“Dude’s Still Competing Like Nothing Ever Happened”

August 17th, 2018

It is possible that the mess America’s Quarterback got himself into with the NFL, a three-game suspension that included the NFL labeling him a sexual offender, has led to Jameis Winston earning heightened respect from his teammates?

Some say how one deals with adversity is as telling and important as avoiding the adversity. And it seems a bit of that philosophy is pulsating through One Buc Palace.

On Wednesday in Nashville, DeSean Jackson was talking to Joe and Tennessee-based reporters and dropped a line about Jameis that came with great respect and marvel in his voice.

“Dude’s still competing like nothing ever happened,” Jackson said of the aftermath of the Jameis suspension.

And there Jameis was at that moment, working hard in uniform after an extra-long practice in the heat as his teammates bolted for air conditioning or had stripped off their gear and were relaxing.

Earlier in the week, Joe had talked to Evan Smith about Jameis, and Smith said he was struck by how professional and workmanlike Jameis has been with the second- and third-team offensive players. Smith said he’s confident the Bucs, as an offense, will be a lot better off for years to come because of Jameis getting to rub off more than usual on the guys closer to the bottom of the roster.

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  1. americasenabler Says:

    “rub off”

    Really Joe? LMAO

  2. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    At the end of the day (if we are extremely lucky) this may end up being a blessing. Anyone can clearly see he is a different person this year in camp. He is much quieter, but it’s not like he’s pouting or upset. Perhaps this entire ordeal has made him mature and focus a little better on the job at hand, instead of trying so hard to motivate and lead others. Maybe all that motivation and leading was hindering his performance. Time will tell, but it is definitely something interesting to monitor. Of course, it will be very interesting to see if his demeanor changes after his suspension.

  3. Louis Says:

    James working with the younger players will only improve the entire team. Hopefully, this continues each year as the team can only benefit from uplifting the twos and threes with starters. Perhaps this can be also used by the other positions as well.iron builds ironworks

  4. BrianBucs Says:

    Of course he is still competing, he knows his future is at stake. He, at this point, doesn’t know if the Bucs will keep him after this year, or if he will get the huge money contract if they do. He still doesn’t know if the Female Uber driver from Arizona will ever file a criminal complaint against him, since by state law there she still can, plus he knows that at least half of the Bucs fan base would like to see him run out of town. Plus he knows that if he gets in trouble again, he could be indefinitely suspended by the NFL. Not to mention that he has a lot of counselling classes to go through.
    So Winston has a lot on his mind. The safest and smartest place for him to be is on the football field, working hard and trying to get better

  5. Jim Says:

    What are the Glazers saying?

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    While you are correct that the Uber driver or the State of Arizona can still file criminal charges, you would have to admit that would be highly unlikely…..if she were inclined, she would have made the charge at the time.
    The only thing that would cause that is if Jameis somehow provoked it.

    As far as “like nothing happened”….that is fine on the field….but off the field he needs to act like something happened because it did.

  7. BucsFan90 Says:

    Signs of a true leader. Keeping morale high no matter how much the odds are stacked against you, and overcoming adversity time after time. Fameis for president!

  8. GoBucs Says:

    Jameis is my guy till the end! If this helps you not one thing he has done has been said to be 100% true. Even the crab legs incident was said to be some football fan in Tallahassee at the deli telling Jameis he didn’t need to pay a cent and security had other plans.

  9. Seminole Bill Says:

    This was to be Jameis’ third season, the breakout year for new QB’s. And he finds himself watching the first 3 games from home, on TV. Keep in mind this was strike 2 against Jameis. I hope he has learned a lesson here, but I said the same thing after his FSU experience. It is a gamble, risking your team on a player with a personal history like this.

  10. Walter Seidel Says:

    But………..something DID happen. Something major. “Acting” is just that….acting.

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    His tenure as a Buccaneer depends on it. IMO, his future is as attached to Koetter’s as Koetter’s is to his. In other words, if the Bucs don’t make the playoffs or put on one heck of a show, he’ll be gone.
    He is replace-able. And I think he knows that, at least I hope he does.
    I’m rooting for him. It seems like he’s putting in the work and that’s a good sign.

