Big Money For Bucs’ New Kicker

March 15th, 2018

The Bucs’ scouts and evaluators assigned to selecting kickers are a very confident bunch.

Joe can’t speak from personal interactions, but judging by the whopper contract they dropped on new kicker Chandler Catanzaro as the free agency dinner bell rang, it seems there was a lot of high-fiving at One Buc Palace yesterday.

The 2017 Jets kicker, who replaced Nick Foles, the eventual Bucs 2017 kicker who played last year like the incompetent rookie kicker drafted in 2016 — you can’t make this stuff up — got a big vote of confidence from general manager Jason Licht.

Catanzaro, per Jenna Laine of ESPN, will earn $3.75 million guaranteed this year.

He made 83.3 percent of his field goal last season and is well paid on the market. Catanzaro has a big leg and nailed a 57-yard field goal last season, but he has a history of inconsistency that extends to extra points. The Bucs will be his third team in five years.

Joe just hopes the Bucs bring in legitimate competition. Maybe that even means bringing back kicker Patrick Murray, who became a free agent yesterday.

In 2016, the Bucs gifted the job to Roberto Aguayo. He didn’t even have another kicker pushing him in training camp. There’s no reason to do that again.

90 Responses to “Big Money For Bucs’ New Kicker”

  1. Waterboy Says:

    Licht might draft another one in the 2nd round to give him some competition.

  2. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    This signing is truly AKick’nTheBucNuts.

  3. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    you mean Folk?

  4. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Patrick Murray was better than this guy, and we are giving him $3.75 million!?!?

    I already had lost hope in Licht, but now this is getting ridiculous.

  5. Birdman Says:

    Joe is 2 for 2 on calling Nick Folk Nick Foles 👌

  6. Buc believer Says:

    Wow 3.75 mill for being inconsistent. Glazers need to fire Licht right now. What a joke he is. He is so bad he makes Morons day “What a Moron!”

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, at $3.75 mil GUARANTEED, do you honestly believe that Licht will bring in any REAL competition for Catanzaro? When Licht gets fired at the end of this season, at the very top of his resume will be the words ‘He had this thing for kickers’.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    joe i am really worried about how this impacts the salary cap.

  9. SteveK Says:

    Nick Folk*

  10. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Stupid amount of money to give a kicker that has a track record of being susceptible to shakiness.

  11. RobertG Says:

    Murphy can’t get enough hang time on kick offs. We had some balls brought out of the end zone because the lack of hang time. This hurts special teams play.

  12. miken Says:

    I rather spend 3.75 for him than a 2nd round pick .

  13. Pickgrin Says:

    Sorry Murray. Sounds like lack of leg strength did you in.

    $3.75M is a hell of a lot to GUARANTEE a kicker who hasn’t exactly been Mr Consistency.

    You better be right on this one Jason. Judging kickers (and their value) hasn’t exactly been a strong point during your tenure ya know….

  14. RobertG Says:

    Sorry, Murray

  15. LakeLand Says:

    This team is the laughingstock of the Sports World. Not just the NFL,but the entire Sports World.

  16. webster Says:

    Lot of money? You do know he was making 3.25 mil last year and the year before that? He is getting paid his market value. Joe stop trying to get all these sheep up in arms over nothing. STOP TROLLING!!!!

  17. Guzzie Says:

    Murray wasn’t the answer, just need to be hopeful

  18. SteveK Says:

    How about a stud D-Lineman that can rush the passer?

    As of now, we are screwed.

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    LOL…..that’s all I can do…..

    no urgency….no excuse

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  20. GhostofSchiano Says:


  21. jerseybuc Says:

    I have a feeling we bring in a kicker with either a late 6 or 7 round pick or off teh street to compete with him. I would think Murray sees the handwriting on the wall and tries to hook on elsewhere.

  22. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Wish I had an emoji, red in color, with other hands raised and middle finger extended. That would be my comment

  23. Mike Johnson Says:

    Go ahead Lict..Draft another Kicker in the 2nd rd to..spice up the soup!! Might as well. Hell, Our record is going to be the same as last yrs anyway!!

  24. Hodad Says:

    Since we can’t score in the redzone a kicker is the Bucs MVP!!

  25. 813bucboi Says:

    F it…..draft eddy pinerno from UF in the 6th round……best kicker in the country!!!!!!!!

    no urgency….no excuse….

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!

  26. SCBucsFan Says:

    You need someone who can hit from the low 50s. Murray isn’t that guy.

