Dangerous Mindset Of Jameis

April 7th, 2018

Straying off track

UPDATED 10:18 a.m. – It’s common to hear America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, say he only cares about wins.

And those close to Jameis say he’s the ultimate team guy and a player whose sole focus is the scoreboard not personal achievement.

So with that in mind, it was disturbing to see a Twittering of Jameis yesterday.

It left Joe searching for something much stronger than beer.

Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times typed up a very detailed study of why DeSean Jackson didn’t make the desired impact with the Bucs last season — and Bassinger explained why it’s unlikely Jackson is on the Bucs in 2019.

It seems Jameis read the analysis and felt compelled to respond.

Sure, Jameis’ words sound nice on the surface. But the reality is that Jameis should not care two craps about the statistical output of one player on offense. All Jameis should care about is touchdowns and wins. You think Jameis would Tweet something like this about Mike Evans?

The Jameis-Jackson relationship is one that has been discussed at length over time on the Ira Kaufman Podcast. There is ample evidence that Jameis cares a little too much about Jackson’s personal production and is overly concerned with Jackson’s mindset. Yesterday’s Tweet reinforced that.

Also, Joe and Ira Kaufman have talked multiple times about how head coach Dirk Koetter is extremely gentle and loving whenever he talks about Jackson. That could be Koetter being totally candid about a talented player, but it feels like Koetter is always very careful not to say anything that could possibly annoy Jackson.

Joe doesn’t need to ramble on about this subject. The point is clear — like it or not. There’s something a little bit out of whack when it comes to the concern for Jackson’s production.

Imagine one of the elite NFL quarterbacks making public a personal mission to show a specific receiver’s value to the team and the league. Sorry, Joe can’t see any of those guys going there.

Joe will leave you with the bizarre words of Jameis after the Bucs beat the Saints to close the season.

“I was trying — that’s what messed me up — I was trying to throw the ball to Mike Evans the whole game and that kind of threw me off my game. I wanted him to get that record,” Jameis said. “Luckily, he got it by one yard so, shoot, I accomplished what I wanted to do. I didn’t go out there. I didn’t want to throw three interceptions but I also didn’t think we were going to have a 95-yard drive, either. So like I said. God is good. That’s all that matters. We got the win, right?”

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  1. Usedtocould Says:

    I think he does it for all his guys. Adam humphries rookie year, he threw him a td when he could have easily run it in, just so hump could have his first nfl td. The guy seems to take his teammates success personally.

  2. gotbbucs Says:

    Jackson needs to be traded. Jameis can’t help himself, he’s his own worst enemy. He will force the ball where it shouldn’t go because he is too emotionally attached to these guys.
    After the game they can be your friend, during the game they are just another tool in the tool box.

  3. Wombat Says:

    I find nothing wrong with my QB taking something personal that is said about a fellow team member. There is only one player that can make DeSean better, and he doesn’t have a chance if the ball is not in his hands. Jameis needs to get better at those touch passes and maybe float a few more up there and give him a chance to run under them. Throwing a hard flat deep ball doesn’t give him a chance to adjust and chase it down!

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Its crazy to read how Joe is of JW3 not being able to throw a deep ball!!!!!!!! Maybe that is why Joe has been so adamant that JW3 to just forget about big plays and just make 6-10 yard throws, and to build a defense and a run game that could drag JW3 to a playoff game???????

    NFL Teams would kill to have a WR running wide open, streching the defense, creating space and scoring easy touch downs!!!!!!!!! JW3 just has to get the bll in the neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No coincidence that Joe has lost faith, and stopped the “savior”, Messiah, images and sayings!!!!!!!!!

    Imagine a “elite” NFL QB not able to make a deep throw!!!!!! Guess what, then they are not “ELITE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets all hope that this was a injury issue, and timing issue!!!!!! To think of just dropping the deep ball out of the offense is beyond ludicrous and very naive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Easy Says:

    Oh Jameis…. I just want you to cut down on the fumbles and bone headed throws that could cost us wins. Right now you are an average quarterback in the league and you could possibly be a fringe top 10 if you tone it down a notch.