  12. Eric Says:

    I also think sitting and watching Fitz will help him, as it did last year.

    If the man could just play like he did the last quarter of the 2017 season, and eliminate the boneheaded inexplicable errors, he is right at elite.

  13. The Buc Realist Says:


    You are way off on this subject again!!!!!!! You are not thinking like a lawyer!!!!! You wait until after the suspension, You wait until JW3 gets his 5th year option!!! Then when contracts talks heats up, that is when they will start to make noise for the option of a quick settlement!!!!

    This article is funny, after having to read so many “hold them accountable” articles from a couple of months ago!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wausa Says:

    Jamies was playing at a high level at the end of the year when he was finally healthy. Hopefully, he can take this negative and turn it into a positive for him.

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    From my page on Facebook (click my name to visit it):
    Some people claim he (Winston) has not gotten better from year to year. This simply is not true. Even last year, when he missed games and his throwing shoulder was injured, Jameis improved.

    From 2015 (his rookie year) his passing percentage went from 58.3 to 60.8 to 63.8 . During that same span, his QB Rating went from 84.2 to 86.1 to 92.2. That’s substantial improvement. But it does not stop there. From 2015 to 2017, his average yards per game went from 252.63 to 255.63 to 269.54, while his passing attempts went from an average per game of 33 to 35 to 34. He threw for more yards per game with an injured shoulder last year (2017), and was on pace for 4312.64 yards for the year had he not been injured…yet another improvement. When speaking of Interceptions, he averaged 0.94 per game in 2015, 1.13 in 2016, and 0.85 in 2017 (which is an improvement of 0.28 over 2016).
    Fumbles were the only area he did not improve…but let’s look at them a second: In 2015, he fumbled 6 times and lost 2. In 2016, he fumbled 10 times and lost 6. In 2017, he fumbled 15 times and lost 7. In this, he certainly did get worse. But everything happens for a reason. Discovering that reason is how we can find ways to improve. So why have the Jameis fumbles increased?

    Well, to begin with, in 2017 he injured his throwing shoulder in game 2. From then on, his grip on the ball had to be tenuous. But more than that, in 2015, the Offensive line let him get sacked an average of 1.7 sacks per game. In 2016, this number increased to 2.2 per game. But in 2017, while he was playing injured, the number of times the Offensive Line let him get sacked increased to 2.5 times per game. Think about that. It is not a coincidence.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Of Special Note: Sexual Assault is a Federal Crime. Not a misdemeanor. That means the Uber driver is not required to file charges, the state is. And they have not. Therefore…no evidence.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Not to nitpick….but this is considered sexual abuse in Arizona….not assault.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Buc Realist Says
    “You wait until after the suspension, You wait until JW3 gets his 5th year option!!! Then when contracts talks heats up, that is when they will start to make noise for the option of a quick settlement!!!!”

    Actually, you are mistaken. Here’s why:

    The time to file a civil suit has transpired. The statute of limitations has passed. Therefore, there can be no settlement, because there can be no civil case.

    In regard to a criminal trial, the Uber driver would still not get a settlement, as she would not be the one to file the charges…the state would be (federal crime means she doesn’t press charges, the state does).

  19. AlteredEgo Says:

    #3’s QB media Honeymoon days are over….it will all be cold evaluation going forward…Jameis will and should be judged and compared to the very best NFL QB’s play each year going forward….I really don’t care what the name of the Buccaneer QB is…where he played in college or what he accomplished in college…

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tampabaybucfan, would still be the state to file charges, not the Uber driver.

    And the fact that they have not means there is not any evidence, or not enough to assure conviction.

    The only reason the who Uber thing is still out there is the suspension and the media. Even the alleged victim did not wish to pursue any legal action. Otherwise, she would have filed a civil suit.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Realist

    I am certainly not “way off” on the subject…..The driver is absolutely, positively barred from filing a civil suit…..there will be no settlement…..the civil statute in Arizona is two years…..the criminal statute is 7…….

