Curry Could Jumpstart Defense

March 19th, 2018

Intel from Philadelphia.

Joe has been very down on the Bucs when it comes to an edge rush, or any sort of rush on quarterbacks.

Yeah, 12 years of no double-digit edge rushers will do that to a person. Let’s just say that Joe is fully in a “show-me” mode when it comes to a quarterback rush with this team. And no, adding three defensive linemen who had less sacks combined last year than Joe had beers watching college basketball yesterday hasn’t exactly got Joe pumped for the 2018 campaign.

But, Joe had to research this Vinny Curry. So Joe reached out to someone he knows and trusts that is inside the Eagles locker room, someone who studies, watches and analyzes the Super Bowl champs a great deal, to learn what the Bucs are getting in Curry.

Let’s just say Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy should be happy.

Joe was told that last year the Eagles didn’t necessarily ask Curry to be a guy who targets quarterbacks. He’s very good against the run, but if he is asked to be primarily an edge rusher, let’s just say he won’t remind folks of Gaines Adams, Kyle Moore, Ghost Johnson, Ryan Russell or Will Gholston. He will actually put heat on the quarterback.

Joe noted yesterday that Curry, in 2016, had a boatload of quarterback hurries. Joe’s source in Philly told him Curry did a lot of that last season, too, and rather than racking up sacks, Curry had a knack for getting a quarterback off his throwing spot and forcing them step up into the pocket.

Joe immediately thought of GMC. If Curry is able to do that on a consistent basis with the Bucs, then GMC should have an outstanding season.

Joe was also told Curry is a fantastic locker room guy and the dude has his Marshall speakers cranked to 11 at all times, if you get Joe’s drift. There is no let up. Joe also texted with a trusted Bucs source and was told that trait was a selling point in bringing Curry to Tampa Bay.

Now Joe’s Philadelphia contact pointed out it would be unfair to expect Curry to a finally break the double-digit sack drought the Bucs are in. But pair him with Bradley Chubb or Marcus Davenport and look out.

Of course, folks might ask if Curry was so good, why did the Eagles part with him? Part of it was a salary dump. The other was he became expendable when the Eagles traded for Michael Bennett.


If the Bucs don’t get a double-digit sack guy soon, Joe swears the memory of this team letting Bennett go for no good reason is going to shortly send Joe to his grave.

34 Responses to “Curry Could Jumpstart Defense”

  1. MadMax Says:


    Or pair him with Harold Landry….im telling you, that kid is gonna be special. Chubb if he drops to us, then go grab Landry too. I know we have holes in other places too but get this pass rush finally fixed!

  2. MadMax Says:

    Nice reference with the Marshall speakers btw….i tried to get my JCM to 11 many times 😛

  3. Destinjohnny Says:

    Worst d line in football
    Worst secondary in football
    Tell me in wrong

  4. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Curry will never be an embarrassment for the Bucs. The fleagles wanted to keep him. They simply could not afford to pay him what he is worth. I live in Philly territory and hoped this would play out like it did. Glad someone in Tampa saw it the same way. New coach, new player, result has to be better than last year. Great signing in my book.

  5. adam from ny Says:

    lichts alternate job is to add a guy basically off the street…a la styles g white…we gotta grab a sleeper dude somewhere who is yungry af and cheap addition – with a whole lot to prove…

    also what is up with aldon smith…a guy like this who has skills and is clean, and who wants to rejuvenate his career could also be an option…

  6. IsrBuc Says:

    you are fantasizing. Even if he’s good, ask yourself- why did he come to tampa?
    how motivated is he after winning such a memorable SB and getting (over)payed?
    Is TB a team for guys who want to win? Is it a team for players who want to create a name for themselves? to be seen? Why would someone come to TB at the age of 30 other than to collect his final paycheck, rest and retire?
    Besides- hoping that FA like that will change the culture of the organization is a pipe dream and pathetic. To have some hope whe should have cleaned house before getting new, young and motivated blood. and i don’t mean baker. he wasn’t our problem and he’ll porbably do just fine for the bangles just like asj, blount, talib, barron etc.

  7. IsrBuc Says:

    @Destinjohnny you are not wrong, it’s the old offseason rutine of getting us hyped of some vets coming to collect a paycheck and retire. We had the dunkaneers and the noflyzone and now this, however you want to call it.
    I mean.. the eagles cut this guy for bennet.. why not go for the best player available? smh

  8. BucEmUp Says:

    Hard to sack the qb when everyone has a free fifteen yards gifted to them to start the play by the defense

  9. Jp_09 Says:

    @joe, yes Bennet is better than any edge rusher we have, but the dude literally has one 10 sack season in his career. Letting him go is not the reason our pass rush has been abysmal. Form 2012 (his first 9 sack season) until now he averages 8 sacks per year. Add his first 3 yrs with the Bucs and that # drops significantly. Let it go, he’s not that good

  10. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    He’ll turn 30 this year, but the hope will be he has a couple more good years left in him.

  11. Buc4life Says:

    Joe, I had heard the Bucs were thinking about signing DR David Irving to an offer sheet. I know Dallas placed a second round tender on him, but he is a young beast who can play inside and out. I would sign him to a 6.5 a year contract and make Dallas match it. He is the size of Golsten, but more upside. Had eight sacks in half a season and single handedly kill Jameis when we played them 2 years ago. What do you think?

