The New Look Bucs?

March 17th, 2018

What now after yesterday’s signing?

It is all coming together.

Those who listen to the internationally popular “Ira Kaufman Podcast,” starring prized columnist Ira Kaufman, heard the Joe who went to the combine return and announce that if the Bucs have a chance of drafting this Quenton Nelson, a guard from Notre Dame, Joe believed Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht would pull the trigger.

This analysis was not based on any inside information whatsoever. No tips, no chats over cocktails at St. Elmo, not tossing back beers at Hooters. Nothing. Joe was just reading the tea leaves.

At the combine, both Bucs coach Dirk Koetter and Licht were very down on Bucs guards, both by words and body language. Licht talked about how J.R. Sweezy was still hurt and Koetter, talking about Kevin Pamphile, acted as if someone stole the family dog.

In subsequent recordings of the “Ira Kaufman Podcast, the same Joe pushed the notion that the Bucs defense is so horrid, so void of any pass rush, apparently doomed to start Ryan Smith at cornerback, that the Bucs should go all Ground Chuck and play keep-away — from their own defense. Joe reasoned an opposing offense cannot torch the Bucs defense if the Bucs have the ball.

Consider last night’s move by Licht the first step.

The Bucs came to terms with gnarly offensive lineman Ryan Jensen Friday night. Despite the Bucs both publicly and privately signing the praises of Ali Marpet at center, it appears that season was a waste.

There were reports all over social media in the past couple of days that Jensen did not want to play guard and wanted to play center, so it seems he had leverage over the Bucs.

So let’s see, Marpet returns to guard, Jensen is at center, the Bucs draft Nelson to play left guard and that’s a pretty good front line (on paper) for, say, Derrius Guice or Sony Michel.

Of course, the Bucs — who had a private workout with Guice this week — could draft Guice by trading down in the first round and picking up a guard later. The draft, believe it or not, has a handful of good guards that are low first round or second round talents.

Since the Bucs don’t value edge rushers and with Smith as your projected starting corner as of St. Patrick’s Day, going full-blown rushing attack behind a beefy offensive line isn’t such a dumb move.

Trying to play keep-away from your own defense is pretty sad but that’s where the Bucs are.

87 Responses to “The New Look Bucs?”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Im all for oline help but Still no starting quality RT just a below average feel good story and walking penalty machine in the useless dotson.

    Jensen is a nice piece but hardly a guaranteed upgrade

  2. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    1st Vea
    2nd DE
    3rd RB
    You can’t pass on Vea. Move back up into the 1st grab Landry. Penny the last pick.
    Yes if trade the rest of the lower picks for these players. Hope for the best, pray for the worst. Don’t care who doesn’t like it…We can never agree on players so there that Lol

  3. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Man @Tmax… Imo yea it’s a HUGE upgrade. Oline got better. I’d cut Sweezy keep Kevin.
    Can Kevin play RT? I agree it’s time to replace Dot.

  4. El_Buc941 Says:

    What you just wrote Joe I said it earlier today!beef up the oline for Guice or Sony by trading down with the bills (preferably because of their 2 1st rounders),trade up to #9-10 to get Nelson,and draft Guice later in the 1st rounder and use the extra picks from Buffalo to get depth at the DLine and CAB.

  5. AlteredEgo Says:

    “that the Bucs should go all Ground Chuck and play keep-away — “….old school….football has always been about running the ball and stopping the run….of course they’ll have to reinforce the secondary first if that will be the strategy as that is the area where the quickest points and gains come from

  6. Clw JB Says:

    Outrun and outscore must be part of the plan – I do like that all 3 lineman signed this year are all bigger than what we have – we got pushed around a lot last year, we do need the beef in the trenches

    Honey Badgers gone

    Maybe Mo Claiborne or Gaines next? Please Jason get something for the back end!!!!!!

  7. AlteredEgo Says:

    and as to RB’s I am waking up to the RB Chubb….last year was a injury recovery year and probably protecting himself while showing he can still go…I’d take him over Sony, but probably have to get back in the 2nd round to do so…after taking a CB/Safety/Edge with the Bucs 2 pick

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    Didn’t the Bucs pretty much rule out taking Vea in the draft by picking up Unrein and Allen in FA.