  6. Gobucs Says:

    Well if the QB could throw an accurate deep ball this wouldn’t be a topic but who are we kidding Winston is not and will not become accurate.

    At this point he is what he is. And inaccurate passer that makes terrible decisions sometimes but good decisions other times.

    He’s a rollercoaster.

  7. Easy Says:


    Reminds me of Andy Dalton

  8. Horse Liver Says:

    Joe is overreacting big time. Jameis is not an idiot and obviously intends for he and Desean to figure it out together. And some of it is on Desean. Often times it didn’t look like he knew where the ball was to adjust to it. There isn’t some dark conspiracy or weird obsession. Have a beer.

  9. Waterboy Says:

    Sounds like he’s adopting the mindset of his current head coach.

  10. Vic Says:

    @horse liver — Sadly Joe is on point and this is another example of Jameis’ immaturity and the subtle diva effect of Jackson on an immature team

  11. NOSBOS Says:

    I’ve read the bonehead comment many times here at jbf in relation to JW3. It made me over time wonder is there anyone on the plain that has ever use that terminology in reference to him when it came to baseball. I know a unmitigated fact Fameis had two loves,one was snatched away from him for the other. I’m starting to wonder if in truth the other was the greater love.

  12. NOSBOS Says:

    Lil food for thought,he’s gearing his little brother’s path towards the game of baseball.

  13. Shane Says:

    Jackson was complaining about Jameis going to Mike too much last season. He’s the problem on this team. Yes Jameis has never had a ”me” WR on his team like Jackson so he wants him happy. Signing Jackson was a mistake. Even Mike has gotten overly disgruntled from time to time becuase of Jacksons example. These guys look up to Jackson he’s a vet but he’s a ”me” guy always has been.

  14. ruggyup Says:

    Waiting to hear and see evidence JW can do more than talk about doing something for an individual including himself and do something for the team. You know, TEAM, not me or him. Win some and then run the mouth.

  15. SteveK Says:

    Horse liver,

    I’m calling horse manure. No QB has ever had a problem hitting DJax. We need a healthy Jameis to show his accuracy and prove his status as a #1 draft pick.

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Interesting points Joe. I agree with most of your take but there is a silver lining.

    First I’m in total agreement that a true “winner” is a cutthroat killer…he doesn’t give a squat about what it takes to win…he just WINS!!! He certainly doesn’t care about his stats much less those of a teammate.

    “You think Jameis would Tweet something like this about Mike Evans?”

    Absolutely Joe as you point out in #3’s comments after the last game. But while I’m not on board with this attitude I don’t want to get too carried away. He may SAY that stuff but when it gets down to it Jameis used Chris Godwin to beat NO on that final play.

    The silver lining if there is one…is that Jameis earns some cache with his teammates who realize he will stand up for them.

  17. Shane Says:

    Those close to the situation know that Jackson never put in the time with Jameis when he came here. Little too many all nighters at the Casino with Chris Baker during voluntary workouts. He didn’t throw with Jameis until he was required to.It takes more than a few fall practices for a QB & WR to gain that kind of chemsitry.

  18. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    BTW there is another possibility. I believe Jameis is as competitive and cutthroat a competitor as I’ve seen. Remember as I said…a person who do WHATEVER it takes to WIN.

    Perhaps #3 believes he needs to do this to keep all feathers in line and unruffled and keep his two star WR’s happy. I’m not sure I agree but it’s his team and not mine.

    I’ve never been one to admire prima donnas…#3 is NOT a prima donna which is part of his appeal…DJAX? I’ll leave it to you guys.

  19. Shane Says:

    SteveK, you want Jameis healthy? Then you better hope we bring in a new Left Tackle. Because Donovan Smith is NOT the answer there. He’s not an NFL caliber starter on the OL.

