Don’t Forget Brent Grimes

July 20th, 2018

Sticking up for her man.

One future Hall of Fame defender called it a day this week.

Another defender who is older and still starting in the NFL should be thought of as a Hall of Fame candidate as well.

When Darrelle Revis goes into Canton sometime in the future, few if any drunken NFL fans will remember his Bucs days. Hell, most Bucs fans don’t remember his Bucs days (thanks Lovie).

And as we heard so many sing the praises of “Revis Island” and how he was the lockdown corner of his era. It seems many folks are forgetting about Brent Grimes.

One person who isn’t is his devoted wife, Miko Grimes. Sick of the indirect blasts at her husband, Miko took to Twitter and made a helluva compelling case that Brent is Revis’ equal if not superior. Grimes’ only problem was he didn’t play in New York.

In fact, former Bucs cornerback Jude Adjei-Barimah retweeted relevant stats about Revis and Grimes.

* Darrelle Revis: Played in 145 games, 29 INT, 3 TD, 4 FF, & 411 Tackles.

* Brent Grimes: Played in 135 games, 33 INT, 3 TD, 3 FF, & 459 Tackles.

So yeah, if people are going to pimp Revis as a sure-fire future member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, then one has to seriously consider Grimes as well.

Why is everyone seemingly riding Revis’ jock (not unwarranted) but ignoring Grimes, a four-time Pro Bowler? Revis mostly played for the Jets and the Belicheats, two major markets in the northeast. Grimes played on teams (Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay) well away from the NFL klieg lights.

The Bucs defense would be in the toilet without Grimes.

Hat tip: @Cvill05

49 Responses to “Don’t Forget Brent Grimes”

  1. JameISNOT Says:

    I think Grimes has nude PICs of DC Smitty. Grimes is way past his prime and can’t stay on the field due to his age/health. Another player simply picking up a paycheck from the Bucs.

  2. Buchead5588 Says:

    Grimes all day

  3. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Our lack of pass rush makes the success of Brent Grimes as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer all that more impressive. He has been great.

  4. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s certainly a valid argument given his accomplishments. And yes, playing in smaller markets he doesn’t get the same pub as others.
    Brent Grimes for President!!!

  5. Not there yet Says:

    Everyone’s a stat hell but pretend all you want like the bent Grimes signing was a big as the revis signing in Tampa. Dude locked down an entire side of the field and yeah you have more stats because quarterbacks are willing to throw your way Grimes

    In their prime on the same team who’s side would get targeted more!!!!!!!!! No question marks needed, everyone knows the answer

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    ISNOT- You HAVE to get called out on that one! Are you F’ing kidding me dude?! That “past his prime” player has been running circles around the rest of the pathetic DBs we’ve trotted out over the years.
    Grimes is one of a HANDFUL of players that has actually produced on the field.
    Do us a favor, go root for another team if you can’t even appreciate one of the few bright spots on this defense!

  7. DayOnePaul Says:

    Shame we didn’t retain Revis when we had him, and sign Grimes a couple of years earlier than we did when he il-fatedly signed with the Dolphoons. We could have had the best CB tandem in the league. Oh, my 42 years of Buccaneer fandom is littered with so many “shame we didn’ts” and “could haves & should haves”. Will I ever see this team become dominant?

  8. Buc believer Says:

    “The Bucs defense would be in the toilet without him”?????….. Joe I thought that the Bucs defense already WAS in the toilet?? Hell we have the tidy bowl man as the defensive coordinator.

  9. Dooshlarue Says:

    Revis Island…… what a joke.
    Over paid and didn’t give a sh!t about the Bucs, only the paychecks.
    He got torched many times as a Buc.
    I like what Grimes has done for us and am surprised and happy that his stats are better than Darrelle “Fantasy Island” Revis

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When you look at the deal for the two players….Grimes & Revis….

    Revis….1 year……16 mil….cost us a 1st & 4th round pick

    Grimes 3 years….appx 1o mil each…..cost us no draft pick

    The difference in Mark Dominick & Jason Licht exposed.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I’m sorry, but Darrelle Revis making the Hall of Fame is a joke.

    Brent Grimes has been the best CB this team has had since Barber left. That’s a fact.

    What I like, outside of his great play, is how humble the man is. He is the polar opposite to Revis in personality. Revis stole money from the Bucs and never wanted to be here.