  9. AlteredEgo Says:

    Stang….that is what I was thinking as I was falling asleep playing GM last night

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    I am cautiously optimistic on jensen… some red flags coupled with the fact how badly history proves free agents regress with bucs.

  11. JWick Says:

    Derwin James, then Ronald JonesIII, and then Josh Sweat. Maybe Rashaad Penny in the second if Jones is gone. This is obvi if they’re all there….Need more O line tho.

  12. Bird Says:

    Claiborne signed with jets 2 days ago

  13. todd roloff Says:

    Why not just do whatever is necessary to draft Chubb , and then sign Suh. That sounds like a D-Line to be feared. Let us face it , Licht and Koetter are working on one year deals themselves.

  14. AlteredEgo Says:

    stop it tmax !

  15. JWick Says:

    Cant Believe we didn’t go after Mathieu. 7 mill isn’t to much for a player like him

  16. Bird Says:

    If they don’t get a db. Then they will be forced to draft Denzel ward from Ohio state who they compare to lattimore.

    They won’t get vea with these 2 dline man they have signed unless McCoy is traded on draft day.

  17. tmaxcon Says:


    Stop being a brutally honest prick…. Absolutely not a chance….

    AlteredEgo one center with very limited starting experience is hardly going to fix one of the worst nfl rosters in 3 decades.

  18. AlteredEgo Says:

    Edge Chubb….I don’t know if he’ll be as dominate in the NFL as college…his 3 cone drill was a red flag high time….still a great player but there are other DE his size and speed not too far down most ranking boards

  19. Bucsfan1010 Says:

    El_bucs the bills already traded one of their first round picks, Nelson will be long gone by picks 9/10

  20. Bird Says:

    Honey badger signing with Texans has set the safety market super cheap. Bucs need a true strong safety.

    Quintin demps would come cheap

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    Free passes are for tee ballers not billion dollar pro sports franchise…. until they earn it on the field they have done nothing…

  22. Marc Says:

    ^Bucs drafted VH3 after signing Grimes in FA a few years back

  23. Thegregwitul Says:

    The Bills got back a better first round pick (12th overall) in the trade with Cincinnati, so the Bills still have two first round picks and six of the first 96 picks in the draft.

    I think the Bills trade into the top 3 or top 5. The Bucs seem too low at the moment to capitalize off Buffalo’s need for QB.

  24. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    The buc’s unwillingness to be more aggressive in free agency, both this year and last year, when they clearly have the money, is atrocious. No DEs worthy of big money? Fine sign a monster DT (or two) and put him next to McCoy, go attack the QB up the middle. Go sign some quality CBs to give you a little more time to do that too. YOU HAVE THE MONEY!


    Yeah, thats a great plan to build a beefy Oline with a good RB. With just a decent defense, that would be awesome to watch. But with this ratty bunch, the Bucs will score all they need to, but if anytime is left on the clock, the other team will march down the field and win.

    This is so disgusting. I do not think I have ever felt so disgusted with the bucs.

  25. AlteredEgo Says:

    Costa…Suh would be cool…but he is a selfish hard head and the Buc are running low on cap$$$ at this point…but I’d certainly welcome Suh to the line up over a high unproven draft pick

  26. Batman Wood Says:

    Benenoch will replace Dotson soon. Draft Nelson and we’ll have a young OL loaded with potential.
    LT Smith LG Nelson C Jensen RG Marpet RT Benenoch.
    Benenoch looked good at RT against the Saints.

  27. Tnoles Says:

    So who is the projected left guard?

  28. darin Says:

    Man I love the Jensen signing. Gota play keep away. The defense will be much better against the run, so teams wont run. Theyll take the quick 5 that smith gives them and huddle up. I’d love nelson then a rb but man that sure would put the sittin back smittys way behind. MUST find at least one DE who can sniff a qb in the draft.

  29. Joeypoppems Says:

    I looove Derrius Guice. I would take him over any RB this year and any of last years rookies.

