Beckwith Crash Details Surface

April 20th, 2018


It seems we know a bit more about what transpired with the auto accident involving Bucs linebacker Kendell Beckwith which forced him to have surgery on a fractured ankle Tuesday night.

Per Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Beckwith was a passenger in a Chevy Camaro driven by former LSU and NFL linebacker Lamin Barrow. The Camaro was owned by Beckwith.

The accident took place at 1 a.m., April 12. Barrow lost control of the car and it struck a gate, per Baton Rouge, La. authorities. Both Barrow and Beckwith were transported to a local hospital with leg pains.

Bucs general manager Jason Licht said yesterday it would be “unfair” to put a timeline on Beckwith’s return but he is out for OTAs and minicamp.

When training camp rolls around in late July, Licht said he would have a better idea as to where Beckwith’s rehabilitation progress is as it relates to potential readiness for the regular season.

45 Responses to “Beckwith Crash Details Surface”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    Poor choices after midnight…potential second contract hanging in the balance…a shame really.

  2. Calimike Says:

    Really, sometimes bad things happen. You can make the best choices and bad s%!t will still happen.

  3. Oxycondoms Says:

    Reeks of a whole lot of stupid

  4. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    Get well soon Kendell. As you showed us last year, you played beyond all expectations, and were certainly an intregal part of our defense. Good luck and have a speedy recovery

  5. Rod Munch Says:

    Here’s comes the fruit brigade who is going to tell us how wreckless this early 20’s something is for having a fast car and liking to drive fast even if he wasn’t driving.

    What exactly did all you cupcakes do as teens and in your early 20s? For me it was basically a Dukes of Hazzard episode in rural Pasco racing nearly every single day on dirt roads well in excess of 100mph in a 72 Cutlass with a Rocket 350 that literally cost $200 and would fill with dust as the floorboard had huge rust holes in it. That was followed up a few years later moving to Tampa and going to Ybor every weekend and staying out until 4am and doing many many dumb things. That as the life of every single male I knew, it’s what you did if you didn’t wear a skirt.

    Now these guys are supposed to never speed, never drink, never say an un-PC word, never smoke, never do drugs, never get into a fight, never have a bad break-up with a chick… the standards that you people hold others too is absolutely insane.

  6. hoover923 Says:

    Jeezus Kreiste, those people ^^^

    Making any assumptions? How do any of you know the circumstances?

    Hmmmm, I wonder what it is that would lead people to make negative snap judgments about Kendall Beckwith?

    Maybe the appropriate response would be one of concern and thankfulness that he wasn’t seriously hurt or killed. I mean, these guys are human beings ferkreissake.

    “Poor choices”
    “Whole lot of stupid”


  7. Dave Says:

    It’s what the DIDN’T say: ‘No drugs or alcohol were involved’. Sucks he got hurt but thank God he wasn’t driving. I hope they both recover quickly and learned their lesson (assuming they were doing anything wrong, that is).

  8. lambchop Says:

    I think the fruitcakes who are judging Beckwith envy the money and life he has. It’s really just human nature for some people to judge those that are in a better situation.

    People do dumb stuff all the time. Imagine if you had money, played pro sports, were in the best physical shape of your life, and had a lot of attention thrown at you – that’s a cocktail for disaster that many of us wouldn’t be able to survive. As if most of us would sit at home every night and not hangout with friends past 9pm. Come on man!

  9. __TGH__ Says:

    Passenger in his own car… whatever… smh. Heal up soon fella, drink milk, and buy a bigger car.

  10. grafikdetail Says:

    what’s “dumb” or “stupid” about anyone especially a young person in their early 20s being out & about on THEIR time & getting in a car accident? just crazy how fans expect athletes to just live in a bubble & don’t do anything not football related…

    that’s like your boss getting mad at you for going to a wedding, childbirth, or graduation because it’s not work related LOL

  11. Pa Privateer Says:

    He was the passenger.

    It is the off-season

    No criminal charges

    We don’t know anything more

    Be thankful, a 4th round pick contributed last year and we have good depth at LB

    Heal up Beckwith, can’t wait to have you back

  12. __TGH__ Says:

    Did he break his right ankle or his left?

