Is James The One?

April 26th, 2018

Sure is a whole lotta smoke out there.

There is almost too much chatter that Florida State safety Derwin James will be the No. 7 pick overall and be the newest member of the Bucs this evening.

The cynic in Joe is starting to raise his eyebrows there is so much talk of the Bucs and James.


We shall see in a few hours. Yesterday, WFLA-TV Channel 8 reporter Annie Sabo caught up with James in Dallas and asked the Polk County native who grew up a Bucs fan about the chances of him playing for the Bucs.

You can watch his answer below. Video courtesy of WFLA-TV Channel 8.

81 Responses to “Is James The One?”

  1. Easy Says:

    Better be a smokescreen. Derwin James is average

  2. Batman Wood Says:

    Going to be a lot of pissed off fans tomorrow. Not me though.

  3. Rlichtson Says:

    If we in deed select a diffensive
    back at number seven we should select Fitz Patrick

  4. FortMyersDave Says:

    Misdirection: didn’t guys in Tampa media jock Mike Williams 12 years ago and ended up with a Cadillac????

  5. Turn Off the Licht Says:

    Pleaseeee let Quenton Nelson fall to us. I’m not sure if this guy really is worth it at #7.

  6. vico Says:

    I’m in.

  7. BucFanInNc Says:

    Won’t be mad at all. Top 10 prospect drafted in the top 10. Kid can ball

  8. adam from ny Says:

    will Derwin James be the man???

    or will “Derp” James skunk out the secondary….

    questions Mr. Lichtenfuss…questions

    go bucs!

    go stick carriers!

  9. DBrad67 Says:

    We’ See in less than 8hrs

  10. El_Buc941 Says:

    If James is the pick…TRADE DOWN!

  11. Chris in WA Says:

    Fake News. Somkescreen for Da Bears. They are in love with Quenton Nelson and are just as scared as the Bucs that one of the Big 3 won’t fall to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they try to trade with Indy for whichever of the Big 3 falls, especially if all the chatter about Indy wanting Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edwards is true and they can get either at 8. It seems more and more likely that 4 QB’s might actually go within the first 6 picks. That leaves the Bears as the odd man out at 8 no Big 3 on the board and no trade down partners for a QB needy team.

    Saw on NFL network that Chucky is shopping the 10th overall pick to a QB needy team, as if he will have the luxury at that point in the draft. More smoke at this point than the Kuwait oil fields during Op. Desert Storm.

  12. Greg Says:

    If the big 3 are gone I’d be thrilled with James

  13. Greecosuave Says:

    I like him. Would love to get him if we have multiple picks.

  14. Reality_43 Says:

    At this point I’ll be happy with what they do and start hoping the Kid is a game changer. It’s quite possible whoever we get is a beast and all this chatter is for nothing.

    We beat N.O. with the team we got right now, but if they add DJ Moore, I can’t imagine not having a DB with #7.

    Brees will throw 5TDs against this team currently. (With DJ Moore)

  15. pelbuc Says:

    I truly hope that the draft develops in a way that allows for the Bucs to trade down but it will take a willing partner. Would love for the Bucs to have 2 first rounders tonight. There are good Olinemen, DBs and RBs available late in rounds 1 and 2. I would love to see DJack traded but I doubt that’ll happen. Go Bucs!

  16. mark2001 Says:

    Should be a smokescreen. But based upon our history, he probably will be the next Talib, Barron, or Hargreaves, we will draft him, and we will lose double digit games next year.

  17. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Man just trade the F8Ck down please if that’s the plan.

    Why would a team telegraph a pick like that?

    Nothing makes sense anymore lol

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    if the big 3 are gone trade down… trade down partner, I would rather have Edmonds vs james…..wouldn’t be mad if we picked james tho……

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  19. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I agree with you, Joe.

  20. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    My wish list for #7:

    Trade down


  21. idiaznet Says:

    I don’t know why there is so much hate for James. He has the ability to play both CB if needed. Safety that can play as a LB if needed as well. Charles Kelley was just horrible at figuring out what to do with him.

    He can lock down WR like Ramsey. He is faster and stronger than Ramsey as well. He is 6’3″ taller than Ramsey and Barron. Faster than both and smarter with great blitz timing which Barron never had. Kid can take on a OT and beat him like a drum as well. He is a leader on and off the field as well. He is worth the 7 pick. Would be able to cover TE’s and J.Jones as well as Ramsey was able to this year.

    I see Fitz being another out of the box problem as Barron was. Same system Barron came from and look at how he played.

    As for a running back you could get Bo Scarborough later or even as a FA and he could be the workhorse with Barber to pound and ground with Simms as a slasher that he is. Chubb would be just as good.

