The Art Of Negotiations

July 3rd, 2018

Angry with NFL.

Yes, Joe learned like the rest of us yesterday that America’s Quarterback and his agent(s) parted ways. Why, who knows?

Maybe the agents didn’t want to represent Jameis any longer? Maybe Jameis didn’t think he was represented well (which is something Joe speculated on Twitter last week).

Regardless, they did get Jameis a three-game sentence reduced from six games.

In the video below, Jim Rome of CBS Sports Network rakes the NFL over the coals for even thinking of negotiating with Jameis. So this brings up a question. Why did the NFL do a deal with Jameis? Did NFL strongman Roger Goodell and company want to avoid a long, expensive court battle? Did they not have the goods on Jameis?

Notice the NFL has yet to release its letter to Jameis detailing the findings of its investigation.

This is all very interesting to Joe.

78 Responses to “The Art Of Negotiations”

  1. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The NFL did the deal because Jameis cooperated with investigators, Jameis agreed to not fight the punishment decision and I’m speculating that they (NFL) ran the punishment by the Uber driver to get her thoughts and acceptance before announcing it publicly. The Uber driver said she was glad about the punishment- she didn’t criticize it.
    Staying out of trouble and winning will improve the optics.
    Time will tell


    What a windbag.. I don’t care what subject he spews out.

  3. Pete I Says:

    They really don’t need the “goods” on America’s Choir Boy to punish him. The CBA allows for that. Jim Rome is right by the NFL “policy” it should have been 6 games no questions asked. Perhaps Alanbucsfan is correct, perhaps this was the case the NFL wanted to show future players, “if you cooperate and take your medicine we will be willing to make a deal you can’t refuse” NFL does not need a smoking gun, hard evidence or anything, not really. Lot’s of convictions and prison sentences have been given based on circumstantial evidence only.

  4. Pete I Says:

    Lot’s of convictions and prison sentences have been given based on circumstantial evidence only. – To clarify within the Criminal Justice System – The NFL can punish with far less evidence.

  5. Pete I Says:

    Could America’s Choir Boy afford a long, expensive court battle? Could America’s Choir Boy’s already tarnished past taken MORE PR hits? The Buc’s single page response seems to suggest they know what happened, would they want MORE issues from America’s Choir Boy – its bad enough the PR hit they are still taking, imagine Crotchgate being played out over months. America’s Choir Boy is very, very lucky…AGAIN

  6. Pete I Says:

    Also Zeke and Brady had ownership behind them, America’s Choir Boy does not appear to.

  7. FireLovieNow Says:

    I dont think I can handle one more story about Jameis. This guy has become a major distraction just like when he was in college. I have a Jameis Jersey and so do my kids. They will never be worn again. He needs help and should be in prison. Mark my words, he will strike again eventually.

  8. Buc4L Says:

    Player get away with worst crap on a daily basis. Let’s get real, if the bucs were winning none of this BS talk about Jameis would be going on. I have no doubt he will bounce back this year and we will have a great season. As for the agents, who cares what happens, they parted ways, it’s business, people get hired & fired. I can’t wait until we get to Football, getting tired of all this constant negative BS from nonbucs fans trolling the site of fake fans who just get caught up in the drama. You like drama, go watch some soap operas, stay off this site.


  9. JA Says:

    The decision seems logical to me…No matter what the NFL did, it was a lose-lose for Winston…if he fights it and maintains his innocence, he will lose any he said-she said fight in the court of public opinion. The NFL can’t prove his guilt and Jameis can’t prove his innocence but we all know nobody will believe Jameis, especially with his past and the new “guilt without hard evidence” thinking that pervades America.
    As stated, under those accurate conditions, the compromise seems logical. The NFL suspends him for three and he apologizes without a detailed admission of guilt.
    As I said, if he fights it he will lose the battle whether he did it or not and his career will be over–innocent or guilty.
    This way the NFL will not ruin a career with no physical proof and no police report or criminal charges filed. Also, the NFL gives the perception of doing something ,no matter how debatable, against alleged sexual allegations.
    He apologized to the woman if she felt offended and apologized for drinking. He didn’t apologize for groping…He still loses but not as bad as if he attempted to fight it…

  10. Buc believer Says:

    Rome is the best in the world….check that the universe….check that…. in like forever! Right clones? WHAT A D!! Who the hell cares what Rome thinks?

