JoeBoltsFan Podcast: Vasy’s Fatigue, A Perfect Week, Boston Keeps Pace & The Rookie Center Challenge

March 9th, 2018

Tom breaks down a perfect week on the ice and what we can take away from one game — hint, playoff sneak peek — in particular. Also: Vasy’s fatigue, Boston keeps pace and the rookie center who will make decisions tough.

Man, Joe is fired up to bring you the new JoeBoltsFan podcast with Tom Lang, lifelong Lightning fan, Clearwater native and personality at ESPN Tallahassee.

Some of you know Lang from The ScuttleBucs podcast, but do not fear, Lang knows his beloved Bolts inside and out.

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Go Bolts!

6 Responses to “JoeBoltsFan Podcast: Vasy’s Fatigue, A Perfect Week, Boston Keeps Pace & The Rookie Center Challenge”

  1. DBS Says:

    It is amazing the depth this team has. Injuries no problems. Next man up. And every game it seems someone elevates to a new level to keep us scoring when our top line can not score. They all want to win and fight to do it. I am not worried about Vasy. He is tough and will work through it. And the coaches will help with giving him rest using LD in some of the remaining games.

  2. ChanEpic Says:

    Not a bad show.. The Bolts ARE LIT!

  3. Herb Says:

    The Lightning are on an amazing run, but the playoffs are another matter. Two things are for sure; the league will be rooting against the Lightning for business reasons and the NBC announcers will be praying the Lightning get the boot, especially Mike Emrick and Pierre McGuire who seem to dislike any and all expansion teams.

  4. ChanEpic Says:

    Herb – You’re absolutely correct but this version of the Lightning is one of the most talented teams we’ve ever had. The Lightning is LOADED with TALENT and when they are all skating to their potential, wow! They can overcome the officiating and big market bias when they are clicking like we’ve seen them click. My biggest worry is the mentality of this team. It seems to me that they are just as likely to beat themselves than they are to being beaten by the other team/officials/TV.

  5. Lucious Selmon Says:


  6. Herb Says:

    Well stated, Chan. I”m not sure what motivates these guys but when they are “clicking” they are unstoppable. It’s now up to Jon Cooper to exploit the talent he’s got.