ConteHate Is Now Out Of Hand

April 30th, 2018


This is disgusting.

A lot of time Joe, tongue-in-cheek, refers to “ConteHate,” the visceral reaction some Bucs fans have for safety Chris Conte. But it is real. Conte, for reasons unknown, really gets under many Bucs’ fans’ skin.

But if one has to indirectly threaten bodily harm to Bucs general manager Jason Licht by showing a clip of a cop’s murder on social media, that is a disturbed individual taking his rage way, way, way out of bounds.

Alas, it has happened, reports Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

It seems some deranged individual in Houston tweeted out a murder scene graphic of a cop getting shot because the Bucs fan in question lost his damn mind that Licht did not draft Florida State safety Derwin James to, in theory, replace Conte.

“I wanted (Quenton) Nelson really bad, but then he went off right before us,” Rogers said, referring to the former Notre Dame guard taken No. 6 overall by the Colts. “Then we traded back. James was still there and a huge position of need. I mean we have (Chris) Conte back, and he’s a huge liability in my opinion. I also think James not working out for teams hurt his stock, but I don’t blame him. They have tape and combine to go off of.”

Rogers said he grew up in Naples and has been a Florida State football fan since the ’80s. “To be honest, I first started liking them as a kid because they were Indians doing a war chant, and it just kind of stuck,” Rogers said.

The Bucs, per Stroud, have launched an investigation, spearheaded by their in-house security department. This Rogers character, who uses the Twitter handle @LuvDemNoles22, suggested to Stroud it’s a total overreaction by the Bucs.


Who exactly is overreacting here, the Bucs taking seriously threats of violence to their employees, or some Texas crackpot freaking out on social media because the Bucs didn’t draft one of his beloved Florida State players and indirectly threatening to off an NFL general manager because he cannot control his rage over Conte?

42 Responses to “ConteHate Is Now Out Of Hand”

  1. IsrBuc Says:

    I like Conte. He’s a Buc.

  2. MuguBucFan Says:

    “Florida Man” is visiting Texas… God what a psycho. Conte for President 2020!

  3. IsrBuc Says:

    BTW, Maybe i’m missing something but i don’t see how conte is the subject here.

  4. Seattle Buc Says:

    Lets see how Conte does with a decent pass rush this year. Is he a pro bowler? No. Should he ne starting? Probably not, but he is not the reason we had the 32nd ranked defense .

  5. Joe Says:

    Maybe i’m missing something but i don’t see how conte is the subject here.

    Try this quote from the post.

    “I mean we have (Chris) Conte back, and he’s a huge liability in my opinion.”

  6. IsrBuc Says:

    That’s a legit opinion imo. I don’t see hate or anything close to the theme of this subject which is him wishing JL had drafted james. His problem is with JL not Conte, imo.

  7. Seattle Buc Says:

    Damn I didnt see the Pic the first time I read this, thats messed up.

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    Wow…I joked after the Vea pick that the FB were out and I didn’t know who was more salty…FSU Fanboys or the Conte Haters…either we this has gone too far. It’s a game played on Saturday and Sunday. No actions should ever be taken that will have real life impact on anyone. This is beyond a FSU and Conte thing though.

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’ll never understand the lengths fans go to, over a freaking GAME!!!
    Perspective people!

  10. Clodhopper Says:

    If you’re famous and on twitter, you’re getting death threats. The only thing more predictable than a famous person on twitter getting death threats is a Nole fan being pissed the Bucs didn’t draft a Nole!

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    This isn’t so much Conte hate as it is some idiot on social media losing his mind.
    I’m not a big Conte fan on the field, but don’t drag his name into this crap. I know his name is mentioned in the tweet, but it was just being used as sort of an example.

  12. IsrBuc Says:

    gotbbucs exactly

  13. Chris Says:

    Weak to call this Conte hate and weak to consider this a threat to the GM

  14. Chris Says:

    After seeing the gif I retract my statement above as it relates to being construed as a threat to the GM

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Every threat of violence on social media should be investigated and perhaps prosecuted…..they are what lead to acts….

