“Expect” Glennon Return

February 17th, 2018

Last March, shortly after the Bears signed quarterback Mike Glennon to a massive contract, Joe was on the local sports radio airwaves making a proclamation.

The take was simple: Glennon would show his colors quickly in Chicago and the team would give up on him after the 2018 season. And then the Bucs would return him to Tampa as the backup to America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston — for less than the $7 million a year or so the Bucs were offering Glennon offseason.

WDAE-AM host Pat Donovan shook his head at that take but didn’t say much at the time. But the next day, Donovan actually called it a misguided and borderline stupid take on the air. (Yes, Joe was listening, Pat.)

Well, here we are. The Bucs’ need an experienced backup QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick is in line to become a free agent. Jameis might miss games because of a league suspension. And CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora is reporting that he’s being told Glennon to the Bucs is likely.

“Bringing Mike Glennon back as a backup quarterback is something other teams expect to happen,” La Canfora wrote about the Bucs yesterday.

Obviously, Joe expected. Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht respect and like Glennon and no NFL team is foolish enough to think Glennon is the next Nick Foles.

Still, Joe would prefer Fitzpatrick over Glennon for what should be obvious reasons. Might the Bucs sign Fitzpatrick and Glennon? Joe certainly wouldn’t rule it out, especially if the Bucs aren’t confident that Jameis will avoid a suspension.

60 Responses to ““Expect” Glennon Return”

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    So typical of bucs bring back a heartless failure when the team needs driven winners. 8 brings nothing to the table but below average qb play with limited in game backup experience and zero heart… sure sounds like a glazer move.

  2. miken Says:

    Fitz>Glennon for 2018 but I guess if Glennon is cheap he is fine for the next 5 years to back up jw. If you thin JW is going to be suspended in 2018, I want Fitz to start those 4 games though

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Still, Joe would prefer Fitzpatrick over Glennon for what should be obvious reasons.” Thanks for leaving no doubt where you stand on this one Joe, and I’m certain you’ll have LOTS of company, including me. Fitz plays much closer to Jameis’ style than Glennon does IMO, thus the team should benefit if Jameis has to sit out for several weeks (hopefully not though). Besides that, Fitz is much more experienced than Glennon is, and I’m convinced that Fitz will make a much better ‘mentor’ going forward (and yes, every young QB can use some ‘mentoring’ from a more experienced QB who has his head on straight). Jason, sign him to at least a 2-3 year contract ASAP before someone else does.

  4. Captain Crunch Says:

    Keep fitz as a backup he’s more mobile and can at least move the chains with his legs and showed last year he better than glennon.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Good…….if he signs for anything less that 7 mil…….good bargain

    He already knows the system and coaches here……sounds like a “no brainer” to me that he comes back

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Left out in all of this is Ryan Griffin. Can that kid play or not? Apparently not in the estimation of the Buc’s braintrust because he’s clearly a much cheaper choice than Fitz or Glennon.

    Personally I’ll take Fitz because of his success at various times in the league and his relationship with #3. Glennon is only OK at best.

    But I really wish Griffin was ready to at least back up Jameis…spend the money on more players and draft a QB prospect late or sign him as a UDFA to play on the practice squad and be our 3rd QB.

  7. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    StPete, you hit the nail on the head. If Koetter thought Griffin could play he’d have the #2 job by now. My only hope is that they wanted to give him last season to get ready to take over the backup role in 2018. There may be rumors, but until Glennon signs here or somewhere else it’s all just speculation on the #2 job and Griffins future here. He could still be in the mix. I’m not really in favor of Glennon coming back. I think if Griffin has what it takes, he should get the job, but if the Bucs think Winston will be suspended to start the season, Fitzpatrick should start the season. That’s my opinion now. It could change. I’m not strongly in favor of either possibility, mainly because we haven’t seen Griffin play a meaningful snap.

  8. NFLNut Says:

    SIGN FITZ & GLENNON? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fitz OR Glennon … sure, whatever …

    P.S. I doubt Jameis gets suspended even one game … he said/she said with ONLY ONE EYEWITNESS and that one eyewitness corroborates Jameis’ side of events = case closed.