  27. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I duno what to think anymore. Hopefully he makes his kicks lol.

    Has 2 years with 100% on his PATs out of 4. But missed 10 total in those other 2 years.

    Has 3 years where his FG % is 84% / 87% / 90%; and one at 75% – which was one of his overall bad years.

  28. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    I agree webster

  29. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    It’s not 1985 douchebag

  30. Bucsfanman Says:

    I’m telling you guys. Licht’s accumulating picks so that he can move up and pick FSU’s long-snapper, and later Aguayo. It doesn’t matter which one!

  31. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs are depending on a PK to give them 3 points. Because of the offense inability to score touchdowns.

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Just F**king speechless.

    Licht has Ignored DE his entire career here.
    Yet he has obsessed over kickers.
    And been wrong on all of them but Murray- who he apparently hates.

    This team continues to be a F**king joke- with no end in sight

  33. Gambelero Says:

    83% includes some games in horrible conditions. Perfect on extra points. Going from dead almost always in great conditions to 10th often in poor conditions on touchbacks.Maybe he had some bad years previously? Otherwise…

  34. SCBucsFan Says:

    The over under on saying things like we will draft a kicker in the second round is 7 on any given kicker thread. Witty stuff guys. Diggin deep for your material.

  35. BuccLuck Says:

    Joe both articles about this you’ve referenced Nick Foles. As they’d say on BSPN C’mon mannnnnnnnnn!

  36. DB55 Says:

    Janokowski was too expensive? Wtf are these FO people doing?

  37. BuccLuck Says:

    Time for the Nate Kaczor curse!!!!!! Looking forward to another 50% conversion rate.

  38. Bobby M. Says:

    Agree with Capt. Tim.

    Teams literally snag quality kickers every year as undrafted free agents….or there’s vets roaming the streets looking for an opportunity.

  39. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    C’mon….Murray couldn’t consistently even kick off into the end zone. His lack of leg strength was evident. Gotta keep shaking the bushes until we find a decent kicker.

  40. @Broy3434 Says:

    Wow people still making corny jokes about drafting a kicker. Haven’t heard them before. Thanks waterboy

  41. buddah Says:

    Need to get kicks into the end zone. Murray couldn’t do that. Two of the kicks this guy missed were in a blizzard. Good pickup.

  42. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Patrick Murray deserves to at least compete. This is one signing I do not agree with, unless they intend to keep 2 kickers (which, considering this guy replaced Folk and still did a horrible job…).

    Personally, I would have kept Patrick Murray and tried out new kickers to see if anyone great showed up. We’d have all through training camp.

  43. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    After Aguayo and Foles we were relieved by Murray. But he was never a great kicker and his weak leg cost us multiple kickoff returns for TD’s. When you set the bar as low as Aguayo any kicker looks better…that was Murray’s main skill set…doing better than the low bar set by Aguayo.

    I do not get all the consternation of this signing. This dude has leg strength…you can’t really coach that…his numbers have lacked some consistency but when he’s good he’s very good…maybe he’ll settle down with his added maturity.

    Seems to me it’s a simple attempt to upgrade a position that needed to be upgraded.

    This group is schizoid! A ton of posts…cheap Glazers…cut loose with some money we have plenty of cap space…now we’re worried that 3.75 million is going to harm our cap space?

    This represents a small salary increase for Catanzaro and a small move up the food chain. He was the 11th highest paid Kicker according to Spotrac and is now going to be in the mix for 7-9 with guys like Matt Bryant and Adam Vinateri.

    This represents a minimal gamble with some upside still left…perhaps Catanzaro will simply become more consistent with age like Bryant or Vinateri.

  44. stevek Says:

    For the love of god, can you sign a pass rusher?

    We are staring down the sites at another toothless defense. Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton are all licking their chops.

    This is unacceptable.

    We need sacks, QB pressures, and another CB. Heargraves is not an outside CB. He can do the slot, but not what you expect when you spend a #11 overall selection on him.

    Let’s go Licht! Sign a difference maker! Honey Badger, Suh, Poe, etc. Somebody who moves the needle in favor of Bucs pursuing victory on Sundays.

    Allen and Unrein are run stoppers. What about passing downs? Can we just concede and play 11 DBs on true passing downs? So tired of watching a sh!tty edge rush stay sh!tty.

  45. stevek Says:

    St. Pete,

    I think folks are cheesed about this signing because he makes close to what our new DE makes… We need an edge rusher in the worst way, and Licht is just sitting back watching other teams get better.