    With that said our 1st round pick needs to be used on Defense. Simple as that.

    Ive been saying this entire offseason that Rashaad Penny in the 3rd round is the ideal spot to take a RB.

    Imo, its becoming more and more realistic that Bradley Chubb will fall to #7 for the Bucs.

    CLE – QB
    NYG – Nelson
    IND – Barkley
    BUF (via trade) – QB
    DEN – QB
    NYJ – QB

    That is a logical way the first 6 picks could play out.

  30. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Their not gonna go DT with any of the first 3 pics now after signing two of them in free agency so shoot that notion out for your dream draft Boss. Bucs are looking to move back. It’s not gonna be with Buffalo cause I’m almost certain Buff is trying to get a deal set up with Cleveland to get their number 4 spot. The Tyrod trade was to sweeten the pot for the bigger picture they got planned. Bucs probably trade with the cardinals and take the 15th pic and more draft pics and get Derrius Guice.

  31. Daniel Epstein Says:

    Saying Marpet at C was a waste is incredibly dumb.

    He’s now versatile to play C or G

  32. Batman Wood Says:

    Sweezy was a LG in Seattle. We moved him to RG.

  33. Joeypoppems Says:

    It’s possible that Licht comes away with a starting LG, RB, CB, and DE from the draft. That is a huge gamble tho.

    If we just sign a CB in FA it would really open up options in the draft.

  34. Mikep4bucs Says:

    If Nelson is there grab him, but I think Broncos take him at 5. I’m not a fan of any of these QB’s in top 15 picks but I think 2 teams minimum will reach. Then Barkley and Chubb will get picked ahead of us, and I think Nelson and Fitzpatrick. My guess is we go Def and take best available defensive player which as everyone knows could just about be at any position on that side of the ball. Our best bet is to hope 3 QB’s taken ahead of us so that we can grab one of the aforementioned players.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Don’t buy it. Jensen will play guard.

    No that it matters. He’ll have one bad night’s sleep and be placed on IR.

  36. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Pamphile is the most disappointing player, to me, from last season. It looked like Licht had found a later round gem that would be a bonus player for solidify the line, but I guess he showed why he was a later round pick. I have hopes for Benenoch too. Maybe I should calm down with that.

  37. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    Barnwell’s take on the Jensen signing:

    Grade: C

    The top center left on the market, Jensen had been a college tackle and reserve guard for the Ravens before beating out Tony Bergstrom for the pivot after Jeremy Zuttah was traded, re-acquired, and released last season. His job got tougher when the Ravens lost both of their likely starting guards, including star Marshal Yanda, by the end of Week 2.

    Instead, Jensen put together an impressive season and ended up playing like one of the best centers in the league. The Bucs responded by giving Jensen a four-year, $42 million deal with $22 million guaranteed, the latter of which would be a record for a center if it’s fully guaranteed at signing.

    As always, the issue is gauging one year of success versus a player’s career. Jensen was a relatively anonymous guard. After one year of good football, the Buccaneers are making a bet that he’ll continue to be one of the best centers in football. Sometimes, that works out, but the chances are always going to be greater that a player performing at a high level for a brief period of time takes a step backward (out of injury attrition or sheer regression to the mean) than a step forward.

    It’s also a curious fit given that the Buccaneers had previously decided to move breakout guard Ali Marpet to center to try to get their best five linemen on the field. Now, they’re presumably going to move Marpet back to guard, where he lost a year of development time, in advance of the final year of the his deal. Tampa needed offensive line help, but this is an extremely aggressive maneuver from a team that has made a habit out of signing quality free agents and getting less out of them than we would have expected.

  38. Mathon1638 Says:

    @tmaxcon you are blind if you think Dotson is a weakness!! Him and Marpet are the only two good linemen we have. He has been consistently good for most of his career. He’s ranked as the #7 tackle in the league and that’s left and right combined. We have some intelligent people in here!