  20. Alanbucs Says:

    Nothing to see here. Joe may be misinterpreting Jameis. Wanting to DJax more production doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not concerned about the team winning as a whole. It’s the coach and the qbs’ job to get everybody involved. DJax may not score 12 TDS but he can help us win.

  21. Tony from L.A. Says:

    Joe – I agree completely.

    This is the first thing I thought when I saw his comments. You NEVER see the great QBs say anything like this ever.

    i’m a huge Jameis supporter and believer.
    BUT – this is a giant red flag. An undeniable one as well.

    Keep building up those trenches, Licht. Especially now that Jameis has admitted he is a stat watcher and zeroes in on his guys.


  22. RichardL Says:

    Your interpretation of that statement befuttles me, This could also be interpreted as, I have a new center to protect me and Ali marpet is moving back to guard now my o-line is solid. I don’t have to run for my life to make a play! So now d-jacks and the rest of my receiving corps can build some chemistry.

  23. Alanbucs Says:

    RichardL : Exactly

  24. tickrdr Says:


    I have tried to read your comment many times, but I’m still not quite sure what you are trying to say. Are you suggesting that Jameis is tired of people commenting on his “bonehead” plays? Are you also suggesting that he regrets choosing football over baseball?

    Everyone knows that Jameis was a two sport star at FSU; a baseball pitcher and a football quarterback. One of my critiques of him is that I think he is a better pitcher than a quarterback. Now, please hear me out before typing your flaming responses. What I mean by this is that Jameis as a quarterback is very good at throwing fastballs at a designated spot, i.e. curl routes or at the sideline just before going out of bounds. Those passes are often completed, but not with a lot of YAC. On the other hand, Jameis does not seem as good at touch or timing passes, especially when the receiver is running directly away from him. JMHO.
    Re- watch some of the games and let me know what you think, or you can just flame away if you prefer.


  25. Burt Emmanuel Kant Says:

    I’m pretty sure what jameis meant was that he’s going to give Jackson more looks… I think you’re trying to go far beneath the surface when jameis thinks directly on the surface joe.

  26. TampaDave Says:

    This is an overreaction to a nonissue. If Jameis becomes more proficient at hitting Jackson on deep balls, the run game opens up, the offense can score from beyond the red zone (an area we have struggled) and the TEAM becomes more successful. I interpret Jameis’ comment as a desire to improve for his team, not a desire to promote his personal goals above team goals. Thanks for staying on top of team news and keeping us informed though!

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    He could be saying that because of how they have been spending more time working together in the off season.

    Personally, I do not believe Jackson will be here after this season either. 2019 has no dead cap for him (I think), and by that time Godwin will be ready to step up. Not to mention the Bucs will have a lot of players to re-sign.

  28. pelbuc Says:

    Couldnt agree more with Gotbucs. JW wants to force the ball to DJ despite having other talented receivers. DJ should be traded this coming draft to remove this distraction. JW also needs to learn not to force plays and sometime throw it away or take a sack. Too many interceptions and fumbles b/c he’s stubborn and immature. Hope we draft Nelson, Sony and then DBs.

  29. NFLNut Says:


    JAMEIS & DJAX BOTH NEED A RUNNING GAME, PERIOD. Below is a post from another thread I made before falling asleep last night:



    When I comment, I know what I’m talking about and am not just spit-balling.
    I love you and I love this site, but again, I don’t just spit-ball … my statements are backed up with facts, as you know from our previous mild disagreements, all of which I was right on as well and which I proved my points with statistical data.

    The Bucs ranked 27th in the league in rushing yards last year … 27th!

    There were also just four teams in the entire league that had a worse yards per carry average than the Bucs last year … four!

    There were also just five teams that had less rushing TD’s than the Bucs last year … five!

    There were also just 6 teams that rushed for less 1st downs than the Bucs last year … six!

    There was also just one team that had less 20+ yard runs in the entire NFL than the Bucs did last season … one!

