“He Has To Do A Better Job Of Understanding How Catastrophic It Is To Our Organization”

May 19th, 2018

(Photo courtesy of Buccaneers.com)

One thing will be different for America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, this season.

Now-full-time offensive coordinator Todd Monken will spend a lot of time telling Jameis what he’s sick of hearing.

Man, Monken was a great interview this week.

Earlier this year, Monken said Jameis’ significant fumbling woes are very difficult to coach up because quarterbacks run around untouched and unthreatened in practice.

So Joe asked Monken on Wednesday what he might change up this year to cut Jameis’ fumbles. The Bucs’ franchise QB fumbled six times as a rookie, 10 times in his second season and 15 times last year in less than 12 games of total action.

“Obviously, you gotta show [Jameis] over and over. Let’s look at the plays you made compared to the plays that became catastrophic for us,” Monken said of help Jameis fix his fumbling woes. “And you know how many plays you’re going to have to make to overcome some of those catastrophic fumbles. There’s a lot. There’s a ton of those you’re going to have to make. So is it hard to tell a very tough to tell a very competitive, powerful man, ‘Give up. Go down. Don’t make a play?’ Yes.

“So I like starting there in trying to reel that in. And he knows that. He understands that part of it. So now we’ve got to continue to take that to the next step. And believe me, we are tired of talking about it. There’s only so much you can come and talk about it. We have to do a better job of coaching it. He has to do a better job of understanding how catastrophic it is to our organization.”

Something has to get through to Jameis on the fumbling, especially the ones that are a result of poor decision-making.

There’s really no excuse not to cut that fumbling total in half.

51 Responses to ““He Has To Do A Better Job Of Understanding How Catastrophic It Is To Our Organization””

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jameis will get the GM and this good coaching staff fired at the end of 2018

  2. gilhealy Says:

    Anthem, you’ve got quite a few stupid posts recently regarding Jameis. I’ll stay tuned for your backtracking soon.

  3. JabooBuc Says:

    BucsAnthem- you truly are a dope. He’s their only chance of keeping jobs this year and they know it. He played behind a sub par line with no running game and the worst defense in the league. But you think JW is the problem.

    No doubt he can cut down the fumbles. But listen to what the coach is saying. JW is trying to make something out of nothing. He doesn’t like to lose! He wants to make a play. I’ll take that any day out of a young QB vs taking a dive the minute they feel pressure.

    You keep on hating.

  4. Buc believer Says:

    Get him a guy that knows how to coach the offense as well as a real freeking defensive coordinator so he doesn’t have to feel like he HAS to take this team on his shoulders and the fumbles go away. I blame it all on this piss poor coaching staff.

  5. Not there yet Says:

    The bench would teach him all he needs to know about fumbles…..a real coach would simply say if you can’t hold on to the ball I can’t play you, the same thing you would do to a running back

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    @Monken … ” “And you know how many plays you’re going to have to make to overcome some of those catastrophic fumbles. There’s a lot. There’s a ton of those you’re going to have to make.”

    C-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-P-H-I-C … Wow, powerful word. Especially when it comes from your Offensive Coordinator. If anyone can help improve Jameis in this area, I’m convinced it’s Todd Monken.

  7. JabooBuc Says:

    Just went back and watched video of most of JW’s fumbles. Sorry, but the pass blocking from his OL was awful. I’m amazed the kid is walking upright.

  8. JL47 Says:

    @Jaboo “JW is trying to make something out of nothing. He doesn’t like to lose!” By that logic, if Jameis doesn’t like to lose, then why won’t he work on his fumbling issues and forced passes?

  9. Jjones Says:

    When there’s no where to go and Jameis is trying to make a play happen is when the coaches should be telling him to throw it away. I’m hoping that’s what they’re telling him at least. I love that Jameis wants to win and make something happen but that’s the maturity he needs to learn.

  10. Poor Glennon Says:

    He is uncoachable! Plays every down like it’s 4th down. He has no patience, what will we get this year? The same thing! 4000 yards and 6 wins with as many turnovers as TD’s. Next years draft, can’t come soon enough! Any drafted QB, would provide hope.

