1 with 3.1.

  51. americasenabler Says:

    Walter Seidel Says:
    August 7th, 2018 at 6:14 am
    Maybe Joe is nuts? No, Joe wears big blinders when it comes t this clown. The fumbles, the decisions, the “hassle” (still love sexual assault being referred to as a “hassle” If anyone was sure it was sexual assault, then Joe would call it that.–Joe), the HISTORY.

    ^^^If you want to quote laws, then do it accurately please.–Joe

  52. Godeep66 Says:

    Stats are for losers. JW is a loser on and off the field. The best thing that could happen is if Cameron Wake takes him out of his misery Thursday night.

  53. Eric Says:

    87 where can I get an application?

    Lots of Hall of Fame QB’s had turnover problems early in their career. People act like Jameis is the first one.

    Look at Manning’s stats for example. or Favre.

    And the man was an improved QB when he came back form the shoulder injury last year. Can’t deny that.

  54. Jman5 Says:

    And Jameis didn’t try and go after a ref
    Jameis didn’t headbutt a Dallas linebacker which ultimately proved costly
    Jameis didn’t provoke a scuffle when he was on the sidelines leading to a we getting suspended
    Jameis hasn’t gotten penalties for jawing at the refs
    Jameis hasn’t shown a penchant for coming unhinged

    PWait yes he did/has

  55. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    I think the biggest thing going against JW besides his off field issues is the fact he was over hyped by the FSU fanatics. The whole, “We will win a SB within 3 yrs”, etc. He has been nothing but a disappointment. We’ll have to see, but it is very polarizing.

  56. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Bonzoi, You call people names when they don’t agree with you, even when folks have the stats to back up the criticism. Weak minded people do that, it is a manipulation tactic used by teenagers.

  57. gilhealy Says:

    Bonzai, the guy’s not right. I tried as well. Let him go. Some of us aren’t as fortunate as others. He’s obviously a bit off, so be thankful you’re not in his shoes.

  58. Tnew Says:

    Time to throw is not a useful stat. All this indicates is that the players play in systems that make them take more time. Throwing for first downs is merely indicative of how poor the run game was. Wentz plays in a run heavy, with a ton of quick rpo and half field reads with multi leveled routes

    Watch film. That will tell you everything you need to know.

  59. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Bonzai and everyone else who says every man has “felt a girl up” and been shut down….

    Yeah, maybe so but how many of those girls were TOTAL STRANGERS?

    And I’m not talking a drunk stranger on a crowded dance floor in the club, who might not even notice under those circumstances.

    Gotta agree with Walter on that one. Walk into a restaurant and grab the hostess or the server by the crotch even for “just” 3-5 seconds. Or an uber driver, or anyone else and see how that goes for you.

    Look, I get that nobody was raped or murdered. However, your characterization is grossly oversimplified.

    At the end of the day, this is just another JBF needle mover article. Check the number of posts on any other article…nothing comes close. Joe lights up both sides of the aisle, then sits back and watches the clicks roll in. Beyond stupid and uninformed. Look, you are sorely mistaken equating comments with views of an article. It simply does not work that way for the masses. Jameis-related stories are not anywhere near as popular as you might think. Heck, logic should tell you that there are some fans who aren’t interested in Jameis any longer, at least for now. –Joe

  60. pelbuc Says:

    JBF, Please! All the stats in the world won’t hide the obvious, JW is a turnover machine that doesn’t know how to win. Talks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

  61. Jmarkbuc Says:

    That pic looks like America’s Dad, Bill Cosby doing a jell- o commercial to me.

  62. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jmark- LMAO! That is funny and sick at the same time!!!! Had to scroll back up to verify it……..you NAILED it dude! Jell-O pudding pop commercials!
    LOL! Man I so needed that!

  63. Mike Johnson Says:

    For all the Tea in China..Jameis has got to step in up in these next 2 yrs or so. He’s like probably the 20th to 22nd best QB in the league. And that will not cut it. If he cannot and does not move up, I think its safe to say he’s well on his way to becoming a Journeyman career backup QB in this league.

  64. Walter Seidel Says:

    gilhealy, I doubt he needs your help. And if he does, that’s a shame.

  65. webster Says:

    You guys are idiots!!!!!!!! Talking about turnover machine? You racist praised manning and he was throwing 24 ints in his 4th year. Winston never has thrown 20 ints in one season. You racist talking about winning. Farve and all his turnovers always played with a top 10 defense his first 5 years in green bay(many times top 3). You racist do not believe manning and farve playing with a good defense contibuted to the win total? You racist did not see that jameis gave this team a chance to win all for the defense to crap the bed with 3 minutes to play? You blame jameis? You racist praised manning when he gave his team a chance to win with 3 minutes to play. Manning holds the record for 4th qtr comebacks. The difference his defense could hold the lead.

  66. Jmarkbuc Says:


    My post previous to “America’s Dad” was much more cogent and germane, but you don’t let it stand?

    C’mon man.

  67. DBS Says:

    Take your RACIST CRAP and jam it webster. That card has played out. So all these people are RACIST but only aganist 1 player? GTFOFH!!!

