How Will The Bucs Value A Cornerback?

April 8th, 2018

Stop laughing, Rex. They’re getting me help.

Forget for a moment, if you can, what the Bucs should or shouldn’t do in Rounds 1 and 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft.

The tougher question is how do they assess their own roster needs and how they value each position in relation to the others.

Barring a deal before April 26, the Bucs are flat out desperate for cornerback help. Joe is thoroughly convinced the regime does not see Vernon Hargreaves as a reliable outside cornerback.

Ryan Smith is Ryan Smith — nice bottom-of-the-roster guy with potential. Brent Grimes will celebrate his 35th birthday in July. Javien Elliott is a marginal talent and player. Josh Robinson couldn’t take snaps from Alterraun Verner in 2016, or Smith or Elliott last year.

Robert McClain is versatile, a solid No. 3 corner or an excellent No 4, but he remains a free agent. Why? Joe is unsure.

The goal in the mighty NFC South is four quality cornerbacks. Three represents strong depth. Two is shaky. The Bucs have one.

It’s likely Tampa Bay will have the pick of the cornerbacks litter in 18 short days. General manager Jason Licht’s history suggests he’d be eager to draft a cornerback early with the No. 7 overall pick (see 2016), or that Licht is yearning to trade down in the first round and draft a cornerback there while recouping a draft pick or two.

Logic says Licht will go that route. Again, look how darn thin the Bucs are at cornerback — for this year and potentially in 2019. Everyone can see it. It’s not a Doug Martin kind of situation.

Bucs fans all saw how a legitimate pass rush and the NFL’s No. 1-ranked run defense (Tampa Bay had both in 2012) still led to a pass defense that challenged for the worst in NFL history.

For those who forgot the Bucs’ 2012 cornerbacks, Aqib Talib and his nonsense led to him being available for just four games before he was traded. Fellow cornerback Eric Wright was a free agent bust, and E.J. Biggers, Danny Gorrer, Leonard Johnson and LeQuan Lewis behind them were a crap show., with the help from the NextGen stats data produced via technology in balls and uniforms, ranked the top-10 cover cornerbacks last season.

The list below is in order, and Joe added their draft position during their respective rookie years.

1) A.J. Bouye (undrafted)
2) Chris Harris (undrafted)
3) Marcus Peters (Round 1, No. 18 overall)
4) Marshon Lattimore (Round 1, No. 11 overall)
5) Jalen Ramsey (Round 1, No. 5 overall)
6) Xavien Howard (Round 2, No. 38 overall)
7) Trevor Williams (undrafted)
8) Patrick Robinson (Round 1, No. 32 overall)
9) Patrick Peterson (Round 1, No. 5 overall)
10) Tre’Davious White (Round 1, No. 27 overall)

So the majority of lock down cornerbacks were found within the top 38 picks of a draft, or a team has to get lucky. We see the three undrafted players above (plus Brent Grimes was undrafted). But as expected, rookie production from those guys was very limited.

Barring a pre-draft signing, it would be a downright stunner if the Bucs passed on a cornerback in Round 1 or 2. Even if they trade down to do it — and even if picking a cornerback that early has one of the Joes cursing the move all night at world headquarters.

63 Responses to “How Will The Bucs Value A Cornerback?”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Lord knows we need Heargraves to step up.

  2. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    I’m I the only one that remembers Vernon looking really solid at nickel before getting injured? Plus he has a history of performing pretty well against taller slower receivers like KB and Devin Funchess. Vernon can be a contributor in this Soft Mike Smith scheme, if he’s used to his strengths.

    At this point it all comes down to who’s available when. We have a huge need at Outside corner, but If Barkley or Nelson is there at 1, then you take them. You improve in the NFL by Making your strengths stronger and taking the best players available. Not by drafting for need.

  3. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Different song than you were singing last year. Remember the praising of CB as a position of strength and depth?