  39. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    As someone who has seen a lot of Georgia games, don’t sleep on Nick Chubb. I know Sony gets all the press because of his playoffs this year. Altered is right this was a return from injury year for him, and remember Nick Chubb was sitting carries with Todd Gurley a few years ago. That is how high the coaching staff thought of him.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    Key statement from jensen signing analysis and frequently ignored by the blind optimists. Every player and coach who comes to tampa regresses…it’s not a licht issue its a glazers buc issue…

    Tampa needed offensive line help, but this is an extremely aggressive maneuver from a team that has made a habit out of signing quality free agents and getting less out of them than we would have expected.

  41. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Ogbonnia Okoronkwo Will most likely be there 2nd round pic which would be a good pick.

  42. tmaxcon Says:


    Dotson is below average walking penalty machine who is nothing more than a injury prone part time backup….

    Raise your standards his own mother knows he sucks arse

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    People seem to forget Jensen is a career GUARD. He only has one year at center, same as Marpet. And that just happens to be his only healthy year too. If they felt they needed a center, they would have kept Hawley.

    You all may not realize it yet, but this is a bad signing.

    Overpaid. Injury prone. The true example of a one year wonder.

    All we can hope is that either Licht built an easy out in a year or so, or the guy pulls a Doug Martin and voids his guarantees.

  44. Bucballbaby84 Says:

    Why do ppl gotta be so rude and disrespectful on here to players? If you don’t like their play why not just say that instead of having to be a verbally abusive douche bags. Your what’s wrong with the world.

  45. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Bonzai. He is not getting paid for the years he spent at GUARD. He’s getting paid for the best 16 games he’s had so far in his career at CENTER.

    It’s really not that complex dude.

  46. MadMax Says:

    @tmax, why do i keep seeing Dotson ranked as a top 5 RT last year? I dont think he’s that bad.

  47. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    tmax – with the exception of Simeon Rice and Bryan Anger, I think you’re actually correct on that one. I wish we’d adopt the Steelers motto of scouting and drafting talent at every level of the draft and stop taking guys in FA who’s previous teams seriously didn’t fight to keep them.

  48. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mathon1638, I very rarely agree with TMax, but he is right about Dotson. The best ability is availability. Dotson is injured constantly. He’s up there in age, so those injuries will only increase.

    I don’t so much care about his penalties. With RT, they are par for the course. All a team can hope for is that the RT minimizes them or doesn’t get them at the worst possible time.

    We’ve needed to replace Dotson for years…or at least develop a good replacement.

  49. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Oh and another thing Bonzai.

    This is a video from right before the start of the 2017 season. Apparently Jensen had been unknowingly struggling with sleep apnea in 2016. Upon diagnosis and treatment, he had the best year of his career.

    Before you freak out about him having sleep apnea. It’s evidently pretty common in the league. The video sites that 1 out of 7 NFL players has it.

    Just like with Derel Walker last year, you’re dead wrong about Ryan Jensen. Dudes gonna ball.

  50. tmaxcon Says:

    Mad max

    If all these buc players are so great why do they spend thier careers in nfc south basement

  51. Jeremy Says:

    I have been saying it for weeks – 2018 Bucs – outscore everyone

  52. MadMax Says:

    That other link was from 2015 (he was ranked 5th) so my bad… heres the one for last year (still top 5)

    Back it up a bit tmax, we’re talking RT for now…i know we have other issues in other positions.

  53. Not there yet Says:

    To go from investing no more than a third round pick in the o line to the 7th is quite crazy even though he may be the best player on the board, even if they trade down the first player drafted has to be corner or safety not an o lineman. Ward, James or Vita Vea. Please go defense besides with all the moves that have been made not a sure thing he is there like oj Howard was

    Don’t listen to these guys you’ll only be disappointed as the team really picks who we want

  54. tmaxcon Says:

    Dotson is an unreliable penalty machine nothing more. bucfan all too often confuses feel good stories and popularity with greatness

  55. MadMax Says:

    “feel good story and popularity” with Dotson? Am i missing something? Clue me in. Im just stating facts and yes he’s penalty prone at times but he’s still a good player we can retain for another year….yes i know he’s getting up there in age and we need to get ready to replace him.

  56. Architek Says:

    Derwin James can’t rush the pass down in and out – why are you guys mocking him to a team with D rated edge rush.?????

