Momentum Starts Now To Be 2018’s Turnaround Team

February 5th, 2018

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5 Responses to “Momentum Starts Now To Be 2018’s Turnaround Team”

  1. SteveK Says:

    The Buccaneers should receive our cautious support. We love this team, but let’s be honest. They are so far away from a Super Bowl.

    I am all-in every year, and last year really stung.

    This team needs to show the fans that they give a sh!t.

    It’s joce we have a team of nice guys, but how bout we start winning ball games.

    There is no excuse for how poor our recent history has been. We are a shade better the Cleveland and that’s it.

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Agree SteveK. I’ve been a Bucs fan since its 70’s inception. And the Spark has gone. I’d like to see the Glazers get a great football mind in here like the Jagwars did with Couhlin. Somebody who know what it takes and how to win. I’m not feeling this present regime at all. Many here say its the players. But we’ve seen many NFl teams do far more with less. I do feel sorry for the fans and don’t see a Winner..until we make drastic changes in a couple years.

  3. SteveK Says:

    It would be a disservice to Buccaneer fans to get riled up for another disappointment.

    Agree with you Mike Johnson, the spark is gone.

    It can come back, I’ll atill watch the games, but my expectations are what the Buccaneers have made them out to be.

    I expect to be talking 2019 NFL draft by next December. Not bc I want to, it bc that’s what this team does.

    I expect to start out ok, and then succumbing to a 5+ game losing streak, bc that is what this team does.

    I expect Licht to not acquire strong free agents, bc outside of Grimes and McDonald it’s been “meh” at best.

    I expect Mike Smith to coach from the press box, and for the scheme to get punished. Bc, that’s what this team does.

    I agree, Mike, we could’ve just as easily pursued Tom Coughlin. But, we are ok with sticking to the plan. I don’t “expect” it to work bc it hasn’t, but I remain cautiously hopeful.

    I just wish the local media would get on board with reality like This team is impressively bad lately, and if they don’t like it win some damn games.

    I thought it was especially refreshing to see Sapp give his opinion on the D. I’m not happy that we suck, but I’m thrilled for the accountability of being called out.

    A lot can change going into next year, but it would be a “moron move” to get overhyped for nothing.

    The team needs to step up and show Tampa Bay fans what’s up. No more blind optimism until they can earn that right.

    And, GMC is the last problem on that defense. Get the man a DE worth their salt.

    I WANT TO KNOW, Joe, WHO DECIDED CALAIS CAMPBELL WAS NOT WORTH IT? They should be fired yesterday.

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    Well said, Steve…

    Howard would add that we need to fly under the radar.
    Last years hype-fest had jinx feeling to it from the start.
    Hard Knocks? Very bad idea. I’m sure the Glazers were all in though.
    Hurricane? Hope for no hurricane.
    Combine that with the hype fest in the lax atmosphere of “nice-guys”
    and you have the perfect storm of over-confidence.

  5. Joe Says:

    I WANT TO KNOW, Joe, WHO DECIDED CALAIS CAMPBELL WAS NOT WORTH IT? They should be fired yesterday.

    You have to remember free agency is not a draft. Just because you want to sign someone doesn’t mean the other party will sign — there is no gun-to-the-head order.

    No idea if Bucs made a serious offer at him and got cold feet with the price or if Campbell was even interested in playing for the Bucs.

    To be fair, Joe knows of no one — nobody — who thought signing DeSean Jackson was a bad move.