  22. JJBucFan Says:

    Quick Gator fans, tell us why this guy shouldn’t be the pick, LOL. Admittedly, 7 is too high for Safety unless he turns out to be Sean Taylor, Ed Reid, Brian Dawkins, Ronnie Lott, etc.. If he busts out at 7 then so be it so do 2/3s of first rounders. Fitzpatrick can play everywhere but so can James, but James is more physical in the run game and on the blitz. Let’s see if the dummy in the box can figure out what a safety blitz is. I love the pick but I would love Nelson more!!

  23. JJBucFan Says:

    BTW- I am totally in the trade down camp if we can find a partner (or 2 even)

  24. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    If the Bucs draft James…

    We can celebrate and reap the benefits just like we did the last time we grabbed DBs so early like with Barron and Hargreaves.


    This is so dumb. Ira wrote a great article yesterday about not reaching to fill a need.
    The Bucs have been perennial losers for essentially there entire existence for doing this.

    For drafting safeties too early.
    For drafting RBs too early.

    Take 5 minutes and look up their history.
    Pathetic reaches throughout.

    Stupidity on full display.

    Keep it simple. Draft premium talent.

    Focus on the trenches. Period.

    There will be RBs and DBs later. The strength and depth of the draft are those two positions.

    Nelson in round 1
    Young DE in round 2


  25. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Whoever it is, unless its a kicker or QB, I won’t complain.

  26. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I hope Licht knows basically the entire fan base is in unison about big 3 or trade down.

    Maybe like 5-10% of the fan base loves the idea of just staying at 7 and taking James. Which is bad considering so many of us are FSU homers.

    Bucs fans are smart. Reward us with hope tonight please Licht. Don’t f*ck this up.

  27. Steven007 Says:

    I have a feeling that if Derwin James went to Vanderbilt or Nebraska or [enter any non FL school] with his average college production (which pales compared to Fitzpatrick’s) and recent injury history he wouldn’t be quite so popular with the fan base here. If we do choose him (I really hope we trade down if the elites are gone) I hope he proves me wrong but I like nearly everything about Fitzpatrick over James (production, football IQ, versatility, etc). It will be interesting to see how they compare as pros.

  28. Marine Buc Says:

    When your team has needs at 5 or 6 different positions it makes it a bit easier. We have so many holes on this roster it really doesn’t matter. I believe our cornerback position is the weakest position especially considering that Grimes is finished after this season and God forbid he gets injured at age 35. We need two cornerbacks and a safety in my opinion.

    Derwin James in extremely athletic. My question is – Can he play cornerback if we have injuries late in the season? Can he play nickel while Hargraves slides out to play corner #2? This kind of flexibility may make James worth a #7 pick.

  29. Radman Says:

    Hard to tell. They telegraphed VH3 and Winston so you can’t tell. I hope one of the top 3 falls to the Bucs and then all the plan B’s go out the window. I can’t see Licht passing on one of the big 3.

  30. JJBucFan Says:

    LC- take James ONLY if we can’t trade down or the big 3 are gone. He can play anywhere in the defense and is an absolute alpha back there. Charles Kelly (Noles Def Coord) had no clue wtf he was doing. We Noles wanted him gone after the Oregon debacle when Jameis was still at FSU. Jimbo was TOO loyal to his staff and got blinded. Sound like someone we know?

  31. Chris Says:

    All the pundits had us taking Hargreaves and I thought that was ridiculous. They were all correct. Maybe James is the pick for us tonight.

  32. Joel Says:

    Sweet. Maybe Jeff Fisher will get a coaching job soon so we can trade James for a 8th round pick in a few years.

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:


    I hope/pray you’re right if he’s the pick!

    Kelly definitely didn’t know what he was doing; but I am just tired of the Bucs building from the back end with S/CB while continually not drafting DT/DE to make their lives easier. It’s an a4s backwards way to build a defense.

    Also – I’d be very surprised to see James go 8-11 if we traded back to 12. If we moved back to 15 I figure he won’t make it but Chicago/San Fran/Miami have not been tied to S much in mocks or projections

  34. Joel Says:


  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Chris- IF James is the pick, lets hope he turns out better than Hargreaves!!!

    This draft talk is mind-numbing! Lets get on with it already!

  36. Eric Says:

    That smokescreen picture always cracks me up.

    This is an unusual draft in that some of the alleged top players are not at positions usually taken in top ten – safety and guard for example.

    I know one thing, if we don’t get some secondary talent were gonna get slaughtered.

    Were not going to get a sack every play.

