Mike Evans Is OK

August 27th, 2018

Thumbs up from coach. … And an update on Donovan Smith.

Joe was getting a number of questions about this since Friday night’s game.

Mike Evans took a nasty hit to the back and was down long enough that officials in the Bucs’ third preseason game against the Lions had to hold up the game so Evans could be looked at by Bucs team medical personnel.

When Evans did get up he was one PO’ed SOB. He appeared to think he was cheap-shotted (which looked to be the case) but there was no flag for that. Evans didn’t take another snap in the game.

Joe saw Evans talking to people in the postgame locker room and Joe also saw Evans walking out and it didn’t appear there was anything visibly wrong.

Yesterday, Evans was held out of practice and Bucs coach Dirk Koetter was asked if there was a chance Evans’ could miss the season opener at New Orleans.

Koetter quickly put a stop to any such thought.

“No, no. No way,” Koetter said. Evans sitting out of practice was “was just precautionary and Mike will be fine.”

That’s good to know.

And regarding another injury, Joe noticed left tackle Donovan Smith, who reportedly strained a knee in practice last week, is at least driving again and singing. Smith likes to post Instagram videos — known as “stories” — of himself driving his truck/SUV and singing. He was back at it Sunday.

Joe is just going to guess if a dude has a major knee injury and cannot get around well because of it, then the guy couldn’t drive. Or if he could drive, he wouldn’t be in such a good mood to serenade himself as he cruised down the highway (though the lyrics of the song Smith sang discussed going ISIS on someone and cutting their throat).

Smith also was seen in one of his stories wearing a suit without a crutch, cane or knee brace to be seen.

13 Responses to “Mike Evans Is OK”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good good good News this morning thanks Joe always on top I love waking up for work at 530 every morning and being able to check out JoeBucsfan.com to get the scoop great work

  2. Axn Jxsn Says:

    So yeah I’m a huge Bucs fan. I know it is just preseason but I still love this team. So after the Lions-Bucs game I went down to the first row (like I do after every game) and told the players how good they r doing and I got faith in them as they r going into the tunnel. I always ask for stuff to add to my Buc collection in my Buc Room. So I am yelling my head off at the guys and congratulating them. I also Chris Goodwin for his towel and he hooks me up and throws it to me. Then I decide to be a little bold and ask Mike Evans for his cleats…and love and behold wouldn’t u know it. The man looked at me for a sec, thought about it and str8 took off his cleats and handed them to me. Now mind u he is like 15 yrds from me and walks them over to me and I tell him awesome game and I hope he is ok from that hit in the 1st quarter. I dap him up and off he goes into the tunnel. I still can get over the fact I have a pair of Mike Evans game worn cleats. JUST AWESOME! After the fact a little 5 yr old kid asked me for one cleat. Now ya’ll know I couldn’t do that, so instead I gave him the towel the Chris Goodwin gave me and he was happy. Glad I could make his day bc Mike Evans sure made mine. Classy guy and excellent player all around! GO BUCS! Remember ask and u shall receive…

  3. OneBuc55 Says:

    Great to know he’s at least in good spirits…

    Its a long shot but hopefully Donovan “Twinkle Toes” Smith is ready to go week 1…We gotta get off to a good start, so we need all hands on deck if were gonna make a playoff run…

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The old “driving and singing” medical analysis…..works every time….

    Workers comp investigators ought to use it when someone is faking injury…..

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    HaHa – nice Tbbf. Good one.

  6. americasenabler Says:

    Smith also was seen in one of his stories wearing a suit without a crutch, cane or knee brace to be seen.

    ^^^I thought this was a family website?

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Thanks for that story!!! I once covered an Atlanta Hawks-Boston Celtics NBA game. Larry Bird was a total tool and Danny Ainge…well we asked him for an interview and at first he was fine until he saw that we weren’t TBS but a little station from bumfk. He wasn’t going to do it until I begged…literally saying but Danny this will be a big feather in our hat…we can make a little money selling the piece to our Network NBC. He relented and did a decent interview.

    I got to witness Pete Rose closing in on the unbreakable record of Joltin Joe’s game hitting streak. Pete was signing autographs early during BP when a father brought his son to get an autograph. The son did the unforgiveable…asking Rose if he was nervous about continuing his streak. His father chastised him for such an “indelicate” question and Rose immediately interjected saying it was fine and no he wasn’t nervous. He would just try his best and let the chips fall where they may. What a great lesson for that little kid.

    I’m always pleased when men I admire on the field turn out to have class off of it.

  8. teacherman777 Says:

    The GOAT!!!

    We love you Mike!!!

    Half-Black, Half- White

    All Light!!!

    Go Mike!!!

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    We are HONORED to have you on the Bucs!!

    I wouldn’t trade Mike for anybody!

    Not for OBJ, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown,


  10. teacherman777 Says:

    And a shout out to V-Jax for taking mike under his wing and showing him the ropes!!

    All love to V-Jax!

    V-Jax- Half black, half white, all light!!

    Go Bucs!!

  11. Axn Jxsn Says:


    That is totally cool dude. That is an important life lesson that boy learned. Control what u can control and do ur best. If u give it all ur effort ur still a winner in the end whether u win or lose.

    Cool story about Danny Ainge as well. All three guys are legends.


    That is a great point regarding V-Jax. He did indeed take Mike under his wing just like Mike is taking Chris Goodwin under his wing. Gotta pay it forward and make this team unstoppable. I respect anyone who is willing to help their fellow man/woman. It’s what God put us here to do, serve each other to glorify Him.

    I’ve been thinking also guys (all BucsNation and JoeBucsFan readers) we should all (or at least some of us) tailgate before the game sometime. U know like plan to do a big celebration before one of the games this season! I think that would be cool as hell to meet all the loyal, faithful Bucs Stick Carriers so we can raise f*#$ing hell in the stadium from all areas of it and let all these opponents know if u come to our house u coming to get whooped! GO BUCS!!

  12. unbelievable Says:

    Axn Jxsn cool story man. Agreed teacherman about V-Jax, he was very important to this team despite the lack of success we had most of his career here.

  13. Axn Jxsn Says:

    Thx unbelievable. Yo let’s get this season started! I am ready for my Bucs to go to the playoffs. We have the weapons and the will power. Nothing can stop us, we all the way up!