Yes, JPP Is Worth It

March 24th, 2018

Wise transaction.

There seems to be some silly accounting nitpicking going on on Twitter about whether the Bucs overpaid for defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

Joe just doesn’t understand it at all. It is not like the Bucs coughed up a first round draft pick for a guy who never had more than six sacks. The Bucs, in case no one is aware, had the NFL’s worst sack total (22) last year and JPP’s sack total from 2017 (8.5) equaled the combined total from all Bucs defensive ends.

All for a third round pick (you know, the same round one-trick pony Charles Sims was drafted in.)

Yeah, Joe can see where maybe, just maybe a third round pick was a tad steep given that Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett were each had for fourth round picks. But every time Joe remembers this, he also remembers Will Gholston was totally invisible in the pass rush with zero sacks.

NFL draft analyst Luke Eastering of USA Today saw some of the kvetching about JPP online and spoke out.

@LukeEasterling: To me, this trade comes down to, “Would I have taken JPP at No. 69 overall in this draft?” The answer, especially in this weak EDGE class, is hell yes. They high cap number isn’t likely to prevent any other big-impact signings, so I’m good w/it.

Again, for those opposed to this trade who think it was too expensive — JPP is due $12.5 million this year and $14.5 million next year — are the Bucs trying to win games or win the Accountant’s Cup? What is the end game here, to rely on Gholston to maybe blow up with three sacks?

Just because the Bucs traded for JPP doesn’t prevent them from drafting a defensive end next month.

61 Responses to “Yes, JPP Is Worth It”

  1. Lunchbox Says:

    Michael Bennett indicted for felony assault on a 66 year old paraplegic woman when he shoved past her at the Super Bowl. Classy. Between him and JPP, Licht got the right guy.

  2. Horse Liver Says:

    I don’t know a Bucs fan that doesn’t like the deal. I was surprised that the NY Times seemed thrilled with the deal however.

  3. DB55 Says:

    It’s a good deal if he gets at least 8 sacks but if he gets

    2 sacks like Ayers
    6 sacks like Jac Smith
    4 sacks like Michael Johnson

    Then there’s probably gonna be a new gm in town but again wtfdik?

  4. Rlichtson Says:

    This is going to be like when we signed Simeon rice

  5. German Buc Says:

    BTW – WalterFootball has his 2019 (!) NFL mock draft online. Our beloved Bucs are picking 32nd (

    Oh man, I hope they are right!

  6. Pete Says:

    I like the exchange.
    I hope it works out well for the Bucs and for JPP!

  7. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    If Chubb’s not there then Nelson’s our pick

  8. You go Joe Says:

    Lol. 6 like jac Smith ? You want to compare to a players performance in 2014 and 2015? GTFO with that. You made up the 8 number sack argument and you built it out of twigs.

  9. NFLNut Says:

    Saquon, Chubb or Nelson … or … TRADE DOWN!

  10. adam from ny Says:

    new york talk radio and the fans calling in feel the bucs got hammered here for whatever reason…i am baffled as i listen to some of the convos…i think everyone is so down on the giants right now after a 3-13 season, that any change seem like good a good move…classic new york fair weathered fans…the consensus coming out of new york is the bucs got had…go figure


  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @LukeEasterling: To me, this trade comes down to, “Would I have taken JPP at No. 69 overall in this draft?” The answer, especially in this weak EDGE class, is hell yes. They high cap number isn’t likely to prevent any other big-impact signings, so I’m good w/it.

    Your making too much since young brotha – Preach On.