  37. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    Man corner is more pressing than safety. Either draft true corner Denzel Ward or hybrid corner/safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. We already have a big safety that is a veteran, and is ready for day one. I’ve watched video on James and he just didn’t really impress me enough to garner a high pick. I hope the Bucs buck the trend of selecting what the talking heads say. Do we really believe they have the Bucs best interest? They hardly have any conversations about the Bucs, and the consensus keep saying the biggest reason we should draft him is because he’s from FSU. So what. They are mocking the best true cornerback on the board in Ward to the Bears which is one pick behind us when most boards have Ward ahead of James. Why do we need a safety?

  38. JJBucFan Says:

    Steven name your best Alabama defensive backs in the NFL, I’ll start with the Noles

    Jalen Ramsey
    Lamarcus Joyner
    Ronald Darby
    Xavier Rhodes
    Patrick Robinson
    Antonio Cromartie
    Javian Elliott (LOL)


    Landon Collins
    Ha Ha Clinton Dix
    Dre Kirkpatrick

    Unknown as of yet

    Marlon Humphrey
    Cyrus Jones

  39. briandorry55 Says:

    He’s probably the one IF the big three are gone and IF we can’t trade down.

  40. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree…..if james went to notra dame and nelson went to fsu folks would be all in over nelson……they’ll lie and say that aint true but BS…..

    im a gator fan and I like james…I think he’s very talent….we do have a need at S but #7 is too high for him imo….

    I only want him if we trade down and even then im a little iffy….if he and Edmonds are on the board I would take Edmonds……

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  41. Bucco bruce Says:

    I really hope we trade with buffalo.12 Mike mcglinchey,Sony at 22.then defence the rest of!t James we still be there at good we I think that.

  42. Pickgrin Says:

    James will be a great addition if we are stuck picking at #7 with no trade down offers and the big 3 off the board.

    Not the ideal situation taking a safety at #7 – But James is a HELL of a prospect and he WILL make our secondary significantly better just by walking in the door…

  43. JJBucFan Says:

    LC-I think the Raiders love him, just don’t think he will get past us. I heard SF also loves him. If we trade back and get more picks- I’m happy. I would rather have Will Hernandez or McGlinchey and Guice or Michel than just James, but if we stay I am better with James than Vea or Davenport based on our FA signings. If we don’t get James or Fitzpatrick- we need to sign Boston or Reid tomorrow!!

  44. Steven007 Says:

    JJ, I don’t dispute that one bit. But I’m talking about the two current players. There’s a lack of production and an injury concern. He’s an alpha granted but so is Fitzpatrick. Like I said if we choose him I’ll support the choice and hope I’m wrong but I think Fitzpatrick is definitely more versatile and is a safer pick.

  45. Joeypoppems Says:

    Im buying these Derwin James to the Bucs rumors. Still hoping they trade back tho.

  46. sneedy16 Says:

    JJBucFan you are right Kelly had no clue what he was doing on defense. He had Josh Sweat as a run stuffer on defense. The kid is 250 DE he’s a pass rusher.

  47. Gencoimports Says:

    If Licht is unable to trade down in a scenario that the Big 3 (Barkley, Chubb, Nelson) are all gone (meaning at least one of those top 4 QBs are on the board) then he must have his phone off.

    Get it done Licht. Big 3 or trade down.

    Drafts are about value not reaching for needs.

  48. Dylan Says:

    Old new

  49. joestang Says:

    Take him, law of averages are on your side, you cant keep missing on cornerbacks or safeties. James looks like the real deal, possibly even a leader.

  50. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    I will be reasonably content with the selection of Derwin James. Although I personally prefer Minkah Fitzpatrick as the top safety in this draft, the margin separating the 2 is very thin.

    However, I will be positively IRATE if Derwin James is selected over Quenton Nelson. The advantages gained from a dominant Offensive line can reverberate throughout the entire team. And Adding Nelson would go a long way towards making our O-line dominant, especially the interior of the line.

    James is a really good prospect, Nelson is a phenomenal prospect. Do the right thing Jason.

  51. JA Says:

    For all the smokescreen nuts: why would James play a part in our smokescreen? Do the Bucs call him and say, “we have no intention of drafting you at seven bit can you please pretend we do? Thanks Mr. James.”
    Yeah, right!

  52. JA Says:


  53. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Better quit looking at Safety’s and start Tandy and draft Nelson or a Beast Running Back!!! Might end up with another Haregraves or T J Weed Whacker Ward. Tandy is a winner already proved it. Taking a chance at 7 is not a good move Forrest Licht as Kobe Faker refers to our GM!!!! Select someone that will take us where we need to go. You have done ok in Free Agency. Don’t screw this up!!!!