  11. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I would think more than likely the NFL, suffering from its own image problem with kneeldowns, ticket prices, and all the bad publicity due to unsavory guys like Ha*dy, R*ce, Elliot and Winston wanted to move it along. Also, if the case is not referred for prosecution, I don’t think the NFL cares about keeping it open. I agree with Jim Rome though…the suspension should not be negotiated. This is one of the things schemers and liars like Winston thing they can do, is always talk their way of things…probably because they have so much experience at being in trouble.

  12. George Says:

    I agree with Pete. Zeke and Brady fought it and still got suspended. The Nfl case wasn’t that strong. He said she said. No hard proof that it really happened. So Rodger probably Told Wiston, I got you for 2 games for not reporting the incident, you fight it you will find yourself like Zeke and Brady. So they negotiated a 3 game suspension.

  13. JMan5 Says:

    Rome’s right.

  14. Pete I Says:

    “I have no doubt he will bounce back this year and we will have a great season.” Bounce back from what? Mediocity? He hasn’t had a good year yet. One can only hope he CAN respond this way. The jury is still out. And as far as ” if the bucs were winning none of this BS talk about Jameis would be going on. ” You are quite wrong, this talk would be going on and of course we won’t really know how intense it would be because they, the Buc’s aren’t winning.

  15. tval Says:

    Any conviction based on circumstantial evidence, may not have a “smoking gun” but, still, has a SHRED of evidence against the accused…”Kate” doesn’t even have that..HA!!! Pete is MORE desperate EVERY DAY..if your character was WORTH assassinating…yeah!!! Lol

  16. tval Says:

    go crawl back in your hole, Pete. You pretend mariota is wentz and turnaround and call jameis!!!! You’ve lost ALL credibility.. What little you had.

  17. Pete I Says:

    Found this quote, does it ever apply to America’s Choir Boy! ““No one is completely worthless. They can always serve as a bad example.” I think Jameis has discovered his calling. He can be a perfect role model–of what NOT to do.”

  18. Wombat Says:

    Jameis is guilty. If he wasn’t, he would have fought it. No one in their right mind would want to raise a family and look his wife in the face every day with that hanging over their life. Football is second to family, always has been, always will be…. It’s another thing that has just appeared in his checkered life.
    PPL here can blame all the PPL that have accused him over the years for stuff he has/hasn’t done, but the common denominator is Jameis.
    I am a Jameis supporter, but compare the social life of Mariota and Jameis, I would take Mariota the person over Jameis any day. Just Jameis is a better football player.

  19. JMan5 Says:

    Bottom line your qb should be a leader if men and Jameis is not that. Jameis is a hype man.

  20. Buc believer Says:

    Winston needs to get cut… check that he needs to get cut check that he just needs to be canned. The clones all better agree with my take or they will get run too. We will cover this more in the next smack down….. WHAT a moron! Glad 620 no longer carries the jungle. Dude is such a jerk. Jameis will bounce back better than ever.

  21. Pete I Says:

    “I am a Jameis supporter, but compare the social life of Mariota and Jameis, I would take Mariota the person over Jameis any day. Just Jameis is a better football player.” Clearly the bar for a better football player is very low then. Mariota isn’t a very good QB either, but he doesn’t have off the field trunks (would have said baggage but America’s Choir Boy needs more storage) that said I Agree with Wombat!

  22. Pete I Says:

    “Jameis will bounce back better than ever.” better than ever = mediocre turnover filled play. OMG let’s hope not! Maybe he can make to at least being OK – that would be a big, big step forward.

  23. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I hate to admit it, but Dungy was right. The Bucs should have drafted MM. America’s Sexual Predator will do something idiotic again. I believed his version of reality after the FSU case, but people will show you who they are if you let pay attention. He’s a liar, a buffoon and a criminal who makes stupid decisions on and off the field. That’s who he is. No amount of PR spin can polish this turd.

