Mike Florio Finally Tells His 2-Year-Old Koetter Confrontation Story

April 25th, 2018

Mike Florio opens up about a confrontation with Dirk Koetter.

Joe’s known about this for a very long time and it’s an extremely cool and intriguing slice of Buccaneers history.

You don’t want to miss this.

When Dirk Koetter got the job as head coach of the Buccaneers, he did a radio interview with Mike Florio, the chief of ProFootballTalk.com and premier NFL insider for NBC Sports.

Joe is glad Florio spelled out the confrontation that followed the interview in great detail. It’s about 11 minutes and it starts at the 41-minute mark of the PFT PM podcast below.

Joe knew of the story for years, but it wasn’t Joe’s story to tell. Feel free to discuss it in the comments section. Perhaps Joe will type it up for the hearing challenged next week.

39 Responses to “Mike Florio Finally Tells His 2-Year-Old Koetter Confrontation Story”

  1. The Real Malloy Says:

    Well, I’ll say this. I like both of them. Is Dirk a little bit crotchety with the media at times? Yes. Absolutely. I like that about him. I’m sure those in the media wish he was a little bit more warm and fuzzy, but he’s a mans man. He’s a football coach. He’s real, and that is why he hasn’t lost this team. Like it or not, he’s going to be straight up with you.

    I also like Florio, but telling the story makes him sound a little bit like a scorned lover here.

    We’ll call it a draw.

  2. voiceofreason Says:

    i like florio but i think its total chicken S when media members accuse someone of something indirectly like that. “oh, i am not accusing you, but what do you say about others accusing you?” chicken S!

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    Sooo Talk show dominik was the “real” inside Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can you seat on info like this Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Truth Must Be TOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Real Malloy Says:

    Agreed Voice.

    I’ll also say this. At the end, he straight up said ‘if Mark Davis doesn’t offer Gruden 10 million a year, he’s the Bucs coach this season’. Thats a little bold whether its true or not to surmise. I’m glad you don’t care about your relationship with Koetter Florio, because if you think he was pissed before, now you REALLY pissed him off.

  5. Turn Off the Licht Says:

    Dirk Koetter is as good as gone after this season. This guy is way in over his head

  6. miken Says:

    great story. Joe, do you agree it was an inside job and the hiring played out the way we all think it did?
    No. The only inside job was Lovie’s brutal defense after he grabbed control from Leslie Frazier, and the Bucs’ December collapse of 2015. Lovie’s teams far too often were not prepared. Simple as that.–Joe

  7. Not there yet Says:

    Dirk is Lovie Smith the offensive version of coach my scheme. The whole is going to a short rhythm passing game but Dirk continues to get his qb killed with the long slow developing plays something your unable to do in the redzone which is why they sucked at it and couldn’t score points. No faith Dirk will change anything he’s done from last year

  8. JA Says:

    Coach angry with a member of the media? That’s a first!!
    What did Florio expect for an answer? “ Yeah, we bypassed the Rooney Rule, or got around it so to speak but don’t tell anybody.”
    I like Florio and I like Koetter but I feel, in this instance, one man asked a stupid question and the other man overreacted.
    Much ado about nothing but a common occurrence between overinflated egos…

  9. The Real Malloy Says:

    Good Nugget Joe’s.

    That must’ve been hard to sit on, but I got Koetters back on this one.

  10. doolnutts Says:

    Idk that Koetter KNEW. I mean that Lovie Smith coached team was a total joke… I think he was gone reguardless of Koetter’s decision. I think it just so happened that ownership wanted to make sure Winston maintained the same offense to help in his development… And lets be honest Lovie is struggling coaching in college even more so then he did here so that says all we need to know about his abalities.