  54. Steven007 Says:

    Blake, what you said.

  55. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I like James. But I wanna see him at corner

  56. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Im a huge FSU fan and a fan of all Florida atheletes playing for Tampa. It makes sense for us to start keeping the talent in state. With that said James only fits a special need for our team. No one else is looking at him that high either. At FSU James gave our defense a different edge but FSU ran a lot of zone with Ramsey and James under J. Fisher and C. Kelly. When they had Jameis they ran zone blitz which is traditional FSU. If James and Ramsey had played under J. Pruitt when he was DC at FSU this pick would not be a question. Ramsey would be with the Browns instead of the Jaguars.Once we get James then we need to draft J. Bates possibilly in the second round and wait on a running back like K. Johnson. S. Michel will probably be gone that’s why they resigned Sims this morning which I think they wanted both S. Michel and K. Johnson originally but they can’t get a trade apparently outside of Buffalo which I’m highly sure they are begging Licht to trade down. He stayed out when pitted with the same decision about M. Evans and it payed off. He made the trade a few years later and still ended up with his man Hargreaves. I think if they trade back with the Bills James will still be there. I’m confident in that. If we stay at seven he should still be our pick and we can move one of either J. Evans or K. Tandy to nickel to utilize their exceptional coverage skills down low and VH3 back to the outside. I think Hargreaves play suffer because 1). The Mike Smith keeps these guys from pressing which is Hargreaves specialty which is why Koetter values him at nickleback because he’s allowed to play to his strength there rather than outside corner in this scheme. 2). He had no real safety help last season either as all our Safeties were hurt. Conte can move to special teams far as I see, but Tandy and Evans can cover and hover the inside. Having James would give us one physical enforcer that can cover but if we get J. Bates as well then we have found J. Lynch 2.0. Bates and James would definitely change how we view our DBs and a RB would change how we view our offensive line and our playcaling from Koetter would make sense. Tbh I don’t think they are holding Koetter acconutable by wins and losses but development. He needs to call plays to Jameis throwing style. No more trench building it’s time for physical players which we make a start in that category by drafting James over Fitzpatrick and Ward. Draft J. Bates in the second round over M. Hughes or any other CB prospect. Wait on a RB because I feel we get K. Johnson in the fourth round. Personally there’s a guy who projects to be an UDFA from S. Mississippi where OC T. Monken once coached and my hometown school by the name of : RB Ito Smith. The guy is a gamer and reminds me of Darren Sproles. R. Green is another sleeper projecting as an UDFA from FSU. Green got no burn because of D. Cook and D. Freeman early at FSU and later he got screwed for freshman busts J. Patrick and C. Akers( Mr. Mississippi). We literally don’t need a RB til the fourth round and even their we should get at least one more player in the trenches on both sides( Hill and Cappa) with our 4th & 5th round picks instead of a Running back

  57. mo Says:

    I’m all in on James.

  58. adam from ny Says:

    the question is will Mr. Licht go in there sporting that classic Ron Burgundy look?

    i hope he does…and makes a habit of it…he could get known for that look if he owns it and rocks it consistently…

    the burgundy cheap ass poly sports coat with sweaty stinking pits and a drippy stressed out brow – in a 70’s style smoke filled gm room, and bucs lapel pin too boot

  59. Doctor_berto Says:

    Yes please. Will make more of an impact than Nelson on this football team. Build the defense!

  60. D-Rome Says:

    Wouldn’t picking James at 7 be a reach?

  61. YO BUC Says:


  62. adam from ny Says:

    i wonder when derwin gets here will hargreaves smoke his ass right out…puff puff pass bruh…keep the cypher movin’ my dude!

  63. Joeypoppems Says:


    Its simple. When news comes out that people dont like its a smokescreen. When news comes out about something they agree with its facts. Thats the way it works.

  64. Mike Johnson Says:

    I get the feeling James will be our Pick. Unless we get a trade down partner who offers a lot..and its not looking like thats gonna happen. To be honest, anybody who knows/studies players can see. Barkley should go at 1, followed by Chubb at 2, then Nelson 3. James is arguably a top 5 pick. So I cannot get mad at James as our pick. But if for some reason one of the top 3 is there..we gotta take one of’em.

  65. Chris in WA Says:

    Indy this past week as been doing everything to make that 6th spot available to trade down. Notice how all of the sudden Roquan Smith is the chatter out of Indy? Gives the Bears hope that one of the Big 3 is available at 6 and they know the Big 3 won’t make it pass the Bucs. Licht is doing everything he can to convince the Bears that it would be foolish to move up to 6th. Indy would be fine chilling at 6th overall and getting one of the big 3 but if they can coax multiple picks out of Da Bears then why not?

