Koetter Almost Gave Up

March 29th, 2018

Nearly threw in towel.

Earlier today, Joe was watching “PFT Live,” as he is wont to do, hosted by the creator, curator and overall guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio. It can be viewed by intelligent football fans weekday mornings on NBC Sports Network.

There, Florio, when discussing issues related to the New York Giants, marveled at just how well Giants shot-caller Dave Gettleman and Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht kept the negotiations for the services of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul under wraps.

In fact, the trade talks were so clandestine, that even Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, who knew Licht and Gettleman were talking turkey about JPP, thought the talks blew up and guessed the trade was never going to happen.

That was the word from Koetter himself as he explained earlier this week at the NFL owners meeting in Orlando.

“The JPP trade kind of came out of nowhere,” Koetter said. “I was sworn to secrecy, mostly. Jason [Licht] had told me he was working on it and the moment he told me I sprinted down to my office and started watching JPP tape. Then, it was just a waiting game.

“A lot of times when Jason will tell me about something like that [potential trade in the works] it doesn’t come to fruition for one reason or another. This [negotiation] went on for a while. I think there was a dark period there where they didn’t speak for several days. So I wasn’t sure it was even still in the works.”

The trade talks between Gettleman and Licht were so undercover even JPP acknowledged he had to take a moment while sitting in his vehicle to let the shock settle in after Gettleman called him to say he was heading to Tampa Bay.

Florio was impressed by this because, as he speculated, what if JPP didn’t want to play for the Bucs? All of a sudden Gettleman and Licht have a big mess on their hands.

Licht had mentioned at the owners meeting that he and Gettleman exchanged roughly two dozen texts and a dozen phone calls before the trade was consummated.

38 Responses to “Koetter Almost Gave Up”

  1. Pickgrin Says:

    Nice job Jason. Way to hang in there and get-r-done for a reasonable price.

  2. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    Let’s hope the new helmet rule doesn’t neuter him like it did the Hawk.

  3. Lord Cornelius Says:

    JPP is a perfect fit since he’s got roots in the Tampa area.

    It’s not like the Giants have been a great team to be on either. They’re picking #2 after all and are in the midst of a roster overhaul. Now he gets to go to a place where he is value’d like the chosen messiah of a DE that he is

    7-8+ sacks from any DE in Tampa is now like a historical cosmic event if it occurs

  4. Ndog Says:

    What I liked best about JPP’s intro conference is that he didn’t kiss up to McCoy. He knows he’s the man and McCoy will be a help to him not the other way around.

  5. lokog Says:

    I’m confident jpp will get 10+ sacks

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I had JPP on my 2016 Free Agent Wishlist:

    But he decided to resign with the Giants. A real bummer at the time. Signed a one year deal, and then got his current contract.

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Matt Forte (also on my list that year) had 1076 yards from scrimmage for that season.

  8. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    lokog Says
    “I’m confident jpp will get 10+ sacks”

    And as a result, so will McCoy.

  9. lokog Says:

    i hope noah spence can learn howto rush the passer while playing the run i haven’t been this excited since i saw rhonde shutting the vet the F@&k down knowing our team was on the way to a superbowl

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    LC- Giants were 11-5 in 2016.

  11. Broy34 Says:

    “give it a week or so and mrsoftyicecream will spread the loser culture”
    –Tmax. Don’t worry loser I typed it for you to spare everyone else

  12. Destinjohnny Says:

    Hate to give up a 3 but we had no choice.
    Hey team glazer- you have to draft defensive lineman
    From time to time.
    There is no cap on what u can spend on scouting.
    When you scout the mental is as important as the physical
    You can’t have one without the other.
    Hire sapp, Brooks and ronde pay them good money and have them dial in what the minset of potential draftees are.
    Have bonuses for them if the player shines.
    You have to get Indians to track Indians

  13. firethecannons Says:

    Awesome trade for us Bucs–so very glad JPP is a Buc. Could see him motivating some old Bucs like GMC, and Lavonte David who he knows from his past He seems so vital–he is Haitian and they are very hearty, friendly people. All good, I’d like to buy my first Buc shirt”Pierre-Paul”
    GO BUCS!

  14. Chris in WA Says:

    Reading the headline I almost thought he was talking about last season and who could blame him?

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    LMAO Koetter only “almost” gave up. Here on JBF after the Bennett and Quinn signings there were a lot of folks here who DID give up.

    But then we have a significant contingent of posters who have already given up on 2018 as well. We have our share of quitters here that’s for sure.

  16. oar Says:

    St Pete
    Yea Those Eagles are finding out about the “real” Michael Bennett.

  17. SCBucsFan Says:

    oar shhh Bennett is a God here

  18. doolnutts Says:

    Destinjohnny I mean yes I guess a 3rd round pick seems like a lot but what DE is better right now then JPP that we were going to get in the 3rd. Sure teams find gold in later rounds but it is unlikely. Even stronger question is what DE in the draft is better than JPP right now? Chubb, Maybe? JPP is a proven fully polished player that can stop the run and aggressively rush the passer. I am pumped about his addition.