    Watch the Dline apply the pressure and all of a sudden these CBs look like they are “developing”.

    Please don’t draft a dang corner at 7. I don’t think denzel Ward is THAT guy. Trade back if big 3 gone. The top 5 corners are close and it.might not be that #1 guy that is the best. Still should be good options late 1st- early 2nd. Like Hughes/ Alexander/ Oliver/ either Jackson (prefer Josh).

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Only two of the top ten were really high picks and Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Petersen are generational talents worthy of their high picks.

    Lattimore was great for the Saints who got him at 11.

    The top two undrafted!!!

    Patrick Robinson and Tre’davious White are virtual second rounds picks…not much difference between the end of the first and the start of the second.

    I simply do not see any Rose’s or Petersens in this draft.

    The big three or trade down!

  5. Fire the Glazers Says:

    You don’t get a guy to play well enough unless you show him his @$5 doesn’t have a job unless he earns it.
    My solution would be to draft a ton of Cornerbacks in the 6th and 7th rounds, then bring in as many indrafyed rookies at the position and maybe one or two will prove he’s worth the time.
    You don’t get good by picking the last of a litter of pups…
    Or by getting lucky. Lord knows Bucs don’t have luck.

  6. Broy34 Says:

    Yeah we all know one Joe feels the bucs regime wouldn’t have been able to develop champ Bailey because Hargreaves is a bum

  7. LostinPA Says:

    By your own math we have at least two of the four CBs with grimes and VH3. VH3 is currently a slot corner with potential upside if he can get his head on straight. If not complaining about using a #11 pick on a slot corner doesn’t change the fact that he at least to did well there. That means we need one CB from free agency and one from the draft. That’s not a stretch. This draft class has two main strengths CB and RB. This means we will get someone with potential in the draft. It also means if we are both smart and patience some above average veteran CBs will be available on the street or through trade as other teams get younger at the position. I will be surprised if McClain is the best available option for us by OTAs.

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    Trade down in the first and get Ward or Jackson. This is why I feel like Licht is going to trade down. He’s not going to take a CB or S (sorry FSU fans) at #7 but I’m sure he realizes we need a lot of good CB help. I’d be so down to trade down with Buffalo at #12 and get Ward. James would be nice at 12 also FSU fans but CB is much more serious hole than S right now. Ward is a sizable CB that I think could do well in the NFL.

  9. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Isaiah Oliver for the win in round two.

  10. Jeffbuc Says:

    We will not be drafting a corner in this draft or the first 3 rounds of next draft. In case you guys haven’t been reading post. Betterbuckenbelieve has already told everyone we are trading this entire draft except for are 7th round pick. And trading next years 1st and 2nd round pick plus McCoy and Jackson for mr. Barkley. But as for me I would love for us to draft Ward. Either with our 7th or by trading down. And the guy from Tulane if he is available in the 4th think his name is parry Nickerson.he ran extremely fast and made a lot of interceptions in his college career. And I love the dt P.J Hall hope he last until the 5th.

  11. LostinPA Says:

    Wow, this site really needs an edit function. Typing and making you kid hot cocoa doesn’t lend itself to proper editing. The sentence should read end …he at least did well there.”

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Jaire Alexander at #38!

  13. darin Says:

    Hargreaves isnt bad. Bad defensive coaching tho. Put him on another team that plays press and watch him excel. I’d be dissapointed if they took a corner in the 1st or 2nd too. But I’m almost convinced its gona happen. Only thing that’ll save me from falling off the wagon is Licht finally trading back and adding picks. I also hope Licht isnt satisfied with his D ends yet. A real pass rush will make these corners look alot better. No reason to draft a corner early and watch him struggle for 2 years when you can get a good DE and watch the guys here already get better because of the pressure. Trade back, get Davenport, Hernandez, Jones/chubb/michel, and then a corner. Do it, do it

  14. Oxycondoms Says:

    Seems like people are blowing off the idea of drafting Fitzpatrick don’t get why he doesn’t even get an honorable mention as a potential Buc pick

  15. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Because we don’t need another Free Safety or Slot corner. Which is what Fitzpatrick is.

