How Quickly We Forget

July 17th, 2018

Few checkdowns.

Joe is reliving a memory from the not-so-distant past that may give open-minded folks something to think about.

In particular, Joe is hoping the Jameis haters are able to put some things into perspective. Well, at least a handful. Joe knows most made up their minds up about America’s Quarterback long ago.

Remember those halcyon days of Bucs lore when the team was led by the Virginia Cannon known as Mike Glennon? Joe liked Glennon the man quite a bit but as a starting quarterback in the NFL, Glennon was simply overmatched. It’s why wherever he goes, his team quickly drafts a QB in the first round.

Well, one particular on-field habit Glennon had drove Joe nutso. It was his fetish for throwing the ball to a receiver two or three yards short of the sticks on third down.

This just made Joe absolutely mental. Of course, one could blame the offensive coordinator for calling plays with routes short of the sticks on third down. Fair. But Glennon should never even have thrown those passes, much less do it multiple times a game, habitually.

Joe could understand if Glennon was throwing to a speed demon who had a chance to turn upfield and manufacture an explosive play. But Tiquan Underwood and his hair were a far cry from DeSean Jackson.

Well, Jameis has no such problems. In fact, the PFF tribe and their orangutans unearthed a stat that shows that no NFL quarterback last year threw to targets past the chains more than Jameis. Over half of his passes were intended for receivers past the first down marker.

So, yeah, the Bucs could easily shove Jameis out the door. And in his place could be the next Checkdown Charlie, or Mike Glennon II.

Be careful what you wish for.

94 Responses to “How Quickly We Forget”

  1. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    I saw that stat last year, and noticed it in his play. — That is a result of “competitive spirit”, in that Jameis can’t stand to throw it just short of that mark. It is just one element that I love in his game and can see the potential greatness that is there.

    I am definitely not one of those ready to give up on #3. — He has some mistakes that he needs to overcome, and we all know get that. — I believe he underlying heart & soul of the kid will win out in the end and he will indeed overcome those things.

  2. Fire the glazers Says:

    Is there really a choice???
    I chose that I will not watch so long as Jameis starts…
    Do I like the fact that arguably the best QB in Bucs history is a pervert and can’t stay out of trouble???
    No. I can’t control that.
    But I can control my tv when he’s on…
    My remote control with the mighty OFF button.

  3. OneBuc55 Says:

    Jameis is the man…

    If his haters took the time to do the research they’d see Jameis already has set a handful of passing records since he arrived in the league…No QB in history has better passing numbers at his age…

    Nit pick him all you want but, the reality is he’s nowhere near his ceiling…

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wow all these great stats!
    Too bad none of his stats make up for the huge amounts of turnovers!

    Joe has so much love for Jameis- whos winning record is as bad as many other Buc QBs

    Hes mediocre. There is only a couple of unique thing about Jameis.

    Hes the only Buccaneer QB to be labeled a sex offender by the league
    Hes the only QB to lie to commissioner, owners, coach , and teammates.

    If winning is that important to you, you are fked up

  5. Dooshlarue Says:


    You sure seem to be using the PFF stats to make your cases more than you used to.
    Just because you still refer to them as monkies doesn’t change it.
    Remember, you had a teacher who taught you that statistics can be twisted…..

  6. Yar Says:

    The only thing anyone gives a sh1t about is wins. It’s as simple as that.

  7. The Buc Realist Says:


    So are the Bucs only allowed to have either MG8 or JW3????????? Are there no other QB’s that can throw a first down allowed to play for the Bucs???????

    Is checking the ball down and punting any worse than an offensive turnover?????

    Are you telling the “real” fans that MG8 could not win 3 game in a year like JW3 did???????

    It only sets the franchise back years, If you keep trying to “fix it” for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Fire the glazers – No one cares if you or Roy or Pete or Walter or meh or any other Winston judgmentalists watch or don’t watch. Root for or don’t root for.

    Jameis will be the Buccaneers starting QB for at least a dozen more years so it sounds like you should just find another team to troll – er, be a fan of….

    You’re full of it anyway. You will watch – just like you will keep coming here and posting so you can continue talking chit about Jameis…

  9. meh Says:

    Cut him. Some things are more important than football. His performance is irrelevant.

  10. Tommy W Says:

    Anyone saying they won’t watch the Bucs when Jameis plays are either fooling themselves or liars. Has he been a knucklehead? Yes. Is he a role model you want your kids to idolize? No. But I’ll bet my house that these righteous Jameis haters have something in their past they are not so proud of or have even made a terrible mistake while drunk. But if he wins, you’ll act like you never doubted for a second.

