Will The Bucs “Be Some Damn Fools?”

May 1st, 2018

Challenging analysis from an ex-Buc

It’s time to grab a second lunch at your nearest Original Hooters and read some wisdom from an ex-Buccaneer defensive lineman who has been poring over film of Vita Vea.

Former Tampa Bay DE Steve White (1996-2001) also coached at the University of South Florida and was a coaching intern for the Buccaneers under Lovie Smith. He knows what he’s watching on the D-line.

In a new and long analysis for SB Nation, White acknowledged that he knew little of Bucs first-round pick Vita Vea until diving into deep film study after the Bucs made him the No. 12 overall pick.

That selection sent White to the film room and you should click above and read his takes. A highlight for Joe was White detailing that Vea belongs on the field on passing downs — immediately and often.

Here’s a snippet:

If anything it’s his athleticism, more so than just his freakish strength, that makes me believe Vea is worthy of a high first-round pick. If he was just a big lug who could only play nose tackle and had to come out on third-and-long, as I’ve said before, I don’t think any nose tackle like that is worthy of a first-round pick. I don’t care how strong they are, if you can only play two downs, then I just don’t see you as valuable as a guy who can play on all three. After all there is a reason people call third down the “money” down.

Any team that drafts him and doesn’t use him as a pass rusher would be some damn fools because if he can’t do anything else, one thing I’d bet my last on is that Vea will be able push the pocket back into the quarterback’s lap consistently in the NFL just like he did in college.

Joe adores reading White when it comes to play in the trenches. Long time readers of Joe know White penned his famous “Bull Rush” column on these pages many years ago.

It was White who pegged Michael Bennett as a stud talent long before he got many snaps. And he also had an epic, 2014 radio blast at former Bucs guard Oneil Cousins before he ever got to training camp.

Dirk Koetter was adamant last week that Vea can rush the passer. Koetter even barked at local media to turn on the film.

Joe just hopes that Koetter and Mike Smith defer to new Bucs defensive line coach Brentson Buckner. He’s got the coaching pedigree and 11 NFL seasons on the field as a defensive tackle. If Buckner says Vea and Noah Spence (or anyone else) belong on the field nearly full-time, then run with it. Joe sure hopes the Bucs aren’t worried about hurting the feelings of anyone on the defensive line.

The Bucs need to unleash everything they have to try and emerge 2-2 from their first four games: Saints, Eagles, Steelers and Bears.

36 Responses to “Will The Bucs “Be Some Damn Fools?””

  1. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Good stuff and smitty unlike lovie doesnt sit in an under or over front on every down, he mixes it up well, the players need to play and now VV should help along with curry and JPP, kwon needs to play better and the backend obviously

  2. JimmyJack Says:

    Wonder how many voices will be it Vita Vegas ear. Guys like Warren Sapp, Steve White and Simeon Rice still care about the Bucs. Maybe they can teach him some moves.

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    I have the highest regard for Steve Whites football insights….the only thing I see in very limited “film” of Vita…he makes the plays he is supposed to make…but misses legal punishing of his prey…Vea is going to influence every snap he lines up on from day one ….back in the day I used to get in my seats 90 minutes before game time and savor the vibe on the field as players and coaches from both teams interacted with each other before the official team warm ups…SW would do his stretches with his headphones on in the same spot every home game goal line south end zone….then towards the end Martín Gramátic would run out on the field and do the same Santeria ritual as he stepped…touched…the field as he entered

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    The Bucs really get much needed flex ability with Mount Vea!!!!!! I also think he is very good at getting his hands up and batting throws down!!!!! No one is really talking about that attribute yet, but they will!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DB55 Says:

    I’m still on the fence and no it has nothing to do with Derwin as I thought Minkah was the better pick but nevertheless.

    My thing is did Vea play against any guards or centers in the PAC-12 that were as big or bigger than him?

    I look at the offensive lines we face in our division and the guards and centers darn near avg 6’3 330 lbs across the board and some are even bigger and stronger. So will he have the same impact idk but I’m eager to find out.

