Your Complete 2018 Buccaneers Schedule

April 19th, 2018

The leaks are over, so is the misdirection and misinformation on Twitter.

Time to fantasize and start thinking about travel plans and bye week chores.

Here is your Buccaneers 2018 schedule, as released tonight.

Sunday, Sept. 9, 1 p.m., at Saints
Sunday, Sept. 16, 1 p.m., EAGLES
Monday, Sept. 24 8:20 p.m., STEELERS
Sunday, Sept. 30, 1 p.m., at Bears
Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 p.m., at Falcons
Sunday, Oct. 21, 1 p.m., BROWNS
Sunday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m., at Bengals
Sunday, Nov. 4, 1 p.m., at Panthers
Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 p.m., REDSKINS
Sunday, Nov. 18, 1 p.m., at Giants
Sunday, Nov. 25, 1 p.m. 49ERS
Sunday, Dec. 2, 1 p.m. PANTHERS
Sunday, Dec. 9, 1 p.m. SAINTS
Sunday, Dec. 16, 1 p.m., at Ravens
Sunday, Dec. 23, 1 p.m., at Cowboys
Sunday, Dec. 31, 1 p.m., FALCONS


Thursday, Aug. 9, 7 p.m. at Miami
Saturday, Aug. 18, 7 p.m. at Tennessee
Friday, Aug. 24, 8 p.m. DETROIT
Thursday, Aug. 30, 7:30 p.m. JAGUARS

62 Responses to “Your Complete 2018 Buccaneers Schedule”

  1. Mike Johnson Says:

    Thanks Joe for..Bustin out with the schedule before my dinner time (west Coast)!!

  2. OneBucPerson Says:

    Early bye week again? Dammit. Only positive I see this season is that we get a large chunk of hard games out of the way early but that home stretch might be a bit rough as well.

  3. AntCam Says:

    No Thursday game this year?

  4. unbelievable Says:

    Honestly, f@ck the NFL!

    So sick of the early bye week every single fkn year! Last year we finally had a late one… oh wait, no we didn’t!

    Like I’ve said since I was a kid, the NFL simply hates the Bucs. Always has since we traded for Chucky.

    On a positive note, we’ll see real early in the year what our chances are.

    No slow starts allowed. Better be nasty upfront! All the more reason to BUILD THE TRENCHES!!!!

  5. Dirty Bucs Says:

    Why is every single game at 1 PM, aside from the ONLY primetime game on Monday (and presumably a Thursday night game as well).

    Can we get some Sunday NIGHT games???

  6. Steve Says:

    I thought every team was supposed to get a Thursday night game? Reading your earlier post Joe even you thought we would travel for a Thursday night game?

  7. Gman Says:

    DIRty…they don’t usually let lousy teams host Sunday night games

  8. D-Rome Says:

    My initial response to the schedule is 8-8.

  9. unbelievable Says:

    It’s even worse than I thought. Look at how the NFL screws us an early bye week, year after year:

    2018: Week5
    2017: NONE
    2016: Week 6
    2015: Week 6
    2014: Week 7
    2012: Week 5
    2012: Week 5


  10. OneBucPerson Says:

    The 49ers got 5 primetime games, 5! Just for going on a 5 game win streak to end the season, what a joke.

  11. Steve Says:

    Well I guess with only 14 Thursday night games not every team gets to play a Thursday night game. Sucks we get the Super Bowl champs the second week of the season when they will have 10 days from their home opener before they play us.

  12. Buc4life Says:

    All 1pm games? I hope Koetter change his practice schedule and get these guys out there in the heat so we can use it to our advantage. Last you our team looked tired during the 4th quarter of games. I also remember people laughing at the Jaquars for running sprints after their joint practices with the Bucs, saying that’s what high school football teams do. How did it work out for them…Oh yea they went to the Super Bowl. USE THE HEAT TO OUR ADVANTAGE!

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’d like to see the chart with miles traveled. 15/16 1 pm kickoffs.

  14. Ed Kerber Says:

    1-15. Think they could beat Cleveland. Think not sure though.

  15. The Buc Realist Says:

    Not a bad final 8 games for a run though!!!!!!!! Just hope the stick carriers and other so-called fans can hang in until then!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. D-Rome Says:

    The 49ers got 5 primetime games, 5! Just for going on a 5 game win streak to end the season, what a joke.