  19. Rod Munch Says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time Dirk gave up. He gave up on the team in the Denver game in his first season and he gave up after the Carolina game last year when Winston had to give Emo Dirk a pep talk not quit on the team again. There’s a season a guy, who is very successful as a coordinator, was nearly 60 and never had an NFL head coaching job.

  20. DB55 Says:


    What you think of Nathan Sheppard from Ft Hayes St. NOW this guy gets doubled AND held on every play.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I expect our LBs to get some sacks because of the new Dline needing more attention…..
    I think JPP is the type of player that is self-motivated and can rise to the occasion anywhere he plays.

  22. XpfcWintergreen2 Says:

    I was happy to be reading how Licht & Gettleman were successful at operating under stealth Mode.

    This gives me much hope that not only will he NOT blow it, but that he will get a top-tier talent with our first pick and come away with some quality athletes as well as quality human beings no matter how things shake out.

    I am beginning to believe. We should not have any “gaping holes” this year and we will not open any new for the upcoming season for a couple more years at least.

    I have seen Licht grow in the past three years and have every hope that he himself can become an elite level player in his role for our team for years to come.
    Go Bucs!!!!

  23. Chris K Says:

    Thank you Broy34. You beat his lame ass with the same lame sh*t that tmaxipad spews on here 6,729 times a week. Funny thing is he’s got like two or three other idiots fan his flames for him to continue.

  24. Buc Fresh Says:

    Licht said at JPP presser that it took a lot patience on his half, and thats makes it even better cause we really didnt give up a lot. Licht is a great GM and we should be glad that he’s been our GM. Thanks Lovie

  25. Alan Says:

    I think Gerald mccoy will teach him a lot then I think JPP will be a pro bowl player this year with mccoy taken all the double teams and helping him. So glad Gerald’s finalily got somebody to help him! Go bucs!

  26. Jjones Says:

    I believe everyone had the right to want to give up, we didn’t hear anything, just saw everyone else making moves and that’s frustrating for the passionate fan. I was fed up but releaved now that we made some really good off-season acquisitions and feel way better about the draft.

  27. Issic Haggins Says:

    I hope JPP teaches McCoy allot more than Than vice versa !! JPP ‘s snaps last year say allot !!

    And that’s with his hand condition

  28. Alan Says:

    This is Tampa Bay it’s Florida! nobody nationally cares about Florida. It’s not NY it’s not MA and its not California. It’s harder for Tampa to feel pressure to win or go out there and get the best free agents. The media and the fan bases here don’t pressure owners to be successful and win. Look at the Rays… What a joke! But teams like new England and the red Sox or the Yankees and the giants and jets all have to make crazy moves and spend money… why? Because the fans expect it! They won’t accept not trying and not competing. Sometimes I wonder how small market teams compete and i know in the NFL we have a cap which creates a fair playing field but some teams just try harder. I almost gave up after 26 years of rooting for the bucs but then I realized I couldn’t root for anyone other than Tampa because I’m loyal. I wish owners would realize enough is enough and I think they are trrying this year

  29. Bobby M. Says:

    Agree with Ndog…..JPP is Batman….McCoy is Robin.

  30. Duke Says:


    Finally, someone noticed that this guy is a beast. The Bucs have talked with him and had a meeting. He’s on the radar.

    Davenport then RB then this kid or man beast. The vea at 7 guys are not realistic about the process.

  31. Guzziep Says:

    If no trade down comes to fruition, and the big 3 are gone, I’m starting to warm up to Derwent James 1st and the top CB in the 2nd, then taking best available RB, won’t be Chubb, Penny, or Michel, but it’ll shore up our secondary, maybe Nyheim Hines paired with Barber for our RBs

  32. Alan Says:

    Nelson Chubb Barkley or trade down. We need more picks too many whole in the secondary and we need a running back so I say big 3 or trade down get both 1sts from the bills and a second

  33. J Says:

    Tua 2020

  34. Issic Haggins Says:

    JPP says
    No Ice Cream TIL after the Super Bowl win

  35. SeattleBuc Says:

    Getting JPP was the best case scenario for the Bucs, the absolute best they could do. Licht nailed it.

  36. Das yhard Says:

    Good job landing JPP… Hopefully Licht can work magic and land running back
    Sony Michel..

  37. boxster Says:

    Question: he says he ran down the hall and started watching tape on JPP, Is there a central database where teams can pull film on other teams? or is it just the tape he had from 2 years ago prepping for the Giants game.

  38. Crabberbill Says:

    Hey Duke, Vea is worth our 7 pick! He can play any d line spot & put him on offense at RB at the goal line. That would be awesome and funny as hell. If the big three are gone I would take him. I would be fine with James too. He looks fantastic !!