  16. K_Bassuka Says:

    Conte sucks and that’s the truth, but the alleged fan/James family member was way out of line, I mean who in their right mind would want Nelson with the 7th pick, right? Besides, we addressed a position of need and hopefully Stewart can take Conte’s spot sooner rather than later.

  17. University of Seffner Says:

    Another good lesson on being careful what to post on Social Media. Even if you’re kidding around, it can come across as serious, and you’ll be on the news for the whole world to see.

  18. passthebuc Says:

    Conte wont start, but we will see how good or bad he is when you have a pass rush.

  19. Bucshot Says:

    Joe I generally like the stuff on here.. but the point of that guys tweet is rage over not drafting James, chris conte is a side note. The article should have been called licht hate perhaps? Since thats who he is “threatening”.

    And chris conte has been repeatedly ranked in the very bottom of the league at safety accoriding to pro football focus and anyone with 20/20 vision. Im sure if you wanna take a survey theres an endless list of reasons people dont like conte.

    Oh and btw…Jameis is nowhere close to being considered America’s quarterback; in fact, he’s barely Tampa’s quarterback at this point lol

  20. Frank Pillow Says:

    It’s just football. It’s awesome to be passionate about this team- so many of us are. We ride the high of a win and sink down to the lowest of lows when they lose. We’re critical of the Xs and Os and personnel management whenit’s deserved and complimentary when it’s earned. We are fans. But there’s a line that should never be crossed. Never-ever. Not even in jest. Somehow; in this digital domain, some folks have lost sight of that. Lost sight of the fact that Jason, in addition to being GM is a father, husband and by all accounts, a hell of a good guy. It’s simply not okay to walk-back and say “I was just kidding.” Be an adult in the first place and know right from wrong. Know how and when to filter yourself. Know that’s it’s just sport, a game. Not life.

  21. theodore Says:

    I’m a Bucs fan, I know the players. I know Chris Conte plays S. I couldn’t tell you if he plays FS or SS. I can’t imagine caring that much about the starting lineup to make a threat like this.

    Glad Twitter wasn’t around when Dilfer was starting.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    That is disgusting.
    Sometimes, it feels like people are going mad!
    Threatening someone’s life, over a stupid draft decision?
    It can only be insanity.

  23. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    Chris Conte is no where near Sabby Piscitelli play, so why all the hate?

  24. TOM Says:

    I’m sorry guys but i didn’t see anything wrong with Conte’s play last year. No, he’s not J Lynch but he is a capable safety & he is a Buc. Why do people try & condem our draft choices before they even put on a uniform?

  25. Tony D Says:

    I like Conte too, he’s just had some durability issues.

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    If Conte plays much this year – he will look a lot better than what we’ve come to expect I’m guessing.

    A legit pass rush changes everything for secondary players.

    Do we want Chris Conte starting? Well no. But if coaches consider him the best available option to start at SS that 1st game in New Orleans – then Conte can probably be counted on to do his job fairly well as long as others around him are doing the same.

    Nothing at all wrong with being a high quality back up/borderline starter talent in the NFL. Conte has carved out a nice little NFL career for himself thus far.
    For any fan to “hate” Chris because he’s not a top 10 NFL safety talent is pretty ridiculous. Bucs are paying him $2.5M which is back-up money – so its not like anyone should be upset he is overpaid.

    Conte is an asset to our team – not a liability.

  27. BringBucsBack Says:

    When someone love’s violence and resorts to it in a post or act on it behind a gun, the Media does an enormous disservice to the greater public by bringing attention to the perpetrator. Paying attention to the matter only Rewards the deranged.

    Don’t print what they said and for God’s sake, don’t post a picture of them!

