Giants Targeting Andrew Norwell

March 5th, 2018

New Jersey bound?

Bucs fans seem to be clamoring for a guard, a new starting guard, between now and the start of the regular season.

And after spending time with AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and coach Dirk Koetter last week in Indianapolis at the NFL combine, the tea leaves Joe is reading say a new guard is coming. Whether that is in free agency or the draft is anyone’s guess.

Now Joe has been on the Andrew Norwell train. The free agent of the Stinking Panthers should be on the open market next week when the free agency dinner bell rings. Last week at the combine, Stinking Panthers coach Riverboat Ron Rivera admitted it was going to be tough to keep Norwell.

Joe stated in the “Monday Morning Cup Of Joe” podcast today that Licht won’t throw bags of Team Glazer loot at Norwell and Licht will be more inclined to look for value elsewhere, such as in Josh Sitton. And the following may be a factor.

It seems Second Amendment abolitionistchewing-with-his-mouth-open, soup-gulping, California train-romancinganti-football proliferationouthouse-admiringairline-nappingsteerage-flyingYogi Berra-worshipingurinal picture-takingvideo game-playingTaylor Swift-listeningpickpocket-thwartingBucs-uniform-frowningAllie-LaForce-smittenBig-Ten-Network-hatingpedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerking, craft beer-chugging, cricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvebaseball-box-score-readingNPR-honkfilthy-hotel-stayingfight-instigatingbarista-training, social activist Peter King of fame is of the mind that the Giants are panting over Norwell and may just do what it takes to land him.

I think the favorite to sign the best offensive lineman in free agency, Carolina guard Andrew Norwell, is the New York Giants. It makes sense in all ways but financial. The Giants have but $23.6 million available in cap space, and their needs are significant.

This is very interesting because near the end of the combine Saturday afternoon– what Joe calls the combine has nothing to do with that TV show broadcast on NFL Network — Mike Mayock addressed the throng of reporters.

The NFL Network draft guru was talking about the Giants and new general manager Dave Gettleman, late of the Stinking Panthers. Mayock said Gettleman’s history is about bellcow running backs and big uglies up front. Mayock predicted if the Giants didn’t get Saquon Barkley at No. 2, they would draft this Quenton Nelson, a guard from Notre Dame.

The Norwell-to-Giants discussion reminded Joe of what Mayock said. And given the fact, Gettleman signed Norwell as an undrafted free agent at Carolina, King may very well be onto something.

The difference between the Giants and the Bucs is that Licht has more Team Glazer loot to play with than Gettleman does with John Mara’s checkbook.

43 Responses to “Giants Targeting Andrew Norwell”

  1. Rod Munch Says:

    Who is coming to Tampa as a FA willingly? It’s very very likely both Dirk and Licht are fired after the season and who wants to deal with that if you have other choices. If the Bucs want people they will have to do what Jacksonville did, they will have to overpay.

    But they won’t because we already know what Licht will do, he’ll try to find “value” in FA and he’ll sign a number of lower mid-tier guys and they’ll all be cut after the season when it turns out that “value” players don’t = starters.

  2. LakeLand Says:

    The writings is on the wall, Dave Gettlemen brought a lot of solid players to the Panthers. Andrew Norwell is sold on Gettlemen, it’s like a bond.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    bucs do not need norwell he has talent and will make money…. does not fit the definition of a buccaneers man.

    a buccaneers man must accept losing with a smile.
    a buccaneers man must not say anything to offend big softee or he will storm into glazers and you are outta there….
    a buccaneers man must accept there is no hope of ever winning

    thank you glazers for creating the nfl version of the black hole.


  4. LakeLand Says:

    ***Dave Gettleman****

  5. Kansas95Buc Says:


    that’s way too funny lmao

  6. Marc Says:

    Hey, do you guys remember that one off-season (2011) when the only position we addressed was PUNTER? Yea, so do I 😔

    -Pissed off Bucs fan

  7. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I think agents are advising players not to sign with Tampa, a QB facing a suspension and a lame duck GM/HC.