  6. M0J0 Says:

    The best thing about Vea is he has a hunting mentality. He locates the ball and pursues with great tenacity! Teams are going to be forced to double him.

  7. AlteredEgo Says:

    55DB….Minkah would have been the pick…IMO….deep patrol…we have Vea now and he WILL have a greater impact on every play…both are excellent NFL talents…

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    as long as smitty doesn’t play soft coverage with the CB’s and drop vita into coverage im good……

    play to the players strength…..with JPP,GMC, curry, spence, vita we should be able to plat tight man press coverage…..we have the front 7…..do we have the coaches and scheme?…..time will tell…..


  9. 813bucboi Says:


  10. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Good article,Joe.
    Vea pick seems better and better after White’s analysis. Liked the pick but if plays like White expects we got a really good one. Much better effort from Licht and staff to address as many needs as possible through draft and free agency.

  11. Couch Fan Says:

    This is why I have been laughing all off season hearing how we cant and wont draft a 2 down DT. Many Buc Fans have no clue what they are talking about!

  12. lokog Says:

    we need to come out 4-0 no surrender no retreat

  13. LakeLand Says:

    lol, these dreamers!

  14. Trench War Says:

    Like Lucy said, give me some of that VitaVeatavegamin lol

  15. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’ll wait for the final product on the field thank you. I’m not gonna wet my pants like Buc Realist on every comment. These Bucs have..run out of excuses. Get her done!!

  16. Tnew Says:

    Vea may be a two down back, but I see it as 2nd and 3rd. Use Beau Allen as the run stuffer. White is 100% spot on. Most times you can’t say the strength will translate, but in his case it will. Vea will command doubles. Why? He will be the closest to the ball and the quickest to collapse the pocket.

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Steve White is one of my favorite bloggers. Wish he’d do a podcsst here.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Have him in all of the time. The man also stops the run, people. He;s not just a pass rusher. If anything, that is the weakest part of his game. He’s a disruptor on passing downs, not a sack master. Unless Buckner can help him improve in that area.

    So I could care less about Allen. Never liked the signing as a starter anyway.

  19. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    The work isn’t over just because the guys are in the room.

    My bet is those defensive coaches are scheming like crazy to take advantage of their new toys.

    getting the guys was just stage 1 of operation trench warfare.
    Now it’s all about scheme and coaching it into the new guys.
    Cohesion is key.

    Keep at it…


  20. BucEmUp Says:

    2 and 2? Man setting a mediocre bar already are we? Screw that 4-0 or bust!

  21. ndog Says:

    Exactly BucEmUp that right there is why this is NegativeBucsFan. Disgusting attitude and if you read enough of the comments it rubs off on most of them as well. What is wrong with being positive once in awhile?

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    I trust Steve White’s analysis and opinion quite a bit – especially when it comes to DL.

    Liking the Vea pick more and more. If he is athletic enough to play 3 Tech well – then this was not only a good pick for now to pair him with McCoy and get the most out of Gerald – but with an undeniable eye towards the future with GMC likely only having 2 or maybe 3 good years left if we even hang onto him that long…

    The fact that we were able to get the biggest, strongest most dominant DL player in this draft (the guy Licht had obviously targeted the entire time) – PLUS 2 shots at filling our major need at outside CB in the 2nd rd (of a strong CB class) – instead of just selecting Derwin James with the big 3 off the board which seemed almost inevitable…. WOW – Jason Licht really killed it this draft.

    We got FOUR of the 63 best players in this draft (according to Jason’s board at least). And 5 of the top 96 through 3 rounds.

    If even 3 of those 5 (Vea, ROJO, Carlton Davis) can come in, play well as rookies, earn starting spots and contribute to the success of this team – it will be another stellar draft for Licht – making great drafts 3 out of the last 4 years – having drafted 11 immediate starters in that 4 year span.

    Drafting 2 immediate starters each year is very very good for any GM.

    Averaging 3 immediate starters per draft over a 4 year span is almost unheard of.