  57. martinii Says:

    I am all for finishing one project when opportunity presents itself. We have a stable tight end corp, line-backing corp and wide receiver corp. Finish the O-line and find a running back. Since you’re not going to get a great edge rusher concentrate a couple picks on DB’s and if nothing else provide upgrades and depth for our DB’s. Finally, I said 2 months ago that due to the lack of pass-rush potential the Buc’s should focus on keeping their defense on the bench by scoring more points and producing longer drives.

    PS, might take a look at Vinny Curry and E j Gaines in FA.

  58. Mathon1638 Says:

    Dotson had 6 total penalties last year 😂😂😂

  59. Defense Rules Says:

    @Jeremy … “I have been saying it for weeks – 2018 Bucs – outscore everyone.” JBF is getting more humorous by the minute. So our strategy this year is to outscore everyone? For 3 years with Koetter & Jameis at the helm, we’ve averaged right at 21 PPG every season. We’ve done nothing (yet) to significantly improve the league’s worst defense (the worst according to Joe at least). We still have an UFA as our lead dog RB who’s averaging 4.0 YPC (as of this moment). So the expectation now is to jump from 21 PPG to what? 30 PPG? 35 PPG?

    That’s not an expectation … that’s just wishful thinking,considering that the other 3 teams in our division have some pretty decent offenses too (understatement). Ya think they might be planning on playing keep-away against us? Probably, since their offenses are playing against the ‘worst’ defense in the division. And oh ya, our Bucs’ offense is playing against better than average defenses in the NFL in Carolina, Saints, Falcons.

  60. Joeypoppems Says:


    Because the team has a D rated secondary as well.

    Plus a lot of FSU fans on here lol

  61. John meeks Says:

    Finally a good pickup in jensen,the guy has fought his butt off and earned a contract.he is one nasty sob that will hold the center spot down for the next four years.marpet back to guard which is good!we should be able to run the ball !Jensen is very good at pass blocking.good pickup!

  62. Reach87 Says:

    Bucballbaby, concur. Thanks for saying it. Go Bucs!

  63. lambchop Says:

    I don’t like either T or LG. We have 2 good OL in Marpet and hopefully Jensen. The rest are not elite. Dotson is old as ish now. I don’t know, either my standards are really high or some people are used to having a bad OL. I wouldn’t have a big problem with Dotson if he were 4 years younger.

  64. lambchop Says:

    And Sweezy is damaged goods. Even then, he did an admirable job given his health. But, I don’t know anyone that wanted to bring him here so he could play at 80% health. This is obviously a problem that won’t go away given that he took a year off and plays a position that demands a strong back. I don’t see any point in prolonging the inevitable with him. Cut him and use some the money you would save for another body.

    EJ Gaines is visiting the Cardinals btw.

  65. Tnoles Says:

    So I guess Sweezey moves to left guard? To get a starting caliber LG in the 3rd or later is a huge gamble. Unless Nelson is there but I kinda doubt it. If you take a LG in the draft your not addressing other glaring needs. I’d like to get your thoughts Joe or anyone else.

  66. Reach87 Says:

    Agree with others that playing marpet at center was not a waste. He gained experience and hence added flexibility to the team. In a long NFL season with roster limits, thats important…valuable. Very few teams will start the same 5 at the same position all year, so you need that flexibility. Jensen can play multiple positions as well. Based on what we have done now I would draft a DE, Versatile DB, RB, DT, OT. DE and DB with the first two picks (trade down but not up), RB in round 3 or 4 at the latest, best High motor DT next (like the DT from Stanford, if available), then best Lineman available (probably an OT). Focus on the first 2 picks MUST instantly improve our defense. We can do this. Go Bucs!

  67. godzilla13 Says:

    Agree we still need a starting CB in FA or the draft. Though FA would be better to sign a veteran starter so we would not have to spend a first round pick on a CB. If in the draft CB Denzel Ward would be the pick. Then a RB and a guard in the third round. If Chubb or Fitzpatrick fall in the first then its a no-brainer. If we go with a CB in the second I would draft Jaire Alexander or Holton Hill and move up back into the second and draft Nick Chubb. Can you imagine a draft were we get Chubb, Hill and Chubb? It just makes to much sense to sign a CB FA. I think Melin and Gaines are still available.