    The 49ers are a team on the rise with a franchise QB that’s undefeated. Plus, the 49ers have a great history. No one outside of Tampa gives a crap about Jameis or the Bucs.

  17. Gman Says:


  18. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    Like all subpar record teams likely in 2017…we of course got ROYALLY SCREWED on the Bye week, no flippin surprise. Wonder where the Patriots, Packers, Eagles, Cowboys….have their Bye weeks. The ending does seem a bit easier than normal, plus 3 straight home games. Division ga

    Bye week is always huge though!


    Go Bucs!

  19. feelthepewterpower Says:

    No 4 pm games for the first time in a long while. For those complaining, we had a late bye last season that was displaced by irma.

  20. Doug p Says:

    At least we don’t have to go out west.

  21. Tbbucs3 Says:


    No one even in Tampa gives a crap about the Bucs. If you go downtown you wont see any Buccaneers stuff all it is is lightning, lightning, lightning.

  22. Jim Says:

    D-Rome said it, not me…

  23. Jjones Says:

    Having an early bye week might be a blessing in disguise, our 1st 4 games will be daunting so we might need that recharge. I actually think it’s an advantage not having any Thursday night games, no short weeks will help.

  24. darin Says:

    Why would the nation wana watch the bucs? We have a hard time doing it sometimes. Dirk didnt have them prepared last year. Dirks comin back boys. Never know what’ll happen but the nation isnt wanting kluelesss koetter and sittin back smitty weekly. Get over it. Not sure why its a big deal. The schedule has never made or broke a season. If they are better prepared they might win some games and be on more the season after.

  25. Gencoimports Says:

    I’m sure DK is happy he doesn’t have a Thursday game. Are the Bucs the only team not playing that day?

  26. Jay corr Says:

    Jaguars were in the super bowl last year??? Man some people lol. Do you guys even no football or just like to comment??

  27. Buc believer Says:

    0-3 here we come!

  28. passthebuc Says:

    Should we start planning for the 2019 Draft.
    lets see
    2019 needs
    rt tackle
    l ft guard
    edge rusher
    2 cbs
    and a QB
    plus additional back ups for all positions.
    don’t forget a replacement for aging DT

    Oh, and don’t forget the new coaching staff.

    Tongue and cheek.

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Sadly guys we are going to get the 1PM games until we present a more entertaining product which would start with winning.

    All we need to do is win and we’ll immediately move ahead for next year’s games.
    Sunday nights are prime time as are Monday and Thursday.

  30. thespiritof1976 Says:

    Speak softly and carry a big….

  31. DB55 Says:

    Comeon guys all offseason you guys have been so confident why the change of heart?

    Anytime anything negative was said people were called trolls. Stay positive! Remember all the great FA moves licht made this year we should be in the super bowl considering we signed all off the eagles best dline men. I’m more than positive that the draft is going to be outstanding and we’ll get the best running back, corner back, guard, safety, DTs, OTs and everything else we need.

    More than anything we can always count on our offense to keep us in games and the defense to protect a lead.

    Come on real fans know this is a Super Bowl year.

  32. unbelievable Says:

    I could care less about the Thursday night game. In fact I’m happy we don’t have one. Don’t really care about Sunday night either. We don’t deserve that respect after last season.

    But the constant early bye weeks year in and year out is some BS.

  33. DR FEELGOOD Says:

    No Thursday game is a huge plus! Especially since we would’ve apparently been on the road. I would much rather play that hard September schedule because we will be able to sneak up on people. Go Bucs! Fear no one!!

  34. jerseybuc Says:

    Steeler and Eagle fans already psyched to get their tickets and will be dominating at their games. Meanwhile Buc fans will complain on the boards about the team, the weather, the prices, whatever, but won’t go out and watch their team. Just the way it is.

  35. cmurda Says:

    Are tickets on sale? Im guessing not as I cant get there on ticketmaster

  36. Oneilbucs Says:

    Let’s just stand by our team. We can still beat theses teams. I wish I lived in Tampa I will have season tickets.

  37. Gman Says:

    Only losers complain and whine about a schedule…if the team is good the it does not matter…that being said, looks like the Bucs will be out of contention by October 1st…again

  38. Alstott up the gut Says:

    So in an 8 week stretch from late Sept to mid Nov the Bucs have 2 home games….. 2!!