    Time for GM Licht to get that well earned (and lucrative) contract extension. Just get it out of the way now Glazers. Doesn’t even matter what this year’s record is. Jason Licht should be here to stay for a long while…

  23. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, can’t thank you enough for that link to Steve White’s analysis (he was one of my favorite Bucs BTW). Came away from reading it with a feeling that Vita’s gonna be something REALLY special. Favorite line in Steve’s analysis … “Imagine trying to pass block against a guy who had previously used a hump move to knock you on your ass, then ran over you and your home boy with a bull rush, only to see him hit you with a quick arm over when you finally set for power. Let’s just say it could get ugly.” Love it … can’t wait to see him in action. Have gotten much too used to hearing the words ‘It could get ugly’ used in a whole different connotation at Raymond James Stadium in recent years.

  24. Not there yet Says:

    I think the guy who will end up losing the most snaps is the end from the eagles. They were going to move him inside on passing downs but if this is true McCoy will not get that 13 mil after this season if he shows pass rushing ability at the 3 tech

  25. pick6 Says:

    maybe not right away with the depth the team has, unless he proves more disruptive on passing downs than a guy like Vinny Curry or Will Gholston moving inside.

    in year 1, beau allen and Vita Vea in the middle on 1st downs and especially short yardage makes sense. give a guy like GMC a chance to take a few snaps off every drive – playing nearly 100% of the snaps has been counterproductive IMO. As far as who is next to mccoy on late “money downs” or other passing situations, i think it’s most likely a Vinny Curry or a Will Gholston playing inside with JPP and Noah Spence on the edge.

    If any of our d-linemen plays over 90% of the snaps this season – including McCoy and JPP – i will be surprised. beyond this season, Vea has a long career ahead and most of the veterans acquired this offseason probably have a 2-3 year shelf life as we focus on young trench players next offseason to eventually replace them.

    He might be capable of rushing the passer, but that’s not the same as being the best guy on the team to rush the passer from the interior.

  26. AtlBucs Says:

    2 – 2??? Are you kidding me? We are going to be 4 – 0 with no close games!!!

  27. Eric Says:

    This question has to be asked?

  28. BoJim Says:

    VV will find out fast that he’ going to be playing against stronger and faster guys than in college. The strength and conditioning people have some work to do but I think we’ll see some nice play. Remember everyone, he’s a rookie. Give him a break once in a while.

  29. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Steve White is the best guy that breaks down Bucs film and presents it in a way where any can can grasp. Always honest and confident in his assessments. Got the utmost respect for this guy.

    If he says VV can pass rush then it only confirms what I thought. Vea at his size and his athleticism will be a nightmare one on one in passing situations. He will command doubles and JPP will command TEs to stay in to help T or chip. This will mean less people to cover. As man so excited.

    Go Bucs

  30. Oxycondoms Says:

    Nice pick worth the payoff but picking a player at number 12 isn’t a sure thing he will succeed. Will his weight be an issue? It’s not easy becoming great when you are obese. Also he seems like a nice guy hopefully he doesn’t play that way

  31. Issic Haggins Says:

    Heck Mr Gap might have to miss some first downs !! Vea and Allen May work out better holding their gaps and let mr penetrate gap leaver play the 2 nd and longs and third and mediums. 3 rd and short , mr gap can stay on the side line again , he isn’t very effective !!

    This may work to Mr first steps strengths !! Win win for All !!

  32. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jason missed on Mj and the saftey from Pitt
    He also could have had bo Scarborough instead of the linebacker from wisconsin.
    Bo is a 6’2 240 lb wrecking machine that ran a 4.51 forty
    Love double V

  33. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    I can pretty much guarantee that Vea will be our best defensive lineman from the 1st time he steps on the field. I think he will be one of the best in the entire league from Day 1.

  34. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ive watched film of Vita.
    While I believe he will be a great Nose Tackle, and crush opposing running games like no Buc before- I dont see the Versatility in his game, That Mr.White sees.
    If Steve White sees it- I believe. Making Vita Vea an even better pick!!

  35. SOEbuc Says:

    @Tony From LA

    “Keep at it…


    DT and OT 2019 top priorities.

  36. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I remember the Bull Rush days! Are you ever going to have Mr.White back for a guess article, etc.?