    Licht should have signed Calais Campbell, and at the very least offered a 3rd round pick for Rob Quinn.

    This s getting stupid. When the defense sucks donkey balls this year, it will drive a lot of fans crazy and they can refer back to the Bucs’ FO inactivity this off season.

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Please ease up on the constant whining about money….

  47. webster Says:

    @ steve k

    Did you not hear that the free agent class for pass rushers would suck this year? I mean really, what edge rusher do you think they should sign who is going to have a huge impact? You cant sign what is not there. So please enlighten jason licht who is sitting out there a double digit sack guy.

  48. TeddyTB Says:

    Nfl network says the SAINTS are trying to get Suh. If we end up having to play him twice a year I’m going to be sick

  49. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The lack of strength claim is silly. We use to hear it about Matt Bryant and he’s one of the top kickers in the league. He doesn’t even do his own kickoffs and hasn’t since he left Tampa.

    But let’s compare compare touchback averages…

    Matt Bryant 20.7%
    Chandler Catanzaro 24.0% – (20.7% in 2017)
    Patrick Murray 25.7% – (25.1% in 2017)

    So that throws he whole touchback, leg strength out the window. Murray was better in that regard.

  50. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I meant
    “But let’s compare career touchback averages…”

  51. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says
    “After Aguayo and Foles we were relieved by Murray. But he was never a great kicker and his weak leg cost us multiple kickoff returns for TD’s.”

    Murray had almost 5% more touchbacks than Catanzaro last year. They downgraded in that department.

    Catanzaro is about 1% better in field goals and he made all of his XPs. Murray I think missed one XP (without actually checking).

  52. stevek Says:


    How about Calais Campbell last year? We decided to sign Swaggy Baker, Will Gholston, and roll with the Muscle Hamster.. All could have not been retained to pay Campell.

    Then you look at the Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett trades. We should have offered a 3rd round pick for Quinn, and we should have offered a 4th and Humphries for Bennett (Bennett was traded for a late pick 5th or later and a WR with less than 10 catches).

    Why does Licht not pull the trigger on acquiring an edge rusher? This is brutal. Trades were there to me made.

    Additionally, why not offer a 4 and a 2 next year for Marcus Peters? CB is the 2nd biggest hole on this team.

    I am sorry to b!tch, but jesus christ this is beyond ridiculous. 12 years since a 10+ sacker was on this roster… Sad state of the Buccaneer team.

    We are going to overtake Cleveland as the biggest train wreck in the league this year.

    Webster, are you ok with Licht sitting out on these potential trades, knowing full damn well Licht has wasted the same level picks to trade up for a sh!tty kicker?

  53. SOEbuc Says:


    “This team is the laughingstock of the Sports World. Not just the NFL,but the entire Sports World.”

    I dunno. Between the Rays and the Bucs it’s really hard to tell. Sucks that I have to continue to be a fan a TB except for our bad ass ice hockey team.


  54. stevek Says:


    What the hell is Licht thinking. We had 22 sacks last year! Awful!

    5 of those sacks we let walk in FA (McDonald).

    Whatever they thing they’re doing, it is not working and disheartening AF to the fans.

    If this defense gives up the booty on Sundays and can not generate a pass rush, then fans will revolt.


    Fix it, FFS.

  55. stevek Says:

    We b!tch and moan about Mike Smith and this defense, but there is no legit pass rush here. Talent is not where it needs to be, nowhere close.

    Why does Jon Robinson, Licht’s right hand man, continuing to tweak, wheel and deal.

    I am so disappointed in our inability to get better at edge rush/CB in FA.

    Players were available, and we are ok with the status woe.

    Dumb ass impotence will get this GM fired. I can’t stand another year in the basement of the NFCS, and if we finish there again in 2018 (bc of a sh!tty pass rush), then good bye Licht and scouts!

    Sitting on your hands and watching other teams make moves to improve is maddening.

    I could understand standing pat if we actually had a winning team. We are the worst team in the NFC over the past 10 years. And, when Cleveland gets it together, we are the worst team in the league. Period.

  56. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    How many sacks does this guy have? can he play DE too if so great signing….lol

  57. stevek Says:

    Saw this comment yesterday, and sad, but it would be better than where we are:

    Put OJ at DE and watch him rush the passer. He is more gifted than what we got.

    Where is the edge rush? Why not trade to make your team better? Why trade up for a sh!tty kicker?