  68. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    ElBuc – How can they trade down to 9 or 10 and still get another pick later in the first round. Some of you guys don’t even think before you type! You can trade back 3 spots and pick up two first rounders for it!!!! SMH!

  69. TouchDownTampaBay Says:


  70. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    (After the childish moderation routine runs its course..)

    THIS Bucs fan had been saying long before just the same theme up above. When everyone including @Joe had been scoffing at (in posting contrary direct articles on such) and refusing to believe that a 2018 Bucs philosophy would have to be winning games on average by the score of 34-28 with SA-QUON, Say-gone Barkley, is a very sensible football IQ way to go, and to play to your strengths.

    And… to ..@cmurda (or others acting a fool), making the Mike Ditka/Ricky Williams trade package comparison is imbecilic.

    In 2015, when the Rams went from #15 to #1 overall this was the package they sent and received:

    Traded Away: 2015 –15th overall, 2 second rds, 1 3rd rd
    2016–1st and 3rd rd picks
    Received back: 2015–4th rd and 6th rd picks

    SOOO….bottom line we ONLY HAVE TO GO FROM #7 to #1, NOT #15 to #1.

    Suggested BARKLEY BUC ammo:
    2018: —7th overall, 1 2nd rd, 4th rd
    2019: —1st and 3rd round picks
    Receiving back: 2018 5th rounder from CLE/NYG

    RE-read that package. That’s roughly all that stands between SA-QUON, Say-gone Barkley being a BUCCANEER. Ask the Falcons how they felt the next year after acquiring Julio Jones, or the Rams with Goff, etc etc.

    Go Bucs! Go Barkley! Go Bold! Go Primetime!

  71. MyBallZachErtz Says:

    I really think Glazer hosting Trump for a re-election party has affected who is interested in coming to Tampa as unrestricted free agents. We’ve only signed 3 outside players and all are white. I wonder if black players are boycotting the buccaneers.

  72. Pickgrin Says:

    Yea – the take that last year was a “wasted year” for Marpet is pretty silly.

    More like it was a wasted year for the whole team – but one of the benefits that came out of that wasted year was that Ali got a bunch of snaps at Center and is now officially “versatile” – which was not the case previously.

    Our 2 best interior linemen are now both capable of playing either Guard or Center at a pretty high level. That versatility might just come in pretty handy at some point as injuries are unfortunately a somewhat normal part of this game.

  73. NFLNut Says:

    We’re basically guaranteed a shot at drafting either Saquon, Chubb or Nelson, or receiving a king’s ransom in a trade down … I’m excited for the draft.

    Options for 1st and 2nd round picks:

    1. Saquon and Will Hernandez
    2. Chubb and a RB
    3. Quenton Nelson and a RB
    4 (Trade down): Guice, Will Hernandez and a DE

    All of the above look great!

  74. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    The dream scenario is that the Bucs land Nelson. Then they have a terrific and young line with only Dotson in need of replacement over the next two years.

    That does not mean they can’t solve the defensive end position.

    There are no saviors out there. The Bucs have to go the way of drafting/signing 3-4 young guys and let them compete and get coached up by Buckner alongside Spence and the other incumbents. Bring in a hoard of hungry guys and let them battle and compete and the Bucs may yet find their next Michael Bennett and actually keep him this time.

    One more beast interior lineman.
    4 new hungry and young DEs.


