More Nothing-Special Reviews For Jameis

June 3rd, 2018

A couple of respected and full-time NFL analysts got together to evaluate quarterbacks under 30 years old in four categories, and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, did not make the cut while seven QBs did.

Yes, Joe is a Jameis fan, but reality reveals he’s an average NFL starter and likely in the bottom-half of NFC starters.

Former NFL scout and college QB Daniel Jeremiah and ex-NFL defensive back Bucky Brooks, are in their spring/summer break as full-time draft gurus for NFL Network. In a recent podcast, they each selected who they believe are the best QBs under 30 years old in four categories: best choice for one play, one game, one drive and overall for the next 10 years.

Seven quarterbacks ranked, DeShaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. Watson was the only QB selected for twice.

No Jameis.

As Joe has written previously, Goff, Wilson, and Wentz have all shown to be better than Jameis in the NFC (Joe can’t go there with Prescott), and Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton certainly would be preferred by coaches and general managers. That’s eight out of 16 starters in the conference.

Jameis simply has to step up this season. Do any of these QBs have better receiving weapons? How many can say they are with their playcaller for a fourth consecutive season?

39 Responses to “More Nothing-Special Reviews For Jameis”

  1. ben Says:

    Winston has great receivers and has not done enough to scare any nfl team.. His fan club needs to stop making excuses 4 him and realize its now or good bye… Its hard to win in this league without an accurate qb .

  2. johnnybuc Says:

    not so sure that a lot of gms and coaches would take cam over jameis specially with the injuries and the fact he’s been avg to below avg since his mvp year. also with goff i still think and majority of the draft community thought that goff didn’t have the same type ceiling as jameis, he has benifited from that system he is in and the talent surrounding him . jameis has been playing in a dated system his whole career and majority of his career has had to deal with issues all around him such as running game and lack of receiver depth .

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is a make or break year for Jameis Enough talk. You have the weapons and the makings of a defense. Time to do it.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jameis needs to stop fumbling….and Koetter needs to ease off the deep passes…..Jameis is very good with short and intermediate passing…..and, the running game and defense have impact on the QBs success.

  5. Freder Says:

    Can you say “immaturity”? One episode of crotch grabbing can negate hundreds of hours of community service.

  6. Not there yet Says:

    Lol America’s quarterback is below average. psychotic analysis coming from this website

    I like Winston but quarterbacks mentioned all have better ball security than him. I’ve never seem Anyone in that list throw balls up for grabs while almost laying on their backs. Winston is the only one who thinks throwing an interception on first or second down is better than taking a sack or throwing the ball away

  7. Gambelero Says:

    I wonder how those guys would do if they played for the Glazers. Look at Goff. He looked terrible under Fischer. We bring in Sweezy, Baker, Bruce Carter, Cherilus, Ward; we keep (anoint) Molly-man as his running back. They bring in an All-Pro left tackle, an MVP candidate running back and the best, most innovative young mind in coaching. I mean who lets an all pro left tackle leave in free agency. Whitworth vs. Sweezy, Gurley vs. post rehab Doug Martin, McVey vs. Koetter, even Wade Phillips vs. Mike Smith.

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    This is the same hate Jameis got predraft and some of our fans our buying into it. To state JW3 is inaccurate like that’s just a fact when with a bum shoulder threw at a higher percentage than Watson and Wilson. (The only two I looked up). Jameis will be fine even a decent Running game and defense.

    Sean Mcvay didn’t reinvent the wheel on Offense. He just happens to have a great Rb and Defense. Give Koetter and Jameis was that and watch our offense roll.
    “I thought what they were doing in Washington was a lot like what we did on our Cowboy teams in the ‘90s in terms of their style and the timing they had in their passing game,” Aikman added. “And you don’t see a lot of that in today’s NFL, but he has some really good concepts“

    “He’s up all night. He’ll tell you – he doesn’t have much to do, so he’s always copying new ideas,” Gurley said. “It’s a copycat league. We all do the same exact thing. We see something two, three weeks ago that Seattle beat them on, let’s try it again. If they stop it, they stop it. If they don’t then that’s a win for us.”

  9. bucfan352 Says:

    Winston is just average. No different than Jay Cutler. Makes big plays and looses fumbles and throws picks. All the Winston well wishers are just not looking at the facts they want to blame everyone but him. The fact is he’s got similar numbers to Freeman. He had 2 chances to win games late last season and couldn’t. America’s average Qb. No shame in that. Just don’t call him a franchise quarterback. When a quarterback shows you who he is for 3 straight years Believe Him!!!