  11. johnnybuc Says:

    was definitely a bullsh*t question and florio sounds like a butt hurt 13 yr old about it . i mean your basically acussing someone of something but saying “oh i’m not acussing you ” … WTH else do you expect ??? maybe since he’s such a “expert” at this radio show thing maybe he should know that that’s something you might want to bring up with the guy before hand just because everyone is talking about it doesn’t mean it’s not a touchy subject. i never understood all that talk anyway lovie smith was terrible he was going to get fired regardless and why would you not want to promote your off. coordinator who just worked well with your young rookie qb??? anyways i don’t hate Florio at all he just sounded like such a little b**** during that segment still sounding all hurt about it by throwing in that little jab at koetter at the end about him being fired if we could afford gruden ?? BS nobody knows for sure what went down and that guy surely doesn’t . Koetter isn’t a guy who really cares about his relationships he builds with members of the media theoughout his career because frankly that sh*t don’t matter . if he wins us ball games he will be the HC no matter if no reporter in this town likes him or not .

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Well that was anti-climatic.

    He could have told “The Dirk Koetter story” in about 90 seconds but stretched it out to 11 minutes.

    OK – so in cliff notes style summation for those who don’t want to bother listening:

    Koetter came on Florio’s show when he 1st got the HC job – Florio hits him with the question “What do you think of the rumors that your hiring was a done deal prior to Lovie being fired?” Dirk responds – “That’s total BS…” and Florio thought that was the end of it because Koetter didn’t say anything about it after the show. But Dirk obviously was pissed about that question and held a grudge. The next time they saw each other at the annual big deal owners dinner party – Mike F. walks up to say hi to Dirk (unaware that Dirk was still pissed about that question) and Koetter lights into Florio as soon as he walks up to him. Essentially – “You’re an Ahole – that was a BS question – I’m never coming on your show again…”

    That’s it. That’s “The Story”.

    Ok Whatever. It amazes me that these coaches – who are mandated to field media questions 3 times a week during season and too often have to field “gotcha” type questions from some talking head or media member trying to get some recognition or simply attempting to make coach squirm – How do they not blow up on “reporters” more often?

    Even Winston who was all smiles and seemed to love every minute of his media sessions his 1st year seems kinda jaded these days when he shows up at his mandated press conferences. Dealing with the press all the time can wear you down I’m sure. Especially when your team is not winning.

    TMZ / National Enquirer type tactics and reporting are becoming way too commonplace in today’s world of media.

    I imagine it kinda sucks to constantly be forced to sit there and respond to what ever negative slant or question the media wants to throw at you while trying to keep a smile on your face for appearances sake.

  13. D-Rome Says:

    Koetter looks childish and bad here just like any other coach that takes a run at a media member would. The question that was asked is fair given the situation at the time.

    The truth is if Mark Davis wasn’t paying Gruden 10 million a year Gruden would have been hired by the Buccaneers to be their head coach.

    Then there’s that…

  14. Marc Says:

    “If Mark Davis wouldn’t have paid Gruden $100M he would have been the Bucs HC… I guess I can say that (now)”

  15. Eric Says:

    Go Dirk I say. It was a BS question.

  16. The Buc Realist Says:

    Now Joe, Tell the story how Coach Schiano threw out the local media at an OTA because they were yucking it up and disrupting practice, and after a warning kicked them all out, and how after that the local media had it out for Coach Schiano and blamed most things on him ( like letting bennett go) !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Joe Says:

    If any fingers are to be pointed, it should at Lovie Smith’s agent for telling anyone who would listen that there was a palace coup. Dude was on a mission to blacklist and smear Licht and Koetter.

    And while you are at it, feel free to Google who Lovie’s agent is. VERY interesting.

    And to be blunt, Joe wants Lovie’s agent to represent him. Dude is a magician.

  18. Joe Says:


    Was not present at the specific incident but Schiano did not throw out any media members because he couldn’t. League-mandated media availability.

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    Joe Says:
    April 25th, 2018 at 11:49 am
    Was not present at the specific incident but Schiano did not throw out any media members because he couldn’t. League-mandated media availability.


    good job joe!!!!!…..thanks for exposing this liar and fraud!!!!!!

    now, go pull your skirt down @rhealist!!!!!!!…..your dirty tmax is showing!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    the media will have a field day if we start losing…….we all know dirk cant handle pressure…..he can even handle clock management let alone adversity!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  21. lambchop Says:


    Why are you asking Joe whether he thinks it’s an inside job? According to him, people in the Bucs organization read this blog. It’s not going to go over well if Joe says Yea it looks to be an inside job. First off, I don’t fault Florio for asking the question. I think journalism, especially sports journalism, is only interesting when you get to learn something new. If sports journalism was as cliche as athlete interviews, nobody would tune in.