    Grimes and his wife Miko have embraced Tampa. He’s given 100% on every play. He’s become a mentor to our CBs.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JameISNOT, what is your original username? Because your idiotic take seems familiar.

    Your statement is so ridiculous that I don’t even need to point out why.

  13. Joe Says:

    Joe I thought that the Bucs defense already WAS in the toilet??

    Guess Joe should have initially wrote “sewage treatment plant.” 🙂

  14. Walter Seidel Says:

    Grimes is a solid CB. Too bad his wife overshadows him when it comes to publicity.

  15. Debilah Says:

    JameISNOT has nothing else to say but my son is just picking up a paycheck. I try not to respond to negative people, but this year I am putting my gloves on. If you have nothing good to say, keep his name out of your mouth.

  16. D-Rome Says:

    Hell, most Bucs fans don’t remember his Bucs days (thanks Lovie).

    C’mon Joe, at the time letting go of Revis made sense. What good was paying Revis the money he was making when he was not going to make a single difference in the 2014 season? Cutting Revis was one of Jason Licht’s better moves in his tenure here and signing him was one of Mark Dominick’s worst moves. The Bucs used that salary to get free agents that ultimately didn’t work out (thanks Jason).

    These hand picked stats shouldn’t be the only measure a CB should be graded on but I agree that Grimes should be in the HoF one day.

  17. JameISNOT Says:

    Bonzai: the truth does hurt. I often wonder if you were one of those precious children that live with Michael Jackson on Fantasy Land. Could be the reason why you don’t mind that the face of the Bucs is a grower. Now get back to watching the “View”.

    I speak the truth, I am the truth, and the truth hurts.

  18. Syl Says:

    I know there is plenty of people that doesn’t like Miko. But damnit she stands by her man.

  19. johnnybuc Says:

    honestly i don’t know why you ride his jock so hard grimes was not good last year at times looked like he couldn’t care less & is old and has been injured in both of the last 2 seasons . licht could have took the 10 mil he gave grimes and paid it to a younger guy closer to his prime who’s just as good if not better than grimes at this point (ej gaines, melvin , aaron colvin ) we went out and drafted 2 aggressive press man corners but are probably going to play them in off coverage just because of grimes . they will probably look terrible in the process. same thing has happened to ryan smith and hargreaves they shouldn’t be asked to play off covg so often but since they have a guy who literally can only play off (witch is a liability btw corners should be able to play all covg) in grimes . pretty sure if it wasn’t for miko you wouldn’t be all over him probably just scared of the backlash . but truth is we over paid for a old limited corner who was ranked in the 30s as a cb by PFF for a reason say what you want about them but there analysis of players is actually getting much better and when you read through the position rankings it’s pretty accurate . IMO licht panicked and overpayed grimes when he could’ve followed through with his plan of drafting 2 corners early in the draft and signing a FA corner with the money they throw at grimes . hope i’m wrong but can easily see how resigning grimes handicaps the rest of the secondary like it has the last 2 years

  20. Tampamac Says:

    You know Jameisnot done messed up to bring Brent’s mom to the thread.. If anyone’s seen Menace II Society, you know what I’m thinking.. Lol

  21. johnnybuc Says:

    also bucs fans comparing revis and grimes are absolutely delusional , opposing qbs feared throwing to revis side in his prime , that’s never been the case for grimes . raw stats don’t tell the whole story just because they have similar int and tackles doesn’t mean sh*t frankly and the fact that some many thinks it does shows how little they really know about playing corner how bout you pull up the opposing qbs qbr & comp % when targeting both grimes and revis , or how about the amount of yds given up to a specific receiver compared to what he avg in a normal game . yards after catch given up is good stat to look at too because it tells you if the corner is right there with the receiver and ready to make the tackle right at the catch or if he got burned/ missed tackle . that’ll give you a more accurate representation of who the better corner is .

  22. 813bucboi Says:

    I like talib over both…..


  23. Bucsfanman Says:

    How does having a competent DB handicap the defense?! If the other DBs are better, then they should have no trouble beating out Grimes, should they? I’m struggling to understand the criticisms of this guy.
    Johnny- Sounds like your criticisms are misplaced. I think you should re-direct your ire towards the DC, you know, the one who call the plays and schemes.
    And Miko? Man, Miko ain’t got nothing to do with any of this. If Brent couldn’t play, he wouldn’t play.