    She has absolutely no standing at this point.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Also, I would like to see proof that they consider it sexual abuse. It’s not anything if no files are charged.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    er…if no charges are filed I mean, lol.

  24. ndog Says:

    Just one question and please answer if you like to think about things that are interesting.

    How many of you thought Andrew Luck was well on this way to being a great QB after his 3rd year in the league?

  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Regardless, I really don’t care about the suspension or the reason for it. I’ve moved on.

    There are plenty of reasons to expect a successful season this year (Click my name to see them). I’m excited. Very excited.

  26. BrianBucs Says:


    You need to go back and read the Arizona law and statute because you are getting it totally wrong. All of it

  27. 1sparkybuc Says:

    No way near half the fans want him gone. Very very small percentage. The vast majority want Jameis to succeed with the Bucs. Something did happen, but I seriously doubt it was anything major or someone other than Uber management would have been involved. Only an idiot with an overactive imagination and an agenda would label the incident a felony without so much as an accusation. Inappropriate and minor would be a much more rational description given there were no witnesses and no video evidence. Jameis has a family now and, by all accounts, has been a model citizen for three off seasons. He’s focused on football, and handling all of this very well.

  28. jmarkbuc Says:


    Foles got hurt last night…

    But Did Clayborn actually touch him?? I’ve watched it several times on the morning shows and I can’t see that he touched him, or pulled on his arm.

    Weird..Foles had an “upper body injury” earlier in camp, now this ghost injury.

  29. BigHogHaynes Says:

    If we get to game four and Jameis is on for game 4 …..then get and only then ….You can get your pop-corn ready!! GO BUCS!

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    ndog- Interesting question! After what, 3-4 good seasons? Yeah, I think I did think that he was on the way toward a good career.
    As a QB? Hmmm, I’m not sure that I can answer that. He took a lot of hits early and often. He also had a 40+ TD year somewhere.
    I’m curious as to your point?

  31. James Walker Says:

    It is almost like what happens to all of us when we grow up!

  32. Kobe Faker Says:

    The Buc Sheep talking about getting JW3 cheap…LOL

    there is 2 heavyweights Agents who JW will be picking from. JW should pick Condon than its all over for Licht Bulb. Condon will make Licht bulb to dog tricks

    next year it will be 25 mill for 5 years or

    JW will never resign and playout his 2 Franchise years

    Condon dont play

  33. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bonzai

    I didn’t say he committed sexual abuse….what I am saying is that groping falls under that category in Arizona…..sexual assault must be rape……or it could also be abuse of a minor.

  34. Joe Says:

    If Jameis returns in 2020, he will be making (at the very worst) $15 million (Tyrod Taylor cash). Ryan Tannehill and Blake Bortles make $18+ million a year. Pat Kirwan likes to ask listeners about Jameis, “Would you pay this guy $20 million a year?” The answer is, if he is your starting quarterback, yes you would. Salaries don’t decrease and in two years, $20 million a year very easily could be a rock-bottom, basement bargain.

  35. phattitudes Says:

    From the first exhibition game. It seemed beneficial to have the backup QB to play with the starters and the starting QB to play with the backups. The backup QB needs as many reps with the starters to prepare him for his role. The starting QB gives the second team players a better feel for the pro game. The passes will be better. Breakout receivers will have a chance to shine. The starting QB get an opportunity to develop a link with the backup receivers. The O-line should get a more realistic feel the time blocks need to be held. The defenses would be required to respect the passing game and thus the running game should get a more realistic viewing. It may sound crazy, but I liked it and it made the game much more interesting.

  36. m0j0 Says:

    I think between the whole “eating W’s” blowback and the demotion to backup, he’s had a whole heaping of humble pie to deal with. He has come back a more mature, more humbled person and is eager to prove his worth and his value to the team and the community.