    The AVERAGE (16th) rushing yards per game across the entire league last year was 111.75 and the average yards per carry was 4.1

    Also, “YOUR stats” re Jameis’ starting games were extremely misleading. The FACT is that Jameis started 13 games, not 11, and in those 13 games, the Bucs team rushed 311 times for a paltry 1,213 yards … that is just 93.3 yards per game which is HORRIBLE … it’s also an average of just 3.9 yards per carry which is also HORRIBLE!

    Combine the above with the FACT that Jameis himself ran for 135 yards and 4.1 yards per carry in those games, and the real truth is that the SUPPORT he received was nothing more than a DISGUSTING 82.9 rushing yards per game!

    As always … I stand by my statements 100% and I was 100% right. Your narrative that Jameis is an “average” QB is FALSE and your belief that Jameis has even “average” running support is absolute NONSENSE. Look, Jameis is average by NFC standards. There is NO SHAME in that. Second, Joe never wrote that Jameis had average run support. Joe simply presented the FACTS that Jameis had average or better (by exact NFL standards) run support in 5 of the 11 games he finished last year. And the Bucs went 3-2 in those games.–Joe


  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Djax…..and you know that….

    Draw whatever conclusions you wish.

    There is also nothing wrong with Jameis wanting to achieve individual goals as long as winning stays his primary goal.

  31. NFLNut Says:


    Jameis “needing” to connect better with DJax is another FALSE NARRATIVE and no one seems to be doing any real thinking on the issue. FALSE NARRATIVE? Jiminy Christmas, Jameis and Koetter themselves have spent a lot of time talking about it. Koetter has gone into great detail, in addition to the numbers being obvious. –Joe

    Sure, it’d be nice had DJax acted like a professional and came to OTA’s and worked out with Jameis all the times he wanted to … and dure it would have been nice had Jameis and DJax connected on more bombs … but no QB connects on a ton of deep balls and DJax has NEVER been a bug TD threat … he has just 49 career TD catches in 141 games.

    Here are some actual FACTS:

    1. DJax has ALWAYS been the #1 receiving option his entire career … until last year when he was basically the #3 receiving option for Jameis behind Mike Evans and Cam Brate.

    2. DJax caught 29 of 56 passes from Jameis in the 11 full games he played, for a catch % of 51.8% … that was BETTER than his catch percentage with Donovan McNabb in 2008 and with Michael Vick (in the best season of his career) in 2010 and 2012, and both McNabb and Vick were known for throwing great deep balls.

    3. DJax’s career catch percentage is 55.9% and with Jameis in Jameis’ first year with him and throwing with an injured throwing shoulder, they connected at a 51.8% rate, a whopping 7.3% off DJax’s career pace.

    All of the above said … with DJax in his 30s (will turn 32 this season), a #3 receiving option, rather than the #1 option he always was … he really is not that much more than a DECOY on this team, but that can still be valuable. Consider that FACT that while DJax didn’t do much last season, Jameis set career bests in completion percentage and passer rating … and would have led the entire NFL in yards had he not got hurt.

    Now, as for Joe worrying about Jameis being too concerned with DJax … I agree with Joe. I know Jameis loves his guys and his guys love him for doing so, but in reality, it makes no difference what DJax’s stats look like at the end of next year … all that matters is that Jameis continues to progress just as he did last year … DJax is basically irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


  32. NFLNut Says:

    In other news:

    CAM NEWTON, who fractured a bone in his backup when he collided with another vehicle in December of 2014, just got in a new accident and smashed his $300k Ferrari F12 into a dump truck … WHY DOES CAM NEWTON NOT HAVE A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER?

    These athletes and their “decisions” … SMH.

  33. NFLNut Says:

    Panthers LB Thomas Davis also just got suspended the first 4 games of the season for PED’s …

  34. Gobucs Says:


    I don’t care how smart you think you are or what stupid stat you have but if you think Winston is anything other than average then you’re a complete moron.