    So many triggered fans with empty threats.

  11. Jjones Says:

    Over half of his passes were intended for receivers past the first down marker. “Intended” is the optimal word here.

  12. Etzel Says:

    Nothing screams, middle school girl begging for attention like, “OMG look everyone I’m not gonna watch this season!” Uhhhhh, so what are you doing here then?

  13. Jeff Diaz Says:

    Before you go making sweeping accusations let’s get our facts straight.

    A profile in Sports Illustrated explains the fictional geography was concocted by Roethlisberger in 2010 as a way to reject his real hometown of Findlay, which he felt collectively turned on him after he was accused of raping a woman in the bathroom of a club in Milledgeville, Ga., the second rape allegation lodged against Roethlisberger in a two-year period.

    Everyone makes mistakes. Yes mistakes and bad choices. That doesn’t make them bad people. Remember Saul in the bible killed hundreds of people and was reddemed. The athletes are people too and make mistakes. Unfortunately we make sweeping accusations now without all the evidence.

    I have questions with this incident as well. Why was Jameis in the front seat by himself with the Uber driver? Why didn’t she just pass the food rather than let him obviously drunk reach over her? We seem to in the age of #METOO forget that it isn’t all on the man. I have 2 boys and am scared of what will happen with them now with this out of control movement that can now ruin a person for vendetta’s. I have seen many young men accused of things and now it is up to them to prove it didn’t happen as opposed to them being innocent till proven guilty.

    Do I believe he did somethings wrong yes, but there is a reason he hasn’t been arrested. But it was also 2 years ago people. 2 years with no issues since, he is getting married and now has a baby. It changes a man’s thinking. No more parties and times to get in trouble.

  14. Dooshlarue Says:

    It only sets the franchise back years, If you keep trying to “fix it” for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like that Realist!

    Sorry, I meant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Robert Says:

    “Joe knows most made up their minds up about America’s Quarterback long ago.”


  16. Not there yet Says:

    Oh my goodness someone just actually used Winston and Mike Glennon in the same sentence….. This fan base is pathetic, really you could have mentioned anyone other than Captain checkdown. Like a quarterback who doesn’t keep getting sent to the bench in favor of rookie quarterbacks.

    And if you’re not going to watch the bucs because he’s the starter but posting that here it’s probably a lie. Most of you liars will watch just to see if he fails, if you are still posting you won’t watch the games why bother to read an article about him? Absolutely pathetic

  17. Fire the glazers Says:

    Not the time or the place to judge…
    That goes for you too.
    I am aware of how tall my horse is and how long I choose to sit on it.
    And if you recognize I’ve been on here before, then hopefully you recognize that my disloyalty is to the glazer trust fund babies who have flushed this franchise down the pipes…
    I’m not a coach, I’m not a player. I can’t be cut or fired, but I can choose to not watch, the same as some choose to kneel.

  18. Not there yet Says:

    meh Says:
    July 17th, 2018 at 8:36 am
    Cut him. Some things are more important than football. His performance is irrelevant.

    Yeah because it’s not like the Glazer’s are in the business of making money or anything…. comments like that is why don’t care what we think, your opinion is just as irrelevant.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    I wish we’d stop with the “record-breaking stats” crap. It’s the new norm. Almost 1/3 of the QBs in the league are throwing 4,000 yards routinely.
    Lets leave it at: He’s a capable QB with the potential to be great. He’s got issues and needs to continue improving, and that’s on the field.

  20. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Fire the glazers Says:
    July 17th, 2018 at 8:13 am
    Is there really a choice???
    I chose that I will not watch so long as Jameis starts…
    Do I like the fact that arguably the best QB in Bucs history is a pervert and can’t stay out of trouble???
    No. I can’t control that.
    But I can control my tv when he’s on…
    My remote control with the mighty OFF button. ”

    A real Buccaneers fan understands there are 51 other players on the team that they can support.

  21. Americas Qb Says:

    Good fire the glazers. Good riddance. We dont need fans like you anyway. Just like the team is getting a reboot this year so too should our fan base. Are all the other team sites filled with fans who spill nothing but negativity towards its teams and players. I mean why read and watch the any sport if thatvis the attitude you are going to have. Think positive and cheer for your team. I am not a fan of what Jameis did either in his past but he and everyone knows one more slip up and he is gone.

  22. tickrdr Says:

    That “checkdown artist” went 4-9 = 0.307 during his ROOKIE year.
    MG8 and the Bucs’ offense scored 19.5 ppg that year.

    Our “first down king” went 3-10= 0.231 during his THIRD year.
    JW3 and the Bucs’ offense scored 18.96 ppg last year, despite ALL of those “weapons for Winston”.


