The Ted Monachino Profile

February 13th, 2018

DL coaching candidate Ted Monachino has a long history with Dirk Koetter.

So the Bucs are looking for a defensive line coach. It seems, as Bucs coach Dirk Koetter is wont to do, he could turn to a trusted friend.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times noted the Bucs plan to interview former Colts defensive coordinator Ted Monachino. Of course, when you make a coaching move a week after the Super Bowl, the pool of candidates is limited.

Koetter and Monachino go back to Koetter’s college coaching days. Monachino served as Koetter’s defensive line coach when Koetter was head coach at Boise State and at Arizona State. He followed Koetter to the Jags where he served as defensive line coach for then-Jags defensive coordinator Mike Smith and head coach Jack Del Rio.

Monachino was Crows linebackers coach from 2010-2015, a period in which Baltimore won a Super Bowl. The last two seasons Monachino was the defensive coordinator of the Colts. Their pass rush wasn’t anything to celebrate.

In 2017, the Colts were nearly as brutal as the Bucs in getting to the quarterback, collecting a grand total of three more sacks than the rotten Bucs defensive line. In 2016, the Colts finished No. 19 in sacks with 33.0. The Bucs had 38.

Looking back at Monachino’s last stint as a defensive line coach, it doesn’t get Joe all tingly with excitement. Per, here is how Monachino’s Jaguars defensive lines fared.

Year, sacks, NFL rank
2006 35 15th
2007 37 9th
2008 29 20th
2009 14 32nd

Joe is sorry, but 14 total sacks in 2009 is beyond shameful. Just going by the pass rush the Colts had the past two seasons, and Monachino’s last two seasons as a defensive line coach in Jacksonville, Joe isn’t running to the liquor store to buy a 12-pack to guzzle beer in celebration.

As Joe has written several times, Koetter is a loyal guy. That is truly a virtue. It can also be a double-edged sword.

40 Responses to “The Ted Monachino Profile”

  1. THETRUTH Says:

    PASS !!!! NEXT UP

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    What exactly does a defensive line do when you got mostly a group of vets? I’m guessing this move is more about putting a boot into someones rear end. If you had a bunch of young guys, or expect to have a bunch of young guys, then perhaps you need someone that does more teaching. I have no idea what this guy’s mindset is, but I’m going to guess it’s the opposite of the guy on the outs. If he is a drill sergeant type I wonder if that means they keep Baker in hopes of getting something out of what they’ve spent so far.

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    This bum coach perfectly fits glazers losing culture and plan to remain irrelvant for years to come. I’m sure cancer93 would never allow another drill saregent type. he has already ran off a drill saregent type. New dline coach must be soft, unintelligent and spineless so he can walk in and fit right in with the rest of current defensive staff and players.

  4. LakeLand Says:

    I hate to dislike the Bucs, because I have been a fan since 1976. But I have watch them make dumb moves for 42 years. And they continue to make these stupid moves. This coaching staff is pathetic, it don’t make sense. I look back at our coaching staff of 2010. Those coaches got the best of the limited talent that was on the roster. And the Glazers basically gave them nothing to work with. They refuse to spend money on free agents.

    Head Coach Raheem Morris
    Offensive Coordinator – Greg Olson
    Quarterbacks – Alex Van Pelt
    Wide Receivers – Eric Yarber
    Tight Ends – Alfredo Roberts
    Offensive Assistant – Tim Holt
    Defensive Line – Todd Wash
    Defensive Backs-Jimmy Lake

    These were good coaches that was fired

  5. LakeLand Says:

    Todd Wash might be the Bucs next Head Coach. I will sleep a whole lot better if he was the next Head Coach.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    “I hate to dislike the Bucs”

    I sense insincerity

  7. tmaxcon Says:


    Becareful the truth will get you labeled a hater.