  16. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    What @Pickgrin said

  17. SOEbuc Says:

    I seriously don’t remember if Mike Smith was running his large cushion defense in 2016?? And after that season and those last five games everyone was jumping for joy when they gave him big money to stay. He says it takes a pass rush for that secondary to work and those last 5 games we were non stop getting to the QB and getting picks left and right. I’d love for that to be true and get a ball hawk CB like Ward or Jackson if we trade down in the first. I would give drafting a CB a little more cushion if we had a 3rd round pick, but we don’t at the moment.

  18. phattitudes Says:

    This site loves to take strong positions. You’re having a field day with this cornerback situation. You’ve got everything covered. No matter what they do, the Bucs will be wrong. Well given that, just maybe the Bucs believe that Hargreaves problems were due to injury and the Bucs general defensive woes. Ronde Barber claims Vernon is one of the most gifted CBs in Bucs history. Smith was a 4th round pick that has been a bit abused or at least exposed to trial by fire. Just maybe he is not ready for the cut list yet. Even Elliott was showing some promise as a Slot Corner. It also seems highly likely that veteran will be picked up to provide insurance or possibly compete as a starter. Kayvon Webster is now a free agent (albeit recovering from an Achilles tear). Given his age, he would be a solid pick up. Maybe a bit of gamble in 2018 but still a solid roster addition. If that were the situation, CB is less of “must have” in rounds 1 or 2. Just maybe those picks yield the RB of choice and a road grader at guard. Maybe Sweezy gets released and creates cap room for that veteran CB that we get. Then we still have Rounds 4, 5, 6, 6, and 7 to load up on depth. Just not buying all the hand ringing that is being created on the CB situation.

  19. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Imho we don’t need CB with the first 2 picks man. As @Darin stated as have I countless times…the coverage must change. It won’t because Grimes excels at off man though. Bummer if we keep this up. Gotta press at the line…sometimes!!! Damn Damn Damn James..
    Anyways, Vea with the 1st pick for me

  20. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    Be objective with this, not subjective.

    Hey @Joe…..

    “Logic says Licht will go that route”. Really? Who’s “logic”, your logic, my logic, Licht’s logic, who’s logic? Objectively, “logic” hasn’t provided an indication either way of (trading down for CB), than it has for trading up for a RB…objectively. Or sitting tight for Nelson, perhaps.

    And if “logic” dictated that, would Licht be “learning” from 2016 with VHIII?

    Do the Bucs need CB help, absolutely. But the talent level available at OLine and RB far surpass the characters at CB in this draft on the high end, and there is no “logic” that dictates that Licht would trade down any more than trading up. Objectively.

    A trade for a #2 CB from another team makes a ton of sense, and the 2nd round of FA cuts could net the Bucs their stop-gap solution at CB.


    Go Bucs!

  21. BucsQcCity Says:

    Considering the money spent on dline, we should decent cb and should be ok

  22. TheRealJoe Says:

    Denzel Wards tape is phenomenal. We will regret it if he is available and we pass on him.

  23. Aaron May Says:

    I’m scared to death about our CB depth…grimes won’t stay healthy for 16 games…and drafting a rookie even really high will have its ups and downs and that’s if we hit with the pick….if the Big 3 are gone and we can’t trade down…I’ll have to live with what the millionaires decide is best for our team.

    Dame guys that thought our eventual 32nd ranked D was good enough and we were set at kicker and would have a solid running game…

  24. BucEmUp Says:

    Joe why waste time speculating what corners the bucs will draft when most know Mike Smith will ruin whoever plays here with a flawed outdated system that allows slant routes 90 yards down the field for 9 minute drives and a td every time

  25. Not there yet Says:

    I talk down on gmc all season long but vh3 is the guy they need the most in the secondary. We know what we’ll get from Brent Grimes when he’s on the field but fully expect him to have an injurt or two at his age. Just because we draft a top corner doesn’t mean he’ll automatically be lattimore trooper defensive rookie of the year especially with the d coordinator we have.