  39. Warrenfb12 Says:

    That is a f-ing brutal opening schedule

  40. Dave Says:

    This schedule is no joke. Aside from Cleveland, Cincy, and da’ Bears we are going to have some rough competition. I would prefer this to playing a soft schedule and have a record that’s artificially inflated. Either we are good or we aren’t. The only way to prove it is to beat good teams. Until then, the NFL isn’t going to give a rip about the Bucs. Why should they?

  41. Guzzie Says:

    10-6 playoffs baby

  42. DB55 Says:

    All jokes aside let’s do this … step your game up

  43. webster Says:

    The bucs have the 4th toughest schedule this year. In contrast, the texans have the least toughest schedule this year. There will be some that look at deshuan watson and say whats wrong with jameis? Imho, im glad jameis plays in the toughest division. That means he knows that means no days off because he competes. Kwon competes. Jpp ditto. Licht stated he only wants those who hate to lose more than they love to win. Lets get it indeed.

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    Not that it matters, but doing the week by week numbles I come up with 8-8.

    Sunday, Sept. 9, 1 p.m., at Saints – L
    Sunday, Sept. 16, 1 p.m., EAGLES – W
    Monday, Sept. 24 8:20 p.m., STEELERS – L
    Sunday, Sept. 30, 1 p.m., at Bears – L
    Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 p.m., at Falcons – L
    Sunday, Oct. 21, 1 p.m., BROWNS – W
    Sunday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m., at Bengals – W
    Sunday, Nov. 4, 1 p.m., at Panthers – L
    Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 p.m., REDSKINS – W
    Sunday, Nov. 18, 1 p.m., at Giants – W
    Sunday, Nov. 25, 1 p.m. 49ERS – W
    Sunday, Dec. 2, 1 p.m. PANTHERS – L
    Sunday, Dec. 9, 1 p.m. SAINTS – W
    Sunday, Dec. 16, 1 p.m., at Ravens – L
    Sunday, Dec. 23, 1 p.m., at Cowboys – L
    Sunday, Dec. 31, 1 p.m., FALCONS – W

    Putting it out there so I can look back next year and feel really dumb about my picks.

  45. NFLNut Says:


    I’ve looked at ALL the schedules and below are my predictions:

    WK 1 – @ NO —— LOSS (Common sense)

    WK 2 – vs. PHI —– WIN (no Wentz, maybe no Bennett and riding high after a win vs. the Falcons)

    WK 3 – vs. PIT —– WIN (Pitt fails to show up on the road at times and they’ll be overconfident after starting 2-0)

    WK 4 – @ CHI —– WIN (The Bucs smacked em last year and will do so again)

    WK 5 – BYE

    WK 6 – @ ATL —– WIN (Jameis owns Atlanta, the bye will help and the Falcons are coming off a tough physical game against the Steelers)

    WK 7 – vs. CLE —- WIN (It’s a home game against Cleveland … we better win)

    WK 8 – @ CIN —– LOSS (We’ll be overconfident and the Bengals will want to make amends for losing the last game to the Chiefs)

    WK 9 – @ CAR —– LOSS (Common sense)

    WK 10 – vs. WAS — WIN (I believe we’ll be a better team than the Skins and the Skins will be coming off a win at home against the Falcons and overlook us as well)

    WK 11 – @ NYG —- WIN (esp . if Giants take a QB at #2 instead of Saquon … plus they’re coming off a Monday night game)

    WK 12 – vs. SF —– WIN (This is a tough one as the 49’ers have a bye week to prepare for us … I just don’t buy they’re an above average team … yet)

    WK 13 – vs. CAR —- WIN (Panthers coming off a home win against Seattle)

    WK 14 – vs. NO —— LOSS (NO has a better roster than we do and has 10 DAYS to prepare for us)

    WK 15 – @ BAL ——- LOSS (Ravens will be hungry after losing last week in KC)

    WK 16 – @ DAL ——- LOSS (I was hoping we’d get them on Thanksgiving)

    WK 17 – vs. ATL —— WIN (Tough game but we’ll close out with a win, just like last year)

    10-6 … although I honestly feel at 10-6 we could still finish in last place in the division and miss the playoffs … but Koetter and maybe even Smitty may still keep their jobs …

    P.S. ESPN’s Jenna Laine’s predictions are strange to me … she’s got the team going 8-8, yet has the team beating the Saints twice … and losing home games to the Redskins and 49’ers … um???? Weird.