  8. LakeLand Says:

    Ted Monachino was the Colts DC in 2016-2017

    2016 | 33 Sacks
    2017 | 25 Sacks

  9. LakeLand Says:


    The truth is the truth
    Why live in a fantasy?

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    As you well know there is a contingency of delusional optimists and living in denial fans on this site who choose to ignore 16 consecutive years of failure and think everything is perfect in bucville despite the reality of on field results

  11. LakeLand Says:


    The dumbest move they ever made was during the 1982 draft. The Bucs sent their equipment manager to the draft to represent them. Ken Herock gave him Sean Farrell and Booker Reese name. Herock call him to tell him to draft Booker Reese, he thought he said Sean Farrell. So the equipment manager told Pete Rozelle about the mistake. He pleaded with Rozelle to change it, Rozelle wouldn’t. So they was stuck with Sean Farrell. In round 2 they moved up to draft Booker Reese. Who became one of the biggest busts in Bucs history. Sean Farrell went on to become a Pro-Bowl Guard. They ask Farrell once, what he wanted for Christmas. And he replied to get the hell out of Tampa and he was traded. The Bucs traded their 1983 1st round pick (18th) to the Bears to move up to draft Booker Reese. The Bears drafted WR Willie Gault. But the crazy part of this was the fact the Bucs needed a QB bad to replace Doug Williams. The Miami Dolphins drafted Dan Marino with 27th pick, 9 picks after the 18th pick, the pick that the Bucs had traded for Booker Reese.

    Life of a Buc fan

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    I rember that well sir… Bucs have made some of the worst decsions in league history

  13. Capt.Tim Says:


    Im with you. Ive been watching them since ‘76 also. Dumb mistake after dumb mistake.
    This year was especially disheartening. This team actually has some talent!
    But Defensive end was such a glaring need- and Koetter/Licht did nothing to address it. As I posted all last year
    “ you cant win in todays NFL, if you cant rush the passer!”

    They ignored it- and teams picked us to pieces.
    And they kept playing Doug Martin- when it was obvious he was outta gas.!
    Then they ruined the chemistry of a talented young line, by moving our Talented young guard to a position he had never played before!
    If they wanted Sweezy in the line up, move Sweezy to right guard.
    Then they retain a defensive staff, that coached our defense into last place in the league

    Just one stupid after another.
    Those kind of decisions make even the most faithful lose faith.

  14. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    I thought this was a Buc fan site. Being a Buc fan, or not, is a choice. If you’re a fan you should want the best for your team. That may be delusional or overly optimistic, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’d much rather be a delusional optimist than a bitter troll. Be a bitter troll if you’d like. Your choice. Live with it. As irksome as it is to see the chronic negativity, I will keep on being the kind of fan I choose to be.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … ” It seems, as Bucs coach Dirk Koetter is wont to do, he could turn to a trusted friend.” And therein lies the problem.

    BTW, some of you JBFers get ugly with your middle-of-the-night comments. Perhaps it has something to do with y’all letting TMax stir the pot?

  16. richbucsfan Says:

    It’s a race to finish…LAST

  17. Buc believer Says:

    Great so we get a turd with a different kind of stink

  18. Rrsrq Says:

    Seriously, the Colts defense was just as bad the Bucs without Mathis and Freeney. I’m with Lakeland, but I would hate to hate the Bucs, also been here since 76, but the futility is getting nauseating. My son blames me for making him a Bucs fan. My issue will be once again, fire Jay Hayes, then possibly spend money on a defensive line

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    D R

    I don’t stir the pot. I present clear facts that upset the safespacers, delusional optimists and those trying to rewrite history.

    There is not a lot to be positive when your favorite team has ZERO hope based on ownership and piss poor roster.