    Can anyone explain why Licht won’t go out and sign a veteran corner, hopefully he does this before training camp because either way we still don’t have enough bodies. Lol they’re gonna try vh3 at outside corner

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Fantastic analysis Joe, and spot on. Bucs’ secondary, as it stands right now, will cost us multiple games in 2018 (and probably 2019 also). The secondary is our greatest need, especially the outside corners. Several bonafide outside CBs were available in FA (and a couple still are) but Licht passed.

    The ONLY reason I can think of is that he’s planning on using TWO high draft picks on corners (Rnds 1-4) this year. Even with Grimes back there though, Licht is gambling big-time (not just the Bucs’ season, but also his job & the coaches’ jobs). No doubt in my mind at this point that he’ll be picking Ward at #7 (IF he can’t trade down & still grab Ward plus recoup the 3rd Rnd pick he used to get JPP). Then he’ll grab a RB in Rnd 2.

  27. DanBucsFan Says:

    I know cb is obviously a major need. But so ir rb, in round 2 IMO we have to get a rb, if we stay at #7 then im curious who we will pick. Obviously we need help on defense over offense, but if Nelson is available at 7 im pushing in all my chips that Licht takes the stud LG and follows up with a rb with our 2nd pick. Only way I envision getting a cb on day 2 is if we trade up. And we all know Licht loves trading up on day 2. Now, if we do get Nelson in round 1, possibility of trading\ releasing Sweezy is very likely. If we could get a 5th rounder for Sweezy then I would dance a jig, but a release is more likely. Another thought is trade for cb Darby from Eagles, but give them a pick from next year or Sweezy & a late round pick in 2019. Regardless what they do, I hope we dont spend #7 on Ward, I think he is over rated and not a top 10 worthy pick. We all need to realize that in round 2 its either rb or cb, and IMO rb has been neglected on draft day for to long.

  28. DanBucsFan Says:

    Id rather get James at 7 than Ward at 7 even if we need cb over ss. James is EVERYTHING our defense is lacking. Leadership, and a enforcer in the back end, pair him with Evans and our safeties are right up there with any combo in the Nfl for years.

  29. Alanbucsfan Says:

    If the big 3 are gone at 7, take the best DT in the draft or I like Derwin James because he’s physical and can play safety, slot corner or linebacker. Team needs to keep upgrading on controlling trenches and being physical.

  30. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I like Fitzpatrick but I’ll pass on both at 7 I’ll go for it at 12

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    I cannot beleive Hargreaves is as bad as he looks. Is it the coaching..the systems? Smith needs to figure out a better way to utilize this guy. Bcause we desparately need to see a new hargreaves this season. If not, Ship his butt off for a future pick. I would not go CB or safety in the 1st. RB, DE, and Guard are far more pressing.Value at CB is there to be had in the 3rd thru 6th rds. I do like Fitapatrick over Ward though.

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We will at the very least have the choice of the best CB in the draft…..My hope is that we trade the pick…..end up with a DE, G, RB & CB in the first 3 rounds.

  33. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    “Can anyone explain why Licht won’t go out and sign a veteran corner,”

    It’s in your name NTY. We’re not there yet. There are still FA’s to be had. After training camp starts there will be decent players cut. Licht has been pretty good with the UDFA’s as well and so perhaps he’s not as worried about getting it done before the draft.

    BTW for all the moaning about VHG. IF he straightens out whatever happened between year 1 and 2 and becomes a decent nickle corner we should be happy.
    There was a 40% chance according to draft stats that VHG would never make it.

