“Nobody Was Talking About Philadelphia Last Year At This Time”

August 21st, 2018

Sets high bar for Bucs.

Remember last year’s opening sequence of “Hard Knocks,” the NFL Films-produced HBO reality show featuring the Bucs? And how Bucs coach Dirk Koetter told the team it was the most talented Bucs team since he arrived in 2015?

We all know how that turned out.

When Koetter spoke those now infamous words, the Bucs were coming off only the second winning season the team had produced in the post-Chucky era.

Well, Father Dungy just upped the ante on Koetter.

Perhaps inspired by “Hard Knocks,” the Bucs in-house web team is producing a series called “The Current,” which is sort of a “Hard Knocks” knockoff. Unlike the weekly hour-long “Hard Knocks” episodes, “The Current” runs in 10-minute stages.

The third installment was uploaded to Buccaneers.com last night. In it are clips of the featured talk that Tony Dungy gave to the team last week. Of course, Dungy visited One Buc Palace as part of ceremonies honoring his induction into the Ring of Honor next month.

Last year on “Hard Knocks,” Koetter didn’t mention playoffs for the Bucs in his speech to the team. Dungy had no such reservation as he told the Bucs the team has enough talent to play meaningful games in January.

“Part of my job now is to create buzz,” said Dungy, who currently works for NBC Sports. “‘Who’s good? Who’s going to be good?’ Talking about a lot of things in the NFC. Nobody’s talking about Tampa right now. But that’s alright. Nobody was talking about Philadelphia last year at this time.

“I promise you, you have got the talent to be a playoff team. I for one am excited to watch and see what you are going to do because I think there is something special here.”

Ruh, roh!

Now that friends is a challenge. Joe’s not sure that may be a fair challenge, either.

The cool thing about this video? First, Koetter had his notebook out ready to jot down highlights of Dungy’s chat. And the players, in one angle of DeSean Jackson specifically, were totally locked in to listen to what Dungy was saying, hanging on each syllable.

And props to the Bucs (NFL?) for allowing this video to tossed up on YouTube so quickly.

14 Responses to ““Nobody Was Talking About Philadelphia Last Year At This Time””

  1. Tampaspicer Says:

    Each year is always full of surprises in the NFL. I’m hoping the Bucs will be one of them.

  2. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:


  3. OneBuc55 Says:

    One the thing you can count on with Coach Dungy is he isn’t gonna BS you.; he’s as straight as they come. What he said is true, this Bucs team is littered with talented football players.

    Imho what’s holding us back is the mental part of the game. We must improve our mental toughness if we want to “play meaningful games in January”. There’s no more excuses to be made at this point; Get It Done!

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    Tony’s right; the Bucs have “the talent to be a playoff team.” And kudos to him for unwrapping that with “I think there is something special here.” Tony obviously wasn’t JUST talking about the players; he was surely talking about the coaching staff too or he wouldn’t have used such a broad brush in painting that picture.

    I for one listen to Tony Dungy when he says stuff like that (so does Koetter apparently). Tony was a head coach for 13 years & only had ONE losing season (his first season here when we went 6-10 after a rocky start). His 13-year record: 139 wins, 69 losses for a .668 winning % (as in after his first season here, his AVERAGE annual record was 11-5). When Father Dungy talks, people listen, for good reason. Among those reasons is that he knows what a winner looks like.

    Interesting observation on your part Joe: “Now that friends is a challenge. Joe’s not sure that may be a fair challenge, either.” I for one think it’s an awesome challenge. Whether or not it’s FAIR is irrelevant. (I have to think that Bill Belicheck would chuckle over that line). The NFL isn’t about FAIR … It’s about building a TEAM that’s got what it takes to WIN, and to WIN consistently. As the old saying goes … ‘If you can’t run with the big dogs then get back on the porch’. Time to get off the porch & kick some ass Bucs. The time is NOW!

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    Dungy sure had their attention.

    And he’s absolutely right. The 2018 Buccaneers are very talented and anything less than making the playoffs this year would be underachieving.

