Licht Talks Jameis Investigation

March 27th, 2018

Not pleased.

It was last November when we first learned America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, was under an NFL investigation for some hassle with an Uber driver.

Since, from what Joe has culled together, the NFL has done little — or more accurately, nothing — to move the investigation along.

Even prized columnist Ira Kaufman hounded NFL strongman Roger Goodell last night from his wine-drinking and golf-talking to badger the NFL commissioner about the status of the investigation.

For the most part, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has remained silent on the subject, even claiming at the NFL combine he had no idea if NFL goons had spoken to Jameis or not.

Well today, when Licht held a press conference at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando to discuss all things Bucs, Licht was asked what he felt about the snail’s progress of the investigation.

“Frustrating,” Licht said.

Indeed. It sure smells to Joe like the NFL is going to wait until the 2018 season is in progress before they render a verdict.

46 Responses to “Licht Talks Jameis Investigation”

  1. Lamarcus Says:

    Maybe it’s that 3rd person they are trying to find. Maybe JW is not telling on him. Good for him. It’s the Uber driver claimed it now it’s thier claim to prove

  2. Batman Wood Says:

    The Statute of Limitations for her to file a civil suit is going to run out soon. Maybe the NFL is waiting for that date to pass.

  3. DB55 Says:

    Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has remained silent on the subject
    As he should.

  4. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    If Jamies was guilty of that nonsense he would have already been hung out to dry!!! If the NFL waits until season begins to pursue this they should be hung out to dry!!! Ain’t 🥜 gonna happen!

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    Its all BS.

    There’s nothing to “investigate”. No evidence whatsoever.

    She said (TMZ style)/They said.

    Winston has a witness stating publicly that there were three people in the car and Jameis wasn’t in the front seat so obviously couldn’t have “groped” anyone. What witness or evidence does the “Accuser” Have?
    Answer – NOTHING!

    NFL has no where to go with this and were idiots for ever announcing an “Investigation” in the 1st place.

  6. DB55 Says:

    columnist Ira Kaufman hounded NFL strongman Roger Goodell last night from his wine-drinking and golf-talking to badger the NFL commissioner about the status of the investigation.
    SMH! Wow! Well if he wasn’t getting suspended before you can forget about that now. Who does that? Is the scoop that important?

    Hey commish just in case you forgot when will you be suspending Jameis Winston and for how long? Some of us would prefer 6 games but if you think the whole season is appropriate then we have no objections. Sincerely Real TB Fans.

  7. miken Says:

    This really sucks. It seems like zeke was innocent and his suspension hung of the team all year. If he gets something he will appeal and it will drag out for a year or 2.

  8. Bobby M. Says:

    I’ve said this from the day it was announced…..after the draft, that will be the NFL’s headline story to fill dead time. They literally find one every year….the NFL like nearly everything else has latched on to the drama ratings train. The NFL is the #1 sport in the US….to stay at the top they have to stay relevant and keep themselves in the conversation. During the season, the wins/losses/injuries/etc fill the headlines….Then the playoffs….Super Bowl….Next comes free agency…then the draft…..Then dead time until training camp….Insert investigation here. Its pretty good branding/public relations unless it begins to turn their viewers off…like the protesting. Winston will learn the hard way in a very public setting once again. Hopefully it doesnt cost us the season. In my opinion much of it is fueled by the NFL providing their own content/stations. They need viewers tuning in to sell advertising, clicking on the site, etc.

  9. BrianBucs Says:

    If it sadly turns out that Winston did 100% what he is accused of and lied to the Bucs about it, then he should be released immediately. I agree with It a on that matter

  10. BrianBucs Says:

    Ira ^^^

  11. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    “Frustrating”…?…is him “talking”. We really didn’t glean any more information…hmm. Ok.

    Go Bucs!

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I honestly do not understand this!!!

    Despite those here with conspiratorial thoughts the major conspiracy in the NFL is to make money and to keep the shield profitable. The rest is just details.

    It is to the NFL’s advantage to make this go away as quickly as possible. I simply do not understand the foot dragging. If nothing else this has been a HUGE PR blunder for the NFL…the Bucs…and of course Jameis.

    It could’ve, should’ve been handled better.

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    What makes it seem like Zeke was innocent to you? Jerry Jones whining?

    There were three separate incidents with plenty of corroboration. He’s far guiltier than Jameis when it comes down to simple evidence.

  14. Gambelero Says:

    Ira did us a favor. Let the NFL know that it’s not okay to clear someone in management in three weeks while simultaneously taking months and months to investigate players.

  15. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Where is the players union in all of this?

    Their collective bargaining agreement should address and or establish a statute of limitations on investigations or a disciplinary process that spells out conditions for investigations.

    A lot of labor unions have such articles in their contracts, the players need to negotiate such at the next agreement renewal.

  16. Clodhopper Says:

    Hmm Reminds me of another big investigation. The dragging of the feet is all part of the process. The process IS the punishment.

  17. gbobucsfan Says:

    I wonder if the NFL is waiting for the perfect time to come out and say nothing was found. There has to be some kind of statue of limitations right?