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    Pass deflections:
    Forced fumbles:
    Fumble recoveries:
    Defensive touchdowns:

    talib is the player we should’ve never let go…along with Bennett….


  25. Lamarcus Says:

    Common sense says Revis is way better than Grimes. No diss. Just reality Grimes yes he is 35 years old and doesn’t cover the teams number 1. Loft in the run game (age) and consistently gets his ankles broken.

    Matter of fact I just seen Revis here at Circus Circus and he yea he looks toast and he his really retired I guess

  26. Joe Says:

    Matter of fact I just seen Revis here at Circus Circus

    Revis at Circus Circus? LOL.

    To be fair, am told a fine steak can be found there.

  27. Alexander Nascimento Says:

    Revis was only useless in Tampa because of Lovie who was incapable of change his scheme to fit the talent he had and as far as we know it was Lovie, not Jason Licht who called the shots in 2014

  28. Joe Says:

    Just reality Grimes yes he is 35 years old and doesn’t cover the teams number 1.

    Joe swears he saw Grimes covering Odell Beckham last year. If ODB isn’t a team’s No. 1, there are some serious issues.

  29. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    JameISNOT said “(Grimes is) another player simply picking up a paycheck from the Bucs.”

    Seems like unfair criticism of a guy who has started 29 of a possible 32 games for the Bucs, played with heart & passion, and contributed a very impressive 35 passed defensed.

  30. Jeffbuc Says:

    Jameis is not. Some basic reading comprehension is required for this website. If you read the story and comprehended what you were reading you would have retained the information in the article that said grimes lead the league in passes defenses last year with 24. So in what way does a guy leading the league in a key statistic for his position lead you to believe he is mailing it in and just cashing a check. That’s why I’m getting so sick of the same winston haters as your name suggests. You just like to bitch. Jameis could set the record for yards touchdown and rating in a season and if we don’t make the playoffs because of another putrid defense. You would still point out his win loss and say that is all the matters. He needs to not be resigned. You my friend need to go see your doctor and get prescribed a high dose of testosterone. And let your inner man come out.

  31. Jeffbuc Says:

    Joe swears he saw grimes covering Beckham. I thought we had heargraves covering Beckham on a catch of the year clip it was him who got burnt. And I thought you posted an article that he held him to 77 yards or something close. And he might be turning the corner. Might be wrong but that’s what I remember. But that doesn’t mater grimes is still a beast. And I forget that he is that old. Just an amazing athlete who has a lot of god given ability and must take care of his body. I think from the birthday cake pics from his wife she keeps his heart rate up and in good shape.

  32. TampaTown Says:

    This is the same problem Ronde is running into. Somehow it only counts if you play in the NFC/AFC East.

  33. 813bucboi Says:


    you see how everything bad that happens to this team or every bad decision this front office makes its lovies fault….lol…..its so comical….

    -dirk continues to feed a washed up doug….its lovies fault….
    -let revis go…its lovies fault….
    -Winston gets suspended….its lovies fault…lovie drafted him…
    -pass rush sucks…its lovies fault….
    -DB’s playing 12yards off and cant cover anyone….its lovies fault…
    -cant score points….its lovies fault….
    -special teams sucks….its lovies fault…..

    folks want to say dirk is a guru but we haven’t had a balanced attack since 2015…..since lovie got canned, folks act like licht hasn’t whiffed on FA’s(Wilcox,ward,baker,ayers)….but folks will be quick to say, lovie was in charge of FA and licht controlled the draft….that’s all BS….

    and these same folks were “totally confident” last year…….COMICAL!!!!!!


  34. Buc believer Says:

    @Debilah….. it’s called a free country and a public forum. People can say their opinions all they want. Sorry to tell you that. (My son) LOL alike you REALLY Zaire his mom!

  35. Jeffbuc Says:

    @lamarcus I have never seen grimes fake a hamstring injury when he was burnt really bad. That memory is the lasting one I have of Revis. But in his hay day you didn’t throw at him period. There is no doubt that Revis was a one of the best shutdown corners of his generation. But grimes longevity in this sport is what would make him be my vote not over Revis but i still think he should get in. Playing at a high level for so long is hall of fame worthy. Just think back to when he was in Atlanta and Freeman would try to test him. That was along time ago. And it didn’t work out well for Freeman to throw to his side. And he is still doing it. But any coach would pick Revis in his prime over grimes in his. No doubt about it.