  23. Robert Says:

    props to you bonzai, I agree

  24. Robert Says:

    also think I might want to rethink where I get my buc info…

  25. Wausa Says:

    Jamies can be a great QB.
    Let’s hope the Bucs can win one of the first three games while he is out.

  26. Ga. Buc fan 42years Says:

    Wow the hate is unbelievable !All you saints have NEVER lied, I call B.S. No other QB has lied again B.S. Joe where is that ” Taylor Swift” vid you posted so often last year. Or are you a closet hater too?

  27. JameisNOT Says:

    Stats are for losers and that is what JameISNOT record is, LOSING. Winocheo the prolific turn over machine cannot win at this level. You state “how quickly we forget”…. we’ll not as quickly as dumb as a bag of hammers JW forgets his progressions.

    The Truth has spoken.

  28. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Capt.Tim Says
    “Too bad none of his stats make up for the huge amounts of turnovers!”

    And you don’t think all those fumbles were a result of bad oline blocking combined with his should injury? He had 5 more fumbles than the previous year.

    But you are right, he does have ball security issues. A good part of that was collapsing pockets and horrible blocking. How many times did defensive players instantly make a beeline for him because they were unblocked?

    So far as picks, aside from his injury, that’s lar for the course with a gunslinger.

    I will admit this though…some of his turnovers are a result of his refusal to give up on plays or taking a sa

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    Love the way you use the term ‘Jameis haters’ Joe. Guess the world really is divided into only 2 camps … You’re either for something (or someone) or you’re against it (or them). Don’t you wish the world was so black and white?

  30. Fire the glazers Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai-
    You’re an idiot if you don’t understand why some fans choose not to watch.
    All it takes are the heinous actions of ONE individual.
    It’s funny to me how many people will attack another over words, but unless they can catch or throw a pigskin well, no one cares…
    Not the first time we’ve disagreed.

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucsfanman Says:
    July 17th, 2018 at 9:01 am
    “I wish we’d stop with the “record-breaking stats” crap.”

    As long as he keeps doing it, it deserves to be pointed out.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree Joe. It feels so good to be a fake fan. Yeah Baby!

  33. Dooshlarue Says:


    Who are you leaving out?
    53 last I heard.

  34. Casey Morgan Says:

    “A real Buccaneers fan understands there are 51 other players on the team that they can support.” Now that’s funny…

  35. Fire the glazers Says:

    Funny how many of you were ready to let him go or trade him.
    Now all of a sudden, because the Bucs are non commital on JW3s future beyond this year, you want to call out the rest of us for being judge mental. It’s not about judgement. It’s about a punk who doesn’t hold himself to the same standards as the rest of us because he is really good at throwing a football.
    Just look at his actions and realize he doesn’t care about the fans either. If he has a bad year. And coach and GM get the boot…
    Next head coach and GM give him the boot and the next city will welcome him with open arms…

  36. Bob in Valrico Says:

    No one knows how long Jameis will be here except the glazers. With this this current accusation still in limbo they did commit 21 million for 2019. There are flashes of brilliance,as there ill advised turnovers I hope the new O line can change this.
    That said ,Koetter should take line call resonsibility from Jameis and give it
    to Jenson. The reason I say this is we have had too many delay of game penalties. Lack of awareness of the timeclock may be the result of Jameis trying to make an extra linecall.

  37. Walter Seidel Says:

    Yes, happy days are ahead!!! Winston might DOUBLE his wins to SIX this year!!! Then all the good mommies and daddies can go buy number 3 jerseys for their little kiddies and have them proclaim what a great man Jameis is !!!!

  38. Doctor Stroud Says:

    JW takes risks on and off the field. That’s just how he rolls.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Glennon’s problem is fear. He’s a stick man and twigs break easily. Jameis doesn’t fear getting hit. Jameis doesn’t fear embarrassment. It’s not high on his list of priorities. Winning is though. Wins and losses are a team stat and it’s incorrect to attribute them 100% to the QB or any other single player. It can happen that a single play or call can change the outcome but it overlooks everything else that happened before. If I coulda woulda shoulda is for losers. Jameis is a lot of things and loser isn’t one of them.

  40. ATrain Says:

    Ok so if the Bucs don’t keep Winston we have to get Glennon there is no other option????

    For Winston lovers——- As fans do we cheer for stats or wins???? No one watches the Pro Bowl. Everyone watches the Super Bowl

    HEY JOE. Where is the Winston’s stats on over thrown or under thrown balls
    Especially to DJaxs.