    FSU Grad and Bucs fan.

  24. Doctor Stroud Says:

    JW wins more off the field than on the field.

  25. mark2001 Says:

    What did he do…why would he do this to himself and us? I don’t know where it goes from here…honestly, none of us do. But we better use a high draft pick next year to get someone else in here we can develop. One thing I do know…we can’t put our QB future, and the future of this team for the next decade, in Jameis’s hands. The track record has shown that would be a fools errand.

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think it is both…..because they couldn’t outright prove Jameis groped the driver….only that he didn’t report and was alone and deceptive…..they didn’t want a fight on this one.

    And, get ready for the sound of silence…….

  27. mark2001 Says:

    That may be exactly right TBBF.. but from our perspective, there are just too many variables to pass on a good QB candidate in next years draft. Will he lay off the sauce…will he lose sexual self control again…will his arm hold up and can he play 16 games…will he continue to develop “chemistry” with his receivers on those longer throws, and learn not to be fooled in coverage disguise, as he was against Minnesota? I don’t know… but I do know that as the QB is the engine of this team, we can’t afford to just sit still and put all our trust in him.

  28. Robert Says:

    i’d put my money on jw canning him. he has to blame someone…anyone…but himself

  29. BrianBucs Says:

    If these are the folks that negotiated Winston’s plea bargain then he should have given them a raise. He is VERY fortunate to get off as easy as he did

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    I agree on drafting a QB…..but not necessarily to replace Jameis…..but to replace Fitz…..Some would say Ryan Griffin would be that guy……BS…..Total BS….If Ryan Griffin were that guy….he would already be the guy…..3 years of occupying a roster spot and still isn’t our backup…..perhaps not good enough to rely on as a backup for the backup.
    Let’s draft a QB in rounds 4-7……

    Need two of the first 3 picks to be Oline.

  31. 813bucboi Says:

    is dirk going to have a run heavy offense these first 3 games?…..or will he continue to air it out…..


  32. martinii Says:


    Your last post on this subject should Be the last post on this subject, let’s move on! Are we all just so bored and news deprived that we let this kind of he said, she said crap keep us awake at night. It’s OVER, take the 3 games and forget about it. Those who want to keep these flames burning, MOVE TO OREGON, please. Let’s talk football……..

  33. Not there yet Says:

    Pete I is psychotic up sure have a lot to say and all of it trashing the guy then you come out and say I’m a supporter but that was the only supportive thing you’ve said here. Do you realize you have issues? Where did you come from why are you here and why do I only see you on Winston articles? Get a life seriously before you have a heart attack. I love all the speculation the fine details of evidence and reporting from everyday nobody’s who have more information on Winston than everyone else. He’s guilty in the court of public opinion that’s you guys just remember that. You don’t even know how little you know because all of you have come out before the league released evidence.

  34. Buccernutter Says:

    JA you are exactly right. Nailed it.

    Wombat that is not true at all.

    It’s obvious now that an appeal will most likely go unsuccessful after all the previous cases. So if Jameis did appeal and is innocent, then they withdraw the 3 games and I still the 6 games. Because they can. In real court, it would be 0 because there is no proof. It’s hearsay and that won’t stand up in court.

    So you expect Jameis to appeal it, drag it out all season, AND get 6 games?

    Fact is this is another unprovable offense. Unfortunately so many people already made up their minds he did it and will always hate him.

    But from the majority of polls I’ve seen most are willing to give a second chance which is the right thing to do considering she didn’t even file a report or wasn’t even able to identify him.

  35. JameisNOT Says:

    We all need to stop caring about this loser psychopath player. His agent dumped him because to potential earning power is GONE. A lot of these agents will give high profile players a free ride on their rookie contract and make it up if and when they cash in on their second contract. His agent is simply cutting his losses.