    F your stupid stats there are 10 QB’s better right now. He is right now the worst in his own division. Throw whatever stat you want but it doesn’t change a thing.

    The only people who believe otherwise are FSU fans.

    He is extremely average at best right now.

    So go on some stupid stat filled rant about how he’s the best ever but you’re still a moron.

  35. gotbbucs Says:

    Godwin developed faster than I think even the coaching staff expected. Jackson is now a tradeable asset, hopefully Jason Licht uses that to his advantage in this draft.
    We do not need our QB with accuracy issues forcing balls to a little speed receiver with a small catch radius. Jackson isn’t going to fight off INTs like Evans does.
    This post by Winston tells me that my fears that are growing about this guy are true. They #weapons for winston# movement is backfiring. 25-30 passing attempts per game maximum for this guy. The less the better at this point, he just can’t be trusted to make the right decision right now.

  36. Pickgrin Says:

    A NOSBOS sighting…

    Sup dude – why you been abstaining from posting for so long?

    I think Jameis is correct. DJax’ value to this team will be quite apparent in 2018. And it won’t be because anyone is “forcing” the ball to him. JMO

  37. Bobby M. Says:

    Our QB is just dumb…..his interview after the national title game in college, the pregame Eat A W nonsense, he’s dumb as rocks but football doesn’t require you to be a genius….or law abiding citizen….so there’s still hope.

    There’s some who want to look good 1st….win 2nd. Others prefer to just win. Jackson is worried more about his performance bonuses then anything and now hes got into Jaboo Magoo’s head…..Best thing to do is trade Jackson….Winston will play more free with less “stars” to appease.

  38. NFLNut Says:



    Oh my, how can I possibly argue with such a logical and fact-based post as yours? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA … LOON!

    Your comment is little more than subjective opinion while my comments are based on objective statistical data and hard facts … and yes, I do know that I am extremely intelligent 🙂

    BTW, I am not and have never been an FSU fan …


  39. NFLNut Says:


    Bobby M.,

    Jameis had a 4.0 GPA in high school, was offered an academic scholarship to Stanford and has longed planned to be a podiatrist when his playing days are over … Jameis is anything but dumb, but don’t let facts stand in the way of your bias towards the young man … so keep making “dumb” statements if you want too ..


  40. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    So because Jameis had a competent running game in less than half of his starts, that means the running game isn’t a problem? I mean you stated it yourself that they had a winning record of 3-2 in said games. Never wrote that or implied it. Not sure how some of you guys take the leaps you do. –Joe

    I know for a fact that both of the Joes view running back as a huge team need. So what exactly is the point you’re trying to make by rebutting the viewpoint of Jameis not having a running game last year? Joe simply was clarifying for folks that to say Jameis had zero running game in all his starts is pure fallacy. It’s also worth nothing because it could tie to how the regime values the RBs that weren’t booted from the roster.–Joe

  41. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    And @NosBos

    When do you plan on sending me the rest of the money you owe me?

  42. NFLNut Says:



    I stand by my statements regarding Jameis “run support” … 82.9 rushing yards of run support per game is atrocious. Look at what happenedto Dak Prescott when Zeke went down … he was horrendous and one of the worst QBs in the entire NFL, and even then, with Alfred Morris as the primary back, he was getting a great deal more run support than Jameis got on the entire year!

    My point about a “false narrative” was that many seem to think that Jameis “NEEDS” to connect better with DJax to personally improve or for the team to be better in 2018 and I believe THAT is a false narrative as even last year when Jameis was playing with a jacked throwing shoulder, he and DJax still connected better than DJax did with Donovan McNabb in 2008 and Michael Vick in 2010 (Vick’s best season), and because I think at this stage of his career DJax’s primary function is that of a decoy.

    DJax had a down statistical season last year and Jameis set career bests in completion percentage and passer rating … if this season DJax’s numbers go down even further but Jameis’ completion percentage and passer rating go up again, that will be a success and will likely help the team and improve the W/L record as well. That is my point … DJax’s stats are irrelevant.


