Serious Interest In Will Hernandez

April 8th, 2018

Laser focus on hulking LG.

There is interest, and there is lust.

And it seems Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht is slobbering over UTEP left guard Will Hernandez.

From the keyboard of Omar Ruiz of NFL Network, there is an itinerary of Hernandez’s schedule this week and among them is a visit to One Buc Palace for one of the Bucs’ allotted 30 team facility visits. He is widely projected to be a late first- or second-round pick.

What’s more is that Ruiz stated this is not the first time the Bucs and Hernandez have gotten together privately. It seems the Bucs had a private workout with Hernandez already.

Folks, teams don’t waste time and cash sending coaches to have private workouts with players if there is not interest. And throw in the fact the Bucs are flying in Hernandez to meet at One Buc Palace, at least to Joe, that suggests there is keen interest in drafting the manbeast.

Enjoy some left guard blocking porn of Hernandez below.

57 Responses to “Serious Interest In Will Hernandez”

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Dear Lord,
    If the Bucs draft a guard- Let it be Will Hernandez.
    More than any guard Ive seen in recent years, this young man has my favorite quality in an interior Linemen.

    He hits the defensive linemen every single play- with bad intent!
    He just wears defenders out!! he doesnt take plays off. He is a worker and a grinder.

    Nelson gets a lil boost, because he is from Notre Dame. He also occasionally will reach the second level. He will look good Pulling.
    But he picks his plays, to really go all out.

    Not Hernandez.
    He physically engages his opposite every opportunity he gets. Defensive linemen hate that. They are used to having an occasional play, where they and the guard dont go 100%. Sort of to catch their breath
    Not Will Hernandez!

    Hes fun to watch

  2. Atrainfan Says:

    Huge fan of is, my dream would be we trade down and load up on hernandez, a running back and maybe a tackle or end in the first two rounds. BTW the music on that video is cancer.

  3. SeattleBuc Says:

    Been watching the old Bucs great games on youtube thanks to Mike P. The Saints game in 2002 with the the A Train pounding the rock energizing the whole stadium. Thats why I hope the Bucs can trade back for both Hernandez and Guice. Bucs switching to Power run scheme. We will see a much tougher Bucs in the trenches, then get 2 DBs and a DL to complete draft, I’m hoping for a fully balanced team.

  4. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Hernandez is a solid prospect. I would not be against drafting him in the least bit. Heck landing Barkley at 7 and getting him in Round 2 would be amazing.

    However, the is a pretty significant gap in terms of technical skill and ability between Hernandez and Quenton Nelson. Without even considering that Nelson consistently played against tougher competition, he is still clearly and without a doubt the better player on film.

    If that reel of Hernandez is “Left guard blocking porn” then you should have a hard time containing yourself watching the above clips Joe.

    For as much as I like the idea of Barkley and Hernandez, Landing Nelson in round 1 as well as getting a player like Sony Michel or Rashaad Penny in round 2 might even be better.

    Also Capt Tim is talking out of his butt hole. Quenton Nelson is every bit as tough and relentless as Hernandez. Just watch his LSU game tape where he dominates his man and literally pins him down and t bags him.

  5. Greecosuave Says:

    Oh that’s some good porn. Let’s hope we can get him in the second.

  6. Dave Says:

    I heard him interviewed recently and the guy has a really good head on his shoulders, in addition to being an ass-kicker. Licht would continue improving his image by picking up Hernandez in the second round.

  7. Bradentonbuc Says:

    Doubt this guy last to the second but he seems like he’s got an edge too him.
    Lol @atrain

  8. Dano74 Says:

    What a BEAST! I wouldn’t complain if they draft him!

  9. NFLNut Says:

    He’ll get drafted in the 20s imho

    Trade with the Bills and use #12 on Derwin and #22 on Hernandez, with #38 on the best RB available = AWESOME!

  10. Bucco bruce Says:

    I like that idea nflnut! Or trade some future picks for the second pick and get Barkley then Hernandez next.

  11. NFLNut Says:

    Barkley may slip to #7 but if we get him, my guess is we stay put with our 2nd rounder and take a CB … I’d love a Saquon + Will Hernandez duo though!