  41. Fire the glazers Says:

    ^^^You are what your record is…
    Jameis is 18-30 the last three years…
    I think statistically speaking, he is a loser.

  42. BrianBucs Says:

    Watch the last 3 games from last year and watch how many times Winston three short of the chains on 3rd down.
    He said he learned some things from Glennon, well……..

  43. BrianBucs Says:


    Here’s another moment to relive for you;

    Vincent Jackson saying after Glennon replaced Josh as the starter, that the receivers were now enjoying being hit is stride with passes.

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai- It’s only “record-breaking” as a Buc and because of his age. That record will eventually be broken by someone else. I dare say that the bar is relatively low for a Buc, comparatively speaking.
    The fact that it’s not all that rare to throw for that many yards anymore, diminishes it a tad. It’s like 1,000 yard rushers, it’s almost expected nowadays.
    I’d prefer wins over stats and would be ecstatic with 3,000 yds passing 20 TDs and a 10-6 or 11-5 record.
    It is a TEAM game, individual stats mean nothing if the team isn’t winning. IMO, of course!

  45. The Buc Realist Says:

    The “Real” fans know why Joe is scared to do a jw3 confidence poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Usually Joe is quicker to throw up a poll faster than old wr mike williams on a Friday night!!!!!!!!!!!
    The stupid and inaccurate nature of this comment was entertaining. –Joe

  46. Jeff Diaz Says:

    So Fire the glazers by your thinking then Payton Manning sucks after his first 4 years as well. Record of 32-32, it is a team game.

  47. BrianBucs Says:


    Agreed, there are multiple causes for Winston’s high turnover number. The main one is that he holds the ball way to long. However a lot of that was do many slow developing plays.
    During the last few games, they were running more quick passes and cut down on turnovers and moved the ball better

  48. Fire the glazers Says:

    Jeff Diaz
    You’re right… I was only pointing out that people say JW is a winner, and like to look at all his stats…
    Except for the one stat the LITERALLY is ‘wins v losses’ and he is 12 games below .500.
    That is a much bigger difference in Peyton Manning’s 4year total…
    JW=18-30 vs. Peyton Manning=32-32

  49. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    That’s great. Amazing even, but let’s be honest with each other. Regardless if he was throwing past the chains or not, he wasn’t on target. When he starts hitting his receivers then we can start bragging.

  50. Tony LA Says:

    Ok – let me state once again that I want Jameis to stay and succeed. Period.


    1. Reading some comments above is like traveling back in time to the way people thought in 1985. In some cases, the Stone Age. In a few, the Dark Ages.

    2. Just so I’m clear, According to a few of you, we’re all granted a rape or sexual assault or two because, hey, people make mistakes when they drink. And woman should always grab the food at drive thru windows or else they get what they get and it’s their fault. Did I get all of that correct?

    Thanks for the time capsule life lessons!

  51. ben Says:

    the bucs have a thug for the face of the team nationally .. cut him and move on!!

  52. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    hahaha @ben, the guy isn’t a thug, maybe a wannabe, but not a thug.

  53. JMan5 Says:

    I’d take Watson in a heartbeat. Heart of gold. Jameis just pulls PR stunts

  54. Evolvingbucsfan Says:

    Joe here is your first mistake…….”may give open-minded folks something to think about.” That would probably make up about 1% of the readers and posters on here, lol, not really appealing to the masses are ya? hahaha

  55. Jeff Diaz Says:

    No Tony, but i think we need to understand the real definition of assault and not what the media now calls an assault. Was the grope wrong yes, but it wasn’t assault.

    a violent physical or verbal attack
    b : a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces an assault on the enemy’s air base
    c : a concerted effort (as to reach a goal or defeat an adversary) an assault on drug trafficking
    2 law
    a : a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension

    If you want to go with the new media standard and the #METOO standard if you bump in the breast on the subway you have now assaulted her. I think that we need to understand reality and not feelings. Again was the grope wrong yes, but it doesn’t make him a sexual pred as much a pervert. Let’s not degrade women who were really raped, just because this fits a quick narrative.

    That is all I am saying. I have close friends who were raped and they even say that this is not what everyone wants to make it out to be. Was it wrong yes, but it wasn’t really criminal. I fear as I said I have 2 boys and we are seriously talking with a lawyer about consent forms because I have seen girls claim rape or sexual assault against boyfriends (young men I have coached) because it gets them out of trouble with Mom and Dad.

  56. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Sorry Joe, gotta disagree. This whole article to me is absolutely ridiculous on its head.