  43. NFLNut Says:


    My kids are demanding I get off the computer … time for family time … peace out all; have a great day!


  44. firethecannons Says:

    Personally I would like to see Djax traded for 3rd round pick or better or good player for defense. We have a superior wr group without him but our other needs are extreme.

  45. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    I don’t see the problem in this…

    Jameis wants to make one of his receivers better. What’s the issue?

  46. Bossmode Says:

    Hence the reason we drafting 7th and not 5th and going to miss out on the top 3 because he needed to win. Just like we had to settle for Vh3 instead of drafting Jalen because he has to win games that doesn’t matter

  47. cgmaster Says:

    Booby wins the idiot comment of the day. I guarantee Jameis is Much smarter than you. You couldn’t even sniff Stanford let alone get accepted. And playing QB in the NFl requires a lot of smart. Again Bucs fans continue to dazzle with their stupidity. ANd Joe, who cares what Jameis comments? You completely read that the wrong way. Maybe Jameis just means he’ll hit him on the throws he missed last year. Nothing about this says forcing the ball. People read into things what they want to I guess.

  48. cgmaster Says:

    JOe not sure what stats you’re looking at but Jameis NEVER had an average running game on his starts. In FIVE of 11 games Jameis Winston started and finished last season, the Bucs rushed for 110 or more yards. 110 is the NFL average per team per game. Simple as that. Spin it how you wish if you want to say he never had a running game. The Bucs were 3-2 in those games.–Joe You sit hear and yell about how bad our backs and offensive line were and then say jameis had a good riunning game? I can remember one start last year where jameis had a good runing game. One. 84 yards on average is not average in the NFL, that’s horrible.

  49. cgmaster Says:

    Actually Joe, Jameis averaged about 11 yard rushing per game so you’re 110 yards a start doesn’t hold up. That’s not spin, just stats. 99 yards a game from your backs is below average.

  50. D the Bucs fan Says:

    Everybody keeps blaming Jameis just look at Jackson’s career he’s only had one season where he’s caught more than 62 passes. That was 2013. 82 catches. He’s a low catch percentage receiver. Of course his accuracy can get better. But the last play of the year shows Jameis capabilities.

  51. SteveK Says:

    If Jameis could hit a deep ball to DJax, it would open the running game.

    The #1 overall pick is SUPPOSED TO BE A GAME CHANGER, not dependent on better than average compliments and I would argue Jameis has a ton of weapons.

    Cutting Doug Martin is addition by subtraction.

  52. cgmaster Says:

    Steve, yes he’s supposed to be a game changer, but this isn’t tennis. You have to depend on other parts of your team in football. TO say a good line and running game don’t make a QB better is foolish. Look at Dak last year. Everybody wanted to hand over the mantle to him and low and behold, his line and running game break down, and he’s awful. And that’s just one example. No one is saying he doesn’t have a ton of weapons, no one. But its a statistical fact that the offense line last year was horrible. And it doesn’t matter how good a qb you are, if your line isn’t good, you won’t be.

  53. Bird Says:

    You guys think the Joe’s are Jameis haters ?

    They worship Jameis more than any buc fan. “Americas quarterback”. They are coming around like most people who have concerns and don’t make excuses every time Jameis makes decisions that have you saying “wtf”

  54. tickrdr Says:

    Repost from yesterday, please ignore.

    tickrdr Says:
    April 6th, 2018 at 10:47 pm


    Once again, everyone thinks a better rushing attack will lead to more points and victories. Yet, the two games where the Bucs had their highest rushing yardage of the year were both games that they lost. Your quarterback who has “it”, seemed to give “it” to the Packers for an easy six points IIRC. They did rush for 165 yards but only managed to score 20 points?? Against Detroit, they rushed for 133 yards but only managed to score 21 points. So even supported by their best rushing games of the year against Green Bay and Detroit, the Bucs offense could not score more than 21 points, even with Winston at the helm and all those weapons.