  37. who cares Says:

    i’m tired of all these, jailhouse lawyers, and their scrutiny of jameis winstons suspension, WHO CARES it’s been handed down by the league commish, nothing to do but wait or it to pass, as far as his legal and civil concerns, pretty sure this has been taken care of by winstons attorneys enough already, go bucs

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Let’s hope the “community” allows Jameis to serve…..there will be many that won’t…..dealing with children for example….that would be a shame but these are the times we live in…….

  39. Duke Says:


    There’s video from the dash cam.

  40. ndog Says:

    Bucsfanman thanks for answering. My point is that most people considered Andrew Luck the next great QB after his 3rd year and yet those some people seem to think Jameis is trash. Well I thought that it was interesting that Jameis actually has a higher QB rating after his first 3 years than Luck, yet people still have this opinion. Keep in mind people were ripping Jameis before the suspension so I am not taking that into account, this is simply about the play of the two. One has a higher rating yet the other one is considered the next great QB and the one with the higher rating people are saying is a disappointment. Interesting the think about.

  41. ben Says:

    I hope Winston is showing off for his new team!

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    ndog- Interesting perspective. There are a lot of variables there but in terms of comparing QBs it’s an interesting point. Andrew was on a better TEAM overall which will inflate his “value” for the sake of this conversation. A quick peek at Indy’s record for that 3 year span was 11-5, 11-5, 11-5. He had very pedestrian TD #s in year 1 and 2 while throwing LOTS of picks. Year 3 he had 40 TDs.
    The big difference to me anyway, is the W/L record which as you know is a team statistic.
    I would take your logic under these circumstances and say that overall, Tampa Bay was “trash” and Indy was a winner, Luck and Winston withstanding.
    If I were to point out one area that supports any “Jameis is trash” argument, it would be that Luck while inconsistent APPEARED to be in control (At least from my very foggy memory!). I like Jameis and I think he has talent. I just want to see him put it together this year. For me it’s the between the ears stuff, AS A QB!
    If we are to assume that the team is even slightly improved, he should have no problem erasing any doubt.

  43. Not there yet Says:

    Winston should have known better. He doesn’t work in Hollywood in films or on the set of NFL Network, so he just allows nfl to shift focus to him as a get out of jail free card from their own sexual harassment cases where lawsuits have already been filed.

  44. Godeep66 Says:

    Short yellow bus patron JW sure does like those orange practice jerseys, he will be in them soon enough at the county jail. He is a loser. He is one stiff drink away from another incident. You guys are all smart enough to know that the girl has already been paid off….that’s what he does.

    Bonzai: stats are for losers

  45. Godeep66 Says:

    @ndog: The Colts win games when Luck is on the field. The Bucs lose games when JW is on the field. AND you cannot blame that on the defense. Now get out of your JameISNOT PJs and get to work.

  46. ndog Says:

    I also think a lot of the winning the Colts did with Luck was against the greatness know as the Texans (Tom Savage), Titans (Charlie Whitehurst) and Jacksonville (Chad Henne) while the Bucs were dealing with former Super Bowl champ and first ballet HOF in Drew Bress, and soon to be MVP’s Matt Ryan and Cam Newton. So I think the losing makes people think Jameis is trash while the Colts won so Luck is great. Summary people just aren’t that smart.

  47. Bucsfanman Says:

    ndog-“So I think the losing makes people think Jameis is trash while the Colts won so Luck is great. Summary people just aren’t that smart.”

    In so many words 1000% correct.
    That’s why I say, he should have no trouble erasing any doubt if we have indeed improved as a TEAM. Clearly he’s working on his craft and we’ve upgraded multiple positions. He should shine once he returns….hopefully!

  48. Rob in Land O Lakes Says:

    Duke says: “ there’s a video from the dash cam “. This is the first time I heard this. Can you provide a link to that story? This is the first I’ve heard about the existence of any type of dash cam.

  49. ndog Says:

    Rob that is because it does not exist.

  50. Joe Says:

    AND you cannot blame that on the defense.


    Jameis gave the Bucs four fourth-quarter leads last year that the defense choked away. Even Bill Polian said the Bucs defense was so horrible that it made Jameis look bad.