  28. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Man c’mon Joe. When did he say that? What’s disturbing is he had video of an actual police officer shot. It wasn’t the greatest pick ever though and for what they ended up getting at DB they probably should have drafted James and waited on a player like Kendric Norton to do what Vea does but I think the Vea pick will be golden as well. Vea was a real steal though I was surprised he lasted that long. What blew us from getting the two first round picks from the Bills was the fact the Broncos didn’t daft a QB. If they would’ve drafted Allen the Bills would’ve gave everything in the world to draft Rosen including the two first round picks. If we had gotten that second pick of the first from the Bills I believe they would’ve used it to draft D. James. He and Vea had on similar blazers that were red. I believe the original plan was to get both first round picks from the Bills and draft Vea and James. Good try too Licht that was an all in move I just felt the Bills didn’t come full circle with the Bucs and it will hurt them. They didn’t do good with that pick anyway I think and Licht made it huge on day 2 for not getting James.

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    And Conte isnt a bad safety at all. He is stuck on a team that has no pass rush, And he also is stuck covering Hargreaves mess.
    Half the time fans see Conte chasing a Wr, its Hargreaves guy, and Conte is trying to catch him.
    Conte is a good player. He was highly rated when we aquired him. The only knock on him, was that he was frequently hurt.
    Hes stayed healthy with us. The only problem he has, is that has an unearring habit of leaving his man, and trying to cover a teammates man- which leaves too many shots of him chasing WRs in to the Endzone.

    Next time you see that- rewind and see who was originally assigned tho thriopl

  30. Wausa Says:

    I think the Bucs have had an incredible offseason. Jason Licht has made mistakes, but overall he has been a good GM.
    I preferred the Bucs drafting Derwin James(I still think he will be an outstanding player for the Chargers), but Vita Vea should be an enormous upgrade for the Bucs. The Bucs had the worst defense and defensive line in the NFL last year and Jason Licht was determined to take a weakness and turn it into a strength.

  31. Horse Liver Says:

    Only in fargin Texas. Good night nurse.

  32. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Hey Capt Tim Conte isn’t any good. I wish they go back with Tandy I honestly feel Tandy will win the job and be the beneficiary of this new dline. Licht will be ok it seems he’s loaded this team up. The coaching staff though might better be hoping they win. I mean Dirk Koetter was all in on this draft. Every trade Licht made he had Dirk Koetter right there with him so no excuses and I wanna say Licht said that to the media about the coaching as well. No more excuses.

  33. Mike Johnson Says:

    HATE is a word I never use. I don’t like the President. But I don’t..Hate him. True hatred is right next to the ultimate step..Killing. Conte’s play as a Buc simply is not what I want. Neither does Buc caoching staff. Thats why we beefed up on DB’s this draft. I wanted lotsa things. I wanted us to tank so we would get Chubb. I wanted some different named DB’s. We got what we got peoples. Its up to the players and our coaching staff. Hey, I don’t like our DC who sits on his A.. up in the pressbox. But I don’t..Hate him. I just want start kicking some A..! Thats all I want.

  34. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Come is and always will be garbage. But that isn’t important when something like this happens. Threatening someone like that should land that guy in a lot of trouble.

  35. Jjones Says:

    He didn’t threaten Conte he threatened Licht Joe. His opinion of not liking Conte was just that but the post was pointed at Licht.

  36. D-Rome Says:

    Chris Conte is not nearly as bad as people claim he is and there are metrics to back that up. The hatred is over the top like it was with Barrett Ruud.

  37. webster Says:

    This is what i mean when i say Tampa fan lol. You cant make this up.

  38. SOEbuc Says:

    Conte plays with a 20-yard cushion even before the 20-yard cushion scheme was put into place. Lot’s of 5-10 yard first downs against him.

  39. gman Says:

    A lot of great people are Bucs fans….we have our fair share of knuckle-draggers and dopes….this clown falls into the latter

  40. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Well stated about Conte. I like reading your posts because you’re not given to tons of hyperbole. I agree of where you placed Conte’s talent level.

  41. Oxycondoms Says:

    uf Fanboys have nothing to cheer about so they just look for any opportunity to bash a whole fan base whenever given an opportunity , just about as pathetic as Tebow’s 10 yard out

  42. Brandon Says:

    See, only pyschos want to draft OGs in the top 10. Point proven.