  18. Eric Says:

    If only Goodell/Himmler had to apply any kind of legal standard, other than his own mind.

    Look how deflate gate blew up in their faces.

    The unfortunate fact is that he can simply say he believes the driver and disbelieves everyone else and boom suspension.

    Or even suspend him for not reporting it, if he didn’t.

    I fear the worst.

  19. OneBucPerson Says:

    Welp, Jameis got accused of wrongdoing with no proof and an eye witness stating otherwise so you all know what that means. Year long suspension and loss of Draft picks for us. #It’sABucsLife

  20. Eric Says:

    it also matters not whether the police investigated, or didn’t, or what the results were.

  21. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Article 42 and 46 of the players CBA addresses discipline. 42 is club discipline and 46 is league discipline. Nothing on a statute of limitations or discipline for just cause.

    Interestingly it is a $1700 fine for throwing a football into the stands. Always wondered why they never did that.

  22. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Batman Wood

    The Statute of Limitations has run… is a 2-year statute and the date of the incident was March 13, 2016… unless there has been a suit filed and we just don’t know about it, she is barred from filing.

    I think the criminal issue here is the NFL slow-walking this….that is absolutely unacceptable and totally unfair to all parties…especially Jameis and the Bucs. If there is any chance of a suspension the Bucs should receive as much notice as possible. Something is dreadfully wrong here….

  23. Greg Says:


  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo was the third person in the car with Haboo & Darby. As you know, both Hamus & Pablo have elongated arcs…..and it was Pablo that grop-ed the driver with his from the back seat(Pablo’s is longer). Obviously the Uber driver is confused as she probably thinks they all look alike. Pablo tried to splain this to Roger Goodell when he was watching Pablo table dance a few months ago. (Goodell is a big tipper but not as big as the Realist)……Goodell paid no attention to Pablo….Pablo thinks Goodell is a racist.”

  25. Roy T. Buford Says:

    If the third person is not already named by Jameis to the Bucs or the NFL, then that person doesn’t exist…so I hope he told someone who it was. If he insists on not telling out of protecting his bud who perhaps did grope woman, he is not being loyal to friends..he is being disloyal to the owners that gave him a chance and to Bucs fans who pay to watch his team play and to common decency. Huge bad judgement if he doesn’t name the third dude. The statute for civil suits is passed…and IF none was filed, it actually adds to the credibility of the Uber driver IF Jameis also does not name the third person. That is, she will be clearly no “gold digger” and people are more inclined to believe she was telling the truth–other evidence or not. It’s abut the shield at that point…Goodell’s call. The CBA already agreed to the terms of the deal to give Goodell all the power. If Jameis gets nailed for a suspension and doesn’t come clean on the last dude in the car, he’s done as a Buc. That is, the owners see he has likely lied to them or who did not come clean with them….hurting his team and fans to allegedly protect a dirtbag friend in the front seat… are NOT going to pay him his $140 million. This isn’t a race issue, a legal issue, or even a football issue. This is image and pride and trust at this point. I can’t honestly say I’d protect a friend who groped a chick and to keep him from getting justifiably vilified, I’d give up $140. Who has a friend that good? Probably not Jameis. So he talks, or it’s clear he’s lying. And that won’t bode well.

  26. Chris in WA Says:

    This isn’t a court of law where the accused are afforded due process, this is the NFL where in the eyes of the owners and Goodell the only victims are “The Shield” and potential bad PR. Can’t lose advertisers or t.v. revenue.

    The NFL will throw thier players under the bus, especially after the Ray Rice incident. None of the facts of the Ray Rice incident changed and he was already suspended for 2 games, the only thing that changed was the video surfacing and bringing bad press to a closed case. Ravens had to act and dole out additional punishment via permanent suspension and he hasn’t had a team call him since.

  27. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Hope Jameis is blameless in this. With Goodell’s power to be judge and jury,
    I believe the third passenger has to come forward and make a statement.
    If that doesn’t happen, then don’t be surprised if Jameis is suspended for
    not cooperating with the investigation.

  28. Alaskabuc Says:

    It makes you wonder if the money machine that is the NFL is in cahoots with the Uber driver and their deliberate feet dragging is just an attempt at drumming up more false drama to propel TV ratings. It’s in their best interest to drag it out, creates “must see tv” to get them through the off season.

  29. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    SMH…If the coach and GM isn’t chopping down weeds to get the info…whyyyyyy is JBF constantly ampliphing and reminding everyone about what possibly could be OLD UNFOUNDED NEWS?😲
    Who said they’re not chopping down weeds? Perhaps they’ve been doing that for the past week? –Joe

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    Goodell: “Investigators, check out this Jameis-Uber thing & tell me what you find.”
    Investigators: “Already did sir. Nothing more to it than ‘He said-She said’. That’s it.”
    Goodell: “Well, what should I do now then?”
    Investigators: “Nothing to do sir.”
    Goodell: “That I can handle.”

  31. SteveK Says:

    The truth will set you free!