  68. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    When you can’t make an argument, just call em’ racist. Poor fella, you’ll never get anywhere with that racist attitude.

  69. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Why the Bucs didn’t do well last year Joe can type into three categories:

    Jameis doesn’t play defensive end.

    Jameis doesn’t play cornerback.

    Jameis doesn’t kick

    Jameis doesn’t call defensive plays

    Jameis doesn’t call offensive plays

    Jameis doesn’t coach

    Jameis does play well at times

    Jameis does make poor off the field decisions

    Jameis does want to succeed

    Jameis wants the Bucs to win

    Be like Jameis on the field but not off

  70. Pierce Says:

    He’s definitely one of the best players on our team. Too bad he’ll be sitting on the sidelines for three games that could be a deciding factor in our playoff run this year. Way to go JW.

  71. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Right now, JW has performed as an average to above average QB. We need him to be above average or elite. We don’t need anymore mediocre QBs.

  72. Sweeptheleg Says:

    Webster is obviously a millennial liberal.

    If someone doesn’t agree with your view then they are raci st lol

  73. webster Says:

    Yes most of you are seem racist. You praise trump with all his sexual assualt allegations but you want jameis off the team? That is the very definition of racism.

  74. gp Says:

    This is the second time I’ve seen this schmuck call for JW to be “taken out”
    presumably for the season, by the opposing defense during preseason

    Just asking, does this site put up with “fans” hoping for season ending injuries to our star players?

    -Godeep66 Says:
    August 7th, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Stats are for losers. JW is a loser on and off the field. The best thing that could happen is if Cameron Wake takes him out of his misery Thursday night.

  75. webster Says:


    I would rather be a liberal than an racist period. And no, just because you know a minority does not mean you are not racist.

  76. FLyBoy Says:

    Winston Derangement Syndrome = a Case of the Tom Jones

  77. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Who praised Trump for alleged sexual misconduct? If you are referring to Stormy, that wasn’t sexual assault.

  78. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Wow Joe, name calling?

    Stupid and uninformed? That’s not name calling; that’s an assessment of your takes on the business of JoeBucsFan.com–Joe I can count, and so can you. By your own admission. “America’s QB”. And the frequent JW articles, move the needle. If no one is interested in JW articles, then why so many. First, Joe never wrote that no one is interested. Why make things up? Second, Joe writes about what interests Joe, and Joe has always been intrigued by Jameis, long before he was drafted. Third, Joe doesn’t write about what Joe thinks people want to read. This would be a very different site if that was the case. –Joe

    And why are they the most commented on? Again, comments do not equate to views of a story, aka what people click on. For example, traffic is here is about 20% higher here on the day after a Bucs win than after a loss. But after a loss, there are about double the comments. There are numerous other examples, in addition to the hard data Joe can access.–Joe
    Guess I should stick to racism, that seems to be popular here.
    Methinks you doth protest too much.

  79. Pierce Says:

    How did this site turn political!! Lol!!!

  80. Godeep66 Says:

    @webster: I hope you get yanked from this site. The racial attacks are a bit too much. And BTW: JW would have had many more pics than Manning if he would not have fumbled the ball so many times.

  81. Walter Seidel Says:

    ….and once again…..fan base severely divided. And it’s because of one player. I don’t even have to type his name, because every person on here knows who it is.

  82. webster Says:

    @ ghastly

    You voted for a man that has been accused by many different women for sexual assault. You voted for that so yea, you praise him but want winston off the team.

  83. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Yes, JW is a polarizing player. Doesn’t make one racist.

  84. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    @ webster

    I’m glad you know who I voted for. You stalking me?

    I mean given the options though, he is better than Hillary. Also, voting for someone isn’t praising them, not sure where you got that from. Maybe they teach that in school these days.

  85. Buc1987 Says:

    gp….they’re most certainly NOT fans…

  86. gp Says:


    Again, just asking
    Is calling for the opposing defense to “take out” our #1 quarterback, presumably with a season ending injury, a punishable post on this site?
    A fan doesn’t like a player and wishes he gets hurt. OK. That’s not nice. But that’s what the fan is thinking. If it’s not a direct insult, a threat, or a misrepresentation of fact, or graphic or extremely hateful, then Joe’s not going to “punish” it. Pretty tame in the world of filtered comments.–Joe

  87. Buc1987 Says:

    gp…I’d even say some of “them” are the same people….

  88. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Whatever you say man.
    I understand you are running a business . Got no beef with that. Doesn’t mean I can’t see the forest for the trees.
    Have a good afternoon Joe.
    Joe was just calling it straight off the data and the reality of the day to day. You were assuming things. –Joe

  89. webster Says:


    Stalking you? Brother you sound just like most trump supporters. Its really not hard to tell. Btw…there were more than 2 candidates to choose from. You cant pick and choose when morals are important. Either they are or they are not.

