Derrick Brooks Says Bucs Need A Plan

January 21st, 2018

Derrick Brooks talks Bucs

Buccaneers icon Derrick Brooks, who will be an honorary captain/coach of the NFC this week during Pro Bowl practices leading up to next Sunday’s game, was talking about his beloved Bucs recently.

Of course, Joe was paying attention.

Legendary No. 55 was asked about Tampa Bay’s woeful pass rush on CBS Sports Radio. It made Brooks laugh before he rolled into other issues facing the team.

“One of the worst kept secrets (laughs),” Brooks said of the Bucs’ poor pass rush. “That is the case when you look to evaluate this team and that’s what Jason Licht and his staff, Dirk Koetter and his staff, they gotta find a way to address that issue because it’s not only been a problem this particular year, it’s been a problem the last couple of years when you look at the shortcomings of this team — it has been around creating pressure on [quarterbacks].

“So they have to address that along with where did they go wrong, in terms of the offensive continuity, the running game. It can go down the line. How do you deal with injuries. Depth-wise, do you draft on defense after drafting on offense? So, point being that they have a process in place that they got to go through and evaluate these issues.”

Brooks concluded by simply saying Licht and Koetter must craft a plan. That’s no simple task for the Bucs honchos with so many issues before them.

Joe was intrigued when Brooks said “how do you deal with injuries.” No, Joe won’t attempt to read between lines there. Dangerous territory.

This time last year, Brooks was saying publicly that he believed the 2017 Bucs would advance to the divisional round of the playoffs.

Things sure have changed.

201 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Says Bucs Need A Plan”

  1. Mike Johnson Says:

    Thanks Mr. Brooks. Problem is the bucs don’t have anybody in place at the top who’s been there, who knows football, who knows how to win..what it takes. how to draft. And they don’t care if they do or not. They got retread coaches who’ve done very little winning and owners who..just wanna keep them profits rollin. We will never be winners with our present philisophies. Pityful state of Affairs in BucLand as our division will get even tougher next season.

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’d be happy if Derrick Brooks himself was part of the plan for next year, in some front office capacity.

  3. DanBucsFan Says:

    Draft Nelson first will help address running game n protecting our franchise player Winston. No DE other than Chubb worth #7 pick so plz dont stretch bcuz of need . Can’t make apples from oranges. Maybe just maybe can draft a true center also in 3rd 4th round and at least we address something real in this draft instead of getting a couple stiffs at DE bcuz of need. IMO this would be wise thing to do and all the sudden we may have a top 5 O-line for next few years.

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Oh man, no gameday thread again…

    I guess this will do.

  5. SB Says:

    Go Jacksonville!!!

  6. SB Says:

    Lol! What Rod said.

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    So the Pats plan is to spread Jacksonville out – I guess they liked what they saw on film when Pittsburgh was playing catch-up and moving the ball at will.

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Jacksonville did a good job there settling down and not allowing the TD.

  9. Pawel Says:

    Jax Edge rushers made 2 good stops

  10. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Go Jax!

    I agree with Mike Johnson..not much to add after his post..all true..

  11. SB Says:

    “Jax Edge rushers made 2 good stops”

    We never got to say that about our Beloved Bucs this yr. 🙁

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    I don’t know how you people can like Jacksonville, they literally have the ugliest helmet in the history of any sport. I mean really, how do you screw up a gradient? Also their city is awful, I went through it once in like 1987 and I can still smell the place. Finally that awful blue bridge they have is the ugliest shade of blue I’ve ever seen.

    While I’d take great pleasure in watching a bunch of New England sweathog fans lose at home and cry, I can’t get behind a team with so many negatives like the Jags.

    I’ll stick with my prediction from last week, NE wins this game fairly easily – and it’s not a knock on Jacksonville being a good team, I just don’t think they match-up well and as I said last week I don’t think Jacksonville stays committed to just running the ball up the gut and boring NE to death, which is their path to win.