    I get that people had higher hopes for him but if he plays and contributes we are ahead of the game even if he isn’t the star we hoped he be. He could still become a solid part of this team which means that draft pick was not wasted…yet.

  34. SOEbuc Says:

    Flat out, CB is our largest hole left and I can’t understand why people wouldn’t want one in the first or second. Although they aren’t my two favorite players, Conte and Tandy are vets that know this defensive scheme that is already bad. RB is stacked in this draft. Unless people are assuming Grimes, Smith, and VH3 are going to pull a 180, we need a good CB this year and take over for Grimes next year. And what happens if one of our not so impressive starters goes on IR at the beginning of the season. We have no good CB depth (still haven’t resigned McClaine). If we can find a way to trade back get #12 in the first from Buffalo, use that on Ward. Get another CB in the later rounds also.

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    SOEbuc, I agree with trading down to #12, but it still takes Two to Tango. I’m convinced that Licht will try to recoup a 3rd Rnd pick, but reality is that he’s not in the driver’s seat. i’m personally hopeful that EITHER VHIII or Ryan Smith will come on strong this year, but no way Bucs should count on that (an outside CB weak link is the kiss of death in this league & will get picked on all day long). All in on drafting TWO CBs this year though (1 high; 1 mid), UNLESS Licht signs a bonafide starting outside CB between now & the draft.

  36. SOEbuc Says:

    Derwin James problem is he’s too physical. You aren’t allowed to make a good shoulder tackle in the NFL anymore. I think your just suppose to jump on the ball carriers back now and hope he goes down. ESPECIALLY THE BUCS (been getting f*cked over on penalties since this franchise began) would be getting PF constantly.

  37. MadMax Says:

    Focus on the D line and our DB’s will look a lot better….still need some more help back there though, a late rounder…..Nick Nelson in the 5th….screenshot this, he’ll be a very good #3 in the nfl.

  38. TheDailyCoroner Says:

    Brian Kelly was nicknamed “toast” because that was usually what happened to him when he was in coverage. Turned out to be a pretty good corner.

  39. Kobe Faker Says:


    I still think Forrest Licht thinks he can convert Fitz into a outside corner. All he sees is Ramsey clone and roll tide

    All the past Lichts past history leads to Fitz being our pick. Cross train, going ultra conservative with best secondary player in a big school and giving him the starting job before he even puts on the uniform…

    Barkley wont be there at 7

  40. SOEbuc Says:

    @Defense Rules

    I would freakin love to get a dominate CB in a trade. I think Licht’s either going to trade back in the first or get back into the third. We’ve filled some nice gaps in the offseason and if we could get a known CB in a trade, that would give us so many more options in the early rounds. If that happened I would be very intrigued in getting Fitzpatrick or James at #7. Already dying to see us get Will Hernandez in the second. Everyone wants a RB in the second but there are a lot of really good backs that are gonna be in the third and fourth.

  41. K2 Says:

    Some how the view of Mike Smith changed dramatically from 2016 to 2017. Could it be that a weak D-line further hampered by injury… caused Smith to avoid press coverage. I thought that both Gholston and Spence would be better…that didn’t happen. In fact, with the exception of McCoy the whole D-line disappointed. That is why the Bucs made huge changes…included the D-line coach. It’s very difficult to run press coverage with no pass rush. All coaches and players look BAD when the team consistently looses the battle in the trenches. Like most here… I believe that the Bucs will address CB and RB in the draft. In a draft class where those positions are positions of strength. Before we throw all our players and coach under those big fat bus tires…lets see what happens. I’m hopeful that the Bucs will have a pass rush this year, that Jameis will give less games away, and the coaches will coach.

  42. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Your post alludes to what always amuses me in the hyperbolic hate expressed towards both Smitty and Koetter.

    One was an NFL Coach of the Year, 3X by the Sporting News. Koetter has been a head coach in college and a coordinator in a 25+ year career. In his first year in the NFL, he had immediate success setting franchise records for total points scored and yards gained while helping the Jaguars to an 11–5 record.

