Joe Talks Mixed Messages On Toughness & Culture, Calculated Optimism, Deeper On Carlton Davis, Early Saints Chess Match, Lavonte David Pain & More

May 7th, 2018

Plenty swirling around in Joe’s head in today’s broader look at a handful of Buccaneers happenings. It all hangs out on this edition of The Monday Morning Joe podcast presented by Discount Garage Doors, Inc., home of the same-day free service call.

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14 Responses to “Joe Talks Mixed Messages On Toughness & Culture, Calculated Optimism, Deeper On Carlton Davis, Early Saints Chess Match, Lavonte David Pain & More”

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    Thanks Joe, love doing business with competent folks.


  2. AlteredEgo Says:

    Do they do yacht enclosures ?

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

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  4. DB55 Says:


    Oddly enough I was also getting a new roof installed at the time of the garage door repair.

    DB has spent muchos dinero this past week.

  5. TB559920 Says:

    Joe, there’s a difference between playing hard for your coach & being soft.
    Those veteran players that are gone where billed as tough nasty players but for some reason (Glazer loot or 5 star diva syndrome) they got as soft as an ice cream cone in Tampa August heat.
    Kwon made it known last year (a little late) that this is his defense!
    The rest of the core guys got tired of hearing the Chucky talk and not seeing the Place come out and support the regime

  6. Jim Says:

    Playing hard and playing with attitude are two different things.

  7. K2 Says:

    Agree with Jim and TB55

    Joe, not everyone was playing hard every play…highlight Baker and (last years version of) Gholston. One other point your little sister could play hard, but she probably not going to kick much ass. So…we had a few little sisters that were sent home.

  8. Trench War Says:

    Great podcast Joe’s

  9. DallasBucsFan Says:

    I will be the first person to state the obvious that this team has been less than good for quite a while. I remember the day they fired Jon Gruden and almost gave up my fan card. However, I have to say that taking a hard look at the body of work JL has done as GM here (first time GM, at that), and I have to be happy with his work. Has he had some misses, of course. Aguayo being the most obvious (I still don’t understand that one, but okay…). However, he has continued to add more talent to what was a very bare cupboard before his arrival. He has also done a good job of covering his mistakes by adding multiple players at positions (Add a free agent and a draftee at the same position). Looking at some of the moves this year, has anyone though of a couple of potential changes this year or next (Salary cap implications are important).

    1. VHIIII: We took 2 corners this year, one looks like an outside, the other a slot type. Perhaps he understands that VHIII needs to hit this year, or change positions. It would be interesting to think of VHIII potentially moving to a free safety role, like Byron Jones in Dallas or the Mathieu. Perhaps his speed is too limited to man-up as an outside corner, but he could be a playmaking safety. Just a thought… Regardless – draft his replacement and go.

    2. Kwon, Lavante & others. Given the salary cap issues ahead for resigning players, maybe shifting Beckwith to MLB and letting Kwon rotate outside would be viable, with a lesser player filling the SLB position that has less talent requirements. That would allow us to walk from David’s Salary next year (I didn’t research his contract, so I don’t know how much dead money is involved). Just a thought, LB’s nearing 30 start to dimish, and they go down hill very quickly…

    3. GMC. I agree wholeheartedly that he should be on the trade block this year near the deadline unless he is playing lights out. He is approaching 30, and Vea plus the rotation behind him should provide the big bodies Smitty likes. Vea + Allen = Henderson and Stroud from his days in J-Ville.

    Play for today, build for tomorrow. In reality, we aren’t SB contenders for another year or three anyway, winning seasons – yes, SB, probably not yet. So continue to manage the cap and build the team through the draft.

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Congrats on the new roof my Man !
    We only clean roofs, both tile and shingle, no installing here.
    Yes, if you got a new roof, you have spent much dinero !

  11. Frank Says:

    So late might as well call it cold cup of Joe.

  12. THETRUTH Says:

    Get off you Lavante David soap box to get him out. Funny that your name is “TheTruth.” It was never mentioned to get him out.–Joe
    2 injured shoulders and still performed and tackled better than anyone else on team.

    Don’t want to hear Salary Cap issues and may have to cut him. When we are over the salary cAp than we can worry about making moves. Till than no need to cut anyone !!!

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    On the topic of FIRE, here’s my take…after the free agent signings the past couple years, and also the few holdovers from the old regimes, there are still a few so-so motivated players.

    I think they’ve done a great job of replacing most, but now that we are near the finish line, Jameis wants to get it done.

    That simple.

  14. THETRUTH Says:

    Go listen to your podcast before draft , after season end , how many times did you mention LD being a casualty of cap cause he is up in age.. Don’t need to. Never referenced David leaving in 2018.–Joe
    Same with McCoy and getting up in age, not one NFL coach has said McCoy has lost his speed of the ball, JL is on hard knocks last preseason flabbergasted with all the other coaches how fast his first step is.

    lets stop knocking guys who play is still at high level and wait till you see drop off, instead of getting rid of them cause age or injury (LD Played through)

    you guys would have shipped Tom BRADY out 10 years ago just cause he is 32
    So silly. We’re often accused of wanting too many established veterans. –Joe