Fantasy Preview Of The Buccaneers’ Offensive Backfield

August 15th, 2018

In this edition of The Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast: Bucs Bulletin presented by Brandon Legal Group, Todd follows up last week’s preview of the quarterbacks with an update on Jameis Winston’s status from a recent two QB mock draft and then moves on to the running back position. There obviously is not an RB1 in this mix, but Todd gives you ideas on how to look at the current depth chart from a fantasy standpoint using information from the training camp coverage on The Todd Wright Fantasy Football Podcast fantasy draft at Hooters Tampa is also just a week away. If you would like to be an owner in one of those leagues drafting live on Wednesday, August 22nd, send your name and phone number with your request to The third wave of invitations will go out later this week.

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One Response to “Fantasy Preview Of The Buccaneers’ Offensive Backfield”

  1. BucEmUp Says:

    I’m curious why he thinks Barber could be good early on but “doesn’t have the look” of a rb who can get it done all season. All.I have seen is he gets better the more opportunities he gets. Why does he think Barber will be limited to early season success? Is it running out of gas, is it after Jameis returns he thinks the offense as a whole will take a step back? I personally won’t over draft him but it sounds like Barber is being a bit under valued to me.