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Things could fall well. I stated the Bears would sit Glennon by game 5, and I think it was close to that. You can’t blame Glennon for trying but I wish someone would have convinced him he’s not going to be a starter in the NFL. Does he himself have that idea out of his head now? Hope so. I agree with folks up top…get Fitz back and start him over the gentle giraffe…if you MUST bring him back here. As for Jameis, that third guy in the car doesn’t seem to be materializing. If that’s the case, Jameis will get suspended troubles with the Bucs long term would be even worse. Here’s to hoping JW is right, and Fitz stays a Buc.

  10. Bucbruh Says:

    I think Glennon will be great as a back up again.

  11. Buc4lyfe79 Says:

    Would rather have Fitz and his ability to run for a first down or touchdown instead of statuesque Glennon.

  12. Buccaneer scotty Says:


    non sounds good to me as a backup and Griffin as 3rd stringer

  13. JonBuc Says:

    Please no to a giraffe return…sounds like a Licht’s Out type of move though.

  14. ATrain Says:




  15. Seminole Bill Says:

    To those writing against singing Glennon, Fitz, or both…..wake up! It is more than likely that the Bucs will be without Jameis for 6 games this coming seaon. If neither Glennon or Fitz are singed, all we will have is Griffin, a commodity with no experience.

  16. Seminole Bill Says:

    …signing (Joe, we need spell check)

  17. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Seriously – if the Bucs make this move then the team is simply resigning itself to mediocrity or worse.

    Glennon does not win football games. Period.

    Glennon does not know how to complete a downfield pass. Period.

    All Glennon will do is fully expose just how bad the offensive line is. At least with Fitzy – who is mobile – we were able to keep the offense moving. Glennon would be an unmitigated disaster. I’d rather we just run Wildcat options than trot him out there.

    This is literally the dumbest idea I’ve heard all offseason – even more than signing a slew of mid-thirties has beens to fix the defense.

    Stop all of this nonsense and do the only thing that matters this offseason…


  18. William Walls Says:

    I think Koetter and company are waiting for Griffin to come back from injury to see if he can answer some of those questions on the field. His potential viability as a backup and cheap price tag would make for more cash available at other positions, so if I were running the front office, that would be my Plan A. Plan B would be to retain Fitzpatrick (which I might try to do regardless), and Plan C would involve Glennon.

  19. William Walls Says:

    (re: spell check — or at least an edit button.)

  20. AlteredEgo Says:

    Bring him back….

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here is the problem I have always had with Glennon: His weaknesses were painfully clear while he was here and he next put in the work to remove them.

    In a nutshell, that sums it up.

    Statue in the pocket. Takes far too long to throw. The slightest pressure makes him implode.

    Always the same, year after year. So please, Licht. Move. On.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “he next put in the work”
    he never put in the work

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Licht and Dirk really seemed to like Glennon last time he was here. Not sure if that had more to do with them smartly realizing how important a quality backup is or if it was Glennon himself.

    I do like Fitz better but when you consider the age factor Glennon could be the better backup for us because he can be behind Winston for most of his career.

    I also like the idea of keeping Griffin around as a long term option as our third QB.

  24. El_Buc941 Says:

    #Fitzpatrick Is My Backup

  25. Bird Says:

    They ll use Fitz to lower glennon asking price. They will pay well below 7. Probably below 5 or around there.

  26. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Draft Q.Flowers out of USF in the later rounds..

  27. SB Says:

    Fitz went 2 and 1 as a starter last yr, and he almost brought us back in the Zona game. ‘Nuff Said! Move on from the Glennon talk.

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    Glennon is a good pick to return, he knows the offense, the players and has a level of trust. Fitz is an old man with a weakening arm and plus he history shows that he obviously is doing voodoo curses or something behind the scenes to get starting QBs injured.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    LifeOfABucFan – Hate to say it but I doubt Flowers get drafted, not unless he moves to a different position. As an offensive weapon I don’t get why teams aren’t willing to do something creative with guys like Flowers, but they’re just not willing to do so. In Dirk’s deep ball offense where the QB stays inside the pocket he’d be a terrible fit -and again I don’t see any way Dirk does anything different for a guy like Flowers. The best thing for Flowers might be going a place like NE where they have an OC that was willing to change things up for Tebow when he was in Denver for example. For the sake of Flowers I hope he’s willing to just move to whatever position teams want him to play, as a RB/WR/KR I think he could play for, at the least, as long as BJ Daniels did.

  30. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Multiple steps backward if Glennon is resigned. Jameis can use an experienced
    NFL QB as a sounding board and mentor.