    Go back to the 2017 draft and Chicago was dumb enough to move up from 3 to 2 for Mitchell Tribusky of all people for the 1st, 3rd, and 4th in 2017 as well as Chicagos 2018 3rd. John Lynch deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame for that trade alone as the 49ers GM.

    Indy is hoping that Da Bears do something equally dumb in 2018 and Jason Licht has to do everything he can to convince the Leauge that Derwin James is the pick at 7 so the Bears don’t jump. If Da Bears don’t bite then Indy is fine with picking one of the Big 3 at 6. I doubt Indy passes on a Big 3 player for Roquan Smith. If I’m wrong I’ll eat my own head.

  66. Bobby M. Says:

    He’s “the one” IF…the one they really want isn’t there AND they can’t find a trade partner. It’s all about perception. If he’s the best available when they pick, they’ll stick with him.

  67. adam from ny Says:

    twitch mubrisky…what a pic by da bears! lol…what a qb…lol

    even as a 9er, lynch got da bears!

  68. adam from ny Says:

    in the mean time let’s just bring back jeremy mcnichols too…since we brought the entie running back squad back from last year, minus the hampster

  69. adam from ny Says:

    if they know jameis is getting a suspension, then there is no real reason to heavily upgrade the running back position anyway…they can land that big time back next year if necessary rather than throwing tread on a rookies’ wheels in a potentially lost season…they can afford to basically hold off a year on a fresh set of legs and try to steal a rb in the 4th or 5th if someone with potential in hanging around…just a thought

  70. adam from ny Says:

    they might just have barber tote the rock and run him into the ground this year and see if he can give them 1,200 to 1,300 yards as feature back – and get the most bang for their buck…and if he has a huge year, he gets resigned and that solves the rb situation for another 2-3 years posssibly…

    with quizz spelling relief….and simms 3rd downing at times…

    with like a 5th round pick rb waiting in the wings on the bench in case of injuries…

    this would be a worst case senario…

    because we might as well just have jeremy mcnichols as the guy waiting in the wings on the bench and save the draft pick for another player…

    sometime the bucs are just baffling

  71. JA Says:

    @ Joeypoppems
    Ah, just like our elected officials.
    Got it— thanks!

  72. Not there yet Says:

    Imagine average people who no one knows, never played at his level even in high but saying this guy isn’t worth being drafted 7th as if you have some clue what it looks like despite other experts and ex players saying it’s a good pick.

    Get on board now and root for whoever is drafted, there are guys I don’t want us to pick but I’ll root for whoever we pick.

    as a fan just remember it ain’t really about you it’s about the team so if they feel safety will improve this team let’s do it. I have to admit i hated the vh3 pick, I think this year will be different and whoever we get will have a big impact. There are just too many draftnik wannabes that don’t realize who they think we should draft doesn’t matter. I say ask Lovie Smith who he likes in this year’s draft then proceed by completely dropping them from your draft board

  73. firethecannons Says:

    NO to James @ 7–not good enough and injury history

  74. NFLNut Says:

    Saquon, Chubb, Nelson or TRADE DOWN

  75. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m down with Derwin James if that’s their guy at #7!! Could you imagine an all-pro safety patrolling our backfield?

    Licht will get u# tha5 All-Pro player. He got our backs y’all.


  76. BringBucsBack Says:

    This reminds me of Jameis wearing a Bucs shirt to his interview with the Titans.

    Licht has telegraphed his pick for months. James doesn’t appear to be worth the #7 pick. If they stay at 7, Nelson please!!!!

  77. Architek Says:

    It would be so Bucs to draft Derwin James – broadcast your pick and pick the broadcasted pick.

    Same thing they did with Hargreaves and we see how that’s going.

  78. SOEbuc Says:

    I will be more upset than happy if we picked James at #7

    Top 3 choices:
    1. One of the top 3 at #7
    2. Trade back
    3. Fitzpatrick

    I’d be excited about a trade back. And Jason is gonna want as many picks he can get with already missing a third.

  79. Horse Liver Says:

    If the Bucs draft James at number 7 my neighborhood will look like the lead photo ahead of this article.

  80. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I hope so. James is the better athlete, Minkah is the better football player. Take the BPA. Strong Safety is devalued in today’s nfl. Can’t have enough free safeties, and Minkah will be special.

  81. Walter Says:

    I already have no faith the Bucs will do anything meaningful this year, so I guess I don’t really care who they pick because the next coach might not like the player in their scheme anyways. Yet I’d still be upset if they picked James. Looks like a sure fire bust to me