    C’mon Licht, what in the hell are you and the scouts doing?

    It’s a Catalina Wine Mixer! #Prestige Worldwide

  58. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I hear you about the DL. It’s been atrocious. We have no pass rush. But the kicker signing will not effect it.

    How serious are you? Are you willing to spend all seven of our draft picks on just two players? Move up in the first for Chubb and into the first for Vea.

    If we simply came away with those two players and then signed Suh…if the Dolphins will eat enough of his contract for it to make sense…

    Bucs d going forward….Suh and GMC to rotate and teach the green guy Vea.
    Chubb to rush from the edge…hopefully Spence returns and we add his outside rush as well.

    We go from the joke of the league to one of the best DL’s. How much better would our speedy LB’s look behind that group. Out entire back seven would be improved significantly by the damage that DL group could do.

  59. BucsLifeSentance Says:

    This is why we have bad kicker karma! Murray was solid! Gahhhh

  60. BurgDweller Says:

    Low expectations when it comes to kickers and the Bucs.

  61. JonBuc Says:

    Gruden is accused of falling in love with every QB. I guess Licht’s Out has never met a kicker…scared, shaky or otherwise he doesn’t love.

  62. SOEbuc Says:

    I just realized this organization was being run better by Malcom Glazer when he had alzhiemers disease.

  63. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Just so you know, Malcom was always a figurehead. The sons have always run the team.

  64. Eric Says:

    You can just wait till after the final cuts to get a decent kicker.

    And there are tons that will come to training camp.

    I don’t get this regime.

  65. SteveK Says:

    St Pete,

    Not serious at all about OJ to DE, but it’s a dam shame that edge rush is so awful for the Buccaneers.

    No shot in hell Chubb makes it to 7.

    Why trade up for a roomie DE, when the GM refuses to trade a 3 and/or a 5 for Quinn and/or Bennett. It’s a damn shame.

  66. webster Says:

    @ steve k

    Were you in the negotiation room? How do you know the rams did not want to trade quinn inside the conference? Bennett? Well it was reported that the seahawks wanted godwin as well. You did see the eagles traded a wideout along with the pick? Were you willing to give up a 22 year old future star wr for a 32 year old dlineman that has maybe 2 years left? If you would then i am very happy you are not the gm. Campbell? You guys act like campbell would have equated to a superbowl. But i will play this stupid game. Why didnt the bucs draft jj watt a few years ago? Why didnt they sign alshon jefferey? Why didnt they sign jonathan joseph a few years back? Why didnt they draft telvin smith? Why didnt they draft marcus lattimore? Why didnt they ………

  67. SteveK Says:

    St Pete,

    No way we have enough ammo to move up for chubb and up again for Vea.
    We are screwed. Next year I’ll s going to be tough.

    The sky is falling and the Bucs FO and ownership are not giving two sh!ts.

  68. mark2001 Says:

    What a shock…have to overpay to get anyone worth a flying fish to sign here. Honestly, the Bucs could be worst team in the league this year. Cleveland is adding alot of talent this year through FA and the draft, and will fly past us.

  69. SteveK Says:


    Hard to believe the Rams would turn down a 3 for Quinn, when they toons later 4 and a swap of 6s. We should have at least made the best deal and that would exonerate us of fault for failure to deliver.

    Hell no to trading Godwin. I’d offer a 4 and Humphries for Bennett. That’s it.

    Don’t know where you got Godwin from, never would trade him for Bennett.

    Webster, buddy, Calais Campbell finished second to Aaron Donald for NFL DPOY, and he took the Jaguars to one game from the SB! Yes he would have made a huge flipping difference. We suck donkey balls and chose to pay Swaggy, Gholston, and Muscle Hamster. Didn’t even pursue Campbell. Shameful.

  70. SteveK Says:


    You’re making this game stupid.

    JB watt was off the board when we picked. However, we elected to draft Adrian Clayborn (with a known medical limitation) over Cam jordan: the Saints pro bowl DE and the son of an all-pro. We went with a known limitation over the son of an allpro. Shameful.

  71. SteveK Says:

    Marcus Llatimore blew his knee up before coming out. So. No go there.

    Not sure about the others you mention. I try to only think about scenarios involving the dumb ass moves we did make vs the ones folks were clamoring for. Thanks! I’ll be here all day!

    How can yo defend this laughingstock franchise? Are you on payroll or something? They suck ass and deserve every bit of criticism and the some.