  31. Marc Says:

    Damn, nice call Joe! The Bucs need to do the right thing and hire JBF in some capacity. Excellent foresight. They could use it.

  32. Mike Johnson Says:

    NOTHING..Our Bucs would do surprises me. NOTH-THING!
    Losers attract those like themselves.

  33. Alanbucs Says:

    Why is everyone so convinced Jameis will be suspended? I’ve actually heard the Bucs feel good about him avoiding suspension.

  34. DBS Says:

    This would be great just to watch tmax have a stroke. If they lose a game who would he blame? GMC or Glennon? And if they won the game he would say the other ream even if it was a playoff bound team just had a bad day.

  35. DBS Says:


  36. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Glennon wont be back, at least I hope not. There are plenty of back up QBs much better than Glennon! One of them just led his team to a Super Bowl. I think Glennon needs to hang it up and go sell insurance. I knew he was going to be a total bust for Chicago and I really don’t know why any team would want him even as a back up!

  37. BucEmUp Says:

    They better sign for back. Yoy.coukd see the HUGE impact it had on Winston sitting and watching how fitz.to.command.of the line and the entire offense. When.winston returned he looked really good. Fits needs to be here for his development and he has proven he can play well as a backup.

    But again who cares with Mike.Smith a sure bet to ruin the season

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t understand what’s so wrong with Glennon as a backup. Maybe take a look at the quality of backups in the league and you’ll see a bit more value.

    I do like Fitz a whole lot more but he is pushing 40 now. I’m sure they are in talk with Fitz too. He put out some decent film, maybe he wants to go somewhere and compete for a starting gig again.

    So say Fitz goes. You don’t want Glennon. Who ya want?

  39. DoNUTS Says:


    Glennon has played 6 games in the past 3 years. He was 1-3 last year and had 4 TD in 4 games. I his lone victory v Steelers he was 15/21 with 1TD and INT. 21 passes!! He was benched in week 5 after being given the chance to win the team over from training camp. I think its safe to say his NFL career may be over or on death’s door (injuries can change things). If the Bucs make this move, it will just signal to the rest of the league that they are in complete disarray. If they stuck with the coaches, stick with the backup QB who was 2-1 last year and played decent.

  40. feelthepewterpower Says:

    I’d pass on Fitz and Glennon…..I like Ryan Griffth. He was making strides last preseason. I know we need experience, but it is fairly easy to find an acceptable back-up.

  41. Eric Says:

    Why would it have been good for Glennon if someone convinced him he isn’t a starter.

    He is several million dollars richer because somebody thought he was.

  42. tmaxcon Says:


    glennon and mccoy 2 of the worst draft picks in the last decade. neither one has done anything to make the team better.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Fitz is not better than Glennon, and Fitz is old, short and weak armed. Glennon knows the offense and can slot right back into the back-up slot. For those that say Fitz went 2-1, he did so against terrible teams, if starting record is all that matters then I guess the Bucs should have resigned Trent Dilfer after getting the SB win, right? No. Fitz was fine as a backup, but Glennon is a better backup. I don’t want either one starting, but at least if Glennon did start and the weather wasn’t perfect, he can drive the ball more than 12 yards down field. Glennon played like 15 snaps the entire time he was behind Winston so those comparing his play to Fitz, as always, have no idea what they’re talking about. I can’t believe the people on this board are so nuts they make me defend Glennon. As a backup he’s a good fit, as good of a fit as there is out there. Winston is the QB of the future and will be here for the next decade, all the Bucs need is someone that can step in, and that means in all weather conditions. As for Glennon last year the poor guy never had a chance to do anything, he goes to Chicago, they pull the rug out from under him and all the WRs get hurt – there is not much you can take away from a guy just learning a new offense, getting like 3 weeks of playing time and having all his WRs out. Glennon, as a backup, is a fine choice and makes perfect sense. If Glennon goes elsewhere and they’re stuck with Fitz, I guess that’s OK, but I’d rather have Griffin at that point. I’m not a Fitz believer because he put up 15 points against the Jets.

  44. SB Says:

    Sorry Rod but I disagree with you on this one. And I was a Glennon Mob guy. Fitz is the better choice Easily!!!! Let’s just hope this is all subterfuge in the long run.

  45. NFLNut Says:

    Fitz or Glennon? Makes no difference to me either way as neither one is capable of making a run in the playoffs, but either one is capable of playing a couple decent games if Jameis is suspended.