  12. FortMyersDave Says:

    Easterling makes an excellent point: the #69 pick in the draft is more likely than not to not be an impact player….. Its kinda like in MLB when the big money clubs in Boston LA, NY and the Cubs fleece the Miami’s and Pittsburghs of the AAAA level bottom feeders. Pittsburgh gets prospects for bona-fide talent…. How often do prospects blossom into stars? Well a few times, Smoltltz with the ATL and Bagwell with the Astros come to mind but for the most part the team trading to save coin like Miami, Oakland, Pittsburgh and the Rays usually get bent over in deals though the A’s and Rays did have some success with small ball around 2008 but the big money teams smelled that out and it kind of died out… Draft picks and prospects do not equal the bona-fide talent in most cases and the trolls on this board have to acknowledge that even if they hate Licht and BTW: I still think Licht’s draft history circa 2016 by itself deserves a look by the the Glazers as far as retaining the guy: VH3, a cut kicker and an often injured DE in the first 3 rounds when guys like the Ole Miss OT Tunsil, RBs, CBs and other talent were available….. I hope he redeems himself and makes the Bucs better this offseason and draft and JPP looks to be a smart move to most everyone but Giant homers and trolls or perhaps the special few here on JBF who are both (like those posters who got so angry last year when the Bucs beat the Giants)….

  13. USFBUC Says:

    I think this addition makes a ton of sense and it makes it even easier for Licht to trade down though I think he needs to do it now before any other trades are made. I think Nelson, Barkley, and Chubb are now gone at 7 but there will still be a QB some teams want and maybe we land a trade with the Bills. Then we could take Davenport at 12, he now doesn’t have to rush to start because of JPP. At 22 we could take a CB, RB, OG, DT. Then with our hopefully two picks in the second I am taking whatever I didn’t land in the first. With the remaining picks I am bundling them all up into the best trade up I can to take another RB.

  14. BigHogHaynes Says:

    The CONSPIRICY CONTINUES TO RUN DEEPER ie: BENNETT …the man ain’t even got to court yet!! It ain’t like he sucker-punched the old lady!!! CONTINUE TO BUILD THE WALL ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BAY!!

  15. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I wouldn’t pass up Minkah Fitz at seven if the big three are off the board. Safety isnt the sexy pick but look at how inuential free safeties are in this league (I like Derwin James’ athleticism but he doesnt have the anticipation/ball instincts as Fitz in my opinion). Safety is arguably the second position on the field behind an edge pass rusher…

  16. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Minkah, from what I hear, also is a dynamite leader…and has all the intangibles you want from a player.

  17. feelthepewterpower Says:

    James is great in the box or closer to the los but no where near as good as Fitzpatrick in the crucial element of free safety, imo

  18. Buc believer Says:

    Funny how we haven’t heard squat from GMC yet on having a REAL player on “his”line now. It is because he knows he is about to be exposed as the biggest fraud in NFL history. I bet he gets “hurt” by the second or third game of the season so he can have another excuse of why he sucks!

  19. Bird Says:

    The bucs back end is the weakest spot in team. (Even though running back is huge )

    We have Justin Evans at free safety. We need the stud strong safety and none better than Derwin James. Coming around on him. Jalen Ramsey compares him to himself.

    I was thinking Denzel ward but appears he is smaller guy so not sure that is best with all the bigger receivers in our division. Fitzpatrick is again a smaller guy and would play free safety which we already have or nickel/slot db which seems to high to take at 7. Although Nelson would be interesting for offensive line , they need dbs bad.

  20. Lunchbox Says:

    feelthepewterpower Says:
    March 24th, 2018 at 6:25 am
    James is great in the box or closer to the los but no where near as good as Fitzpatrick in the crucial element of free safety, imo

    We already have a FS. What we need for DBs is a SS and CB help. You said yourself, James is better closer to the line, which would make him more what we really need at safety.

  21. Bird Says:

    Buc believer

    Pretty classy guy you are hoping a guy gets hurt early in season. Think maybe with legit guys around him that McCoy will get singled and be able to play at high level cause he is only going against one guy?

    Keep up with the hate though. You are just like so many people on this website that I wish I could send one of my best Dumps to so that you could enjoy. BTW. Can you change your name from buc believer. Maybe change it to “cry baby who needs a diaper change”

  22. USFBUC Says:

    @feelthepewterpower – how do you see Evans, as a FS or SS? To me Evans is a FS for the Bucs so we need a SS back there. IMO Fitzpatrick fits more into the DB role where he is diving at people’s feet to take them down. James on the other hand seems to wrap up more and actually tackle opponents.