  36. Not there yet Says:

    If the judgment is out why isn’t this evidence? reporting to Uber only just isn’t good enough to me, being from Arizona and getting the lawyer of a girl who settled a civil suit against him in court but not actually filing one even though to you it appears she had a winning case is suspicious. Really you let the NFL represent you. Why is everyone else more outraged than the driver. No police report no civil suit give me a break after two years and you are the first person every to decide I’ll let the league deal with him lol. So many people hate Winston and in this me too era no one ever questions that side of a story.

    Until she files a police report or lawsuit she’s not credible to me. If you’ve been “assaulted” by someone famous you’d just tell your employers like it’s an FYI? Gotta do better than that. The only reason she would file a lawsuit or police report is her version of the story is only accurate enough to get a suspension from the NFL of 3 games. If she had done this to things he probably would be looking at 6 games but the Winston hate is to magnified to even think about that

  37. Not there yet Says:

    His agent dumped him because to potential earning power is GONE.
    The level of idiocy has risen to epic proportions. So an agent will give up 20 mil because of an accusation not proven true in court because she didn’t see or file a police report? Do you think before writing that or were you watching news?

    His 20 mil is part of contact he signed as a rookie, he would have to get cut and Mike Vick made 100 mil twice before jail and after…. It’s the classic hater so much to say even though you don’t know what your talking about. You’ve been watching too much Trump tv.

  38. Eric Says:

    The surprising thing to me is that NFL would deal even after Jameis and Darby cooked up a story?

    Speaking of that why no punishment for Darby?

  39. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This was a lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose for a LOT of people. Perhaps you can add to the list of people Jameis shafted when he decided his first off season to party with two of the most notorious characters, drunk out of his gourd. What would have happened if he never rode with Kate but some cell phone video of Jameis emerges on TMZ or social media with Jameis acting a fool and a commentator pointing out…and look who Jameis is partying with…
    Think those optics would have been milked by the scandal thirsty part of our media? Look a guy who just beat a rape charge is now partying with a guy who did not!

    So how many folks did Jameis selfish actions hose…feel free to add to the list.
    1.) FANS!!!!! ALL of us!!
    2.) Licht/Koetter/Glazers/Smitty/other Buc players
    3.) NFL

    BTW the NFL does not care if Jameis grabbed Kate or was out drunk with bad hombres…they care about their product and it’s rep…as they say “The Shield”

    This was a PR solution and nothing more. No commentary on what Jameis did or did not do just what it APPEARS he has done. And that’s enough for a business driven almost totally by public opinion.

  40. DB55 Says:

    Come on man you all know darn well if the nfl had even the slighted evidence against jw they would nail him to the wall. If they had any evidence they would have gone straight to 12 games to satisfy the mob.

    Is there’s even 1 example where the nfl took it easy on a player? Just one example please?

    Chances are JW fired his agent bc he got suspended in the first place as a way to appease the shield. I said it from the beginning with all the inquiries from the TB pen and mic club on what seemed like a daily basis the nfl didn’t have a choice to suspend Jameis.

    Imagine how the “boycott” crowd would react if Goodell said – we don’t have any evidence to support the claim, although Kate’s story is credible and consistent there simply isn’t any evidence of wrong doing and there will not be any suspension.

    Boy, you’d have Hunter’s and Madison’s mom (sporting the bob) up in arms talking about canceling their season tickets and mailing their Jersey’s back to OBP. Oh wait……

    I garunteed JW will sign with 1 of the top 3 most powerful agents in the league

  41. JMan5 Says:

    The biggest loser in Ll of this is the fan base. At least MM is clean and easy to like /root for

  42. Skywalker Says:

    Their is soooooo much to this story that isn’t being told to us right now! None of it makes sense! Sooooooo the nfl cut him a break knowing how much emphasis is being put on sexual assault and womans rights nowadays….. I don’t think so…. this would have been the perfect time for the nfl to prove to the community that they don’t stand for sexual assaults but they chose to reduce the penalty! Fishy as hell!

    She is either lying/blackmailing him or Winston just can’t control himself at times and our owners pockets are deep enough to make it disappear. You know what I figured it out!!!! The Arizona cardinals are salty that we got coach Buckner and they are trying to set us up to be even more deplorable than last year lmao (joke)

    Listen………. I doubt any of us are in the right tax bracket or involved in the right crowd to get the real story sooooooo what can we do?

