“Maybe It Would Be Good After Three Years That Jameis Has A Fresh Voice”

March 5th, 2018

Joe is somewhat confused.

Outside of the machine that prints playoff tickets, is something else stale and ignored at One Buc Palace?

As Bucs fans know, Todd Monken has gone from full-time receivers coach and part-time offensive coordinator to full-time offensive coordinator. The offseason change was a subtle one made without a lot of specifics.

Recently at the NFL Scouting Combine, Monken sat down for the Sports Day Tampa Bay podcast and talked about what his job change could mean. One element, per Monken, is tied to delivering messages to America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

“[Coach Koetter] had mentioned that, you know, maybe it would be a good after three years that Jameis as a fresh voice,” Monken said. “I know we talked about that, you know, just hearing it from somebody else. So we’ll see again; we’ll see how that goes. It’s a work in progress [as to my focus and duties as offensive coordinator].”

Joe likes the philosophy but not the execution.

If a fresh voice for Jameis is desired — which is a little odd on various levels — then why not change the quarterbacks coach? There were many QB coaches with NFL playing experience on the market this offseason that could have given Jameis fresh perspective, versus current QB coach Mike Bajakian, who never played in the league.

So since Tampa Bay kept Bajakian, who has been Jameis’ daily voice since he was drafted, then Joe must assume the regime considers Bajakian the best available QB coach in the NFL. And if that’s the case, then why does Jameis, who was thriving late last season, need a new voice?

Monken is a good football coach and clearly can get through to players, and he knows Koetter’s message inside and out. So maybe he can help Jameis stop giving the ball away like Halloween candy, as well help him stay more composed.

Still, if Koetter felt Jameis needed a new voice in his ear, then Joe would have preferred to see a new set of eyes in the mix, rather than just a new voice.

30 Responses to ““Maybe It Would Be Good After Three Years That Jameis Has A Fresh Voice””

  1. Dewey Selmon Says:

    There is a good chance Jameis will be hearing plenty of new voices next year.

  2. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Koetter is what Koetter does.
    Which is be the poster boy for STUBBORN COACHES.
    He knows what he needs to do. But he refuses to do it.

  3. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    I like the Monk. I think his style will be more to Jameis liking. Koetter is too passive. Jameis thrives off a hard in-your-face coaching style, Monk should be able to provide something closer to that.

  4. Lamarcus Says:

    Now I’m sold. Koetter and Licht should get their walking papers. TODAY.

  5. JJV Says:

    It’s like the Twilight Zone with this regime/ GM. Everyone is wrong but they see things differently. There is no logic to it all. Schemes, position needs, decisions on personnel/coaching, etc. So many things over the years never made sense.Winning teams have a few but not as much as this. It is truly crazy if you add them all up. But ” we are close”.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Maybe Dumbdumb Dirk should let his OC call the plays like most do. Otherwise, what’s the point of having an OC??? And maybe let the QB coach do his job. Koetter keeps trying to reinvent the wheel. He’s lost his mind and wish they would have replaced him with a more regimented and structured head coach.

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Bucs are floundering and should for the foreseeable future.

  8. Rebel16 Says:

    This is that whole staff’s last chance. Bruce Arians will Be The Coach next season if there’s a horrible showing in 2018-2019. He’s already got one of his Soilders checking out the scene for him and he’s Licht’s guy too! Just a thought. “Let’s Go Bucs…!!!”

  9. LakeLand Says:

    He will be hearing voices in his sleep during this upcoming nightmarish season.

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    Florio had an interesting take on Winston that I heard him put out there like a week ago or so. We talk quite a bit on here, and in other places, about Jameis’ development as a QB and whether we want him as our guy going forward and all of that. I know that he can’t play baseball while a member of the Bucs, but if they continue to be bad when it comes time for the end of his contract, is there a chance that he just says he’s had enough and goes to play where the contracts are guaranteed and the careers can be much longer? I mean, he has options outside of football, so would it not be in our best interest to draft and develop a young QB behind him so we’re not left flapping in the wind if he decides he’s had enough?
    You know how long it takes to become a big money player in baseball? Many, many years after you start your career. And in baseball, Jameis is nothing more than a prospect. –Joe

  11. Frank Pillow Says:

    If Jaboo needs a fresh voice, then what the hell is Koetter still doing here?!?! Wasn’t that the point of his hiring in the first place- that it’s “all about Jameis” and whatnot. All of the smoke and leaks at the tail end of last season seems to point back to some sort of discord in the QB/HC relationship. I’m not dissing Monken (probably the best overall coach on the team, along with Duffner)- I’m just flummoxed by our complacency. Last time I checked we’ve sucked for the better part of a decade!

  12. pewterpirate99 Says:

    He’s right Jameis does need a new voice…….as in a new head coach and GM. This regime is sorry! We all need a new voice, MOST of us fans have had enough of these ass clowns and we’ve completely tuned them out. Just like I think Jameis has tuned out Clueless Koetter.

  13. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Have you EVER heard crap like that coming out of the Patriots camp?


    Do your job?
    Next man up

    That’s all you hear. The Buc coaches just don’t have that moxie and confidence that the greats have. They actually share their indecisiveness with the media.

    Well, Koetter tried telling Jameis and he didn’t listen – so maybe if I say the exact same things, but with a different voice, it will work?

    Uh… red flags anyone.

    Look, the Bucs haven’t made the playoffs in a decade. We all want them to. We all have that in common. But before commenters start defending anyone on the Bucs staff ask yourself this — why are you defending them? What have they proven or given in Tampa that earns your trust?

    The honest answer is NADA.

    I started out this offseason as a knowledgeable fan who was optimistic and actually positive about the Bucs retaining everyone for another season.