    But somehow people must believe the water in Tampa Bay is so polluted it makes all past experience, knowledge just disappear.

    These two men have over 50 years of experience…most of it successful. But it must be these two guys who turned a losing, horrible franchise into losers.

    Let’s see what happens this year. There will be plenty of time to fire them if they haven’t really turned the corner for us.

  43. JimmyJack Says:

    Ronde Barber may be the 1st Buccaneer to welcome our next CB when he announces our 2nd round choice. That would be pretty cool. Especially if that CB is 5’ 10.

    Currently the Bucs have brought in a few corners and running backs to interview so it looks like Ronde has a 50/50 chance to call a CB.

  44. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    And Lovie Smith had a top 10 defense for years, made a superbowl, and now he is a garbage coach and can’t even produce a good defense in College.

    Coach’s can get worse. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    mike Smiths defense could just turn some heads this year. His defense centers around 4man pressure to the QB. Since Smith has been here our 4 man Line has been awful, It’s the biggest reason we are rated last.

    If you remember the few game our passrush has gotten to the QB(Saints, Sea, KC, SD in 2016….Mia, NYJ, NE in 2017) we looked like a top defense.

    If the defense get the passrush and plays like those few rare games this team can make a run……but not if we can’t put pressure on and defeat Bress, Ryan and Cams teams.

  46. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I agree and I hope we’re both correct.

    Missing a pass rush it’s hard to judge anything other than our abysmal pass rush.
    It means we really don’t know how badly our DB’s played because the QB’s had forever to find their targets…a recipe for disaster in the NFL. Even backup QB’s have embarrassed us in the past.

  47. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete, excellent post. Agree 100%. It’s awfully easy to blame coaches (especially Smitty it seems) for a team’s poor performance on the field. But sometimes IMO it’s a combination of many different pee-poor factors all coming together at the wrong times (mediocre talent, injuries, poor chemistry, bad coaching, tough schedule, etc).

    @MadMax … “Focus on the D line and our DB’s will look a lot better.” In theory I agree with you, BUT … hard to cover up lack of talent in the secondary. The 2015 & 2016 Panthers are a classic example IMO. Went 15-1 in 2015 (#6 defense in Points Allowed) … allowing 3,752 passing yds total (#11) & 1,415 rushing yds total (#4). Fell apart in 2016 when they posted a 6-10 record (#26 in Points Allowed) … allowing 4,291 passing yds total (#29) & 1,465 rushing yds total (#6). What changed? Not the DLine … they lost Josh Norman (RCB) & Charles Tillman (LCB) in the Secondary & had to play Worley & Bradberry. Now for the good news … BOTH of them improved in 2017 BTW.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    If they draft D.James Rd1 and M.Hughes Rd2 in this draft much of the fanbase will be more excited about our secondary……Right now looking at our five man secondary unit it look very weak. Grimes, R.Smith, VHIII, Evans and Conte will be exposed if that’s all we got.

    Will be intresting to see what what they do to adress and upgrade the secondary.

  49. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    I just want us to sign Eric Reid so that we have zero need to draft safety. And then we can draft a corner or two if they are the best players available when we are picking in whatever round we draft them.

    Be it Ward at 7 if the Big 3 are gone, or trading down and taking a player like Isiah Oliver, or taking a couple of late round guys and signing a bunch of UDFA’s and let everyone battle it out in Training camp.

    Signing a proven, young, probowl caliber Strong safety like Reid just makes too much sense and gives us ultimate flexibility to fully address our positions of need with the best possible prospect.

  50. JimmyJack Says:

    If the Bucs do not come out of the second round with a new Safety and Corner we might like to get a Guard. We could then see Sweezy cut and have money to buy a scapeheap starter/competition at a DB position. Not the most exciting way to fill a hole but it works and should be better then Conte, R.Smith.