  72. SteveK Says:


    We let Mike Bennett walk in favor of Clayborn and Bowers. Thanks, Dominik!

  73. SteveK Says:


    If calling the shots I would have offered the best $$ for Calais Campbell. We made no offer.

    I would have offered a 3 for Quinn, and if the Rams passed a 4 for Bennett. We did neither. We signed run stoppers, not stackers.

    New league year, same old buccing problems.

  74. webster Says:

    @ steve k

    I am not making the game stupid. You just said you would have given the seahawks a third and humphries. Newsflash, they did not want humphries. You are speculating. Jj watt being off the board before the bucs picked does not mean the bucs couldnt have traded up. See speculation. How do you know what the bucs offered the seahawks? Thats my point. And the team campbell played on was different than the bucs. You have no idea how much of a difference he would have made. Why didnt the bucs draft von miller? Why didnt the bucs sign demarcus ware? Why didnt the bucs sign peyton manning when he was a free agent? Why why why…..

  75. SteveK Says:


    All the ideas shared involve not trading up. These are legit scenarios where we passed away on the “right” player.

    Von Miller was it available in the draft. It’s silly to assume a trade up bc we can’t guarantee a willing partner.

    However, if you look at who we passed on, and did not make offers to and who we decided to keep, them it really does look ridiculous.

  76. SteveK Says:

    stevek Says:
    March 15th, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    How about Calais Campbell last year? We decided to sign Swaggy Baker, Will Gholston, and roll with the Muscle Hamster.. All could have not been retained to pay Campell.

    Then you look at the Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett trades. We should have offered a 3rd round pick for Quinn, and we should have offered a 4th and Humphries for Bennett (Bennett was traded for a late pick 5th or later and a WR with less than 10 catches).


    Webster. There it is again, a 4 and Humphries for Bennett would’ve easily trumped the eagles offer. And the Seahawks would’ve much preferred to get the best offer and trade Bennett to a team that didn’t just won the super bowl.

    Let’s go bro!

  77. ATrain Says:

    Ok to the optimistic Bucs Fans

    Please tell me why we got a Kicker????

    We have holes all over Defense and we get a Kicker

    This makes no sense except to piss off Fans

  78. stevek Says:

    And fans have the right to question this franchise for their terrible results.

    Going into a hypothetical that involves a trade-up is unreasonable. It is perfectly reasonable to look at draft position and who we passed on: meaning who we chose not to take given the opportunity.

    In regards to the Quinn trade, it infuriates me to know that we offered a 4, but didn’t have enough gumption to sweeten the deal beyond the Dolphins offer. A 3 would suffice, and if the Lambs passed on that, then good for them, as we would have offered the BEST deal.

    Calais Campbell did a documentary on his FA last off season. Our Bucs sat that one out. We had the $$, but not enough smarts to sign the best DE on the market in years.

    The last time we gave big time $$ to a FA DE from the Cardinals it worked out amazingly well, Simeon Rice.

    We are 10 years removed from a meaningful game, and 12 years removed from a competent, double-digit single season sacker. That is despicable.

    When the Buccaneers suck complete ass, the fans deserve to understand and dissect “why”. Fans would stay in their lane more if the team made better efforts to put a winner on the field.

    I understand you are countering my points, and I truly appreciate your time in arguing with me. Just please, please use realistic scenarios that don’t involve a trade up.

    We should have kept Mike Bennett, and never let him walk.

    We should have opened the bank for Calais Campbell last year, but we elected to get the Palm Tree Humper, resign Will Gholston, and ride it out with Doug Martin (complete fail).

    Fans deserve to know why after a 5-11 campaign, only the defensive line coach is replaced (scapegoat?), and why it’s ok to only sign run stoppers and a kicker?

    Licht used the very same picks (3 and a 4) to trade up for Roberto Sucky Aguayo. Why not use the same 3 and 4 picks to acquire Quinn and Bennett? If other team’s chose not to play ball, then at least the Buccaneers and their fans could hang their hats on the fact that they offered the superior deal but it didn’t work out… As of now, or deal making skills were not clearly better, and this regime is coming across as a collection of severe ass hats.

    You know the Super Bowl will be played next February, and as of now the fans most likely won’t even see a playoff hunt because we can’t get to the passer. Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton have all been to SBs and won MVPS. We have the 4th best GM, HC, QB in the division, all to compliment the overall WORST PASS RUSH in the league (possibly the worst in years). Just saying.