    I wish there were a way to post video on Joe Bucs Fan, because the Detroit game in particular shows a play in the red zone from about the five or 6 yard line which demonstrates what I have coined the “Rashad Greene syndrome”, which was originally demonstrated by Jon Gruden on his QB camp, where Jameis continually locked onto his number one read, Rashad Greene. On that particular play, Jameis throws incomplete to a well-covered Mike Evans, although admittedly he was single-covered on that play. Jameis never moved his head, nor did he ever see OJ Howard wide open in the middle on the goal line, nor Adam Humphries completely uncovered heading to the right flag. If any of you have Game Pass on NFL.com, please review that particular play and you’ll see what I mean. Of course, even though there were two wide-open uncovered receivers on the play, it must be Koetter’s play calling in the red zone that is at fault???

    Also, in your spare time look at the actual story from Thomas Bassinger that has several video replays showing missed TDs from Jameis to Desean Jackson, but NOT for that reason. Look at how wide open other receivers (Brate,Evans, and Humphries) are on some of those passes, yet how Jameis is totally dialed into his primary receiver. JMHO.


  55. tickrdr Says:

    Also on BucsNation, Gil Arcia links a stat table from PFF showing that Jameis to Desean was a good connection on some routes (hitch = curl or button-hook), but poor on crossing routes and not great on slants, and simply terrible on go routes.
    This dovetails back to my theory that Jameis is great at straight-line fastballs (better pitcher), but not so good at timing or touch throws, which require hitting a moving target. Again, JMHO.


  56. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Joe wrote:

    Look, Jameis is average by NFC standards. There is NO SHAME in that. Second, Joe never wrote that Jameis had average run support. Joe simply presented the FACTS that Jameis had average or better (by exact NFL standards) run support in 5 of the 11 games he finished last year. And the Bucs went 3-2 in those games.–

    Joe, Jameis was average last season when he got hurt, and even below average at times thereafter. However, after he rested a few weeks, he was actually one of the best if not the best, at least in the NFC, during the last four games. Jameis has the ceiling to be elite, and the last four games, imo, are indictative of Jamies than what we saw earlier in the season.

  57. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Also, in your spare time look at the actual story from Thomas Bassinger that has several video replays showing missed TDs from Jameis to Desean Jackson, but NOT for that reason. Look at how wide open other receivers (Brate,Evans, and Humphries) are on some of those passes, yet how Jameis is totally dialed into his primary receiver. JMHO.



    If that is one (correctable) bugaboo in Winston’s game is that he locks onto receivers too much. Gruden hounded him on it in his QB Camp prior to the draft and he still has issues at times. Jameis is tremendous at always keeping his eyes down field, but to get to elite status, hes going to have to look safeties off their mark, and hit the open receiver as quickly as possible.

  58. SteveK Says:


    Great point! I guess that’s why Dak was a 4th round pick and Jameis is #1 overall. Simply put, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Jameis needs a running game and he needs to be better.

  59. tickrdr Says:

    feelthepewterpower Says:
    April 7th, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Joe, Jameis was average last season when he got hurt, and even below average at times thereafter. However, after he rested a few weeks, he was actually one of the best if not the best, at least in the NFC, during the last four games. Jameis has the ceiling to be elite, and the last four games, imo, are indictative of Jamies than what we saw earlier in the season.

    By your own statement, Jameis was at his BEST during the last four games of the season. Yet, the offense scored only 21, 21, 19, and 31 points during those four games, and lost three out of four games. There were a total of 12 turnovers by the offense in those four games. Despite all of those offensive turnovers (FIVE against Detroit for example), the most points allowed by the defense for those same four games was 24! (Sorry about the exclamation point, I stole this from Realist)


  60. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Give Jameis a legitimate threat of a running attack, keep his Jersey Clean, and he will be a top Tier NFL QB for the remainder of his Career.