    We need to move along with this now

  43. jb Says:

    Who on earth cares what a self involved jerk like Jim Rome has to say about ANYTHING? The Joe’s are reaching for material. SAD!

  44. Skywalker Says:

    DB55 I agree with you.

    I will never know the truth but I think your right.

  45. DB55 Says:

    Sky walker

    It’s seems so obvious! The nfl reduced the minimum sentence on a sexual offender bc he apologized? Gimme a fckn break man!

    Yet before the verdict the TB media was doing all kinds of investigating now it seems only you and I find this fishy af.

    And if jw was guilty and indeed receive a favor why fire your agent? Seems like you’d give him a raise for getting you out of trouble.

    Actions speak louder than words my friends, don’t be gullible use your critical thinking skills if you have any.

  46. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “I garunteed JW will sign with 1 of the top 3 most powerful agents in the league”

    I wouldn’t challenge that guarantee DB. Jameis has certainly earned enough millions in his three years to place ANY agent on retainer. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.

    But just guessing it sounds like your saying Jameis is still such a valuable NFL property that any agent would be happy to rep him. IE They’re willing to take a risk on Jameis.

    Really? We’d have to see the contract now wouldn’t we. I suspect having seen “professional” reps in various industries work…that they will ask for a “retainer”…enough up front money to cover their costs in case Jameis crashes and burns again.

  47. John5 Says:

    I don’t get it. 7 months ago when all this came out, everyone was talking about how Jameis would be suspended no matter what. Even if he was innocent. It was a given. It’s the NFL. In Ezekiel Elliot’s investigation by the NFL, even the investigator said she found no wrongdoing or grounds for suspending him and they did it anyway. He fought that through and through and still ended up with the full 6 game suspension.

    Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, and everyone is acting like Jameis just did this nonsense. And he’s such a piece. What changed???! All the NFL did was say they concluded their investigation and are suspending Jameis for 3 days due to a deal. The deal was for him to apologize and not fight it. His apology was vague, because he isn’t guilty. He gets 3 days instead of 6, which would’ve happened no matter what per NFL policy. And now everyone is out to hang the guy. It’s the NFL. He would’ve been found guilty and suspended if there was any inclination that he was involved.

    Even you Joe. Repeating the benefits of all this controversy, and the last two weeks have been spewing out article after article bashing Jameis. Even referencing opinions from NFL saints such as Lawrence Taylor. Like no one knew this was coming from the NFL no matter what. I think in hindsight, Jameis is upset he made the decision to take the deal, because it makes him look more guilty in the public eye. That might be why he fired his agents.

    I know there were already a ton of Jameis haters chomping at the bits, but I don’t get everyone changing their entire opinion of him once the NFL finally completed its “investigation”. I could defend the alleged college antics, but everyone has had it out for him and it’s no use. Talking mental issues on this blog even. Because Keyshawn Johnson knows mental issues?! Give me a break. Shame on Joe and the so called Bucs fans. The guy just got engaged, has a baby on the way, does tons of charity, the list goes on and on.

  48. ndog Says:

    It is amazing how people spin things. It is very clear to me that Jameis does not feel he did anything wrong and he fired his agents caused they settled for this 3 game suspension and for him to stay silent. People want to make it something else but this is just another sign that he is not admitting to anything and if fact feels he is being wronged in this situation. Why else would he fire his agents who have been with him since the start of his career, it makes no sense?

  49. DB55 Says:

    What doesn’t make sense is how a mandatory 6 game suspension gets reduced to 3 games.

    Or how a guy who allegedly did the same thing to 4 different women only gets a 2.75 mil fine.

    Or how a player who beats up a civilian only gets a 1 game suspension, jw got a 1 game suspension for touching Lattimores helmet.

    Do you see the inconsistencies? Nah, probably not just blinded by hatred I’m sure.