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Well….compared to the Revis deal….it’s a steal….we gave up a 1st & a 3rd (ended up a 4th) and $16m for a one-year player……and Mark Dominick lets Michael Bennett go for no good reason.

  24. Buc believer Says:

    I guess birds can’t read… show me where I said I hope he gets hurt… I said I bet he gets “hurt” quotation marks meaning he is faking it so he doesn’t get exposed for being a joke. Pretty similar to readers who comment wrongly on another’s post when the facts are right before their eyes….bird

  25. Bird Says:

    Bucs believer

    Not a real man/fraud/sucks/bet he gets hurt …

    No I read it right. Go root for another team. You a “believer ” in what? smh

  26. Bird Says:

    Fitzpatrick – 6’1 200 lbs
    Denzel ward – 5’11 191 lbs.

    Ward can play outside better though and that is what we need Ran 4.32. But again ward is undersized since
    we have grimes and Hargreaves who are smallish Fitzpatrick is being labeled free safety /slot db hybrid. Just not sure that is best fit but I could be wrong.

    Derwin James 6’3 230 lbs strong safety. With Evans at free safety that could be nasty combo for years to come.

  27. Buc believer Says:

    Bird I bet you don’t even go to the games. I do. I have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years so go stand at the end of your perch and wait for your owner to change your water and give you some more seed.

  28. ATrain Says:

    I think JPP is better than all the other DE taken in FA

    Anyone who said they wouldn’t take JPP for a 3rd is crazy or watches competitive chess

    I wonder though if the lockerroom is ready(GMC) this guy is a winner
    And I believe will demand the same

  29. Bird Says:

    I actually am season ticket holder from Orlando. So I really drive to game. Ask duke as I gave him my tickets one game

    I am in all bucs websites 20 times a day , pewter , wire, bucsnation , plank etc etc

    Wrong again. Must suck just being so negative all the time?

  30. Bird Says:

    ORginal comeback on bird by the way.

    Seriously tho for a Second. Go change yah stinky poopo poopo diaper big baby.

  31. SteveK Says:

    The trade itself is great. I hope it yields results and bolsters our defense. I’m pumped to have a nasty edge rusher on the roster!

  32. AlteredEgo Says:

    Who the F’ cares what some USA Today commie rag writer has to say about overspending….SMH….

  33. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Chill homies. Our opinions differ…so what. Stay focused friends. Bucs MUST continue to FIX THE TRENCHES!!!
    This James kid is intriguing. Wouldn’t be upset if we take him 1st. Wouldn’t be happy either.

  34. Duke Says:


    Bird is a season tickets holder and missed just one home game . New Year’s eve,
    I know Bird didn’t go because He actually gave me his tixs to the game and my wife and I went. Thanks again that was very generous and we had a great time.

    Bird is a stand up guy. And as a paying buc fan who for some crazy reason heads
    South to Tampa on Sunday’s home games as opposed to east to jax. Band wagon fan He isn’t.

    Last point for B,
    Anyone and I mean anyone who pays for season tix , drives 3 hrs RD trip Sunday
    Win or lose, rain or shine. The shine is paying for great seats to see the crap show
    and oddly enough be surrounded by opposing team’s fans …..and for all but
    Maybe 2 games the cancer risk and heat index is shall we agree slightly elevated.

    Do you go to the games?

  35. Duke Says:


    I gotcha.

  36. Bird Says:

    Duke-lol. Good to hear from yah. Glad you enjoyed one of the few games we won last year.

  37. Buc believer Says:

    I’m glad you are bird I am going to give this to you. I am on the other hand (no pun intended)not going to give it to GMC until I see results matching his mouth and fan expectations. If your ever in section 134 look me up I will buy you a beer. GO BUCS!

  38. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Fans always overestimate the value of of these mid round picks. The majority of these picks turn out to be no more than role players and last just a few years in the league. Yes, of course some of them turn out to be very good for a long time, but it is truly a coin flip. I will take a DE that will produce from day 1 in Tampa and probably will last a few more years.