  13. MadMax Says:

    Get well buddy. Hopefully everything will be ok and you heal 100%.

  14. THETRUTH Says:

    Thank God no one gets in accidents during the day !!

    These idiots HERE getting on him are the same ones who leave the Bucs games driving home after drinking all game.

    Get well Becks and his buddy

  15. jebbucfan Says:

    The idiots HERE are the ones that don’t think driving into a gate at 1 in the morning is dumb. Is that what you did when you were that age? Well you’re a dumb ass then too. And there’s a small difference between what happened and going to a wedding. Or childbirth? LMAO

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tough break. Thankfully, Beckwith has already demonstrated amazingly fast recovery powers.
    Get well soon Kendall. This team needs you

  17. lambchop Says:


    Beckwith was the PASSENGER. Is there some complication with reading comprehension? Even if Beckwith drank, he did the responsible thing by not driving HIS car.

    The idiotic thing is making judgements before the exact details of why the driver lost control are reported.

  18. CocoaBchBuc Says:

    Sad how this plays out. He is a young man, enjoying himself. Everyone howls when a player gets popped driving illegally. He was cognizant enough not to drive, and you want to still attack him. Relax, let the facts come out (at least what they decide to tell us) and then make your silly A$$ jugdements. This young man busted his butt for many years to make it to the NFL. IMO, he should be allowed to celebrate after the body of work he did last yr, and a 4th Rd pick at that.

  19. THETRUTH Says:


    EXACTLY !!

    PEople don’t read just make assumptions to have reason to complain

    Jeb :
    Do you know what cause him to drive into fence ?
    Do you know their condition when they left that night ?
    Where they left from ?

    If not your assuming and makes you idiot

    If u have children or spouse and they ever get in accident at night hope you throw the book at them and call them idiots. Real dad will get details first.

  20. Pablo Says:

    “What exactly did all you cupcakes do as teens and in your early 20s? ”

    Went to school, took care of family, and had a job. Any comments I’ve made in the past, present, and future about stupid activity after midnight applies to all people and not only successful ones. Let me guess, you’re still drinking PBRs and reminiscing about the good old days with a good old boys right? Back when you were 70lbs lighter and didn’t have as much trouble holding up your pants as you do today. LOL!

  21. 1sparkybuc Says:

    On the bright side, nobody died and a lesson was learned. He will appreciate what he clearly could have lost.

  22. REdtop5588 Says:

    Beckwith played great for us luckily we have great depth at LB an Glanton who’s last name is now Taylor can step in without no drop off so have a speedy recover

  23. old time buc Says:

    None of us were there with him, so stop with the stupid comments. I wish him the best recovery possible and will pray all turns out ok.

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    Glass houses anyone?! Geez! I see the hypocrite brigade is out in full force.

    Get well my friend!

  25. JonBuc Says:

    Good comedy on this Friday morning! When Beckwith, a player Licht traded up to get…goes on IR next season and is out of the league in three years…I wonder if he’ll still be given the sympathy vote by so many of the tough talkers. He’s coming off an ACL injury as well. LMAO at “Hot Rod” declaring Bo/Luke Duke antics back in his “glory days”. There’s a big difference between a narrow window of an NFL player where the average career is @ 3-4 years and a “baller” spinning broadies in his parent’s OldsMoBuick while working fast food in an assistant manager capacity. There’s now another whole in the roster when the linebacker corps was one of the few strengths previously.

  26. SoFloBuc Says:

    And it begins!!

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    In case you are wondering…….Beckwith’s policy will cover both drivers under their medical payments provision…usually $5-1Ok….but the larger money would come from Beckwith’s liability coverage (Insurance follow’s the car)
    If there isn’t enough to cover Beckwith then the driver’s policy kicks in.
    If the driver is at fault, then he is only entitled to medical payments.

    I only post this because Beckwith’s job depends on that ankle and things could get tricky with Insurance if Beckwith has performance issues. He is entitled to some pain & suffering money if he chooses to file for that.

  28. Radman Says:

    Good player and hopefully a fast healer. If it were me at that age I would have been driving and broke both legs.