  10. SB Says:

    Look. Lifelong Gators fan here who was initially in the dreaded “Trade Down Club” before the draft. I had Zero qualms with the drafting of JW3. I have seen flashes of Brilliance and there is No doubting his passion. That said, with the Receiving corps he has, and improved running game, and an improved OL, if he isn’t a top ten QB this yr then ………………………….

  11. Ndog Says:

    Just keep the hate coming. It just it more fun when their proven wrong.

    You mean the time he gave us the lead at Buffalo and the d blew it in 4 plays or the time he gave the lead in Carolina only to watch our D blow it or the time he threw a TD pass on the last play of the game to beat the division winning Saints? Or was it that perfect performance against Atlanta where the let Freeman all over us? Which one of those games did he blow? Or maybe you hated the game he outplayed Tom Brady head to head only to watch his kicked miss multiple easy kicks? You see those are facts but dont let those little facts get in the way of your cluelessness.

  12. Topdoggie Says:

    So people want a little better than average QB with a chance to be top ten with more experience to be canned. Then we bring in a below average QB who might get to average with luck and more experience.
    WTF QBs don’t grow on trees. You have to suck bad enough to get a top three pick and then hope there’s a QB in the draft who Might be good in a few years. SMH

  13. ben Says:

    ndog ..IT is NOT hate. Please stop with that.. because Winston has not proven to be worth a #1 pick does not mean bucs fans don’t want him to improve.. Your comment about better then Tom Brady was clueless no matter what stat you bring up and I was at the game yelling for the bucs.

  14. Stanglassman Says:

    You believe these people call themselves Bucs fans? To compare Jameis to Cutler is a joke and insulting. Go compare their Stats or watch a game.
    I figured he was referring to the ATL & Carolina games. ATL- I remember those like when Barber fumbled the run inside the 10. JW3 fault. Or when the ref fell down spotting the ball and cost us a chance to gain crucial yards on the potential game winning drive. And when Jameis missed the game winning field goal.
    And the low scoring Carolina game when Jameis gave up the TD return on the kickoff and jumped offside (palm dancer) to lose is the game.

    I’ve been watching and waiting for a QB like Jameis to play for the Bucs since ‘76 and never in my wildest dreams thought our fans would be so stupid once we finally got a great Qb.

  15. KY Buc Fan Says:

    There isn’t a QB on that list with a worst performing defense than what the Bucs have had these last few yrs… I think Winston will be fine but not if we don’t approve on D and the running game, all those things go hand n hand. Winston might play within the offense if he feels he doesn’t need to “save” the day all the time. Hopefully Rojo helps ease Winston’s Superman role and our new D gives him some short field situations.

  16. Stanglassman Says:

    Take the NE game. That’s a good one too. JW3 had 334 1 TD vs Brady 303 1 TD and a INT. 19-14 loss for the Bucs. What was the difference in the game? Nick Folk went 0-3 in FG attempts.

    Great example thanks Ben.

  17. Jason Says:

    Jared Goff was labeled a bust under Jeff Fisher and now he is a star quarterback. Bad coaching can sink any team just like having bad personnel. Unfortunately this team has both however personnel is getting better and coaching is truly dragging this team down.

  18. Ndog Says:

    Again I will present these little things called facts.

    Yards 289
    TD 1
    Interceptions 1

    4 for 4 FGs

    Yards 334
    TD 1
    Interceptions 0

    0 for 3 FGs

    Winston played better period.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s just all agree that Winston has no excuses this yr. Rooting my arse off for the kid.

  20. Waterboy Says:

    -I still need to see more games from Garapolo than 7 career games and how he adapts after teams get more film on him.

    -Desean got off to an amazing start but injuries are normally what kills the careers of mobile QB’s I need to see him complete a full season and continue to play at the level I saw pre-injury.

    – Dak was a different QB without a running game last season.

    – I’m still not completely sold on Goff. I think he’s benefiting a lot from having a running game and a coach who has adjusted his system to do what his QB does best and took a lot of responsibility off his shoulders by calling audibles into his headset before the headsets shutoff with 15 secs on the play clock.

  21. Joseph Mamma Says:

    He is a frickin’ finger licking good quarterback.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    That is a pretty fair assessment. He has the potential to be much more…but it is time for him to step up and do it. And if he doesn’t, many people in the management and coaching part of the organization won’t see another year with the team.

  23. Oneilbucs Says:

    These fans don’t know football. If you blame Winston for this team you don’t know football. No body is saying Winston is perfect but who is. He has a 32 rank defense and ever caglory defense has on a stat sheet. No running game and out data play book with 7 steps drop back don’t help give him the same chances they gave Derrick Carr, Elie Manning, Matt Ryan , Alice Smith, Andrew luck, n others. Winston won his hole life till he came to Tampa bay that was losing before he got there n now it’s all his fault why Tampa losing man come on. If you blame Winston for this team then you eather hate him or that just let me know you don’t know football are you don’t whatch the bucs games are you believe what fox sports say or some of the people who hate Winston on ESPN.