  11. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    For Monken to do this so publicly is just blatant amateurism. This will not end well. History has shown us that countless times when athletes are publicly criticized by their coaches.

    This coaching staff just simply doesn’t have “it”. They play not to lose rather than play to win. This reeks of “saving my own hide and job” rhetoric.

    I’m very rarely negative about the Bucs – but they may have the most Il-equipped and negative coaching staff in all of sports.

    Monken is an amateur clearly. The Bucs need to reign him in. Real
    Coaching never takes place via the media.

  12. JabooBuc Says:

    JL47- Who says he’s not working on it? I think the point of the article is that they are working on this. Pretty sure he hates to fumble and understands how it impacts the team. Point is, he feels like he can make a play and the fumble is probably the furthest thing from his mind.

    And, go back and watch the tape of his fumbles. At least half are blind side hits. This OL has to get better.

  13. ben Says:

    Winston may turn it around but so far.. after #1 pick in draft he has been passed over by other young qb’s and being average does NOT make him terrific .. Maybe this year he will improve but stop making excuses for an average qb and nothing more!

  14. JabooBuc Says:

    Ben, which young QB’s have passed him by?

  15. Brion Says:

    Hate to agree with someone with a Glennon reference in their moniker (assuming a family member?) but The real problem no one talks about is the man holds the ball too long and doesn’t make quick reads and decisions. Fumbling is just the worst outcome of many bad plays. He is lauded for “creativity” and “toughness” he doesn’t need to display. Watch how efficient the offense is when Fitzpatrick was in there.

  16. Jjones Says:

    Looking at Jameis and being critical isn’t a bad thing because he’s our QB and we want him to be great. Does he need to get better in areas, yes, does he have talent and intangibles other QB’s don’t, yes. But what is the fine line between average, good and great? I’d say maturity. We all know this but we demand excellence and why should we not, we’re a passionate fan base that’s dealt with below average results for quite some time now.

    Many successful QB’s have sat behind winners and learned how to approach the game from a winning stand point while learning to hone their craft. Jameis has literally been thrown to the wolves with the unfair expectation of needing to be great NOW. There are fair points made by many here but that fine line for Jameis hasn’t been met as of yet. I honestly believe Jameis knows this going into his 4th year especially with a possible suspension looming over his head and also the fact that he’ll soon be a father, it has to be in the back of his mind. I’m betting he will bring a new approach to his game this year regardless of a suspension or not and meet that fine line.

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    @Buc believer … “I blame it all on this piss poor coaching staff.” In a way I agree with you, but in another I can’t. Some of Jameis’ turnovers are strictly on him (playing Loosey Goosey with the football), but some others are on Koetter for calling plays that take too long to develop AND some others are on the OLine for doing a mediocre job pass-blocking. And slow starts (many of them Jameis’ fault) caused us to fall behind, forcing us to go to the passing game … and making our game-plan MUCH MORE PREDICTABLE. All of those are correctable IMO except one … the OLine. If you don’t have the horses, you’re screwed in the NFL. As of right now, ours is still mediocre in my mind.

  18. JabooBuc Says:

    Brion, his completion % and QB ratings are worse than JW’s and his INT % is basically the same. How was he more efficient that JW again?

  19. Waterboy Says:

    Here’s the key to solving his fumbling problem “Give up. Go down”. Most of his fumbles came when he was trying to force something to happen that wasn’t there or he was under pressure and tried to extend a play.

  20. Mike Johnson Says:

    BucAnthem..Not just Jameis..But if this coaching staff cannot/will not produce with the added tools they have now? Yes, they will be fired. Not by Jameis But by the fans and the Glazers!! Jameis did not lose Games last year. Our Sorry A.s Defense did!!

  21. NFLNut Says:





  22. DB55 Says:

    I just hope JW stays healthy so he can go on to a brilliant nfl career after this season. Enough is enough, seriously.


