“Grimes Has Done Some Things Around Here That I Didn’t Think Were Possible”

January 22nd, 2018

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The man has some serious leverage. He knows it — and the Bucs know it.

Brent Grimes has made a nice living playing defense in the NFL for the past 11 years. Now, he’s on offense.

The Bucs need him back, but when Grimes hits the free-agent market in March, he will be a valuable commodity. Even though he turns 35 in July, the man can still cover with the best of them.

He was one of the few bright spots on a defense that surrendered the most yards in pro football. He knows Mike Smith’s system better than any other Buccaneer and he knows exactly where he stands with Tampa Bay’s coaching staff.

“I tried to give him a sell job this morning, and I told him we would love to have him back,” Dirk Koetter said, describing his exit chat with Grimes. “I think Brent defies his real age, and there’s been other guys around the league that have been able to do that. He’s a free agent so he’s in control of it, but we’d love to have him back, and I told him that.”

Talk is cheap. Grimes won’t be.

Miko is already on record as saying that money talks in free agency.

The Bucs have plenty of cap room and plenty of reasons to make a big pitch for the only NFL player with at least three interceptions in each of the past five seasons.

“Brent Grimes has done some things around here that I didn’t think were possible,” says Keith Tandy. “I knew he was good, but I didn’t know he was this great. He’s by far the best I’ve seen.”

Grimes missed three games last season with a shoulder injury, but he’s been very durable. And when you look at Tampa Bay’s depth chart at corner without Grimes — Vernon Hargreaves. Javien Elliott, Robert McClain, Ryan Smith, David Rivers and Josh Robinson — you realize why Grimes would leave a massive hole if he departs.

There are other teams right in the NFC South who would covet Grimes as a free agent. Don’t you think the Panthers, Falcons and Saints would want to add a veteran cornerback who still plays at an elite level?

If the money is right, the Bucs would seem to have a decent chance to re-sign Grimes.

“We’ve got good vibes on this team,” Grimes says. “Smitty is a good coach. He’s seen a lot and he knows a lot about football. Obviously, we’ve got to fix some things, but a big key in football is people wanting to play together … and I feel like we’ve gotten that part.”

If Grimes returns, Smith should at least think about utilizing him the way some other defenses handle their best cover corners. Patrick Peterson and Xavier Rhodes understand that a key part of their job is to shadow the opposition’s best receiver.

End of story. No questions asked. They embrace the challenge.

But when Julio Jones was torching the Bucs in Atlanta, Grimes remained on his side of the field, regardless of where Jones lined up. I’m still waiting for a decent answer why Grimes wasn’t locked onto Jones.

What has the Bucs concerned is the fact Grimes holds the cards heading into free agency. He’s not about to give away his hand.

“I can’t give you a definite answer right now,” he says. “I’ve got some stuff to think about. They made it clear they want me back. I like Dirk, I like the coaching staff, I like the city. All of that will weigh into my decision.”

But in the end, the Grimes family will have a Beatles record playing in the background when free agency comes ’round.

Money don’t get everything it’s true
What it don’t get, I can’t use
Now give me money
That’s what I want
That’s what I want, yeah
That’s what I want

26 Responses to ““Grimes Has Done Some Things Around Here That I Didn’t Think Were Possible””

  1. NFLNut Says:

    I love Grimes but even I’d only give him a contract with guaranteed money through 2018 … the dude’s ancient …

  2. NFLNut Says:

    He just seems like he’s at the age where he’s going to sign a 1 year deal with a team like the Patriots … and we in turn may sign the Patriots Malcolm Butler as he’s at the age and stage were he’s looking to break the bank …

  3. Johnny Says:

    song was written by Berry Gordy of Motown fame?

  4. Brandon Says:

    Maybe at 35 it’s a little too late to make him anything other than a left CB only. That’s his side, that’s where he’s comfortable… sometimes dudes are asked to move and can’t play the other side effectively.

  5. Johnny Says:

    need some Chuck Berry references please

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    go to a winner mr grimes…. leave this mickey mouse franchise in your rear view mirror they don’t deserve you.

  7. Debilah Says:

    I would love for him to come back, I love Tampa living in Tampa for 5 months .

  8. jmarkbuc Says:

    Grimes may be the best we’ve got, but is that really saying a whole lot?? Sure feels like the Bucs are about to make another stupid move. Our inability to develop young talent is how a 35 yr old is our best corner/

  9. LakeLand Says:

    A 5’8 35 year old runt is your best CB. Lord have mercy on this team.

  10. 813bucboi Says:

    let him walk….time to go big or stay in the cellar…..

    sign butler or breeland day 1 of FA and sign k.fuller on day 2………2 young CB’s that can play man press just like our other 2 young CB’s VHG and ryan smith….make VHG and ryan compete for PT…..

    letting grimes walk would force smitty to play to the strength of his other CB’s……grimes is the only CB that thrives in soft/off coverage in smitty’s defense…..all others look like PS players…..let the CB’s play man press and you’ll see a big difference in CB play…..GO BUCS!!!!

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    dirk wants him back because as @joe stated, this defensive staff cant develop CB’s and DE’s…..simple as that!!!!!!…..if we have coaches on this staff that cant develop players and coach them up, what use are they to the team?….their just collecting checks….GO BUCS!!!!

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Spot on IRA!!!

    The 5-8 35 year old runt is tied with arguably the best CB in the league..Sherman..with 20 picks over the past five years. He STILL has amazing hops…he has great closing speed and skill at baiting NFL QB’s after 11 years!!!