  12. Tval Says:

    Hes eager to show his childhood fav team he was worth his salary they signed him for..cant REALLY say he underperformed but philly paid him well and bennett came available. Gotta keep options open. It could be major upgrade for both or just the bucs… Depending on bennett

  13. Tval Says:

    Because alshon jeffrey, p Robinson, torrey smith, r darby(trade) t jernigan(trade) and legarrette Blount, 1 YEAR DEALS, didnt change phillys culture?? HUSH NOW, ISR… LOL!!!

  14. Tval Says:

    Chris Long?? Still available and turned tide of vikes/eagles nfc champ game. Stud.. Great locker room guy too

  15. 1sparkybuc Says:

    If we had kept Bennett we wouldn’t have Jameis. It’s over. It’s done. Get over it.

  16. K_Bassuka Says:

    Good to hear, hope he continues to get to the QB.

  17. Capt.Tim Says:

    Everything I’ve heard about Curry, is that he is a great teammate, and a very versatile DE. He is an upgrade over Ayers.

    He just aint a 8-10 sack guy.
    And thats what we need

  18. DB55 Says:


    Do you know how many pressures curry had vs what Ayers had? My research shows Ayers had more pressures but I could be wrong any idea?

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    Only thing that can jump start the bucs talentless dline is trading the cryin clown cancer93 to ISIS for meat goats…

  20. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Chris Long isn’t going to be an option. The guy basically played last year for free, he gave his entire salary to charity. So money isn’t a motivation for him. I’m sure he will take whatever pay cut is asked to stay in Philly.

  21. IsrBuc Says:

    its not even funny anymore how everyone hope some rotational dude will change the culture and make this defense nasty and all that. when did it ever happen? culture should come from top to bottomn. where was the coaching stuff and gm putting chris baker in check last year? why did they kept letting him play? same for doug martin. how can you even remotley expect a no name player for another team will come and do this for us?

  22. DB55 Says:


    Notice how they got rid of the entire dline including the coach but kept McIceCream. And they’ll still suck unless these back-up players can cover two gaps. Good luck.

  23. tmaxcon Says:


    Exactly… keep the cancer and one constant to soft play… no hope

  24. aussieBucfan Says:

    Michael Bennett has one 10 sack season in 9 seasons of trying or an 11% conversion rate of this vaunted stat you hold so dear.

    Two negatives don’t make a positive one has to give..

  25. Joe Says:

    I had heard the Bucs were thinking about signing DR David Irving to an offer sheet.

    It would be tempting.

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    Here’s hoping Curry contributes in a big way. $9M per year ain’t chicken feed.

  27. Its_A_Tough_Buc_Life Says:

    “Fans” like IsrBuc make this page impossible to follow. At least Tmaxx if funny

  28. IsrBuc Says:

    Tell me what a “fan” mean to you maybe i’ll change. last season i travelled all the way from israel to tampa just to watch (what happened to be) the meaningless game against the lions at rj and i’m not rich. besides that i follow this team 24/7 for the last 20 years.
    now what bothers you with my logic? i’m not a homer, i admit it. i think we have seen enough and we need to start over by releasing some of our vets instead of bringing in rotational players from other teams, hoping they will turn things around for us. it dowsnt work this way.
    i dont hate on anybody. not mccoy not even chris baker. i think we got a deeper issue, gm and coaches are part of it, unfortunately. why does it make me less of a fan?

  29. The Buc Realist Says:

    Taking Curry plus a third round pick , and saving over 3 million vs trading for Robert Quinn is why NFL GM licht is a GM and joe and the sheep just write about what NFL GM Licht does!!!!!

    Glad that Joe did some research to figure out the truth!!!!!!!!!

    The Smoke screen was so thick that the sheep could not see and were jumping ship left and right!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. DB55 Says:


    You’re kidding right? Quinn had more sacks last year while hurt than Curry’s had in like the last 25 years. Lololol.

  31. DB55 Says:


    You’re just a troll unless you blindly support every stupid decision this org makes that has led them to a 4th place finish in the last ten years. Just shut up and give them your money.

  32. 813bucboi Says:


    so we replaced ayers with curry who is a ayers clone!!!!!!!…..ok good…..why not get an actual upgrade like Quinn!!!!!!…..if he and his sacks help guide us to the playoffs like Campbell did in JAX, no one would care about losing a 3rd…..gotta spend $$$$ to make $$$$

    licht has 2 jobs this year and that’s to keep everything the same(check) and build depth for the new regime(check)!!!!!!!…..dirk and smitty’s job is to keep everything the same as well… the looks of it, their following orders to the tee!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….NOPASSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  33. LakeLand Says:

    The Michael Bennett trade didn’t force Vinny Curry out of Philly. It was the play of the rookie Derek Barnett . The Eagles were trying to trade Vinny Curry before they made the Bennett trade. The reality is, they couldn’t find a team willing to trade for him. I don’t see any improvement on the DL…everything is on paper. And every offseason Bucs fans get all excited because of what they see on paper. Bucs fans love to punish themselves with these crazy expectations every season.

    What I saw last season was some pathetic coaching
    And the Bucs still have the same coaching staff (minus one scapegoat)

  34. Skipper Says:

    Curry is good for two to three sacks. Hope a change of scenery lights a fire under him.