  12. FortMyersDave Says:

    This Hernandez kid looks special…. Consider the team he played for: UTEP: basically the TMax Cleveland Browns or A’s/Rays/Marlins of the NCAA; a team that would be sub 500 in 1-AA yet the guy played to his utmost every damn Saturday; something to consider especially with a trade down for multiple picks!

  13. Red86 Says:

    This dude looks like Andre The Giants in football gears. Gee. Had great technique through out the whole video. I would be content with him on the team.

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    Option 1B for “fixing” the Oline. He ain’t Nelson – but Hernandez would for sure be a great addition.

  15. Joeypoppems Says:

    I can see him being a target in a trade back scenario. I wouldnt hate it if it were to happen, but I want to see our 1st round pick used on defense

  16. Joeypoppems Says:

    Ive also been thinking and I want to see what you guys think about this.

    Am I crazy if I think RB might be our 4th biggest need?

    Here is my reasoning. Im more confident in Barber as a starting RB than I am Ryan Smith as a starting CB, Chris Conte as a starting SS, or that Sweezy could stay healthy and be the starting RG for a whole season.

    But with all that said I think it would be a mistake to not draft a RB by the end of day 2 of the draft.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo would do free table dances for Hason if he drafts Pablo’s amigo, Hernandez. Pablo thinks the Bucs need some brown.”

  18. JA Says:

    Why do people have us trading with the Bills? What’s their incentive–to grab a QB? The only possible team from 7th to 11th that MIGHT take a QB is Miami at 11th. If you’re worried about Miami, why not strike a cheaper deal with the Raiders for the 10th pick?

  19. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Always Good To Have A Contingency Plan

    By establishing a contingency plan, those in charge are forced to evaluate all possible ramifications in the event; option “A” (Quenton Nelson) is off the board.

  20. Walktheplank Says:

    Both guys Nelson and Hernandez make you feel sorry for the other guys. I like when they pin them down and continue to punish them all the way through the play.

  21. LostinPA Says:

    Imagine a trade down with Buffalo where we get Ward at 12, Hernandez at 22 and Guice/Chubb/Michel in 2 and DeShon Elliott in round 4. Hell, in this scenario I would package 2 and 4 to go get Guice in 1st just to lock in the extra year and be certain to get Guice. Licht can mine the later rounds for a safety.

  22. JA Says:

    Again–why would Buffalo trade with us?
    Unless one of the “big three” was available and we wanted to pass on the pick, Buffalo has no incentive to trade for the 7th pick. As I said, there are no teams, with the possible exception of Miami at 11th, that will take a QB before Buffalo–if that’s what you’re suggesting.
    Then again, you said, “imagine.”

  23. LVBUC Says:

    JA “Again–why would Buffalo trade with us?”

    The reason they would trade with the Bucs is if they don’t, The Bucs could trade the pick to Arizona possibly Miami.

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    1st. Quenton Nelson

    *1hr later

    New England’s on the Clock

    We Have A Trade !!!

    New England Trades:
    • 1st Round / Pick #32
    • 3rd Round/ Pick#95


    Tampa Bay For:
    • 2nd Round / Pick #38
    • DeSean Jackon

    Tamp Bay Buccaneers Select: Derrius Guice w/the 31st Pick

    Lol, one can only dream.

  25. LostinPA Says:

    1st it is unlikely that the gaints, brown or the colts trade back. The both the colts and the gaints have said they won’t go back to 12 and the brown need quality over quantity. This means it will be likely one of the “big 4 QBs” will be there and we will be the first likely trade back option if the Broncos either stand pat or take a QB (which is what think will happen). Buffalo cannot stand pat or Miami will take the QB they want. Even if Miami interest in a QB is a smoke screen there is Arizona, Baltimore and a bunch of other teams that would either use a new QB or a heir apparent that could trade in front of Buffalo. They have to trade up and I think we could be the first option Buffalo will have to do so.

  26. The Buc Realist Says:

    Why all the interest in all these O-line free-agents and draft????? Joe told us that this was a top 10 O-line if they had just started Barber???????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I am thinking that the Bills or some other QB needy team has already spoken to Licht on multiple occasions to discuss draft day scenarios.

  28. USFBUC Says:

    @Joey – I agree. I want to see us trade back and address both CB and SS early then OG and RB.

  29. USFBUC Says:

    @LUV – I think the Bucs could be part of a draft day trade involving players like you just suggested.