  36. JameISNOT Says:

    @jeffbuc: that actually made me laugh.

  37. 813bucboi Says:


    grimes didn’t shadow OBD all game…..VHG covered him most of the game….


  38. johnnybuc Says:

    bucsfanman yes having grimes handicaps the defense it’s pretty simple and thought i explained it pretty well. grimes plays off coverage. period. you won’t ever see grimes in press man or press zone coverage. because of that the corners on the other side of grimes are forced to play off coverage exclusively as well and we’ve already seen the results. it’s not a coincidence that when hargreaves moves inside where he is allowed to jam receivers that he has success. now i don’t think vhiii would have the same level of success playing an aggressive press scheme on the outside just because of his size but a guy like carlton davis can do it. if they put davis or smith out there as the outside corner and play off coverage mostly it’s going to be the same exact results. and my point about miko was to joe saying that he probably doesn’t kiss up to grimes as much as he does if miko isn’t in the picture . you say blame mike smith but really he’s in a tough spot because he has a bunch of pieces that don’t necessarily fit , if you are go to draft to aggressive corners in the draft don’t resign grimes , pretty simple. now you have 3 corners on your team who are better suited in a press bump n run type scheme and 1 guy who plays off . good luck with that

  39. Buccfan37 Says:

    I guess in a backwater locale like Tampa you have to be a very special player to even sniff the HOF unlike noses up in the air big cities self sports importance.

  40. Joe Says:

    I guess in a backwater locale like Tampa you have to be a very special player to even sniff the HOF unlike noses up in the air big cities self sports importance.


  41. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I am a huge fan of both Brent and Miko Grimes. Nobody had a problem with “Stand by Your Man” when Tammy sang it.

    There are stats and your eyeballs. Even then you have to pay careful attention.
    So I looked at Brent and though little guy, journeyman CB, capable..OK.

    I grossly undersold him. I didn’t realize his hops..seeing the youtube of his basketball slams alerted me and then I started watching him use that amazing athletic ability…he plays taller than his height.

    And then he has that rare skill of closing..that quick burst of speed that erases mistakes. Don’t know how many times I thought I saw a guy beat him only to watch Brent recover and close the gap in time to bat the ball away.

    The only thing IMHO that separates Grimes from Patrick Peterson or Jalen Rose is size. They are all great but the old sports axiom…a good big man will beat a good little man.

  42. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    Great stuff, man. I too severely underestimated how good Brent Grimes was going to be for us. He has been a warrior and a great leader.

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    Johnny- With respect, I refuse to believe that our entire secondary scheme is predicated on one player. If it is true, it is 100% on the coaching staff. Grimes is/was our best corner. A good DC will find ways to utilize each individuals talent. It was stated here on JBF that the corners were given the freedom to play up or off. I’m just repeating what was stated. If that truly was the case then your argument is rendered moot. Personally, I have no idea how a DC would allow this, especially since it failed miserably.
    A good DC should be able to adapt his defense accordingly. One player’s abilities/inabilities should not dictate overall scheme or play-calling. Frankly, this is exhibit ‘A’ as to why I believe Smitty should’ve been fired.
    Bottom line on Grimes is that he was the best DB on the team, hands-down! We’ll see with the new cats.

  44. Dooshlarue Says:


    You’re right, everything is not Lovie’s fault.
    But the thing to remember about Lovie is………..

    He sucks, simple as that.

  45. 813bucboi Says:


    that’s your opinion…

    lovie may suck but make no mistake about it, dirk BLOWS!!!!!….


  46. Debilah Says:

    Buc believer, it is questionable about it being a free country, it depends on what we are talking about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Do you have a question about Grimes being (My Son). Come to training camp, I will prove it smh.

  47. Lamarcus Says:


    Yes I was the Adventure some park inside Circus Circus with the kids and Revis was there also with family. I had a Bucs shirt on with a huge flag in the front and that’s the only way I notice him cuz he kept staring at me like I had poop on my face.

    Grimes covering teams number 1? Not in Tampa

  48. GP Says:


    I dare you to say any of that to his face
    I’m thinking you’ll find out what the truth is and just how much it hurts!

  49. Trench War Says:

    I would take Brent over the Buc’s Revis any day of the week. Revis did not play great as a Buc in my opinion. He was ..meh. Brent has been very productive his entire career as a Buc for a lot less bloated price.