  29. DaRealist727 Says:

    How can you jump down the throat of this kid when he could possibly have been doing the responsible thing and allowing his friend to drive him back to when he was staying after he had been out drinking? Dude couldn’t help it if his friend couldn’t handle the car. People act as if you don’t/didn’t enjoy going out.

  30. theodore Says:

    Wasn’t this an Eric Clapton song? “After midnight, we gonna ruin my career…”

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JonBuc Says
    “Poor choices after midnight…potential second contract hanging in the balance…a shame really.”

    Are you saying you’ve never been out after midnight without being intoxicated or getting into trouble???

    Beckwith did absolutely nothing wrong.

    And no contract is in the balance.

  32. 813bucboi Says:

    beckwith did nothing wrong… was an accident…..those Camaros can get away from you if you aint use to driving one…..

    to assume he was up to no good is just stupid……would you assume the same thing if it were hump and not beckwith?……

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  33. JonBuc Says:

    Buccaneer BrownEye:

    I’ve done plenty wrong…but haven’t put my livelihood in peril/danger. Having said that…taking moral advice from a pear-shaped fella who writes about Elf Erotica is where I draw the line. Ol’ Pistol Pete Doucher…my man!

  34. Jjones Says:

    Did no one read he wasn’t driving the car? F’ing idiots.

  35. Mike Johnson Says:

    My dad use to tell me, Nothing good ever happens out there in the streets after midnight. He was right. Thanks Dad!!

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    so, some of yall want 21 22 23 years olds to be in the bed tucked away with the lights off by 11:45pm every night until the day they retire……

    c’mon man…..yall probably got kids doing the same thing after midnight…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  37. unbelievable Says:

    “2nd contract hanging in the balance” ???

    The guy is just starting his 2nd year… lol.

  38. Brandon Says:

    Beckwith may have been the smart one here. He WASN’T driving. Maybe he was intoxicated, maybe he wasn’t, but it seems more responsible to NOT be driving a 1 AM (likely out at a club or late night venue)…. maybe his friend couldn’t handle the car… maybe the friend was drunk too… said he wasn’t. We don’t know…. maybe… maybe…. Beckwith was driving and switched places before 911 got there… but until we know anything all we can do is hope that he recovers FULLY… we can survive without him for a while… but if he continues his play and builds on last season, Kwon may be moved to WILL and Beckwith might take over for him at MIKE… and David goes BYE BYE.

  39. JonBuc Says:

    Given that unbelievable is no doubt one of Buccaneer Browneye’s fanboys from the ferry site/elf erotica e-book club…let me explain the 2nd contract comment. Most 2nd & 3rd round picks are slotted into a 4 year contract. This includes Beckwith. He isn’t making big money by NFL standards yet. Breaking an ankle severely hurts his chances of ever seeing a big pay day. I don’t care what he does in his now bashed in bitchin’ Camaro. It simply leaves a thin roster thinner. Glad he’s having a good time though…

  40. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Should’ve Uber-ed.
    Nothing bad ever happens on an Uber.

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    Swerving to miss a baby kitty cat in the road you’re all a$$holes and idiots.

  42. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Brandon, who knows what really happened but I have a feeling if he was driving they would have made sure that the guy with a former football career took the fall here. 1:00am driving around and getting in car accidents is usually alcohol related. One guy in this situation has a lot to lose and the other not so much. I would say it’s basically 50/50 (at least) that the one actually driving the car was Beckwith.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    Accidents happen. God judges, I dont.
    The thing to be worried about, is that Ankle injuries are hard to fully recover from.
    And this one sounds really bad. I hope not.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    Tony from LA

  45. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Can’t tell you how many times someone has come to me for help about causing a crash. Depending on time of day, I always breathed a sigh of relief or brace for bad facts to follow. It’s usually, “I had a car accident.” Then I ask “Was anyone hurt.” Or worse. Then “were you the driver.” Yes all of those is not a good start.
    Seems like 10pm to 5 am are the worst…and almost everything after midnight involves some act of gross stupidity. Not saying that happened here. But a Camaro finding it’s way into a gate starts out like many stories…hopefully nothing else is involved and Kendall gets well and back on the field soon.