    First, Joe says: “In particular, Joe is hoping the Jameis haters are able to put some things into perspective. Well, at least a handful. Joe knows most made up their minds up about America’s Quarterback long ago.”

    Joe knows nothing of the sort. Joe has no idea when “Jameis haters” made up their minds. Not so sure the term “Jameis hater” really exists. What is a Jameis hater? Someone who doesn’t think Winston should be on the team as the QB of the future? I dunno. Broad spectrum.

    Next comes the ridiculous “be careful what you wish for” statement from the “Jameis apologists.” No Buc fan is wishing for an ineffective QB. I do think it’s reasonable to wish for a guy who leads his team on the field and off, who can win games, and who is not the recurrent center of negative press that is sometimes even centered on sexual misconduct and suspension. This not an “either or” issue. It is not a Glennon or Winston dillemma. How about a guy like Mariota, Brees, Ryan, who do all positive stuff for their teams and organizations and aren’t disgraces. And oh, many also have winning records, unlike Former Face-of-the-Franchise (FFF) Winston.

  57. AHBuc Says:

    Glennon=Didn’t sexually assault 2 women
    Jameis= Sexual assault devil forced 2 (maybe more) women on poor Jameis.

  58. ATrain Says:


    I’m not sure I have seen where anyone put this in the realm of a person rape

    Let’s not be little the victim by taking anything away from the situation
    A Large very strong man grabbed her in a very private region of her body
    I don’t care what you call it
    I’m sure she was scared and violated

    If that was your daughter what would you say the Mr Winston

    I can tell you what I would say

  59. The Buc Realist Says:

    There is a reason that joe is trying to compare jw3 with MG8!!!!!! He does not dare compare jw3 with the rest of the starting QB’s in the NFC South!!!!!!! “How Quickly we forget” when joe would ask anyone how the Bucs are supposed to win with the 4th best qb in the division when MG8 was the QB!!!!!!

    Why does joe not longer ask that???? Because he does not want the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Roy T. Burford Says:

    @Buc Realist…I do have to give Joe credit for at least trying to cover all sides. It does generate traffic I am sure and keeps the dialog up. Everyone wants a QB that wins of course.

    At the end of the day, nothing wrong with wanting a QB who at least minimally does his job, stays out of negative press lanes usually, is a law-abiding citizen, and conforms to the same standards as other players….at least about 98% of them. And yeah, win more games than you lose and be available to at least take the field. That’s the average guy, a reasonable expectation. But of course, the face of the franchise SHOULD be a cut above. Notsomuch here.

  61. Roy T. Burford Says:

    @JeffDiaz…no one is going with media definitions. Winston’s not charged with a crime (at least not yet) but what he is accused of, and what the NFL concluded he did conforms to inappropriate contact with genitals that was intentional and not with consent. In ARI that is a Class 5 felony. Felonay in FL too. But…not charged with a crime.

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    So you want a 25 yr old QB to have the field presence of a 35 yr old QB. The price of wisdom is age and experience. Rodgers carried a clipboard for 4 yrs. Imagine if Winston had that luxury and was an understudy of Favre. I think Jameis is somewhat immature but he will grow out this. If you want Jameis to be a 35 yr old, send him to the sandbox for a year. He’ll grow up. And again, blaming a team’s win loss record solely on the QB is naive and ridiculous. Dilfer was a terrible QB and he has a Super Bowl ring. Can you get that through your thick skulls? Team Sport.

  63. Roy T. Burford Says:

    @BigMacAttack…I can’t throw a ball anymore worth a hoot but I can follow the rules to at least let me be available for games. Let’s start with the most basic requirement. Winston already failed it.

  64. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    We have the 4th best QB in the South, hands down. However, put him in another division and he probably moves up to 3rd, maybe 2nd.

  65. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I wonder if you guys like Roy, tim, Pete, fire the blazers,etc….
    will look back after Jameis kills it this year and you’re on his jock and say man I wasted countless hours on JBF dragging his name through the mud for nothing.
    I mean what do you all still get out of coming on here and trying to call him a rapist or sexual predator/offender? Do you think if you say it enough we will start to take it as fact? Are you Trump?
    I would say get something better to do but judging by the amount of time you have available to post i doubt you can. Maybe go spend some time with your daughters who must be so distraught over Jameis.

  66. DB55 Says:

    No starting QB is asked to do more with less than America’s Quarterback. No oline, no running game, no OC, no qb coach, no defense but yea win 2 playoff games or else.