  30. Bucs Guy Says:

    In his interview during the owners meetings, Licht said teams have already called him about trading up.

  31. JA Says:

    @ Lostin–
    I understand your rationale, especially with Arizona. They, like Buffalo, need a QB. But I don’t understand why either team would give up the farm for, possibly, the fourth best QB available. Guess we’ll have to wait for picks 1-6 and see what happens. Maybe each team’s guy will still be there at seven and we can start a 10-minute bidding war between both teams.
    Good points though–thanks!

  32. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    I think Bucs are in a win/win. Let’s say 4 QB’s got in the top 6, then Nelson, Chubb, or Barkley fall to 7. Or, let’s say those 3 are gone, then teams like Buffalo or Arizona trade up to 7 and we get extra picks then fill the holes such as RB, G, and CB.

  33. AlteredEgo Says:

    Kid in a candy store time of year….

  34. Walter Says:

    His only problem is that his mobility leaves a lot to be desired, not very agile, probably wouldn’t perform as well as Nelson at getting to the second level and swing blocks.

  35. LostinPA Says:

    @JA I 100% agree that the right QB has to be there but each team values them differently. There is a lot of talent in the top 4 QBs and I could see Buffalo talking themselves into Baker at the top of there draft board. Sometimes when you know you can’t have someone else you start to focus on the flaws to make them less desirable.

  36. MadMax Says:

    Would be a great pick late first / early 2nd….according to what we do trading back…..

  37. REdtop5588 Says:

    Capt Tim is so right I am in 100% agreence with you I want will Hernandez over Mr Nelson not saying I wouldn’t like Nelson but I jus think will is a beast who plays mad Smith Hernandez Jensen Marpet Dotson I think we need to be thinking with life after Dotson I love his play jus think he might shut down soon I hope not but 6”8 An 33 his knees have to be hurting after games hopfully ifs Webster or Calab to replace him Fill the Trenches

  38. BushidoEvans Says:

    Well look at that, good for you Joe. You kinda called this one, I stand corrected. I thought Tampa would only take a guard if Nelson fell to them st 7.
    Take a deep breath. It’s just a visit. –Joe

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    We can also trade for (RB) Jordan Howard (Age:23).
    A young back coming off back-to-back, thousand yard seasons.

    Jordan Howard vs Pittsburgh

  40. K_Bassuka Says:

    Waste a top pick on an overhyped guard or draft an equal talent in the second? The choice seems pretty simple to me. Still can’t get the picture of Nelson getting dropped on his back on a simple stunt by a 5th round talent against the U.

  41. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Will Hernandez will be gone by the time our 2nd round selection rolls around imho.

  42. passthebuc Says:

    They call March, March madness for a reason.

    I think they should now term April as April fantasy for obvious reasons.

  43. QUE 5 Says:

    Trade down in 1st rd draft either Ward, Vea or James. Use additional 2nd and swap current 2nd rd pick to trade back into 1st to draft Hernandez. Use 2nd rd pick to draft bpa at RB. Thats 3 starters to make immediate impact.

  44. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    NFLNUT, yes, Hernandez is a 1st round talent and will be gone in the 20’s, maybe earlier. He needs work on technique but he’s got the mean streak that powerful OLines need. He’ll be solid from day 1.

  45. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    JA, you make the trade because another team could make the trade before you. The earlier you try, the greater the chance that you’ll beat the other team to the punch.

  46. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Sounds like it’s worth investigating. It’s also possible that Nelson is generational player and Hernandez is simply good…but it might be that at this point good is enough if too many other players are available to invest in BPA’s.

    It’ll be up to Licht to make that call. I’m still with Nut though…one of the big three or trade down. I would not be happy with Hernandez at 7th…but I absolutely do not want one of the DB’s at #7.

  47. Joe Says:

    Why do people have us trading with the Bills? What’s their incentive–to grab a QB?


  48. Pickgrin Says:

    Nobody is talking Hernandez at #7 SPBF.

    Nelson is the most likely of the big 3 to drop to #7 if one of them does indeed make it to our pick.

    Hernandez makes a nice back up plan for significantly improving our interior Oline (which I believe is a major intention in this draft) if Nelson is gone at 7 and/or we trade down and wind up with a pick somewhere in the 20s.