    #Williams #Young #BoJackson

  23. Ndog Says:

    Wow a lot a hate for a QB that played with THE WORSE defense in the NFL, worst kicking game in the league and a nonexistent running game. But yeah it’s all on the QB as to why we lost games. You people, lead by the Joes, have no idea what good QB play is.

  24. Lamarcus Says:

    Monken come on man. This is coming from a guy who was supposed to teach Me13 to catch? Matter of fact during last season Monken your whole offense at some point declined. That’s was catastrophic to us fans

    These coaches act they went to coaching school 101 after the season. Seems to have things figured out right about now cuz when they getting their butts whooped week in and out they were lost.

  25. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Generally NFL QB’s start figuring it out in their third season. Alas Jameis third season was a disaster…literally at the start with the hurricane…and then figuratively at least hurting his shoulder so early in the season.

    Bottom line is that the only thing we have to go on with #3 is how he finished the season when he was healthy and when the game FINALLY started to slow down for him. He finally took quick routes that were open…he just seemed to mature greatly those last five.

    I think this is his breakout year…especially if our OL becomes as strong as I think it can be and if ROJO is the real deal.

    Imagine Jameis running an offense that could pound the rock with Barber…explode with ROJO…all behind a really mean and nasty OL. His targets…are you kidding…ME13…DJAX…OJ…Brate…Godwin…ROJO…

    At least this offense should be unpredictable and explosive…a lot riding on Koetter’s play calling…if he’s smart he’ll turn that over to Monken and save the Rolaids expense. There are simply too many weapons…we need somebody who can CONCENTRATE on those weapons and that unit and it should be Monken not the HC who has enough administrative and other headaches to worry about.

  26. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Truly successful coaches strike a healthy balance of love, respect, and DISCIPLINE. However, whenever in doubt, the one factor of those three that is most important is the last one.

    JW should’ve had his flaws coached out of him by his 2nd year. Our coaches are AMATEURS and simply don’t know how to get the job done. It’s not just the QB, you look at the WRs, DBs, DEs, and special teams and there are coaching deficits all over the place.

  27. BucEmUp Says:

    Fix the defense and Jameis will calm down. Only an idiot would have trouble understanding that a young gunslinger is going to try too hard and extend plays or force throws when he knows he cannoy.rely on the guys on defense to produce.

    Fix Mke Smith and Jameis will calm down. I don’t blame Winston one bit

  28. firethecannons Says:

    I think we will be running the ball alot more which will open the offense to more credible play action plays. With that said–there needs to be a response to a wtf fumble — such as a benching for a specific amount of plays. It needs to be outlined in a contract before the season even starts. Some time spent on the wood so to speak. It happened to the running backs–you fumble you ride the pine for a while. Too serious to allow it to keep happening and honestly it is bad for the future of Jameis–he tries too hard and needs to be protected from himself.

  29. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Last season, Winston had 11 ints and 15 fumbles. People blame the defense, the offensive line AND lack of running game for him committing 11 INTS AND 15 FUMBLES!!! Smh. put the blame where blame belongs! Squarely on young jameis’ shoulders.

  30. unbelievable Says:

    @st Pete,

    That sounds great, but who is playing RG and RT on this ‘nasty’ o-Line you speak of?


  31. Buddy Says:

    Joe why exactly are you referring to him as “America’s quarterback?” You sound like a idiot

  32. JJBucfan Says:

    The funny part is Jameis has had to do it ALL himself. He has had to try to overcome all the sh*tty game plans, play schemes, chicken spit calls inside the 20, sh*tty o-line blocking, sh*tty running game, a year the ME13 dropped huge pass after huge pass, and all 3 years a sh*tty defense. So he had tried to win games by doing crazy stuff because we weren’t winning those games anyway. Now we have a good to great WR Corp, great TEs, hopefully much improved O-Line and hopefully improved Running game. Not to mention hopefully we can field a competitive defense if not a great defense. Why didn’t we have these things for JW3 in his first 3 years? I hope Smith and Koetter improve their game as well.