  67. Bucsfanman Says:

    DB55- I still think that coaching had the biggest influence last year. The play-calling was simply atrocious. A blind man could see that he had no time to throw. Not adjusting to that cost us some victories.
    Koetter insisted on long-developing plays. What should’ve been done was to throw quick-strike stuff short and intermediate and put the ball in the playmaker’s hands.
    It’s unfair to completely blame JW for all the mishaps. How can you expect him to execute whilst under siege?
    Cater the plays to your player’s strengths. Why is this so difficult to comprehend from a coach’s perspective?
    The run-game too! All day the o-line was getting pushed into the backfield. Why keep running inside? Pop one outside from time to time and see what happens.

  68. Locked In Says:

    Walter must have missed the orangutan reference.

  69. Roy T. Buford Says:

    AlaskanAbSnowman is right. We should make sure anything we decide to respond to on an opinion board agrees with his opinion. Otherwise, it’s wasting time.

    I wonder, how can Winston can’t “kill it” this year when he’s not even allowed to play.

    Back in the olden days, the stupid people got eaten by smarter animals.

  70. JMan5 Says:

    Alaskan no one will do that cuz it won’t happen. Even if he balls out some of us have the fiber to resist rooting for a guy forcing others on his jock.

  71. Fire the glazers Says:

    Alaskan Abdominal Snowman
    You’re just riled up because we don’t agree with you.
    And besides, if he lied about this act, it calls to question past allegations… RAPE.
    And don’t try to act like you are better because we ‘have so much time to post’
    You’re on here reading the comments… how much time do you have?
    The point is, we’ve been fans of this team, most of us since before the red and pewter days…
    We take more pride in this team than one guy, but when the trust fund babies who ‘own’ this team can’t show a spine and stand for something, you get pissed.

  72. Fire the glazers Says:

    Alaskan Abdominal Snowman

    You’re an idiot.
    To compare Bucs fans to trump, you must really not think much of us.
    We all love this team.
    But there are limits to my support.
    His lying calls to question his past actions, and quite frankly, I don’t believe him anymore.
    You probably also think that kneeling is wrong…
    It’s a choice of protest, just like I choose to protest the Bucs for standing behind an entitled pervert.

  73. DB55 Says:


    I find it funny that 2 out of the 3 games Winston won he did so by ignoring Koetter and calling his own play. Which tells me Koetter is now more of a liability than an asset.

    Someone mentioned Yesterday that Jameis is held back by Koetter. He’s not allowed to take off and run like Cam and Arod. He’s got long developing plays with no blocking, etc.

    Remember last yr when everyone could tell that Koetter will run the ball on 1st down. Well just as predictable is the seem play to BrAte once we cross the red zone.

    Even more concerning is that many of the receivers drop passes that hit them in both hands, what exactly is Monken bringing to the team?

  74. Buccfan37 Says:

    I remember when MG8 led the Bucs to the win at Pittsburgh a few years ago, many of the local Bucs fans were not impressed here on JBF. Hard to get past that thin giraffe pencil necked loser opinion that built up. Fans are fickle and judgemental like their lives depend on it.

  75. Mo_Downs Says:

    Jamis, WTF..!!

    You’re still acting like a high schooler trying to impress his friends by being the “Playa, Playa” and the subject of high fives from “yo boys” every time a girl says hello to you in the halls between classes.

    Clearly Jameis, you think with the little head. Your parents should have corrected this from the start.

    I really wanted to cheer for the Bucs this season. But, your lack of respect for fans (yes, that includes women) and your team tells me I should move on and root for another team. There is just no way I can continue to support you when you endanger the public with juvenile and predatory behavior.

    I gave you the benefit of the doubt regarding the college rape charges and the back door settlement that followed. But, this latest allegation, settlement and suspension
    are a bridge too far for me to support in the name of team/fan loyalty.

    Seriously Dude, “GET HELP”.

    Dude, Grow Up…!!!!

  76. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Because you have never made a mistake.

  77. Ghastly Bucs Says:

    Well DB55,

    TB was ranked #9 in Total Offense YPG
    TB was ranked #4 in Passing YPG
    TB was ranked #27 in Rushing YPG

    I find it hard to believe that Jamies was the only Starting QB who had it the worst. It just doesn’t line up, sorry buddy. If we had a better rushing game, we would have been a lot better off. Same for a kicking game (we would have won 3 more games if our kicker didn’t suck).

    We did have the worst defense (#32) though in Total Defense YPG

  78. Robert Says:

    well is sexual assault and r a p e is a mistake, then nah, i bet he hasn’t.

    very few are that disgusting and deserves to be in chains.

  79. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    No charges were filed, and there certainly was no “r a p e”. — No one is condoning whatever did happen, and i am with you on that. Jameis has to make amends for this. — However, can we keep separated what happened and what did not?