  79. Owlykat Says:

    It would have only cost a fifth pick for Pinero who only missed one kick the entire year and has a video of an 87 yard field goal in practice. He can kick rings around this inconsistent kicker that Licht gave out guaranteed millions of dollars for. Ridiculous!!!

  80. Its_A_Tough_Buc_Life Says:

    2014: 29/33 FG & 27/27 XP 51 LONG
    2015: 28/31 & 53/58 – 49 LONG
    2016: 21/28 & 43/47 – 60 LONG
    2017: 25/30 & 29/29 – 57 LONG

    These #s probably get us an additional 8 wins over the last 4 years. I am all for this move. If it doesn’t work, he is gone next year when we will need the cap space.

  81. stevek Says:


    I am interested!

    Sad to think this is the same GM that used a 3 and 4 to trade up for sucky aguayo…

    When a 3 and a 4 could have netted us Rob Quinn and Mike Bennett…

    DE for our team is the worst positional talent than any, on any team in the NFL. 32 teams, and we have the worst position group/pass rush in the whole damn game.

    Do the Bucs know that their divisional QB foes have all been to a SB and won MVPs, yet it is “ok” to go status woe and stock up on run stoppers… Great! Give those guys more of a reason to throw the ball. SMH.

  82. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m done caring about kickers. I’ve just given up on the notion we can ever again find a kicker worth a dam. It’s just been too long to maintain any hope. This is a problem that gets fixed in one offseason or even mid season. We are over half a decade and still looking for a kicker.

    No wonder this team never wins. They can’t even address the simplest position to fix.

  83. Stanglassman Says:

    Bonzai- where are you getting your stats? They are not correct at all.

    2017 P. Murray had 59 kickoffs with 14 touchbacks his fgp was 73%

    Chandler Catanzaro had 71 kickoffs with 45 touchbacks, fgp 83%

  84. Pickgrin Says:

    SteveK Says:
    “We should have opened the bank for Calais Campbell last year…The last time we gave big time $$ to a FA DE from the Cardinals it worked out amazingly well, Simeon Rice.”

    Um – Rice 1st came to play for the Bucs at a salary of just $1M with no signing bonus. Simeon was just 26 years old and the top pay for DEs at the time was $6-7M per. Rice had 51 1/2 sacks his 1st 5 years in the league and had broken double digit sacks 3 out of his 1st 5 years. He wanted to play for the Bucs and didn’t care about the $. Sim had previously talked to the Giants about playing there and turned down more than 5X the $ from the Giants that he would up coming to the Bucs for.

    By contrast 31 year old Campbell who had never once recorded double digit sacks in his 9 years in the league was guaranteed $17M each of his 1st 2 years by the Jaguars. The Bucs were very interested in Campbell – but then the bidding got way out of control and Jax offered him an obscene contract that made everyone who deals with $ in the NFL cringe at the #s.

    That huge gamble did pay off for the Jags (for 1 year at least) as Campbell turned in a career year in 2017. But if you look at NFL history – 31 year old players rarely if ever have career years in their 10th season.

    My point is – there is no comparison between the Bucs signing Rice and the Bucs not signing Campbell. The only way you could compare the 2 situations is if Campbell had actually wanted to come play for the Bucs – so badly that he blew off Jacksonville’s $60M offer – and chose instead to come play in Tampa Bay for $3M his 1st year with no signing bonus and no future guarantees.

  85. ARGH_M8E Says:

    it’s a BUCS life💩

  86. Rod Munch Says:

    $4million guaranteed to a kicker means there is no competition.

    Note, the Bucs could have had Sherman for $3m guaranteed. Yeah maybe Sherman won’t be healthy, but then again maybe he will be. Meanwhile the Bucs have a kicker who missed 9 extra points over 2 years in Arizona for a million more than a corner who on one leg is 10x better than the current #2, Ryan Smith.

  87. BigMacAttack Says:

    Season ticket holders are leaving in droves. So in response the Bucs decide to go cheap instead of trying to lure any fans back. This team is a complete joke. And thanks to Jameis for getting in trouble, proving the haters right and letting his team down. Maybe the plan is to tank the season and draft a QB next year to replace the W eater.

  88. ATrain Says:

    What was wrong with the kicker we had?

  89. lambchop Says:

    He can’t kick 50+ and his kickoffs were piss poor giving the other team good field position.

  90. lambchop Says:

    My question is, is he a better option than Cairo Santos?