  51. gilhealy Says:

    Joe, don’t respond to the pansy Godeep69. He’s just a little fem boy stroking from mommy’s basement for attention. He too shall pass.

  52. Oneilbucs Says:

    Man It don’t matter if Winston throw for 50 tds n no ints they will find away to talk bad about him . They would say it’s because of his line, coaching, and defense , wr. Just ask Russell Wilson when he won the Superbowl. But Philip Rivers is great he never won a Superbowl, he never played in one and the chargers ain’t never going to the Superbowl with him and no one in the media, or fans is going to criticize him for not winning. But it is easy to criticize black quarter backs for not going . Andrew Luck ain’t going to no Superbowl but he still great . So to most Winston haters race plays apart of it but they just won’t say it .

  53. The Buc Realist Says:

    You know what does not help the defense!!!!! All the offensive turnovers!!!!!!! there was only 1 team that had more turnovers (Oakland) and had a defensive pts allowed per game (23.3) that was lower than the Bucs (23.9) pts per game!!!!!!!

    The defense was bad, But being in the bottom of offensive turnovers puts the defense near the bottom!!!!!!!! So that only left 4 other teams worst with offensive turnovers!!!!! And all the defenses were the very bottom of the pts allowed

  54. Godeep66 Says:

    @Joe: how many turnovers did JW have in those same 4 games in which you state he have the D the lead? How many of those turnovers resulted in points for the other team. How exhausted do you think the D May have been from being on the field for most of the game due to JW turnovers? Take a look at time of possession, that will make it even more clearer.

  55. tickrdr Says:

    BOTH teams get exactly 60 mins per game to score and prevent scores, unless a tie sends the game into overtime. Both teams alternate possessions throughout the game. Each and every possession is therefore crucial, not just the ones at the end of the game.

    This notion that the only points that matter are scored in the fourth quarter while coming from behind is the BS, IMHO! This is not the game show Jeopardy, where the point scores are doubled in the second half of the show. And the Bucs offense did not score that many points, especially in the FIRST half of games.


  56. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    Great article Joe!

  57. Reach87 Says:

    Football at all levels is a game of momentum. If in the waning minutes you are winning the game, you have got to expect your defense to hold it. If you fumble in the first quarter your team has the ability to bring you back. If its at the end of the game you don’t have a chance. Thats why I think those close losses have less to do with the QB or offense. The other elements of the team had the chance to win it and didn’t. Besides the fact that those constantly blaming specifically the QB have failed to show that even half those turnovers were soley his fault, they also fail to account for the swings in momentum via Offense, defense, and special teams (ours were not great when you consider missed kicks, return TDs and field position). BL: Team game. Though I know you get your kicks blaming one person. We’ll fix this as a team. Go Bucs!

  58. OneBuc55 Says:

    As TO would say…”That’s my Quarterback”…

    Let’s go JW, it time to silence your haters…

  59. Dapostman Says:

    Wow, there are just too many idiot Buc fans. Virtually every 23 year old QB is going to turn the ball over when your defense is bad and you have ZERO running game to fall back on. Once again the last 5 games the Bucs defense was better and they ran the ball better with Barber and Winston played better. The Special teams still sucked as they had a punt blocked and gave up 2 KO returns for TD’s. They will be better in every aspect including Winston. Get over it. Winston is going to be here a long time.

    #Get After It!

  60. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    You know ben I used to want Jameis to leave and go to a more deserving team but now I hope he stays and becomes the G.O.A.T. qb for the Bucs and takes us to several Superbowl titles so that all of us can see the hypocrisy of Walter Ziegheil godeep666 and Brian Bucs or even better yet they will take their sanctimonious butts to Tennessee!

  61. Godeep66 Says:

    @dapostman: better question: how many 23 year old QBs are busted groping Uber drivers? I got the answer, ONE. Your boy the short yellow bus rider JameISNOT.

  62. Jman5 Says:

    He looks at home in that orange shirt