    If we had a SB roster and knew Jameis was out 6 games, I’d advocate splurging on a 1 year signing of an actual starter quality QB like Sam Bradford, but that isn’t the situation Tampa’s in … so … with Fitz and Glennon, I guess I’d go for whoever asks for less money …

  46. DBS Says:

    Sure you don’t want to try your QB W-l record is what matters tmax? After all that is your standard. So that as you would say ls : Glennon 6-16. Loser. Fitz 48-70-1 Loser. Winston 18-27 Loser. And you are always right.

  47. catcard202 Says:

    Sign Glennon to a 2yr/$13M & then draft a surprise QB to develop.

    Bucs can find 3-4 pieces every the draft & another couple pieces in every FA, but Franchise QB’s are hard to come by! Drafting another potential star to develop behind 3 puts everything in perspective… This is your team, until it isn’t.

    If 3 is the MAN…A Surplus of good QB’s is never a bad thing later on!

  48. Jonzey Says:

    Don’t bring that bum back he left the Bucs and went to the bears and sucked and let a rookie out play him. We can find a back up.

  49. mark2001 Says:

    Hate to say it…. he doesn’t have it to be a starter in this league, so a backup is as good as it is going to get. But he plays with as much heart as half the guys on this team…so that really isn’t an issue at this point in time.

  50. SteveK Says:

    Ryan Fitzpatrick was 2-1 starting last year

    Jameis was 3-9 as a starter last year.

    Based on team results, NFLNut, Ryan Fitzpatrick is just as “capable” as Winston, in regard to leading a team to a”playoff run”

    Winston needs to fix the turnover ratio and we will be talking about playoffs.

    I just get annoyed with the facts being discounted and disregarded. Based on 2017 team results, Fitzpatrick gave us a better chance to win games. Nfl is a bottom line business.

  51. NFLNut Says:


    If you actually think that, you’re now on my “loon” board … by that asinine logic, you believe Blake Bortles is better than Aaron Rodgers as his TEAM had a better winning percentage with him at QB than the Packers had with Rodgers at QB.

    YOU also must think Jimmy G is better than Brady and Rodgers by a mile as he was undefeated … never mind that he played the Rams JV squad and three other joke teams …

    Wins are a TEAM stat, not a QB stat, period.

    Fitzpatrick played the Jets and Dolphins … Jameis would have won those games … heck, Ryan Griffin probably would have won those games.

    YOU sir are now firmly on my “loon” board with many posters who pop up on game days to bash Jameis and then disappear the rest of the year …

  52. SteveK Says:

    Nfl nut,

    No sir! I do not believe Bortles is “better”.

    I’m just saying Jameis Winston is not on LeBron James level. Saying such is wrong as hell and you should be ashamed. LeBron has won professional level championships in multiple places, and has NEVER been suspended for poor behavior.

    C’mon man, you’re better than that.

  53. SteveK Says:


    Look at your post in this very thread, you claim Fitzpatrick is not “capable@.

    Why did Fitzpatrick have a better winning percentage than Jameis last year?

    How can a backup QB with a noodle arm hit DJax on a deep ball when our #1 overall draft pick can not?

    It’s on like donkey Kong. You’re not even a fan of a team, just the individual players. Ryan Fitzpatrick is capable, hence winning games last year.

  54. SteveK Says:


    “YOU sir are now firmly on my “loon” board with many posters who pop up on game days to bash Jameis and then disappear the rest of the year …”

    Is it so wrong to expect the #1 overall draft pick, a QB no less, to lead their team to victory? I am a Jameis fan, own his jersey and wear it proudly, and I hold him accountable.

    You’re not going to hold CB Ryan Smith as accountable to the team winning, as much as one would Jameis Winston.

    If Jameis is due the richest contract in NFL history, then it’s safe to assume he has a winning impact that warrants it.

    I saw Jameis force the ball, or make dumb arse decisions with the ball. I expect the QB w the fattest future contract in the game, one you compare to LeBron James, to BE GOOD ENOUGH TO WARRANT IT.

    All day, son, it’s going to be a long off season disproving you’re narrow, silly, straight up jackass opinion.

  55. SteveK Says:

    How can an undrafted QB from Harvard hit DJax on a deep ball when the #1 overall pick can not?

    I mean, according to NFLDEEZNUTS, Fitzpatrick isn’t “capable”.