    Drafting a great OG prospect with a high pick this year kills 2 birds with one stone. You solidify the interior Oline for years to come – and then immediately cut Sweezy giving yourself enough cap space to sign a decent FA cornerback that can compete with VH3 and R Smith and who also has enough NFL experience to start if need be.

  49. ATrain Says:

    The Best thing on that film I saw was his ability to move
    For a big guy he seems to move very quick and Hits Hard

  50. Aaron Says:

    I’m trying to figure out how the Bucs trade down in the 1st round.

    Any team before the Bucs Pick that don’t take a QB (Giants, Cleveland 2nd Pick, Denver, Indy) would be passing on a haul of Picks from Buffalo to take Chubb, Barkley, or Nelson.. I can’t see teams passing on some combinaton of Buffalo’s two 1st round and 2nd picks maybe their 3rd round pick (depend who is trading and the draft chart) to pick a G or RB (low postional value) DE does have positional unless you think Chubb is going to be an elite (very elite) pass rusher you can’t pass on those picks.

    So let’s say that Buffalo trades with the Giant or the Giants stay and take a QB…then 3 QBs go 1, 2, 3 and now we are down to Cleveland 2nd Pick, Denver, and Indy before the Bucs pick.

    IF there is move up interest in the 4th QB – teams would start with Cleveland and move down. I can’t see how one of those 3 teams would not take a trade down over picking one of the big 3, outside of maybe Chubb…no trade down for the Bucs in this senario but we get to pick one of the Big 3 most likely Nelson but Barkley could be there…

    If there is not move up Interest in the 4th QB – the Bucs still have a chance at one of the Big 3 – there are always crazy picks early and without ligitment trade down offers for Cleveland, Denver or Indy I could see, say, Cleveland draft the OT from ND to replace their retired left tackle or they go with position value / need to draft Ward…

    The only way I see the Bucs getting a trade down offer is if the Bucs except a discounted trade offer for a potentially falling 4th QB (meaning that Cleavland, Denver and Indy passed on the offers) or if 4 QBs go and there is interest in the 5th QB.

  51. John meeks Says:

    Really like his film and he looks great pulling and finds his target !!he also is very strong so I see really no weakness in his game. I believe he goes in the 1st round ,making it two guards in the first round.and people say you don’t take a guard in round 1.wrong!!!it starts in the trenches!

  52. Solinor Says:

    WOW he looks exactly like Mike Evans, but much much bigger. Haha

  53. LostinPA Says:

    @Aarron The reason I don’t see the browns or the Colts trading back is because they both need to come away with surefire talent in this draft. That means one of the big 3. The colts and Giants GMs have straight up said they think going back to #12 is a non-starter because the talent drops off. That shouldn’t bother us because the drop off starts once the big 3 are gone. The broncos could be in play but that still leaves either a QB or one of the Big 3 on the board for us at #7. One outside chance could be a predraft trade with us taking #12 while picking up some combo of Buffalo’s two 2’s or 3’s then they trade again to move to #2 with next years picks in the pot for the Gaints. That’s a lot to give up but if they hit on a franchise QB it could be worth it to them. I give that about a 5% chance of happening but like the desperate teenage boy tells themselves before asking out the prom queen “I have a chance”.

  54. SOEbuc Says:

    He really is incredible. He is soo big and strong. He can create holes for RBs to get through with his strength and gives dlineman no space to rush the passer with his size. Would love this pick.

  55. Lokog Says:

    Im from el paso texas i hope he goes to tampa but it has to be second round derwin james first

  56. MadMax Says:

    Wanna make some waves? Trade back from 7, grab Big V around 12 or Landry at 20….then move back into the bottom of the first, maybe 30th for Big Will.

    Big V and Big Will….thats a haul!!! I would be so happy!

  57. JimmyJack Says:

    A study of the visits our Bucs have had with prospects gives insite what Licht is thinking with OUR picks.

    Here is the list of interviews. Thanks to Joe for all the reporting.

    1st round #7 prospects) Q.Nelson G

    1st round #11-32 prospects) W.Hernandez G, V.Vea DT, D.James SS

    2nd round prospects) J. Alexander CB, M.Hughes CB, D. Jackson CB
    R. Penny RB, N. Chubb RB

    4th round prospects)N. Hines RB

    Apologies for any mistakes. Feel free to reply with any corrections.