  33. JJBucfan Says:

    Oh and btw, we have had our kickers lose us a ton of games in that time and a coach that loves to settle for FGs that our guys can’t make, SMDH

  34. Clw JB Says:

    I like the attitude of Moniken, time for a new voice in the QB and offense rooms – let the HC focus on managing the entire team – think he would be a more aggressive and not so preidictable play caller

  35. Bobby Says:

    Jameis has a great competitive spirit and a fantastic skill set. The thing that needs to improve with Jameis is his decision making. This year he will have Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, DeSean Jackson, OJ Howard, Cameron brate, and a running back who can take it to the house and catch passes. No excuses for not finding somebody open.
    The o-line should be better and the defense should be much improved. We need Jameis to be smart. I’m sorry but some of the decisions he makes are just flat-out boneheaded. You don’t throw the ball up into the air as you’re getting tackled and going to the ground. You don’t force a pass into coverage on 3rd and goal when you have a chip shot field goal. it’s not his skill that worries me it’s always been his decision making.

  36. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    It’s amazing how people hear different things like ” Yanny and Laurel”. I did not take the things Monken said as a JW problem. That is why I listen to the Press conferences for myself.
    Just like the pitch and catch…was not a knock on just JW.

    Like he said the QB and Coach get blamed for everything…regardless! Give me a freakin break…smh. It is easy to be critical if you are not in the game, can’t play the game and ONLY watch the game!

  37. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    That’s the question for sure. The new kid is supposed to be a big nasty dude but he’s probably more suited for RT. That means Dot…Benenoch who finished last year pretty well and the new kid to cover RT.

    As for RG that is the question. I do not know if Benenoch can play there…I don’t think the rookie has the body for guard…but if we fix RG…we’re good to go.

  38. unbelievable Says:

    I really hope Kappa works out, but I’m trying to be realistic w/ a D2 guy in his rookie year. I know Marpet has been a stud from basically day 1, but that doesn’t mean it will happen with this kid too.

    I think Sweezy is 100% done. I like Dotson but he’s had knee injuries the last 2 seasons in a row. So with his age, I just don’t think you can count on him.

    We seem to be pretty good at almost every other position now, except for some questions at CB… so I’d hate to see the o-line be the downfall of the team this season (again).

  39. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    Carr got sacked more his rookie year and fumbled less.

  40. gotbbucs Says:

    You take a half dozen short field TDs away from opponents that were the result of bad QB decisions and it’s sad to think of what could have been.

  41. Ndog Says:

    I hate it that so many Bucs are so completely clueless about football. It makes our whole fan base look idotic.

  42. Duke Says:


    You can be proud of your individual contributions to the 33rd ranked fan base in the NFL.

    Praise baby Jameis that our QB doesn’t listen to his cult of apologists if He did He would just cruise into the hof blaming any and everyone if his destination is detoured by mediocrity. J

    W doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t blame others , he accepts responsibility for not only his own play but gladly and willingly accepts responsibility for the failure of others and his team. He is a leader and his desire to be great doesn’t allow for the cherry picking stats or selective stats that would have you believe his bust in canton is already made and just is waiting for the first ballot. He is incapable of blame. A serial responsibility taker, He is driven to win. He absolutely will not allow accept his current situation as an excuse.

    Funny, He’s the exact opposite of his apologists. Ain’t that a kick in the lady parts.

  43. Trench War Says:

    Coach Monken said,

    “He Has To Do A Better Job Of Understanding How Catastrophic It Is To Our Organization”


    That’s a coach pretty much saying the future of this regime is in Winston’s hands ..ouch ..the irony

  44. Blue-footed booby Says:

    Hey Ndog, if you want to trash Tampa’s fan base then fine, but at least go around the league and check out other NFL fan bases to see what they think of Jameis Winston …

  45. Rob Says:

    I’m impressed that Joe published an article that basically calls out Jameis, the human ATM (America’s turnover machine) for killing his team with the numerous turnovers. Enough with this America’s quarterback thing until he leads his team deep into the playoffs. With the defensive improvements and the amount of talent and continuity on the offense, no more excuses. Go Bucs!