  46. webster Says:

    @ nflnut and rod

    Its all wierd that you are coming up with a win total without the draft or the 2nd wave of free agency cuts after the draft. Way to early to be giving a win total. Nflnut, your prediction is no more credible than jenna laine’s right now. You fellas are better than that.

  47. NFLNut Says:



    Patriots: 14-2 (#1 seed)
    Dolphins: 5-11
    Bills: 5-11
    Jets: 4-12

    Steelers: 13-3 (#3 seed)
    Ravens: 6-10
    Bengals: 6-10
    Browns: 3-13

    Jaguars: 13-3 (#2 seed)
    Texans: 9-7 (#6 seed)
    Titans: 8-8
    Colts: 7-9 (I’m anticipating Luck playing)

    Chargers: 11-5 (#4 seed)
    Chiefs: 10-6 (#5 seed)
    Broncos: 7-9
    Raiders: 7-9

    Eagles: 11-5 (#3 seed)
    Cowboys: 9-7
    Redskins: 7-9
    Giants: 3-13

    Vikings 10-6 (#4 seed)
    Packers: 10-6 (#5 seed)
    Lions: 8-8
    Bears: 3-13

    Saints: 11-5 (#2 seed)
    Buccaneers: 10-6 (#6 seed)
    Panthers: 9-7
    Falcons: 8-8

    Rams: 14-2 (#1 seed)
    49’ers: 8-8
    Seahawks: 5-11 (insanely easy schedule … but they feel “done”)
    Cardinals: 2-14

    * Before ya’ll rip my picks … list yours and remember I predicted both the Cowboys and Raiders would miss the playoffs last year when both were sexy SB picks.


  48. NFLNut Says:

    Webster … my and Rod’s predictions could change after the draft and pre-season …. but there’s nothing wrong with making super early predictions as it’s fun to do!

    Also … as for Jenna’s predictions, I’m sorry but it makes ZERO SENSE imho to say we’re going to sweep the Saints but lose home games to the 49’ers and Redskins … zero.

  49. German Buc Says:

    Nut, I’ll take it 🙂

  50. German Buc Says:

    …together with a wildcard win at Philly

  51. Joeypoppems Says:

    Saints and Falcons both had a bye week 5 and both made the playoffs. Draft hasnt even happened yet and some of you are making excuses lol.

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    webster – I actually said that, “Putting it out there so I can look back next year and feel really dumb about my picks.”

    It’s this thing called ‘fun’… it’s ‘fun’ to make predictions about things even if you have very little to no confidence in them, it’s a snapshot of that point in time, and that’s why it’s interesting to write it down, and then in a year from now look back at it and just be like, wow, what an idiot.

    Like look at my comments from last year, this is pre date but knowing the opponents, I said this…

    “Rod Munch Says:
    January 1st, 2017 at 5:42 pm
    Wow, that is a brutal away schedule. At Arizona, at Minnesota, at Green Bay and at Buffalo – which may or may not be a big deal depending on when the NFL schedules it. Then the Pats and Giants at home. Man, why can’t the Bucs ever get that AFC South schedule? Mariota has to be loving what will probably be their cupcake schedule, well from his rehab room.”

    So we lost every given mentioned as tough except the Giants game, and Mariota once again played the easiest schedule in football. In fact the Jags and the Titans both had tied for the easiest schedule and both got into the playoffs only being one playoff team, the same as the Bucs. So basically I was really right to wish the Bucs had the Titans or Jags schedule, they literally would have had a very good shot in a wasted season of making the playoffs. Meanwhile put the Titans in the NFC South and they’re 3-13.