    I hope 3 is good to go for 16 games next year, barring injury.

    A suspension will likely shatter our hopes of playoffs, and put us in the market for a new QB.

  32. unbelievable Says:

    Good to see clodhopper is still living in a world of delusions and lies… Poor fella.

    As for the investigation, they will wait until training camp to even start talking about it, and probably announce suspensions right around week 2.

  33. BucTrooper Says:

    ITs just really weird that NONE of the major players have been interviewed.

  34. webster Says:

    @ st pete

    You are wrong. Zeke was not guilty. Even the female investigator the nfl employs recommended he not be suspended. One of the reasons was the text messages of the accuser trying to extort money, black mailing and other damning text. Did you not see this story? Roger goddell just suspended him anyway. Which could very well happen to jameis. The female investigator will recommend no suspension and goddell will suspend any way.

  35. cgmaster Says:

    Webster, Zeke had the cops called to his house more than once, and also pulled down a girls shirt in broad daylight. While she may not have pressed charges, there’s WAY more smoke to Zeke’s stuff than this he said she said stuff in Jameis’ instance.

  36. CarrollwoodBucFan Says:

    Where is the NFL’s investigation into OBJ and the white powder in that video?

  37. Clodhopper Says:

    Good to see Unbelievable is still the worlds biggest ree tard

  38. Pickgrin Says:

    Webster says:
    “Zeke was not guilty”

    Well he certainly was “guilty” of pulling that woman’s shirt up and exposing her breasts on that public balcony. How do we know that? – because it was on video.

    Crime of the century? Hardly. Disrespectful as hell – Yes.

    The Elliot suspension was a clear case of the NFL obviously going overboard with its image consciousness in the wake of the Ray Rice/Greg Hardy and a few other cases of violence by players against women.

    Somehow, the current #metoo climate has now expanded the NFL’s “War on violence against women” movement to include “assaults” of a sexual nature as well. Not ACTUAL sexual assault and literal ra_pe for which there are clear and well deserved criminal penalties – but to include allegations of uninvited touching as well. What’s next? Offhand comments?

    All I can say is – If King Goodell suspends Winston with no evidence to prove that he did what was alleged – then I hope Winston sues the F*CK out of the NFL.

  39. 813bucboi Says:

    I don’t care if he’s suspended or not…..the coaches have known for a long time about the situation……they’ve had more than enough time to prepare this team for worse case scenario……

    Winston getting suspended is not an excuse for this team not to make the playoffs…..fitz went 2-1 with Winston being out 3 games…..its possible he could go 4-2 if he’s slapped with a 6game suspension….

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  40. unbelievable Says:

    Sick burn bro

  41. DB55 Says:


  42. webster Says:

    @ cgmaster

    Elliot was was being investigated and suspended for domestic violence. Pulling the girls shirt down had nothing to do with anything. And again, the female investigator that is employed by the nfl did not find any evidence to recommend a suspension. Goddell did that on his own. Im not stating opinions. Just because police are called does not mean anything. He was never arrested. Why? Because even the cops said it was bs. Btw….she text about “making his life miserable” when he did not invite her to a party after they were already broken up. Zeke got a raw deal off of alligations

  43. Duke Says:

    Webster & CG,

    I believe both of you are correct to a point. The only difference between your side’s is the position of the legality of the charges vs the p.r. hit that the brand, NFL, takes in this situation. Goodell’ s suspension of Zeke wasn’t based on a criminal offence it was based upon the pr hit that the brand took and a punitive strike on Jerry Jones.

    Jerry Jones until recently had a more powerful influence on league decisions than
    anyone else. Robert Kraft had been already hammered down w deflate gate,
    Zeke was merely the instrument of Jones punishment.

    The stay puff marshmallow man, Zeke, was Ghozers , Goodell, instrument of destruction, that Ray picked , Jones, to destroy the big Apple, the star.

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    I honestly think the NFL isn’t going to do or say anything about any of this and it’s because of the social justice warriors. The NFL knows this is a BS story but they can’t say that because all the #Metoo frauds will jump on this as proof that men can get away with anything – nevermind mind it’s fake news, these garbage SJWs only care about being part of a lynch mob because they leave empty pitiful meaningless lives. Anywho the NFL doesn’t want to deal with this, so they just say nothing, nothing good or bad, they just say nothing and eventually it just goes away. Sure if there is a big event they might do a Friday at 9pm news dump, but short of that I’d expect to hear nothing. I could be wrong, but considering their behavior thus far I think they don’t want to say anything at all, ever.

  45. Clodhopper Says:


    I’m just enjoying America and the rejuvenation of Her greatness.

    I hope things are as equally as good for you!

  46. NFLNut Says:

    Leave it alone … it’s a non-story.

    More important things are happening, like men becoming women with nothing more than a thought … and doctors will be committing speech crimes if they tell those biological men they don’t have a uterus, when the man, who thinks he’s now a woman since he now identifies as woman, thinks he/she is having a problem with his/her uterus … oh, the insanity of it all.