    I am personally really excited to watch Jameis mature and grow into an Old man QB like Big Ben is now, or like Peyton was in his time with Broncos. All the while wearing Pewter and Red.

  61. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    How many times did Jameis have us in position to win games and the Defense gave up game losing Touchdowns?

    And the scoring issues of this offense are a Dirk Koetter problem not a Jameis Winston problem. For the most part his play calls in the redzone and on the goal line were atrocious all season long.

  62. Joe Says:

    How many times did Jameis have us in position to win games and the Defense gave up game losing Touchdowns?

    UGH! It was a disgrace that defense.

  63. Kelly Says:

    Don’t think it a problem during the first couple of games. Jameis will spread the ball around. He will go to the open guy. But, if he continue to miss on the deep ball…it could become a problem. Hopefully, Deshawn will show up for practice and they will develop some chemistry this year.

  64. Reverse Joe Says:

    This is by far one of the most ridiculous posts I have ever seen from the Joes! Totally overreacted. My goodness. Yes Jameis shouldn’t be worried about what people write about him but the guy was just defending his teammate from a $h!t writer who works for a dying paper. Jesus Christ. Plenty of other things to write about. I like ya Joes but sometimes yall print garbage and this was a total fail.

  65. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    More times than not most NFL games always comes down to the last possession to decide the game. When you leave 1 minute or better on the clock for the opposition at the end in most close games, you’re most likely gonna lose with the defense we had. Sometimes the opposing defense will allow a bad defensive team to score quickly only to insure they get the last possession. As crazy as it sounds that’s seemed to be the way it worked out. I think Winston needs to learn to manage that clock as close to the vest as possible.

    When teams start to give that cushion to our receivers late in the game Winston needs to recognize that and slow roll the clock, be patient and use up those waning minutes instead of trying to throw the homerun ball for a TD to tie the game only to give it back to the other team with ample time left on the clock. When teams start giving 7 to 10 yard cushions late in the 4th quarter then only throw 7 yard passes at a time moving the ball and using up time.

    I realize this sounds easier said than done at that moment, when the mission is to score but for teams who know they can dominate our defense, this is a calculated plan, and then we get beat by a FG. A good running game would help in these late game scenarios. JMO ….and Joe I do agree that trying to force balls to certain WR can spell disaster and lead to more likely turnovers.
    I watched a lot of games last year where DJ11 was just not getting any separation.

  66. BigMacAttack Says:

    If Jameis can connect with DeSean regularly, it will result in TDs and wins. Jameis could not hit him. Their timing was off on Long balls all season. The question is are they working together now to fix it and the answer probably no. DeSean is a diva. Why practice if you’re not forced to. All about that paycheck.

  67. Pryda ...sec147 Says:

    Not concerned at all with Jameis Statement seems like he is trying to get better everyday

  68. Nick2 Says:

    He missed Jackson repeatedly wide open last year. He’s owning it and I see zero wrong with stating that he’s going to fix it. I would be more concerned if he never addressed it. That being said I hope he reads the whole field.

  69. Owlykat Says:

    Lets stop all the talk about if Jameis is great or not. At the start of last season there were analysts suggesting Jacksonville needed a new QB; however, once Jacksonville turned over selection of personnel to a real expert and followed his advice and Jacksonville made the playoffs suddenly their QB looked like a great franchise QB. If we had had a real personnel expert the last four years instead of Licht who left the trenches bare and refused to pick an outstanding QB last year, we would be carrying Jameis on our shoulders now for taking us deep into the playoffs last year like Jacksonville. Now Licht may have now learned from his mistakes now that his feet are to the fire—this draft will tell us soon enough. FSU had great lines and running backs and Jameis was seen as a major star as a result by all the experts when we drafted him. He will be seen that way if Licht has a great draft. But if not be aware he will go to a team and be a BIG STAR like three other ex Buc QBs who won Super Bowls with much stronger teams after getting free of the Bucs.