  39. Bird Says:

    All good 137 section

  40. BucsFanInIowa Says:

    Loving all the “true fan” comments!!

  41. Mark Says:

    Horse Liver you mean the FALLING NEW YOUR TIMES! LOL

  42. Mark Says:

    FAILING NEW YORK TIMES Sorry can’t type.,

  43. BigHogHaynes Says:

    GMC Hilds his wen against any D-lineman teammate he has ever played with! FACTS…and will continue to do so! CONTINUE TO BUILD A WALL ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BAY!!

  44. JayBucBoi Says:

    Here go these so call Bucs “fans” again. Why do they even show up here Joe?! Oh, because this site is all things Bucs like no other site and they know their voices will upset more real Bucs fans, even suits, here than anywhere else.

    Look. JPP & GMc are now comparable to what Sim Rice & Sapp was during their time. And before anyone freaks out on that, what I mean is even tho JPP is no Rice & McCoy is no Sapp, for this era of football what they will do together on the field will be comparable to the disruption Rice & Sapp did together in the early 2000s!!

    Go Bucs! …. or GO HOME!!!!

  45. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucs paid LESS than a 3rd round pick when all is said and done. Yes, they gave up a 3rd and a 4th, but their 4th was upgraded 4 spots better. So, in essence, it was less than a third.

    I, for one, am on cloud nine. I have wanted JPP in Tampa for years, and that we got him with gas left in the tank makes my day.

  46. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    DB55 Says
    “It’s a good deal if he gets at least 8 sacks”

    I think that depends on whether his presence helps McCoy break the ten sack mark.

  47. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Buc believer Says
    “Funny how we haven’t heard squat from GMC…”

    While you wallow in your bias, you should know that right after Licht talked to JPP after the deal was done, he called McCoy, who expressed his delight.

    McCoy can’t win with you and TMax. If he says nothing, you mock him. If he says anything, you tell him to keep his mouth shut.

    So we are left to assume you have decided McCoy can never be good enough for you…which begs the question…why? It isn’t his effort or skill…he’s been alone on that line for years and has worked harder than anyone there. So I have to wonder if it is his faith and the fact that he walks the talk. If that, you should know that JPP is a devout Christian as well, so you may as well start targeting him too.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    TouchDownTampaBay Says
    “Fans always overestimate the value of of these mid round picks. The majority of these picks turn out to be no more than role players and last just a few years in the league.”

    I think you are right on league average. Licht tends to trade away the third rounders. Out of his 4 drafts here:

    2017 – Chris Godwin
    2016 – No pick
    2015 – No pick
    2014 – Charles Sims

    Certainly, you are right about Sims. A role player at best, and not a great one. Gone now I think.

    For Godwin it is too early to tell, but he looks promising.

    I don’t think there is ample evidence in Tampa to prove you are wrong at all.

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    One of the things I like about JPP is that he had the accident with the fireworks, and even though it could have halted his career, he refused to let it. That shows he does not quit and fights to attain his goals.

    And notice the NY fans only started talking bad about him AFTER he left? Coming from NY, I can tell you that once a player leaves, they consider him the enemy. If he were to get cut after this season and go back, they would welcome him with arms wide.

    Just like anyone else, he will have to prove it on the field, but I believe he will.

  50. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    JayBucBoi Says
    “Look. JPP & GMc are now comparable to what Sim Rice & Sapp was during their time.”

    I’m excited to have him here, but let’s be honest…JPP is nowhere near being Simeon Rice, nor is McCoy near Sapp.

    By this same point in his career, Rice had 93 Sacks.

    JPP has only 58.5 sacks. That’s a huge difference. I believe JPP would have had more sacks if not for his injury, but he would still not come close to Rice.

    However…JPP is much better than Michael Bennett. By this point in his career, Bennett only had 40.5 sacks. Heck, he only has 54 sacks his entire career (2 years longer than JPP).