    I think it had to be an inside job because it’s human nature to make sure you have your ducks lined up before you fire your coach. When the Bucs hired Schiano, he was not the 1st choice. He wasn’t even the 2nd choice. That hiring process back fired on the Glazers in epic proportions.

    Koetter comes across like a weasel. When Sean Payton asked him why he didn’t do anything about his players retaliating against Lattimore, Klueless Koetter was like Ummm, I didn’t see it. Are you kidding me? You’re the HC, your star players are getting involved in some crap where the refs have thrown the flag, might toss one or two of your players out, and definitely going to lay out some kind of unsportsmanlike penalty and you don’t know about it? You couldn’t see the jumbotron? Every camera was focused on what was happening. Gimme a break.

    Anyway, for Koetter to hold a grudge, to be so pissed off as to never wanting to come on the show – that looks pretty much like he’s pissed or guilty that it’s officially out there in the media. Nobody else cares whether it was an inside job. If you’re an owner and your potential future HC is already on your team, how do you not have a conversation at some point to make sure you don’t let go of your current HC and be left with no plan B?

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Real…a mans man? Each to their own.

    But I question whether he has the stomach to really be the disciplinarian he needs to be to get this team to pull together and perform. I think he is a fine Offensive Coach…. and though he doesn’t do the “buddy buddy” thing Rah did, when it come to the discipline thing, I think he is soft. I don’t think any of them are scared of displeasing Dirk…. They might be sad to displease him, but neither of those things alone are enough in an HC.

  23. Frank Pillow Says:

    As told, it’s a pretty neat peak into the inner workings of one Dirk Koetter. If the fundamental question Florio was asking and giving him an opportunity to comment on was whether he played a role in Lovie’s ouster and/or deserved to be hired, the answer to both questions is “yes.” What the hell is there to be offended about? Dirk, you were hired b/c you appeared, head/shoulders, more competent than Lovie and did a fantastic job coordinating the offense and developing a rookie QB. That was obvious to anyone who watched this team. You earned the opportunity in as much as Lovie earned his dismissal. Simple as that. Get the hell over yourself and earn the right to remain the HC by winning some ballgames and making this team relevant for the first time in a decade. That should be your ONLY damn focus.

  24. Brandon Says:

    I’m not listening because it’s Mike Florio. Florio is a know-nothing lawyer that made his mark reporting and linking other people’s news and now he sees himself as some type of expert that wants to make sweeping changes and sides with the players on every issue possible. He is the picture perfect Ambulance Chaser, a guy that does more to kill the sport that he makes money off of than to help it. Every chance he gets he drops his editorial opinion into every fact based news story trying to push his agenda.

  25. OneBucPerson Says:

    Exactly @Brandon, Florio is a clown who far too often likes to crusade for his little causes when he’s reporting stories, such as pounding the table about how unfair it is the Kaepernick remains unsigned when other back ups do. If I had to be around him for too long I’d probably end up getting in confrontations with him too.

  26. joestang Says:

    FAKE NEWS!!!!!

  27. MJB Says:

    Florio got Koettered!!

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lmao! Derp K needs to grow up. Florio isn’t a bad guy and asking Derp to dispel a rumor doesn’t make Florio wrong. He needs to get over it and frankly after two seasons, I don’t think Derp is cut out to be a head coach. What a wuss.

  29. lambchop Says:

    The one thing I HATE about PFT is if your view doesn’t jive with their authors, they remove your comment.

    At least Joe doesn’t do that here and I respect that a lot. F*uk PFT.

  30. Matt Says:

    Other than Florio’s far left leaning views and stance on Colin Kaep, I really enjoy his site. I’ve been visiting that site daily since it started 15 years ago. In this case, he is acting a bit hurt by the situation. Koetter definitely didn’t handle it properly either, though. I do like Koetter’s gruff attitude and his personality. No BS.