  20. Bird Says:

    He was linebackers coach for ravens

    Not dline

  21. The Buc Realist Says:


    But the sheep are a weird bunch!!!!! And the things that give them “hope” usually have nothing to do with actual football!!!!!! Last year, they had hope because they were filming a reality tv show which to them equates to playoffs!!!!!!! All the Glazers have to do is cancel training camp and put the team on a “Tour Bus” and go town to town and the sheep will have “hope” and claims of a Superbowl appearance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ManzielMadness Says:

    Great… let’s bring another loser on board… just what we need.

  23. tmaxcon Says:


    Most of the Sheep especiaslly the mentally challenged Defense Wins Championships crowd would be happy with 0-16 every year as long as the roster is full of choirboy losers coached by a passive dungy clone running a soft zone.. Tampa fans cant handle winners or alpha males all they want is spineless loser yes men like cancer93

  24. Joe Says:


    And therein lies the problem.


  25. FortMyersDave Says:

    Lakeland, while the Booker Reese fiasco was embarrassing, it was not the worst pick Hugh C and the boys ever made. That has to be Bo Jackson in 1986, Culverhouse knew that the Auburn star despised him and basically tgold the Bucs not to draft him and that Doug Williams warned Bo to stay well clear of the cheap racist tightwad in the creamsicle blazer after his refusal to pay the man a reasonable salary but the Bucs still drafted him. Anything would have been better than that idiotic selection. Then again, old Hugh was not all about Ws and Ls but how to maximize profit for himself and his owner buddies using his knowledge as a shifty tax attorney to find loopholes and it would not surprise me if old Hugh did not mind not having to sign a first round pick back in ’86 and considered that to be a score for the profit ledgers. Of course if you look at all the mistakes the Bucs have made since 1976, there would be quite an impressive list but looking back at the Hugh C days, man it was a miracle the Bucs had 3 winning seasons and a playoff win under that owner; the guy charged players for sodas drank in the locker room and charged for phone calls made from their rooms in training camp as well as from the flea bag motels they stayed in before those Sunday losses…..

  26. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Yeah because that’s what this joke of a coaching staff needs to do, bring in another one Koetter’s friends to add to the laughter. Because Mike Smith has done such a great job as the DC of this sh!t show. LOL I can’t want till 2019 when we’ll have a brand new coaching staff and hopefully a new GM who knows what the hell he’s doing!

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Hope they don’t hire him.

  28. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    LakeLand Says
    “I hate to dislike the Bucs, because I have been a fan since 1976. But I have watch them make dumb moves for 42 years.”

    Well, now…that’s not even true. You are forgetting the good years.

    I have been a fan from the start, though when I was a kid I only paid half attention. Always listened on the radio to the games when I was in range. Since the death of my father, I have been a loyal follower. They were his team as well as mine, and in his memory I will always be a fan.

    So maybe different reasons drive the two of us.

    That said, being a fan of this team requires stamina and patience. That’s just the way it is and has always been. Even in the good years. In truth, you are either in or you are not, and if you are in, it is with the understanding that being a fan comes with challenges.

    After all, we all want to whine when things go badly. But if we find ourselves hating? Then it must be time to walk away, rather than drag others down with us.

    You need to make that decision, along with a bunch of others here.

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    pewterpirate99 Says
    “Yeah because that’s what this joke of a coaching staff needs to do, bring in another one Koetter’s friends to add to the laughter.”

    First off, Joe was only saying he’s being interviewed. He isn’t saying he’ll be hired.

    Second, since you have already given up on 2018, how about not pelting us with your negativity? Take a leave of absence and come back to whine in 2019 after Koetter and staff turn the team around and act like you supported them the whole time.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m not sure why we are wasting our time boys. Some “self anointed experts” here have already ASSURED us that we have no chance next year and we are all just biding our time until Koetter is fired…GMC is traded or retires…the Glazers sell the team. Why are we wasting our time? *snark font off now*

  31. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    You sir are a REAL fan.