    AGAIN…Darrell Green was 42 his last season. Grimes may not have another seven years in his tank but he surely has a couple. As for signing him the key is Miko. Brent likes his teammates and Smitty…when Miko says $$$ what she’s really peoed about is the total lack of respect. No matter how well he plays the league is full of “Lakelands” who call him a 5-8 runt! She sees the player that Brent is tied with for ints making FOUR times what Brent earns. I’m telling you guys Miko is the key. Show her love…show her RESPECT….tell her if her hubby resigns he’ll finally get his “proper respect”…we put him on the stadium as one of the four Bucs…we find her a gig her a JBF as a guest columnist…stroke her and Brent’s ego…the money has to be respectful too…at least comparable to what other DB’s with his stats earn. I just don’t believe we can’t afford him.
    We LOVE YOU MIKO!!! Please let him stay.

    So…if Talib really wants out of Denver…bring him back to Tampa!!!! That’s it!
    If Grimes and Talib started at CB with a hopefully reinvigorated and committed VHG as our #3 DB….Evans looks like the real deal at safety…we’re set in our defensive backfield……IF

    We address the REAL problem. NO pass rush. Give the Grimes and Talib a pass rush on Matty Ice and the equation changes dramatically.

    My solution require NO draft picks…hopefully add some more competition with UDFA’s which Licht has done in the past fairly successfully.

    Draft for the trenches!!!!

  13. Not there yet Says:

    There’s no way you can tell me this franchise looks anything but desperate signing a 35 year old corner to a massive contact one that we already know can’t guard the best receivers in our division.

    Another reason this current regime will get fired is funchess, Ginn, Thomas, Sanu and Jones all of them between 6’2- 6-5 yet they think signing corners under 6 feet will get there job done

    There has to be another corner at the same price younger with his skill set, this team doesn’t need more of the same and if they don’t think they can do better they will overpay and he’ll get injured like Vincent Jackson sit on the sidelines and get paid

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    SPBF says:
    “She sees the player that Brent is tied with for ints making FOUR times what Brent earns”

    Sherman’s salary in 2017 was 11,431,000.

    Grimes made $8M in 2017

    That’s 40% higher – not 400% higher.

  15. Hodad Says:

    Begging a 35 yr old corner on his last legs, who isn’t willing to tackle in the run game to resign only goes to show what a mess this franchise is in.

  16. CarolinaBucFan Says:

    Not there yet,
    There’s no way you can tell me that this franchise is anything but desperate in trying to find a solid corner. I mean how long has it been now that we’ve had a gaping hole on that part of the roster sheet?

  17. MikeGlennonFan Says:

    Unless we’re on the cusp of a Super Bowl run I don’t understand why we’d chase after a short term veteran. This looks desperate.

  18. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Hodad..it’s re-sign…not resign..totally different meanings..

  19. StPeteBucsfan Says:


    I totally accept your correction. You keep bettet track of money, caps etc.

    But it doesnt change my fundamenal point. Miko sees 40 % less for the same ints LEADING the league over the past 5 yesrs. I concede that Sherman has more tackling ability but move Sherman out of Seattles D and put him behind the Bucs rush a d see how he plays. 40% is not chump change. 3 million is also substantial. Miko wojld be angry with me…I’ve seen her rants and she has a laundry list of DBs not as good as Brent
    I see her point! The Grimes are obviosly very weslthy. Brent apparently likes his teammates and DC. If Miko tells him its a good deal he’ll sign it…sbe’s his defacto agent.

    Thanks again for the correction. I’m not a fan of hyperbole and I wad clearly guilty! Mea culpa.

  20. Reach87 Says:

    I recommend negotiating hard to keep this player. You can say he is short and getting old, but he made plays and made our team better. Just a smart, gritty and committed player. Everything that I’ve seen is that he has been a great team guy. A true pro. Why would we not want him on this team? One reason that is arguable is that he is getting older. Counter to that…he shows zero signs of it. Second reason is that we think we can just plug and play anyone younger/cheaper despite the fact that they don’t have his knowledge of the position or scheme. That argument has far less merit because of history. Rarely happens quickly (the Madden Effect). IMO, I would try my hardest to convince him to re-sign (he gets a vote), pair him with an improved pass rush and better play-calling and he will be part of a greatly improved (points, yards, wins) Bucs defense.

  21. Broy34 Says:

    Ronde did the same thing at an older age

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    SPBF – When looking at relative “value” to any NFL team the biggest difference between Sherman and Grimes (aside from 6″ height difference and 20+ lbs) is their age. 35 year old NFL players initiating a contract at that age will not make as much as 29 year old players – even if last year’s tape shows very similar skillset. It is what it is. Grimes should still be in line for $7-8M this year depending how the market shakes out.

  23. Hodad Says:

    Thanks LifeofaBuc, I keep making that mistake since I strangled my last grammar coach.

  24. Debilah Says:

    LAKELAND For your information my son is not a 5’8” runt, if you’re going to voice your opinion at least have the correct stats BYE

  25. Debilah Says:

    I keep saying to the haters that are supposedly Buccaneer fans, Haters are Team Grimey’s Motivators.

  26. NoFlyZone27 Says:

    Age means nothing when you positively impact the game for your tea when you’re on the field. Julius Peppers and James Harrison are the two that come to mind. We need all the great players we can get! The tape don’t lie. Allow him to line up and ball. We need Grimes! If nothing else, he can continue to influence the young players in our secondary.

    #CmonSon #PayThatMan