  51. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


    I gotta say…you are the best public relations executive for myself that I’ve NEVER hired, but you’re doing a great job. A great job! I realize that you’re reading comprehension level doesn’t make it past the third grade level (cause at NO point did I expressly stipulate verbatim–those are legal smart words right there–that I insisted or suggested there would be a total combination of all the picks and players that I merely suggested were eligible…YES…for trading up for Saquon.

    Keep kicking it with the 4H’s….best employee I never hired.


    Go Bucs! Go Bold! Go Barkley! Go Primetime!

  52. cmurda Says:

    @JimmyJack. Obviously it all depends on Round 1. If Nelson is there I think we take him unless we get an offer to trade down that we can’t resist. There is no question that round 2 has to be a corner or safety. Even if Nelson, Barkley and Chubb are all gone, I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion that we trade down. First of all, there has to be an offer worth taking. Secondly, none of us know how high they are on Ward, Minkah or Derwin. My preference is Ward.

    P.S. That may have been the first hockey game that I have ever rooted for the Florida Chickens but they actually came through to help the Bolts with home ice throughout the Eastern Conference.

  53. JimmyJack Says:

    Cmurda…The toughest scenario of the draft maybe if we don’t draft any DBs with the top 2 picks.

    A trade down puts us into a very meaty part of the draft to get a secondary player. Our two options seem like Nelson/Barkley or trade down. Chubb seems the least likely to fall. Denver’s pick might just be the biggest wildcard. They might be looking at the same options we are Nelson/Barkley or trade down.

    Indy may want too much in a trade. After Cleveland’s picks Denver & Tampa sound most willing to trade. If Denver trades we might be looking at Nelson/Barkley and no trade offers.

  54. JimmyJack Says:

    If we have no trade and take Nelson it sure seems like the Bucs are either taking a RB or CB in round 2. They have interviewed 3 round 2 CBS and 2 RBs. No other positions.

    Are we forced to take CB in that scenario?

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    I would answer yes. Our depth at RB is much more reliable then CB.

  56. cmurda Says:

    Yes, unless Guice drops to us in round 2. I believe we are high on him. We may be high on Michel too but I don’t know that we get him in Rd 2 if we hadn’t addressed secondary with our 1st pick.

  57. JimmyJack Says:

    The Bucs have brought in Penny and Chubb so far. You would think they are prepared to draft one of them depending what happens in front of them. If they trade down they may be looking at 2 #2 picks also.

    It’s gotta be tough on a GM preparing to pick from so many different spots. I’m sure he has some idea how likely a trade truely is. He entire 1st and 2nd rounds could be in play depending on which teams are serious buyers for the top 4 QBs this year.

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    Maybe NE trades with us and we take Guice Hernandez Round 1. Or some other combo. Then we get 2 #2’s

  59. Architek Says:

    When the press conference with the DC comes, can you all ask (or Ira) ask Mike Smith why he plays the Corners off so far when his young corner plays better in press?

    I know there was no pass rush last year but I’m curious about his response.

  60. cmurda Says:

    Architek. He was asked this a few times last year. Mike Smith said that the corners have the options to press or to play off. I take up 2 issues with his response. First of all, what kind of system allows the corners to decided press or off coverage? Secondly, why wouldn’t he adjust when clearly VH3 and Smith both play better when they can be physical at the line and press. It’s reason #14 that I’m not a Mike Smith fan.

  61. NFLNut Says:

    Personally, I really wish we would have signed EJ Gaines instead of a kicker … they cost almost the exact same amount …

  62. Architek Says:

    Yeah I remember that and I don’t get it, I guess I’m asking for a better understanding and explanation. Just like the Julio Jones coverage conundrum…

  63. James Craig Marlow Says:

    We will draft a placeholder with the #7 pick in the draft, LOL. TRADE DOWN unless a stud RB is available.