  8. SOEbuc Says:

    “Giants targeting Andrew Norwell” How the hell does anyone know that?Because some ass clown in the media said he has relationship with a former coach? Not even start of FA and teams will sure as hell not tell the media or anyone else what their plans are or who they’re targeting. Sounds like a could very well happen, but really have know clue. And you know every pro player in any sport constantly saying “It’s a business” is the biggest bullsh%t term for “whoever gives me the most money.”

  9. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Excellent news for us. That is if we are planning on drafting Quenton Nelson.

  10. ndog Says:

    At this rate it sounds like I will be sitting in the stadium by myself.

  11. NFLNut Says:

    I think most in the know were predicting this …

  12. Wausa Says:

    Jason Licht is begging to be fired

  13. Sweeptheleg Says:



    Another year at the bottom.

  14. SOEbuc Says:

    @Dewey Selmon

    Quite sad isn’t it. That is exactly what I think every agent is saying as well. I think we’ll see more big trades than big FA this year. PLEASE GOD GET A GOOD HEAD COACH NEXT YEAR!!! Can’t take these gigantic losers anymore!!!

  15. The Buc Realist Says:


    That will be so sweet!!!!!! We can call out plays and gameplans for the team to run then!!!!!!!

    Fear not sheep!!!! Think of the times that the Bucs won free-agency and how did that work out for them?????

    LOL, The Sheep would believe, if they sign all old vets and instead of training camp they did a tour bus and just visited each town while doing a reality show!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. SOEbuc Says:


    “At this rate it sounds like I will be sitting in the stadium by myself.”

    You must be a Rays fan, also.

    Stuart Sternburg and the Glazers have weekly meetings on how to run a franchise.

  17. Mr. Ed Says:

    Peter King answers his own question. The Giants can’t afford him with all their other needs. Peter King is a moron.

  18. Dewey Selmon Says:

    SOEbuc, It is sad, last year we were the darlings and sexy pick. This year we are the Culverhouse 80’s team, except we do have talent on this roster. Tamps just doesn’t seem desirable destination. But money talks…

  19. SOEbuc Says:


    By the way Joe, I would never call you an “ass clown in the media.” It’s mostly these national media people that don’t have a clue. You’re good local media that is good with keeping us up with our team.

  20. Sweeptheleg Says:


    Does anyone listen 620 anymore?

    Nearly every show is just terrible.

    Completely unlistenable.

    Horrible radio.

  21. BucswinBucswin Says:

    Not sure why anyone thinks Winston will be suspended. The main reason it’s not being investigated is it’s a non story. A total $$ grab with nothing but heresay. I hope it’s not that easy to get a player suspended.
    Licht is scared to do anything I think it’s time the Glazer boys hire a proven GM.

  22. SOEbuc Says:


    Don’t know if agents also tell them it gets continuously hotter than the temperature of the sun 11 of 12 months every year 🙂 Though this past weekend was nice. So down for a retractable roof at Ray Jay. I would go to a lot more games even if we sucked and our players would likely stay in better shape. Could of thought of that before spending hundreds of millions on TVs and indoor PRACTICE facilities.

  23. LakeLand Says:

    Some agents spread rumors to get their clients more money from suckers like the Bucs. The Bucs will end up paying 150% of the market value for some of these players.

  24. Joe Says:

    Thanks SOE!

  25. stanglassman Says:

    If this does happen maybe the Bucs will bring in Giants Justin Pugh to play LG and RT in a pinch. He has proven to be a solid G for only 6.5 per year and has a lot of versatility. The Only real knock is can stay healthy.

  26. 813bucboi Says:

    he’s a giant… it…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…GO BUCS!!!!

  27. GhostofSchiano Says:

    BucswinBucswin Says:

    March 5th, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Not sure why anyone thinks Winston will be suspended. The main reason it’s not being investigated is it’s a non story. A total $$ grab with nothing but heresay. I hope it’s not that easy to get a player suspended.
    Licht is scared to do anything I think it’s time the Glazer boys hire a proven GM.