    So JPP is much better than Michael Bennett, at least.

  51. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    If we get Nelson and Guice I’m very happy. I’ll look at picks 4 through 7 as bonuses and given Licht’s history with UDFA’s I’m hopeful we’ll pick up a player or two there as well….perhaps a solid DB.

    I get really excited about an interior OL of Nelson-Jensen-Marpet. These three have a chance to form the core of exceptional OL’s for a decade to come.

    Our interior OL could become a similar strength like our LB’s or WR/TE’s. Put a decent RB behind them and voila we have a running game.

  52. DB55 Says:

    Man some of you are dumb as a bag of rocks.

    JPP IS AWESOME! I’m a big fan have been since USF.

    Fact is not 1 FA signing Licht has made at DE has worked not one.

    And it’s not like JPP is invincible he’s had 6 or less sacks 4x in his 8 yr career.

  53. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Basing a guys worth on sacks is like basing s hitters worth solely on homerunS.

    It made sense 10 years ago but the way we view stats has changed tremendously for the better since then.

    The real questions;
    Does the other team now have to gameplan him?
    Will he take up additional blockers, increasing opportunities for others?
    Will he bat down more passes?
    History says YES
    Will he provide more QB pressures than his replacements would?
    History says YES

    If all the above is true AND he generates around his career average in sacks (8) – the Bucs should be ecstatic.

    Keep going, Licht!


  54. DB55 Says:

    No the real question is will the Bucs win a playoff game? That’s all that matters all the rest is just a pissing contest.

  55. loggedontosay Says:

    LunchBox is a very stupid human being.

  56. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    DB55, if Winston is suspended for 4-6 games, then no, no matter how well the D plays there will be no playoffs. Then Licht/Koetter will be fired and we will get a new coach that probably won’t want a “suspended for crotch grabbing” Winston, and we will start the process of finding a franchise QB all over again. Not a great situation. The only hope we have is that there is not enough evidence for the NFL to suspend him. If Winston plays all 16 game we have a shot at the playoffs. If he doesn’t, no shot.

  57. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I guess I’m moderated for C- grabbing? Lol

  58. NFLNut Says:

    Since when is watching competitive chess a bad thing?

    Anyways, great trade by Licht imho.

    And … as for the draft:


  59. Duke Says:


    I absolutely did. The one game I make and it’s a late afternoon/nite game to start
    , great seats and the price was amazing the stadium just seems better at nite.
    The idea that they could win a close game against the saints never occurred to me. So yes yes yes….winning and the last second….awesome!

    I don’t know if I mentioned it then but I flew home right after the team’s bowl loss. I knew that if the Head coach is canned prior to the bowl game that it’s not likely the team was going to retain us. The confirmation came the day before the Bucs game . At the game, I received multiple texts from the in state rival to offer
    A position on their staff. I read them about the time we hit the skyway bridge.

    Bird, it was a monster day all around. The Bucs game was a very big part of it
    . Thanks not just for the tickets but for the amazing memories that came from it.

    Hey, if you are interested I think we have a game at Miami. If you want to come out, I will get great seats and introduce you to a buc legend and absolutely great person who is now a HC.

  60. Duke Says:

    Buc believer,

    Did you attend the saints game? If yes, you may have noticed that your section was like a saints super fan cheering section. That normal these days

  61. darin Says:

    Thats exactly what it comes down to, to me as well. Thats what I said when licht passed on quinn for a 3rd. He wasnt gona find a DE in round 3 who can get to the qb like quinn, or jpp now. Thats what it should come down to for everyone. I was surprised jpp’s cap hit was so high for next couple years but none is guaranteed and the bucs arent at the cap so it doesnt matter.
    My guess is that the same guys who were complaining about licht not getting DEs are the same complaining about his salary. Some people are just never happy. It takes all types.
    And German Buc
    That mock where he has the bucs picking 32nd has been up for months. Even during the year when the team was terrible, week in and out. I think he must use a lotto system or something. He isnt expecting the bucs to win it all, i know that much.