Godwin “Never Happened In This League”

July 27th, 2018

Wild chatter from Ryan Fitzpatrick on Chris Godwin

Joe got lucky after training camp practice today, being within listening distance of Chris Godwin and Ryan Fitzpatrick staying for extra, 1-on-1 work on back-shoulder routes and more destined for the end zone.

These guys were on the details!

Man, Godwin is one serious dude about his craft, and it’s clear that Ryan Fitzpatrick is assuming command of the offense. Fitz worked with others after practice, too.

Minutes later, Fitz relocated for a scheduled news conference and said Godwin was truly a one-of-a-kind rookie receiver in 2017. It was a bold statement from a 35-year-old quarterback who has been around the league.

“He was really a veteran presence as a young receiver, which has never happened in this league,” Fitzpatrick said of Godwin.

“So that was great. And he’s got to continue to get better. He can make a 10-year career out of the way that he played last year. But I don’t think he wants to settle for being a guy that’s going to a role player, that’s going to be a good No. 2 or No. 3 receiver. At some point in his career, he’s got to strive to be that No. 1, go-to guy. And he’s just going to continue to get better and better. And I think I see that in him, too, his drive and his willingness, whether it’s in the film room or after practice the way that he works out here; it’s really impressive.”

Everybody at One Buc Palace talks about Godwin as if he’s a some sort of child from the football gods. Imagine if he actually makes the big-improvement leap that many second-year players do.

14 Responses to “Godwin “Never Happened In This League””

  1. lokog Says:

    man I cant wait to start watching our bucs play again been so long

  2. Wausa Says:

    Such a beautiful throw by Jameis and catch by Godwin to beat the Saints in the Bucs last game.

  3. Pickgrin Says:

    But – but we needed a RB – and Kareem Hunt was on the board…

    Nice job Jason Licht. Way to trust your board and go with your instincts. Hunt would have been a nice addition and would have helped this team win more games last year – but Godwin is a special player and one hell of a value in the mid 3rd rd. Now that we’ve added ROJO we are way better off long term having both starting WR spots covered so well for years to come.

  4. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I did right after we drafted him, and preseason last year!! “Chris God win is a godsend” has been my mantra on Chris all-along!

  5. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Godwin, rather

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    And to think that some “losing culture” fans are upset by that game-winning catch against the Saints……..that was a huge positive moment for this young talent, Jameis and set the stage for beating the Saints again….next team up!!!

  7. D-Rome Says:

    I recall seeing Inside The NFL a few years ago when Brandon Marshall would guest host during the week. In one episode Brandon Marshall was talking about how Ryan Fitzpatrick was always texting and communicating with him about the game plan, upcoming opponent, ect… We all know what kind of skill set Fitzpatrick has, inconsistencies and all, but he does work very hard at his craft. That is comforting to say the least.

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    Household name= Chris Godwin

    Fanman has spoken! 🙂

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    feed him!!!


  10. AlteredEgo Says:

    These offensive weapons need a QB that can due their talent justice….

  11. Bobby Says:

    My favorite pick of the draft. This guy is going to be a Bucs legend if he stays healthy.

  12. BucEmUp Says:

    bench djax for Godwin as a situational big play threat

  13. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Yo I wanted this kid drafted in the second round round and I was so disappointed when they didn’t but when he kept dropping and they got him in the third I was blown away! This kid has the demeanor and drive of Antonio Brown. I knew that before they drafted him. Mike Evans and Godwin will eventually be the best receiving duo in the NFL. I’m not just saying that cause I’m a Bucs fan either.

  14. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Godwin will step into Jackson’s spot nicely next year. If everything works out, licht can focus on the trenches next year in the draft.