  24. Oneilbucs Says:

    Winston is a winer.

  25. DBS Says:

    And that game was the perfect example of what people are talking about. All kinds of yards but can’t get the points needed. Can’t score TD’s. Always relying on the kicker. Should not be happening after all the crying then getting “Wepons for Winston”.

  26. CT BUCS FAN Says:

    While certainly Winston needs to overcome the fumbling issue, I wondet how well any of those QB’s would of done if Doug Martin was their RB and they played utilizing our 2017 defense?

  27. Bucsace Says:

    It’s Put Up time for Jameis…….So everybody can Shutup!!!!! Go Bucs!!!!

  28. Blue-footed booby Says:

    Oneilbucs a lot of quarterbacks coming into the NFL were winners their whole life during their high school and college careers but failed in the NFL. I could give a complete list of those QBs but I might end up filling the Grand Canyon by then. Sure seems like outside of FSU and Buccaneer fan base the rest of the football world doesn’t appear all that high on Winston and rightfully so.

    I must say the 2019 QB draft class and Nick Foles sure seems attractive by comparison instead of shelling out a $100 million guaranteed contract that the Winston backers keep pushing …

  29. Destinjohnny Says:

    This can’t really surprise anyone can it?
    In his defense he has had a below average offensive line and marginal coaching
    And a losing originazation

  30. Ndog Says:

    Let’s see Blue I wonder what Bucs fans might know that others who never watch Bucs games know? Man you are smart one.

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    Lookayear..if you’s a true blue Bucs fan then you are rooting for Jameis. We all are. IF..the line holds and our running game is as good as IT..appears to be..he won’t have to play catchup and gamble so much. No faking in the NFl. Thats what I love about the league. Either perform or take the wrath of the fans like our Bucs do. Its past time for Jameis to mature and move on. We shall see. Batter up Koetter and Smitty…NO EXCUSES!!!

  32. BrianBucs Says:

    Outside of Tampa Bay, away from the clickbait media, FSU homers and the Bucs PR machine Jameis is looked at and evaluated more objective. At this point he is an average, middle of the pack QB who at times looks very immature on the field. As Bucs fans let’s all hope that he steps it up this year takes the huge steps needed to become a true franchise QB.

  33. Ndog Says:

    Brainbucs ask yourself do you really think any national football person actually watches our games? And if that answer is no then how can they properly evaluate this team? Just see us losing and say man the QB just can’t win. Well they wouldn’t know that Doug Martin was horrible, our defense was pathetic and got pushed all of the field, (see Arizona game) and kicking game was the worst in the league. For instance they think McCoy is clutch and LVD is not special, do you agree with that as well?

  34. jjbucfan Says:

    Everyone is forgetting the worst and most predictable play calling in the entire league. He has to overcome drops a couple years ago, no defense since he got here, No real running game since he got here, his offensive line has been a turnstile, the stats lie because Jameis is hard to sack (unless D Smith falls asleep which seems to happen a couple times a game). A lot of his fumbles have been from holding the ball and getting hit from behind because he is trying to execute Dummy Dirk’s 7 step drop with an offensive line that couldn’t block. Just go back and watch with your own eyes. Oh and btw when a poster writes FSU Homer- you know you can move to the next post because pure BS is coming from a Gator fan most likely. How many times do see FSU guys referencing UF Homers when talking about VH3? None! That is the difference between the 2 schools fans.

  35. DislocatedBucsFan Says:


    Even if they don’t, they have a team of analysts that scrutinize every team that builds a report on topics to be discussed during showtime. To assume that one does not broadcast honest opinions based on facts to millions of viewers would lead to widespread discreditation. For the NFL network if this were tooccur it would likely cost them viewership, ad revenue decreases and continued problems. I get what your saying but your a bit left field on this one.

    I wish jw3 the absolute best I hope he comes out and sets nfl records across all fronts. With that being said. What has he produced? His play is very inconsistent despite all other on field handicaps and i’d Take many others on that list over jameis at this juncture

  36. Drew aka q Says:

    All about wins…. forget the numbers…. letters is what counts in the NFL joe

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Like someone said above….when a QB shows you who he is for THREE YEARS…….time to start believing him.

  38. Buccfan37 Says:

    Jameis has the potential clearly. Now just to put it all together, that’s the goal. He doesn’t have to be near perfect just gaining momentum which is what I expect to see play out.

  39. Bucsace Says:

    The thought of Nick Foles in a Bucs uniform feels pretty damn good