    How does an “incapable” QB have better deep ball acumen than our #1 overall pick?

    How come Jameis is not “capable” of staying outnumbered of trouble off the field, or hitting DeSean Jackson on a deep ball?

  56. NFLNut Says:



    Again, go through the archives and read all my previous posts to educate yourself … I’m a good teacher and you can come out with a higher football I.Q. 🙂

    Now, I’ll answer you questions/attacks:

    1. I NEVER claimed Jameis is on LeBron’s level … I said he needed to go LeBron and start running things … I stand by that. Please try to follow the argument before you, rather than attacking points I never made in the first place …

    2. If you think that the team winning games while Fitz was QB against the Jets and Dolphins means that he is capable of making a playoff run, so be it … I do not. Next.

    3. It is irrational and nonsensical to expect any QB, including Brady and Rodgers, let alone a 23 year old playing with a bum throwing shoulder, to lead a team with no running game, a bad O-Line and the worst defense in all of football to a winning record, period. That said, I believe you are irrational and nonsensical and you are indeed on my “loon” board.

    4. No, it is NOT “safe to assume” that Jameis must have a “winning impact” to warrant being the highest paid player … and that is my whole point. Kirk Cousins is about to become the highest paid player that has ever played in the NFL and NOTHING about his on-field performance warrants that … he’s simply the “next in line” … and Jameis will one day be the “next in line” as well. This is a simple concept to understand and I have no idea why you’re having such a hard time grasping it.

    5. No one on this board, including Joe, has ever proven me wrong about anything or won a single debate with me … ever. I don’t say that arrogantly, it’s simply a fact. Again, go through ALL my old posts and read them and educate yourself … I imagine it will do wonders for you and raise your football I.Q.

    Finally, rather than getting your panties in a bunch and trying to win a debate against me (which won’t happen as you’re punching well above your weight class in even debating with me), calm down, relax and allow yourself to be educated. I know that I can come off as an arrogant, know-it-all, and I apologize if I offended you. Likewise, you take it as a compliment that I am replying to you in such a detailed manner as that obviously means I enjoy chatting with you and consider your replies worthy of being replied to … there are many others on this site that I just ignore entirely as I consider them unworthy of even being responded to.



  57. SteveK Says:


    I enjoy this too. And to think you’re never wrong is beyond asinine.

    And, to say Jameis “should pull a LeBron” infers that he can swing his weight around like LeBron, which Jameis is not there yet.

    Good points about the quality of Fitzpatrick’s wins.

    The “next in line” theory is interesting. I wonder how many QBs next in line have off the field questions?

  58. SteveK Says:

    I’m also pretty sure Aaron Rodgers won his super bowl in 2010 by himself.

    The packers snuck in the playoffs that year on a tiebreaker bc of the bad call against Winslow at home vs Det, OPI bs.

  59. NFLNut Says:



    1. I never said I’m never wrong; I said no one has ever proven me wrong or won a debate against me on this site … that is a fact. I could be wrong on something in the future as I’m not omniscient, but I doubt it as when I debate, I’m not just debating an opinion and always have stats, facts and historical data to back me up. Anyone can be wrong on a mere misstatement and an opinion, but when one has facts, stats and data, rather than mere opinions and emotional arguments, one should never lose a debate.

    2. Jameis will NEVER have as much power as LeBron James imho … no football player in history has ever had as much power as LeBron has right now. I simply said Jameis should pull a LeBron and try to run things … I also made it clear Jameis may not do that until after he signs his extension.

    3. “Next in line” isn’t a theory, it’s a fact, which was proven by Stafford, Carr, Jimmy G and will soon be proven again by Cousins and then Ryan, NONE of whom are the best QBs in the NFL but all of whom were or are “next in line”.

    4. If you think Aaron Rodgers single-handedly won a SB when he is 1/11 players on offense and does not play defense, special teams, or coach at all … you and I don’t have anything to talk about as you’re perhaps the most nonsensical poster on this entire site … that said, I can’t believe you actually think that as you don’t strike me as someone who needs to be in a padded room …


  60. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    Besides the venerable Tom Brady being suspended over deflate gate what team’s franchise QB’s have been suspended for childish antics in the offseason? Really? …born leader of men? ..smh. So, because of our impeccable America’s QB’s criminal behavior our team will probably be punished to start the season. I’m fkn stoked