    If this team doesn’t get to at least 8-8 – the entire coaching staff should have the expectation of being fired.

  6. Gman Says:

    Yeah…they were talking about Tampa and we crapped the bed

  7. Jaycee Says:

    RoJo has an NFL nickname but does he have the game?

  8. AmericasEnabler Says:

    Best coach in Bucs history. Would love to see Bucs hire Dungy like Jags hired Coughlin.

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    the talent was there last year!!!!!….lol…..

    when tony mentioned something special, I doubt he was talking about the coaching staff……aint nothing “special” about them….

    I think tony was referring to the situation and circumstances at hand…..

    the Winston suspension….
    35year old CB….
    JPP dominating with 7 fingers…..
    GMC finally getting help along the line…..
    barber finally getting his chance…..

    this season could be very special if they over come adversity but imo this team is still mentally weak and that starts at the top with dirk….


  10. David Corcoran Says:

    Well Now, it’s looking like “All of The HATTERS” of starting to comment on “Your Hero” David Corcoran. Tom Jones? You talking about that movie that came out in 1964, or that singer that had that TV Show on ABC in the late 1960’s? Oh? That TOM JONES of “THE TAMPA BAY SLIMES”? Better to read him then listen to RONNIE LANE’s mindless “DRIBBLE” doing the NEWS on 970 WFLA with “Senile” Past is Prime, JACK HARRIS! Never herd of this Tony Dungy, I know of a Tony that sweeps the floors after the Pole Dancers leave work at “Moms Venus “ on Dale Mabery, Just ask another wash-up never was, TED WEBB, another gutless wonder, who tried his hand as a Sports Talk Host in the late 1970’s, And Failed Like a low life DOG! Now David Corcoran, hered throught the grapevine that on 102.5 the Bone, Soul Brother Keven on his 1st Night Show last month did a taped interview about me at Buffalo Wild Wings in April during day 2 of the NFL draft. The Commish. Was there too! Call Kevin’s show get the skinny? For my Best Bets for Tuesday, we had a winner with Cleavland-105 over the Red Sox for Monday, so take The Chicago White Sox +104 (at the Westgate Superbook) over the Minn. Twins 8:10 PM Thanks for the love folks, and will be at Bucs Camp on Wednesday. I know Bucs COO Brian Ford is waiting with Bated Breath! Like Elias says, “Who Wants To Walk WITH David Corcoran!” David Corcoran, Winter Park, Florida.

  11. Mike Says:

    David Corcoran, I’m confused- why are you spewing your nonsense on here- Joe, why do you allow this clutter?

    Great video well done- kudos to Bucs multimedia department. Rehire Dungy as coach!

  12. David Corcoran Says:

    Because Mike, in the words of HHH of the WWE, “Joe is doing what’s best for BUSINESS” Little “Snow Flake”. I read the Tea Leaves like all of you folks, But the difference between all of you and “TRUE GENIUS “ Like David Corcoran is I have my contacts in the Sports Media and in The Vegas Sports Books on the STRIP! remember Tuesday’s Best Bet, White Sox + 105 (Westgate SuperBook) vs. Minn. Twins, 8:10 PM in MLB. Now go listen some of that Music on Q105 FM. David Corcoran, Winter Park, Florida.

  13. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    I’m sure coach Dungy thinks about if I only had a qb like the now Jameis! That defense and him together??? We wiukd have had 3 titles including the one that Gruden guy got with my defense. Oh wait I wouldn’t have allowed him to throw like that, and all the turnovers! Oh no! I’m glad I stuck with Shawn King! He atleast got us to the NFC title hambre!

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    Interesting video, but it’s soo douchey watching local teams try to imitate something like Hard Knocks. If you’re going to do something like this, mix it up, don’t just rip off something else you can’t possibly do as well. Watching this you get the same type of fades, same type of movie, same type of announcer, but none of it is as good and combined it makes it feel so cheap. If you’re going to steal from someone, don’t steal from the best. Innovate, don’t just copy and paste – and if you are going to copy and paste, do an incredibly terrible job so you can always claim it’s a parody.