  80. JMan5 Says:

    Hameis is the new Darren Sharper

  81. DB55 Says:


    I responded to you like 2 hours ago

  82. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Alaskan…whatever you think is your opinion, and I don’t see anyone who disagrees with you attacking you personally as you try to make the subject of comments about people posting them. You also probably shouldn’t talk about posters daughters or other family here. And you WILL not talk about mine again. I hope I’m clear.

  83. Season Is Over Says:

    It is funny how this website has to sell Winston to the public after three solid years in the league.

  84. DB55 Says:


  85. stpetebucsfan Says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard a QB for completing a pass to a boneheaded receiver who doesn’t know exactly where the sticks and first down yardage are.

    The QB hits the open man…looking down the field he certainly doesn’t have the view of the yard line while the target knows exactly where it is and can clearly see the sticks.

    I do concede that some of this might be on the play caller for not getting guys open deeper….but the QB. C’mon man.

    Hater…snowflake…are words that indicate a lack of vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

    And stop comparing Jameis offenses with other players…this is akin to arguing to your mommy that brother Jimmy did it…to which we all heard…if Jimmy jumped off a bridge would you.

    Please stop focusing on the women’s charges and instead focus on Jameis “body of work”. Many are small and insignificant…crab legs did not bother me…several other scrapes did not bother me…I no longer debate about the women and their “allegations” because NONE of us know the truth.

    But the sheer number of Jameis stupid actions from charging a ref to starting a sideline altercation that got his star receiver suspended a game…he totally lacks decision making skill on and off the field.

    And please stop JOE….I was for Jameis…still think he’s a better player than MM but I’m coming to the conclusion that neither of these guys are going to earn their high draft pick status. Silly me I thought they were both great and would one day face each other in an SB.

    Now with Pacman Winston…no longer sure of any SB’s and MM hasn’t exactly wowed us on the field.

    And AGAIN…for those who call me hater…if I wished to lower myself to that level I would address this to the Jameis nutt huggers…but that’s mindless insult.

    So to those who still love and respect Jameis…good luck..seriously without snark. I simply do not see how you trust him? If he was so erratic on and off the field I agree he has lots of talent.

    For a final verification…are all the Jameis supporters OK if he decided to go out again with Darby get blackout drunk until 3AM this Friday. It’s before the season and Jameis has another three weeks on top of that before the whistle blows so why shouldn’t he be allowed to go out with his “friend”? Does PR mean anything to you guys?

  86. OneBuc55 Says:

    St.pete, you really got a lot time on your hands buddy…

    Go Jameis, the haters gonna hate…they had to wait 3 years for their I told you so moment…

    I guess none of these guys have been 21 and drunk before and just happened to grab a chicks butt in a night club or something to that effect while on spring break…same thing, I guess Im the only one man enough to admit it…the only difference between me and James is he’s a Millionaire…This fan base is truly sad…a bunch of hypocrites….

  87. Gambelero Says:

    Great tradecraft guys. You guys got to be totally worn down, like Mathew McConaughey’s character in the surfing movie where there were like 150 days of no waves. So, I’m going to help you out with material for the rest of the week.
    Wednesday: “America’s Fumbling Problem”
    Thursday: “How the Glazers can Save $60m-$80m? (by signing America’s quarterback to an extension now)
    Friday: “Deep trouble” (if we can’t fix the big play connection between Winston and DJax)
    Saturday: “Third and Eight” [about Jameis third and medium long (7-10 yards) league leading conversion rate]

  88. Trench War Says:

    It’s Winston’s over aggressiveness that gets him in trouble. It’s ok to throw shorter routes on first and second down occasionally but on 3rd down throw for the sticks. ..and to be honest, I don’t think it was entirely Glennon’s fault that his check down was short of the line to gain, but then again he should have been a little more aware, and been more daring at times. Fitz is between Winston’s and Glennon’s game. He will play conservative at first with short to intermediate routes and use his check downs but when pressed to score he will be a little more aggressive and try to fit the balls into smaller windows. Some times results are good and sometimes not. Let’s hope our defense is stout and will allow Fitz to manage the game without pressing.

  89. stpetebucsfan Says:


    If I’m hater you’re an obsequious suck up fanboy.

    It’s not JUST about the two most serious charges. It’s about the lack of ability to trust a bonehead as your most important player and team leader.

    Jameis is in Pacman territory for the sheer number of PUBLIC fups. He’s a PR disaster and after getting ME suspended and almost getting himself tossed for who knows how long if Quarles didn’t save his moronic butt from charging an official. He has no self control…that is the issue.