  46. Chris Says:

    Here’s what doesn’t sound right. “Drilling it over and over again in his head the plays that are catastrophic “ and it doesn’t click after three years.

    Will it ever?

  47. notabucsfan Says:

    Well guys you have figured it all out. If JW is to be the one-man team you apparently think he should be, the turnovers are just a small part of what he needs to work on. He has a long, LONG way to go to be able to compete in the NFL by himself.

    To start with he absolutely sucks as a running back. Every time they play him at RB he simply doesn’t produce any hint of a running game. Hence he has to revert to being a gun slinger when they put him back in at QB and that leads to turnovers. If he didn’t suck so bad playing RB and had a running game maybe he wouldn’t need to be a one man team and the turnovers would decrease. We will never know until he becomes a pro bowl level RB, so he needs to work on that position.

    But he also needs to work on his play on the O-line. When they tried him at RT and put in any one of their great high-school level running backs he sucked opening any holes for them. So they moved him to RG and he couldn’t open any holes there either. Then on third and forever he let his guy through to smack the guy playing QB in the mouth. He simply sucks on the O-line and must get better to be the one-man team you are looking for.

    Every once in a while, even the hapless yuks found themselves ahead in a game late in the fourth quarter. I know, I was as surprised as anybody this happened too, but it did. And when that happened who let the great yuks down? Yup, JW all by himself.

    The fact of the matter is JW is an awful DE. When they put him in to play DE late in the game to save them he blows it time after time. He just can’t get any pressure on a QB and they can bring a lawn chair and take a seat waiting to decide which of the at least 3 WR that are wide ass open to throw to. He simply sucks when they put him in at DE and must get much better.

    Now, about that lawn chair for opposing QB. They don’t really need one because JW absolutely sucks when they put him in at either CB or safety. They don’t need to wait to see which three WR will be open by 5-10 yards, they pretty much know immediately because JW sucks so bad at CB and safety. He simply can’t stay with a receiver (when he is actually in the correct position) and lets the other team just drive right down his throat late in the games to beat him. He will never take on the NFL by himself until he learns to cover better.

    Kicking? He flat out sucks kicking too. He has single handedly been one of the worst 2-3 kickers in the league for the last 3 years. He must get much, much better at kicking.

    Coaching? He absolutely sucks at coaching too. Why he calls some of the stupid play when he does is beyond me and he doesn’t really seem to have any long-term plans, so he makes it up as he goes. He is coaching on a jr high school level and he must do much better. he could start by working on his draft selections. For the last 2 years he hasn’t had any RB, CB, Safety or DE so what does he do with his first picks? A TE and DT. Nice players to be sure, but not even in their most pressing positions of need. So he really sucks at coaching too and must do much better.

    So, all JW needs to do to satisfy the yuks fan base is to get a whole lot better at RB, CB, DT, OL, DE, Safety and Coaching and he will be the one-man team the yuks fans are looking for. Or he could concentrate on just being a QB, wait 2 years and run like hell to a real NFL team with real players, coaches and a plan. Which would you choose?

  48. J Says:

    Draft Tua to play QB in 2020!

  49. Rob Says:

    Notabucsfan. You are an idiot. Go Bucs!

  50. Jimmy T Says:

    Hey Bucs Anthem, u r nuts to say James will get staff fired. He loves football, u never hear about him being a problem in the community, he loves football, and he has done a great job in 3 years w little or no running game and a suspect O line. What do u want? This fumble / total turn over stat is BS. Most of the top quarterbacks in their first 3 years had more TO’s than Jameis so enough! We have a QB that will be here for 12 more years and hopefully if this organization can ever get its act together Jameis will lead this team to many playoff appearances and maybe a super bowl. Bottom line Jameis is the main reason this team will succeed

  51. Echase Says:

    Some of you would say the same thing about josh freeman and he sucked.. We need to admit that winston is an average qb, which isnt a bad thing. He needs to learn to not fumble and needs to learn to throw the ball long. He needs to stop hanging out with guys that dont respect women. Needs to stop with the fake pre-game speaches. Other than that is an average qb. We won with Brad Johnson a toughaverage qb