  32. 813bucboi Says:


    wasn’t lovie canned for having a lousy defense and a bunch of friends on his staff after going 6-10…..

    now we have dirk who has a lousy defense, a bunch of friends on his staff and a underachieving offense that finished 5-11


    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  33. LakeLand Says:

    Defense Rules

    My homeboy from Lakeland ( Torrian Gray) is the DB coach with Washington. I wasn’t talking about Washington overall defense. I don’t believe the Bucs has quality secondary coaches. This is my fear, a player come from good quality coaching to inferior coaching.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I could have sworn Koetter was stuck with a lot of Lovie Smith’s staff…

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzi
    I think its a difference of opinions

    Some feel that, as Fans, they owe the team blind loyalty. Any criticism of the team is disloyalty

    Other fans look at it as a group of millionaires, selling an expensive product.
    We expect a decent product, in exchange for our money and Brand loyality.

    Sorta like this. I’ve gone to Burger King for many years. If they released a new burger to the public- that was universally hated.
    I wouldnt give up on Burger King- but I sure would complain about the new burger.

    The problem for Longtime fans of the bucs, is that. The Bucs have released horrible product after horrible product. They dont care about their customers complaining- keeping this defensive staff proves that.
    Ater soooo many years of bad products and bad decisions,
    MacDonalds starts looking good. Or meybe Ill just stop wasting money of

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    I could’ve sworn dirk said these are his coaches and his players…..funny how that rights when you lose…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  37. 813bucboi Says:


    I agree…..TG is one of the best in the DB biz if not thee best…..and what you are saying is true….he help develop breeland and fuller…..even dj swearinger stepped his game up once TG got a hold of him…..if breeland came here he’d be like,” WTF are yall doing down here”…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  38. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I absolutely accept your point. There are plenty of legitimate critiques one can make of the Bucs. But just two years ago we had an exciting season and came within a whisker of the playoffs.

    That season revealed plenty of potential…including a franchise QB. This past year revealed plenty of failure and I totally understand the disappointment and resulting criticism.

    Where you can count me out are those posters who have already given up on 2018. They are certain Koetter sucks and will be fired. ALL they see is the negative even when we freaking win. So we finish the year on a high with a dramatic win over the best team in our division last year with #3 finishing a run of four games looking a lot like his former pre injury self. And yet is their excitement? Nah there are some here who lament that confidence producing inspiring win because it cost us 3 or 4 spots in the draft. That’s just absurd given the bust rate of draft picks and the slight difference between the talent selected 3 rounds later. That’s true negativity when you can’t win for losing with some fans.

    If you think next year is hopeless why bother to come here. Many of us still have hope. Do you come here simply to pee on everybody’s parade?

    BTW I’m not saying you do this CaptTim…just explaining the group of posters that cheese me and Bonzai, Pickgrin and others.

  39. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    3 rounds should have been 3 SPOTS later.

  40. FortMyersDave Says:

    StPeteBucFan: I agree that there is not much difference between teams like the Bucs and the lower level playoff teams like Buffalo and the Titans. A lot of times the difference between a 5-11 club and 9-7 is simply the schedule (I’d bet the Titans would have went 6-10 or so in the NFC South and 0-6 or 1-5 in division) and/or the small intangibles that went the Bucs way in 2016 (pulling off wins in KC, SD and the ATL) and against them in 2017 (gut wrenching bend over losses in Green Bay, Buffalo, Carolina and at home on MNF vs the ATL; win those and the Bucs go 9-7 and the trolls would be abit more quiet). However, I doo agree with the critics that the Bucs are light years away from being a top tier club, one that could win 11 or 12 games like Philly, the Pats, Steelers, etc…. There is a bigger gap in talent between the 12-4 contenders and the fringe 9-7 clubs than between the 5/6 win teams like Miami and Tampa and the Bills/Titans/KCs of the world and the Glazers have to realize that. The Titans reached that conclusion and that is why Mularkey was sacked in Nashville as his offensive schemes were ineffective (and BTW, Koetter likened his gameplanning to Malarkey’s…….).