    For all you UF fans didn’t a bunch of guys on your team get brought up on charges last year? Ijs

  50. Trench War Says:

    good grief …as HRC would say, “what does it Matter”? We can’t change anything even if we knew every single detail. With all the finger pointing at Goodell it still doesn’t change the fact that Jameis caused all this, not Goodell. Going from 6 games to 3 games at least shows that Goodell has flexibility. I feel if Jameis was completely innocent he would have made no deal and appealed the decision. So whatever the findings were is a moot point.

  51. D1 Says:


    Blinded by hatred? How exactly does hatred blind someone to your so called inconsistencies? Is hatred your excuse? Anyone who is hate free is or should be able to see the laughable errors in your evidence. Yes laughable . Anyone who tries to level results and simultaneously claim inconsistencies is either blinded by hatred or not very intelligent. Maybe incapable of complex logic equations is more informative and less offensive than saying not intelligent.

  52. DB55 Says:

    How exactly does hatred blind someone to your so called inconsistencies?
    Are you being facetious? So called inconsistencies?

    On one hand you have an nfl owner that was fined pocket change for harassing and assualting 4 women employees. And I’m not even bringing up the “other” component of his situation. The nfl was provided with OVERWHELMING evidence including hand written notes by the owner to his employees telling them what he wants them to wear, touching them etc.

    Yet, I don’t hear any talk about on bspn, nfln etc at least not to the level of jw who apparently is a r-word and a liar even though there is little to no evidence to support such claims. Certainly, no evidence to support that he’s an r-word.

    But his punishment is far more severe than the owners. But you probably don’t categorize that as hate and probably feel the case against the owner is circumstantial at best. Am I right?

    Lastly I’ll say this if you’re interested in confirming the hate please search the archives for the 2015 draft and see what people were posting about jw. Heck just go back to last weeks articles, plenty of examples there too.

    And if that doesn’t do it for you just take a trip on I-75 and look up as you pass the I-4 access ramp. Smh.

  53. Jjones Says:

    D1 just made someone look like a fool, DAMN!

  54. Tnew Says:

    One of the Joes has consistently critical of the Winston camp. I concurred and put it on the responsibility of Winston to make some changes. I see this as a plus.

  55. DB55 Says:


    Are you and D1 but buddies or the same person? I’m positive you’re not the same person. I ask bc in the last 17 articles the only time yove commented is only after D1 posts a comment and he posts sporadically. Is this a tag-team? Is he Boss hog and you’re Roscoe or better yet flash?

    D1’s mo is to sound smarter than he is and combat anyone calling people out for being the hypocrites that they are, it’s so circa 1960s. GTFOH w the BS!

    That’s the type of chit Drumpkins say to legitimize their hatred.

  56. ATrain Says:

    That speaks loud

    JWs agent parts ways with him just before the season he will get his million dollar contract


  57. DB55 Says:


    Every report I’ve read said jw fired the agents bc he wants nfl agents to negotiate his contract.

    But saying the agent left him sounds better.

  58. ATrain Says:

    That would make more sense

    Can’t see an agent dropping a check later like JW right before contract year

  59. Proudbucsfan Says:

    DB55-Just made someone look like a fool, DAMN

  60. D1 Says:


    I am going to assume you’re as smart as you stated. So I will simply say
    take your belief and turn it into a mathematical equation. Shouldn’t take much time until you’re faced with a problem. You can solve it by accounting for the error. But it requires an addition to your statement. DB no joke, it’s such a fundamental error that it’s often overlooked. That’s why I am appealing to your intelligence instead of challenging it.

    If you’re not successful, get back w me. I will be happy then to tell you. Let’s allow you the opportunity to correct it first. Math is language of logic and you can’t miss it.

  61. DB55 Says:


    If you only knew how many have tried to play this game and failed miserably. Speaking of which wth is Hawaii? Lmao.

    Btw working on your formula rn, brb, stay right where you are.

  62. Jjones Says:


  63. ATrain Says:

    Really D1

    I didn’t read every other report on this topic makes me a fool

    Don’t be a D:&K

    This is a discussion forum

    Discussion is a big word I understand

  64. Pryda... sec147 Says:

    INNOCENT until Proven guilty…

  65. Pete I Says:

    “INNOCENT until Proven guilty…” And the NFL found him guilty and the Buc’s organization agreed – “All members of our organization are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Personal Conduct Policy of the NFL. We are disappointed that Jameis put himself in a position that has been found to violate the policy and accept today’s decision by the Commissioner.”