  53. Rod Munch Says:

    More from 2017…. this is the schedule release day…

    “I don’t know if I’m that optimistic. That game to open the season in Miami, it could be a mess – while we get PM showers here they can earlier thundershowers and I could see that being a mudball type game played in a sauna. Bucs can handle the heat as well as Miami, but Miami is more of a running team and if it is a muddy wet field, that should give the home team an advantage. But wayyyyy to early to know, but just guy feeling. Obviously everyone would be letdown if the Bucs lost to Chicago, in fact you’d have people saying it’s a lost season and wanting Dirk fired. The game at Minnesota, I don’t see how that goes the Bucs way, it’s just one of those places where the Bucs don’t play well – and assuming the Vikings defense is back to where it was in 2015, that to me is the toughest early season game we have I think. The Giants at home, again it’s a team that even when the Bucs are good they lose to. I think it’s really possible the Bucs go into that Pats game 1-3, lose, then go on the road to Arizona and the season looks lost – BUT I do like the schedule once they get past that stretch, at least better than before it. ”

    OK so back to new comments…

    Dolphins game – I predicted weather problems… was right there.
    Had the Bucs beating the Bears.
    Had the Bucs LOSING @Minn, including saying I don’t see how the Bucs even have a chance, and they didn’t)
    Had the Bucs losing the Giants game, so my bad.

    Previewed those games after as well, had a big fat L in Arizona and I think I had the Bucs beating the Pats, and we would have too had Arroyo still been the kicker.

  54. Gman Says:

    Anyone predicting how a team will do this year in April is a dope with way too much time on their hands.

  55. Reach87 Says:

    Agree with both Webster and Rod (cause I think you both get to the same conclusion). Its good to have realistic hopes. Finish step 1(get better players), then step 2 (coach up scheme effectively) then step 3 (individual game prep and in game adjustments). We (as can every team) can (CAN) go undefeated this year at this point. In reality probably no one will, but WE can 0win alot of games if we take care of business….stay the course (long way to go to assess this year’s team accurately) master each step. Go Bucs!

  56. Gobucs Says:

    Anyone who believes this team will win more than 6 games is an idiot.

  57. CltBucsFan Says:

    @Joe – I didn’t see a Thursday night game, are we off the hook?

    On another note, thank you for all the great Bucs coverage!

  58. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    brutal start ….6-10 🙁

  59. lambchop Says:

    Some of you guys crack me up with the W-L predictions. Injuries alone are going to play a huge factor and blow up these predictions.

  60. Buccernutter Says:

    What is with everyone’s predictions that lack parity? Lmao. Eagles went from the basement to the Lombardi. Panthers went from the basement to the playoffs.

    Don’t be a hypocrite gobucs. Upgraded d line, RB(draft), healthy Jameis, upgraded o line, improvement from 2017 rookies and people are dumb for thinking we could 2 more games than last year? Na you’re the dumb@ss and what is wrong with this fan base.

  61. adam from ny Says:

    this season we “Eat W’s” !!!

    Sunday, Sept. 9, 1 p.m., at Saints -Winston
    Sunday, Sept. 16, 1 p.m., EAGLES -Lavonte
    Monday, Sept. 24 8:20 p.m., STEELERS -Winston
    Sunday, Sept. 30, 1 p.m., at Bears – Winston
    BYE – ***team smoke out with Har-grievances***
    Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 p.m., at Falcons -Lavonte
    Sunday, Oct. 21, 1 p.m., BROWNS -Winston
    Sunday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m., at Bengals -Winston
    Sunday, Nov. 4, 1 p.m., at Panthers -Lavonte
    Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 p.m., REDSKINS -Winston
    Sunday, Nov. 18, 1 p.m., at Giants -Winston
    Sunday, Nov. 25, 1 p.m. 49ERS -Winston
    Sunday, Dec. 2, 1 p.m. PANTHERS -Winston
    Sunday, Dec. 9, 1 p.m. SAINTS -Lavonte
    Sunday, Dec. 16, 1 p.m., at Ravens -Lavonte
    Sunday, Dec. 23, 1 p.m., at Cowboys -Winston
    Sunday, Dec. 31, 1 p.m., FALCONS -Winston

    i have us at a nutty ass 11-5…go figure…

    i have us flying high into december at 9-3…

    then tail spinning with a couple losses…

    then getting back on track to fin out the season with a couple of wins…

    thus winning the division at 11-5 and going into the playoffs on a high note…

    one can dream, can’t he???

    -Adam from the zoo-

  62. adam from ny Says:

    i gotta run…my skypager is ringing 🙂