  75. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    We still need a LT out of free agency so we can move D. Smith to guard along with Ali Marpet. At this point Sweezy is considered retired by my standards and they still believed in Dotson which was another mistake. Seriously I think they should take care of the o line in free agency and they’re off to a good start by signing Jensen to play center. No need to complicate things by moving Jensen to guard and relying on his techniques when you can move Marpet , a player whose familiar with the techniques at a pro bowl level, back to his pro bowl or all pro position. He and D. Smith at guard would be a lethal line for even Barber to 2000 yards almost. Just gotta get some reliable Tackles even if that includes bringing Pamphile back. Sweezy has turned into insurance at this point he will be healthy enough to be a great backup if he doesn’t retire. I like drafting Brown as a tackle or Mcglinchey if we can trade back into the first round by giving up a first next year instead of giving up a second this season because we need that second round pick to draft Sweat the pass rusher that Joe has dreamed of. At this point in free agency I can see them signing Mathieu to be a corner not a roving safety like he did in Arizona or maybe they can put him at nickleback and then using that first round pick on Derwin James at #7 to shore up a need we haven’t had since John Lynch left ppl. Sweat would be that speedy end that hasn’t happened since Simeon Rice. Get it done Bucs and start the “Type Hype” Joe for this plan because it looks realistic at this point or maybe not Joe so outsiders don’t know the plan

  76. McBuc Says:

    Worked for the Rams back in the day. Let’s go Bucs!

  77. Lightningthunder Says:

    It is pretty obvious that the Bucs are trying to strengthen their offensive and defensive lines up the gut. They are getting low picks or small school overachievers who are hungry for little money. They will try to get splash players in the draft. Most free agents are either:
    Too much money
    Too old or
    Coming off injuries

  78. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    This narrative that it was a “wasted year” for Marpet is ludicrous! O-lineman get injured. Marpet being cross-trained at center is a good thing! It isn’t like he sat out of football for a year. If anything, the knowledge he gained at center should HELP him at guard, understanding defenses more and being able to play in sync with Jensen. SHUT UP about the wasted year! LOL

  79. Mike Johnson Says:

    The Glazers support of Trump echos the forgetable era of Hugh Culverhouse.
    BucLife baby.

  80. bucs_365 Says:

    Yeah, the “wasted year at center” is another ludicrous Joe narrative created just to b!tch and moan. So, they tried it. He learned the position, and now he’s going back to guard. I don’t see what the big deal is, unless you’re the type of people (the Joe’s) who make a living thru complaining.

  81. LakeLand Says:

    How about opposing teams offense keep the Bucs expensive offense on the sidelines? Who can this team stop on defense? Every offense they face will control the clock.

  82. Pickgrin Says:

    “Every offense they face will control the clock.”

    Doubtful since we just signed the #1 and #2 interior run stoppers in the league last year.

    Defense will be improved in 2018. How much remains to be seen but I bet we draft heavily on Defense this year. A young talent infusion is likely to do wonders for a struggling unit -especially since we already have a # of good pieces in place (McCoy, Spence(hopefully), LD54, Kwon, Beckwith, Grimes, J, Evans).

  83. Canabuc Says:

    We definitely are trying to get bigger and stronger up the middle with our FA signing.

    Think if we don’t make trades we go Ward, Hernandez, Penny or instead of Hernandez we go DE Okoronko or Sweat.

    Alternatively we sign Gaines or Breeland and go Nelson, and DE and thenRB.

    If we trade with Bills I can see us going for Ward/James at 12 Landry at 22 Guice Round 2 or Hernandez and then either Penny or best Guard at round 3. This would help fix secondary O line pass rush and running back.

  84. LakeLand Says:

    Teams don’t have to throw on every down. When you face a weak pass defense, you mix it up. You know that you can pick the secondary apart at will. You control the clock with runs, then passes.

  85. bucs_365 Says:

    Joe and others like to talk about all of our cap money available. I’m not sure they have much left if they’re planning on extending Kwon, Marpet, and D. Smith between now and next offseason…. And that’s not even taking Jameis into account. i can’t see choking down Sweezy’s 7 million this year. Or Gholston’s 5 million. I can see keeping Ayers though, since he was our most consistent pressurizer…

  86. LakeLand Says:


    They should have cut J.R Sweezy and Will Gholston.

    And re-sign Clinton McDonald

  87. Bucjoe Says:

    Dotson is not a weakness. If you think so, you obviously don’t watch offensive line play. Getting older? No doubt and we have to get ready for that. Benenoch has very quick feet but needs more technique work. Has possibility’s but yet to see if he is ready.