  66. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Some of my friends think Jameis has thrown his last ball in Tampa. The NFL is known to Blackball players, look what they did to Kaepernick and Maurice Clarett.
    These friends point to the parting of the ways between Jameis and his agents as a sign that they know Jameis will be blackballed by the NFL.
    Jameis will have to be cut next year, to avoid the salary cap hit.
    However, if we play Jameis after the suspension, and he gets injured, then guess what ?
    Tampa will own him the entire 20 million dollar contract!

  67. dbagsy Says:

    Did they not have the goods on Jameis?

    ^^^hahahaha man the spin here is phenomenal. That America’s QB moniker is fading by the second. The longer you keep saying that garbage the more respect I lose for you Joe/s and I didn’t think that was even possible. I love train wrecks, this site has become one. HEHEHEHE

  68. GhostofSchiano Says:





  69. BucEmUp Says:

    I cannot stand this guy….but he’s right. Everything he said (this time) makes sense.

    Not saying Winston is guilty or not guilty, but if you have enough to lay down a suspension and you do it for less games than less serious conduct something isn’t right

  70. Destinjohnny Says:

    One thing is for sure is if u think this is the first time Jameis has done something like this u are smoking the drapes
    If someone else comes out….. Jameis is selling cars

  71. BigMacAttack Says:

    Rome loves the sound of his own voice. When are the players going to band together and refuse to sign that stupid thing? Or have stricken from contracts. NFLPA needs new representation. What a man does on his own time is his own business unless he’s convicted in a court of law. This is all such BS. D Smith was so worried about having fewer practices he sold his players out on this one.

  72. Bucnjim Says:

    Well it’s like I have been saying Getting extremely bad advise from somewhere! This case has NEVER been about going to jail just piss poor judgement. First was being drunk and getting in the front seat with a woman driver. WTF!!! Second is it’s VERY hard to grab any girl between the legs while she is driving. Not sure if anyone has ever had some car booty but from experience he probably had his hand on her leg. She literally would have had to have her right leg on his lap to cop a feel. Did he hit on her probably but to the extent everyone is raging about its almost impossible physically and I’ve tried many times just not on strangers.

  73. Bucnjim Says:

    Also getting back to bad advice he should have came forward to the NFL last year. Yeah I was drunk and I hit on an uber driver. Put my hand on her leg and she said do not do that and I stopped my advances. Sorry and I accept my penalty for wrong doing. I apologize to all Bucs fans for being a drunken idiot! My guess is since his agents get paid for game day participation they talked him into keeping his mouth shut and letting it snowball to what it now is.

  74. dissapointedbucfan Says:

    I hope she sues him and gets all of his money then the bucs cut him

  75. Durango 95 Says:

    Looks like a clear indication that Jameis was forced to take the rap due to a greasy stitch-up concocted between his agent and that filthy Goodell.

  76. Joe Says:

    Looks like a clear indication that Jameis was forced to take the rap due to a greasy stitch-up concocted between his agent and that filthy Goodell.

    Not sure to Joe is this is accurate but he loves both the passion and the underlying outrage. 🙂

  77. #Crown Me Queen Says:

    Here we go again! Same so called fans ready to jump ship again. There is always a complaint with whatever QB is on deck! If they get rid of JW, someone will be complaining about the next. No man is perfect!! If you’re so dissatisfied then FIND ANOTHER TEAM!!!!!! Then when the team win a few games do us REAL fans a favor and stay gone! Loyal fans are up when the team is up and down when the team is down. Last I checked its a free country,just find another team, there are 32 to choose from!!!!
    #Real fans stand up!!!
    #These fans ain’t loyal!!!

  78. Skipper Says:

    Pete had all the answers folks, has the inside scoop. Nice to know you are very close to the NFL front office and Bucs ownership.