    But while other teams are improving and making moves, the Bucs have done nothing but cut a few players that EVERYONE with a pulse and a 3rd grade knowledge of football already knew they were going to make.

    Shouldn’t we expect more from our front office and coaches than that?

  14. pewterpirate99 Says:

    You know how long it takes to become a big money player in baseball? Many, many years after you start your career. And in baseball, Jameis is nothing more than a prospect. –Joe

    Very true Joe, however in baseball players get brought up from the minor leagues all the time. And Jameis has talent, you don’t think a team let’s say like the Yankees wouldn’t want to bring in a big name player like him if they feel he could help them (assuming he impresses in the minors)? I mean look at the Mets, they have Tim Tebow in the minor league fold and I heard that they may be bringing him up. Jameis has a hell of a lot more talent and would attract major attention from the media and fans. Not that I’m a “Yank me” because I’m not, just a thought.

  15. Patrick in VA Says:

    Joe – That’s a fair point. I admittedly know very little about baseball and far less about the machinations that go on leading up to a player being at a level where he lands those contracts. Given what those contracts are, though, wouldn’t it make sense that his earning potential might still be higher there? NFL contracts are notoriously incentive laden. I haven’t read his contract, but I would imagine that a lot of those valuable escalators in a QBs contract come with wins and playoff berths. We don’t do a lot of either of those in Tampa, so I don’t know that if we were to do an apples to apples look at what he could get over a 14 year career in the MLB versus what he’d have as an NFL QB if we’re not looking at more money. Or, at least, equal money with less likelihood of long term adverse physical issues. I could be way off, but I thought it was worth discussing, at least

  16. pewterpirate99 Says:

    That was suppose to read, not that I’m a “Yank me” FAN. lol

  17. JonBuc Says:

    Another example of The Dirk mentally going into the give up slide with his head coaching gig. Between this, Jameis having to cheer him up and the constant apologies to the Falcons , Sean Payton etc….I bet he wanted a severance. That’s the problem with wanting a severance…you never get one when you really want it. 🙂

  18. darin Says:

    Agree. He is very stubborn. Tried and true they say. Gona be their last year here. Wish theyd have pulled the plug already. Smitty seems the same way. Wont blitz and switch up coverages to save his job.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    You’re not the only one who’s confused Joe. This whole offensive coaching staff has me bewildered. Does not strike me as an All-Star lineup. All except Monken & Fulton look to be holdovers from the Lovie era.
    o Dirk Koetter (Offensive Coach #1)
    o Todd Monken (Offensive Coach #2)
    o Mike Bajakian (QB Coach)
    o George Warhop (OLine Coach)
    o Skyler Fulton (WR Coach)
    o Ben Steele (TE Coach)
    o Tim Spencer (RB Coach)
    The whole offensive play-calling organization seems to be very convoluted. That’s on Koetter, no one else. I hope it works,but again, not holding my breath.

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    I knew he needed a new voice(coach) when he ignored dirks call during the saints game…..Winston tuned him out and called godwin’s number…..that was a red flag right there…..

    like joe and others, im confused…..this offseason is a mess!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  21. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bucs will do in 2019 what they should have done in 2018…Fire the 3 losetters..Licht/Koetter/Smitty. Hopefully we pick up a good fresh crew.

  22. NFLNut Says:

    I doubt Jameis respects Koetter, Monken or Bajaikian in regards to how to play QB … as men I’m sure he both respects and loves them and wants what it best for him, but I sincerely doubt he thinks they know more about playing QB than he does … I think it would take a HOF guy, someone like Warren Moon, Peyton Manning for him to really listen and respect them when it comes to playing QB.

    He’s like Kobe imho … Kobe would listen to Jerry West and Magic Johnson but he wasn’t listening to Del Harris and Mitch Kupchak … not even Phil Jackson as Jackson was a bum as a player compared to Kobe. You want Jameis to listen and obey? Get him Moon, Manning, Marino, Favre, someone he can actually respect.

  23. donuts Says:

    Nice take Tony from LA!

  24. DB55 Says:


    Kurt Warner that’s who he needs.

  25. BringBucsBack Says:

    Maybe it’s not the person but, HOW they ask him. There’s:

    “J-miss, you have to cut down on the ‘ass-passes’”.


    (Best with an English accent): “J-miss, if one could find it within oneself, would one kindly make every effort to reduce the amount of ‘ass-passes’ one attempts ¿


    “J-miss, dude, if you keep throwing the $@#&, #/$(@ ass-passes, we’re going to throw your @*#&$ ass out, when it comes time to pony-up $130mil for you and your great, great grandchildren.”

  26. notabucsfan Says:

    Jameis just needs to play out his rookie contract and go to a real NFL team. The bucs will always be the bucs and suck no matter who they hire to coach this inept franchise. The bucs have always sucked. They have sucked royally for the last 10-years and will for the next 10. Death, taxes and the bucs sucking are the three constants of the universe.

  27. Jim Says:

    I like Frank.

  28. Dano1969 Says:

    First, Monken may call the plays, but Koetter will continue staying in Winston’s face. Second,,, I’m tired of Joe and others constantly referring to Jameis as “America’s Quarterback”. He is no more America’s Quarterback than Dallas is America’s Team. Heck, at this point he isn’t even Florida’s Quarterback! Just sayin’.

  29. Mike Says:

    Ass 🤡

  30. unbelievable Says:

    The fact that Bajakian is still the QB Coach makes me think that none of these guys at the top really have any clue how to run a team.

    Koetter is a very good coordinator, but as a HC? Really not sure.

    Licht seems to be great at scouting prospects and pretty damn good in the draft, but there is more to being a GM than just the draft. And he ignored WRs 2 years ago and DEs for the last 2 years when both draft classes were incredibly deep at those positions.