    Please guys stop with the specific defense of the two sex allegations as if that was ALL we’re talking about. It’s simply not!!! Jameis’s actions have shown he is simply unstable and frequently makes bonehead decisions…some of which bite ALL of us in the arse because he’s selfish, entitled and does what he wants regardless of the consequences to his team or the fans.

    It’s the total number of STOOOOPID mistakes that make him untrustworthy.

    I think he can play. So if the team hires some babysitters and tells Jameis he doesn’t get to hang with people like Darby blind drunk at 3AM and he needs to stop lying who knows!

  90. OneBuc55 Says:

    Gambelero, maybe you should start your own blog…see how many fans actually visit…

  91. OneBuc55 Says:

    St. Pete aka Mr. Perfect…

    Pull the wedgie out of your backside, Jameis will be fine Relax…

  92. Bucsfanman Says:

    DB55- Had to get back to work my friend.
    Picking up where we left off, the play-calling just felt forced and did not flow along with the game, something good coaches manage well.
    Is Koetter holding Jameis back? I don’t know, maybe. Maybe there’s a trust issue there, it’s hard to say. Whatever it is though, it needs to get worked out. We have too many good players on offense to struggle the way we did.
    Yeah, there are like 3 plays that were as predictable as a Sean Hannity interview!!! 1. 1st down run up the middle 2. Cam Brate on red zone plays 3. Screen to Hump.
    All 3 should be ripped out of the playbook, shredded, burned, then shot into space so as never to return again!

  93. 1sparkybuc Says:

    For some here accusation equals felony conviction, and they ignore that the accusation was years ago with no factual evidence. The accusation makes no mention of force being used or penetration of any kind. An advance apparently was made, apparently rebuked, apparently stopped. Jameis didn’t brag about it to Billy Bush like some old white guy because he was rejected and doesn’t even know Billy Bush. I sure hope Jameis doesn’t kneel during the anthem. Some old white guy might demand that he be hung in public. The haters here could bring the family and a picnic lunch like they did a century ago. Jameis is responsible for some of the wins and not all of the losses. There is proof that he’s made mistakes and poor decisions, though nothing major in the last two years. There is no proof that he’s done anything criminal. No charges. No arrests. No convictions. No sentencings. Law enforcement and the courts are done with him. The NFL did their thing. Take your picnic to the beach and root for a team with a white QB (not Pittsburgh). I’m going to root for the Bucs and Jameis Winston to have a decade or more of great success together. It’s time to move on. We’re weeks away from football and our team has talent on both sides of the ball. Support the team. They need us.

  94. stpetebucsfan Says:


    What you’ve just posted is a strawman argument. It does not matter one iota if I’m perfect or not.

    I did used to work in broadcasting as a TV sports anchor. I can tell you if I had been accused not once but twice of a sexual offense…if I had been witnessed yelling FHITP in front of a large group of mixed audience…I would have been let go…IMMEDIATELY.

    I clearly understood that like the NFL TV has a large PR component. I wasn’t perfect…but there is a LOT of room between perfect and being a bonehead.

    If you read these comments with moronic charges of hater…I know that word is in style…jeebus could someone come up at least with an original insult?

    Worst of all…the fanboys NEVER address the real issue of trust or the sheer number of fups Pacman Winston has accumulated in a very short time. They always go to the credibility of some poor woman they don’t even know…even though they were not in the car and literally have NO WAY of knowing what really happened.

    We do know a year after the Bucs took a HUGE chance on him after his Tallahassee exploits Jameis decided it was fine to be out blind drunk with two guys of questionable character. Well one…one for sure has been convicted of rape. If you were accused of rape would you hang with the same dude that was with you when you got and a convicted rapist?

    Again not one Jameis defender has had the consistency of argument to at least say…yeah Jameis should be permitted to hang out this weekend with Darby getting blackout drunk till 3AM….THAT is the issue…not whether #metoo has made us all too sensitive.

    Charging an official with a wild eyed crazy look protected only by Quarles who stopped him…fighting on the sidelines with a DB and getting your star WR suspended a game…those are the issues.

    Forget the morality and simply concentrate on JUDGEMENT.

    BTW Thanks to 87’s convincing arguments with me about how it was just immaturity I was totally on board with Jameis…I was excited about drafting him because I LOVE offense and Jameis represented a serious upgrade.

    I supported him until the lying and the revelation of what happened prior to that Uber ride. And I’ve never threatened to stop cheering for the Bucs if Jameis is the QB. But I do not believe I’m an extremist for OBSERVING the sheer number of fup’s and then questioning how we’re supposed to trust him. Especially since he lied as recently as this year about what happened.