  31. DBAG56 Says:

    Forget the Tampa scribe that said when Koetter first got fired was that Koetter was too thin skinned.

  32. The Real Malloy Says:

    Mark 2001

    If Koetter was “soft”, the team would have quit on him. They play for him, unlike any of the last 3 coaches, which is why he is STILL the head coach. All this anti-koetter stuff makes me sick. Back the coach of our 2018 Bucs. He’s not going anywhere. And all of this BS with Chucky being the coach again had he not gotten the big bucks, are you people insane. Watch how Raiders fans are reacting to every bone head personnel move Gruden has made since he walked in the door. The game has passed the man. We’ll see this season who looks like the better HC. Pretty damn sure its going to Koetter.

  33. NFLNut Says:


    I don’t care one bit if the Bucs bypassed the “Rooney Rule” as it’s a racist rule.

    Why don’t Pacific Islanders also get to be interviewed before whites?

    Why aren’t teams required to use a scouting visit on a white RB before a black RB?

    It’s all stupid … I just hope sports doesn’t become like politics … can you imagine fans saying, “Our team better not draft the best DE if he’s white, we need to value diversity more than talent and production” … ugh.


  34. NFLNut Says:


    Unfortunately, your last comment is incorrect …
    Let’s peddle in reality. Joe deletes about 2 percent of dissenting comments — those comments that attack Joe’s credibility, are malicious in nature, attack the business of JoeBucsFan.com, or misrepresent Joe’s Bucs takes. –Joe

  35. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Florio has really bad perspective on Bucs history. He thinks we fired Gruden because Raheem agreed to be the HC? What exactly about Raheem were we hoping for that we would fire Gruden but only if Raheem would take the job. That Idiology is as stupid as it sounds.

    Then he thinks Lovie was only fired because Koetter said yes to be our head coach? There may have been a conversation. But it was more like, “hey Dirk, we are DEFINITELY firing Lovie tomorrow, how would you feel about being our head coach?” Let’s be honest here there was no way Lovie wasn’t getting fired. The writing wasn’t just on the wall, it was on every wall, ceiling, and floor in Tampa.

    Florio is fabricating stories to make his Koetter drama more interesting. And it may have worked for general football fans, but he sounds like a complete idiot to us Bucs fans.

  36. Joe Says:

    Florio has really bad perspective on Bucs history. He thinks we fired Gruden because Raheem agreed to be the HC? What exactly about Raheem were we hoping for that we would fire Gruden but only if Raheem would take the job.

    It is interesting that there was no job search. That the job was handed to a guy who had never been even an NFL coordinator before, virtually overnight.

    Joe remembers hearing Mark Dominik talk about how he got the GM job. Joel Glazer called Dominik, who was in the hospital to have his appendicitis removed, and was asked if wanted the job. Dominik, of course, was floored by both the offer and the timing — called while he was in the hospital? Dominik said the Glazers have him 24 hours to make a decision — from his hospital bed.

  37. Lucious Selmon Says:

    “Gotcha journalism.” Florio is the Megan Kelly of the sports world.

  38. lambchop Says:


    I have seen a tremendous amount of patience from the Joes. Tremendous. It takes a grade A ashwipe to get bounced or censored on here. So, there is a line in the sand, but it’s an appropriate line given that this blog is the hard work of these guys.

    PFT on the other hand is a joke. It’s a fascist blog that asks you to tow the line and be a minion or get muted.

    As much hard work as the curator’s of a blog put in, there should be equal respect for opposing views of the people who take the time to read and respond. But, be respectful and don’t abuse the patience and I’ve learned that JBF will allow you to have a voice. PFT is a load of crap. I will never post on their site again after numerous times having my comments deleted. Plus, I get breaking NFL news faster on another site that is literally out with information as it happens. I don’t have to hunt through Tweets, so no it’s not Twitter.

  39. MegaDaveUK Says:

    Hi Joe,
    I notice this podcast is hosted on Stitcher and you’ve posted a link to it. Why don’t you put your own podcasts on Stitcher as it’s bigger than Podbean and a far superior GUI? I have been pleading for a year – why not take a leaf out of Florios book?