  90. gp Says:


    Fair enough

    I don’t post as often as some on this site because I prefer to think things out before I speak
    You have a lot of great poster’s on this site and I love to read about their different takes and someone usually beats me to the punch

    There are also a few trolls… Love to see them get called out

    But lately there have “popped up” a fair number of “punk” poster’s that I’ve never seen post here before
    I am truly embarrassed to admit that a couple of them have “gotten my goat” and caused me to respond

    My normal response is to ignore them, they usually slink away

    But the past several weeks has been like walking into a wall of mosquitoes and their incessant buzzing is getting really irritating

  91. m0j0 Says:

    Winston has been sometimes good, sometimes great and sometimes downright bad. We need him to turn that corner to mostly good and sometimes great!

  92. cgmaster Says:

    it’s funny, put a Jameis article up and watch the people you’ve never seen on this site comment absurd crap. The uninformed trolls are out in full force I see such as Walter and the other clowns. gO root for your real team and get off a Bucs team site already.

  93. Pierce Says:

    If JW has a sub par season, I don’t see the Glasiers keeping him. It’s pretty apparent from this thread how polarizing this guy is. I wonder how many advertisers have backed out because of this guy. I wonder how many Bucs “fans” won’t watch cause of him. I mean, what’s the guy truly worth if he costs ads and fans?

  94. Pickgrin Says:

    “the past several weeks has been like walking into a wall of mosquitoes and their incessant buzzing is getting really irritating”

    Nice analogy

  95. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Chris 12 TD to 0Int in the red zone is hardly throwing more ints than TD.
    Does anyone pay attention?
    Stats are for losers, all that matters is wins.-then why keep stats? Stats explain a lot and give you the story of the season.
    That’s like saying plots are for losers, all that matters are endings.
    Do you skip to the end of every movie?
    Or do you just say stupid things like that because it supports your agenda vs America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston?
    48-128 is the record of the great Joe Thomas. They better not let that bum in the HOF.
    Some of the greate tost QBs of all time are in the mid 50%s.
    Then you have QBs that happened to have a great team around them like Brad Johnson and his 76-56 record.
    Would you rather have Brad Johnson?
    If answered yes to the previous question,please see your mental health counselor or see yourself to the nearest
    Mental Health Facility.
    Go BUCS!!

  96. T REX Says:

    Hogan and JW – together!

    Funny stuff.

  97. T REX Says:

    @ pierce – if he wins it doesn’t matter. They will come. Problem is…he’s a turnover machine. That equals lots of losses. That equals bye bye JW.

  98. Pierce Says:

    So is the consensus that if you’re a JW hater, you’re a liberal. But if you’re a JW lover you’re a republican? Lol!!!! OMG this site cracks me up!!!

  99. Walter Seidel Says:

    I’m a Winston detractor…and a STAUNCH conservative. By the way, did ya’ll hear the call-ins on JP Peterson this afternoon??? The audio version of these comments. Split…………right down the freakin middle. All because of one person. America’s Crotchgrabber.

  100. BrianBucs Says:

    At this time next season, Winston will be a backup on some other team’s roster
    Byron Leftwich, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Vince Young, Jameis Winston

  101. Jmarkbuc Says:

    A lot of revisionist editing since I posted this afternoon..

    Interesting, completely within Joe’s prerogative to do so, but still interesting.

  102. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    ^The Three Stooges^

  103. OneBuc55 Says:

    Dont fall for the agenda, Winston’s the F’ing man…

    I read an article the other day that blew my mind…”Winston’s NFL career maured by off the field issues”….

    I usually do a pretty good job of keeping up with Bucs news; that being said, what did I miss? Last time I checked the only off-field incident that’s happened in Jameis’ 3+ years as a Buc is the Uber situation…Someone please fill me in if I’m missing something…

    This hate is amazing, I hate to play the race card here but Imho, I believe it’s racially motivated…There’s no other explanation…

    JW is my guy, I love his game, I love the fire…Is he perfect on the field, no…But if his haters took the time to due the research they’d notice he’s pretty d@mn good…Off the field, he most certainly is not the monster the media is making him out to be…

  104. T REX Says:

    I’m white and my favorite Buc all-time is Derrick Brooks. I also think JW is a garbage human that happens to be able to throw a football. Race has zero to do with no respect for women. Maybe that’s a cultural thing but that has nothing to do with why I dislike him.

  105. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Since a few seem to play the race card all the time, I’m going to play it every time I see a negative comment towards GMC. Just saying…

    And Webster, get help man.

  106. OneBuc55 Says:

    @T Rex

    Excuse me for having an opinion…”Mr. Winston is a garbage human being”….

    Sadly a ridiculous number of men in general are falsely accused of rape every day…Imho, .Voluntarily going home with 3 football players at 230 am in the morning doesn’t sound like rape to me, more like regret….

    No excuse for the Uber incident but guys have done worst on spring break…is he young and dumb, most likely….Garbage human being certainly not….

  107. Walter Seidel Says:

    OneBuc55…….so if she went “home with 3 football players at 230 am in the morning” is a green light to do whatever they want with her? wow…..amazing sh it there pal. And no, I don’t know of anyone on spring break ordering a ride from a cab or uber or lyft and grabbing the driver’s crotch, sorry.