    If it was that easy to get a player suspended I could see some fan bases paying women to make allegations to get a rival teams star player suspended.

  28. bucs_365 Says:

    Better value to sign the Ravens center and move Ali back to RG.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    GhostofSchiano – When the world was less fruity teams would use women the other way around, they’d send over a bunch of cheerleaders to “wear out” the opposing team the night before the game. So reversing that into sending over women to be “harassed” by opposing teams so they get suspended, I don’t doubt in the least that will happen if it hasn’t already. Not at all saying it happened here, but just saying it will happen – and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying that.

    For Winston’s case, and this is 100% pure speculation, I’m guessing we just won’t hear anything about it one way or another, it will just go away. The NFL doesn’t want to come out and “clear” Winston because they can’t prove he didn’t do anything and they don’t want to hear from MeToo crowd, and I’m guessing there’s absolutely no proof he did anything wrong either. So the solution is to say nothing and just let it die. That would be my guess, but it’s purely a guess.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    bucs_365 = Agreed. Marpet is near an all-pro guard, so put him back there and get a real center and you just fixed 2 spots.

  31. SB Says:

    I understand Licht missing out on Quinn because the Rams didn’t want to trade with us. However, with that said, if he misses out on Bennett AND Norwell too then I am going to have Serious doubts as to his competency. I Love the starters he has drafted and am still trying to give him a pass on Aguyo and his FA blunders. With his and Dirk’s Jobs on the line, missing out on Quinn, Bennett, And Norwell (all major positions of need) will really mess with my brain.

  32. richbucsfan Says:

    It’s interesting that some other team is targeting someone…Who are the BUCS targeting? Haven’t heard much about that. Just hear about all the talent the GM thinks the Bucs don’t need. pfft

  33. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Norwell is priority #1 for the Bucs.
    Been saying it for months.

    This is Licht’s last chance.


  34. Howard Cosell Says:

    Glazers probably circle Lichts desk (and every GM before him) like a bunch of nervous helicopter mothers watching their precious money.
    Freakin carpetbaggers.

  35. ATrain Says:

    Wonder Why the Bucs picked up mediocre FA last year

    Even DJax came with no extra practice mentality

    Got All these Offensive weapons and aren’t pick up every DZline player in FA that looks great????

    I. Wonder WHY?????

    FishNChips anyone



  36. ATrain Says:

    Look at the Rays
    Every good player gets traded

    They want to move

  37. The Real Malloy Says:

    I love how all you sheep kiss TMAX’s ass. Its embarrassing. This is supposed to be a Buccaneer fan site.

    And TMAX, someone said you were in Denver. So am I. I hope I figure out where you are..

  38. ATrain Says:

    Oh No what did TMAX say Now

    Dang it TMAX did you call GMC a cancer again??

    NoNo TMAX the McCoybots don’t like that

  39. Hodad Says:

    We have more cap, no state tax, and play on grass instead of cold hard turf. We play in a division he’s used to, plus he can stick it to his x team twice a season. That might be more to offer then the Giants.

  40. Capt.Tim Says:

    Wouldnt you love to read
    “ The Bucs will do whatever it takes, to get the player they desperately need!”

    Yeah, me too.’

  41. Greecosuave Says:

    Even at the same money, Norwell gets more money in TB. Sign the man. If NYG were smart a guard is a great pick at #2 while this deep RB class will still have players left. In their case QB, OT, RB should be their order. Hyde is a better fit and less money for them to buy too.

  42. Colobuc Says:

    I don’t really care for you guys much, though admittedly, am among the great bastion of Ira fans. That Peter King part was scintillating and had me laugh-crying. Good stuff right there.

  43. Jjones Says:

    If Licht and Koetter want to keep their jobs they’ll go after this big SOB. But history has shown they’ll wiff on this and come March 14th we’ll all be screaming for their heads on a platter.