  13. Rod Munch Says:

    Lots of misdirection plays from NE so far, so their plan is to catch the Jags over pursuing. Teams would try that against those all-time great Bucs defenses and it’d work every once in a while, but not all that often. NE has ran it quite a bit already early in the game, clearly setting up something.

  14. Lovable yucs Says:

    Lol this organization doesn’t have any plan or idea in the world of what they’re doing. Playoff teams firing people because they demand better.

    The Bucs? Nah we’re good. Continuity even if it’s bad continuity.

    It’s pathetic that I’ve watched this crap since 1987.

    And next yearwill be more of the same which is losses that just keep piling up.

    Idiots from the top to the bottom.

    The fix for this team is so easily seen except for the idiots that run the team.

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Mke Johnson is right.

    Perfect example
    Did Ayers or Gholsten do ANYTHING this year? Make Plays? Pressure the QB? Make plays in the Run game?
    No. Not a damn thing worth keeping them in the lineup, or on the team
    Does anyone think that either of those guys are gonna get better?

    Then why- once our season was basically over- which didnt take long- did we keep playing these waste of space?
    I dont know if any of our young guys at DE are any good.
    But if our coaches were any good- I would have an Idea.
    Instead, they kept playing the 2 most ineffective DEs in the NFL

    Our whole office sucks. Shoulda replaced them all this year

  16. Rod Munch Says:

    If Jacksonville stays with that run up the gut and play action passes off of it they should be able to keep moving the ball. Bortles throwing the ball still always makes me nervous for them, I always feel like there’s a good chance a pick-6 is coming everytime he puts the ball in the air – but credit to him, he didn’t do it last week and this week looks good. He did get sacked/fumbled a couple of times last week but got the ball back each time – but so far the Pats aren’t getting any pressure at all.

  17. Rod Munch Says:

    The Pats are getting absolutely no pressure on the Jags at all, this is like watching the Bucs defense.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    The difference between the Bucs and the Jags?
    At one point- both teams sucked
    But the Jags have worked so hard to get better- like hiring Coughlin.
    The Bucs have proven that they dont care about improving.

    When a team continues to play players who are ineffective- then that team doesnt care about winning
    Doug Martin, Robert Ayers, William Gholsten, Vernon Hargreaves
    And there are others

  19. Lovable yucs Says:


    What do expect from team who’s owners invest money in a stupid sport like soccer?

    All they care about is money. Winning is secondary.

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    Jags defense is REALLY impressive. Amazing what an effective pass rush can do.

  21. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Boy remember the good ol’ days when our D was as impressive and dominating as Jax’ is right now. Makes ya jealous don’t it????

  22. SB Says:

    Dam…….My ribs hurt from that hit

  23. SB Says:

    Exactly Defense……….A Brutal pass rush can cover Many deficiencies on a team.

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Delay of game penalty just cost the Jags at least 3 more points. Reminiscent of some of the penalties manage to get caught at.

  25. mark2001 Says:

    P poor team…p poor organization. Tired of only finding college football of any interest after December. And I’m not on the payroll, so time to become a FA and look at other options. Life is too short.

  26. TonyC Says:

    Go Jags. I’m in Orlando so after all these years (became a Bucs fan in Polk County c. 76 and suffered through the noxious Culverhouse years) I could switch my allegiance if I continue to see this ownership group crap on the fans.Next year is the litmus test for me.

  27. Defense Rules Says:

    SB, I was just thinking. IF the Jags go on to win, we’d have a #1 DEFENSE vs a #2 DEFENSE Super Bowl this year. Can’t remember the last time that happened. If ever.

  28. Defense Rules Says:

    Gronk is a BEAST. He’s also ‘definitely wobbly right now’ as the commentators said after that brutal hit.

  29. Pelbuc Says:

    If Bucs are ever going to be relevant again they need to return to their roots and true identity…DEFENSE. Man, the Jags defense is nasty! They’re bringing the wood win or lose. Bucs have been soft for a long time now. Coaching has only made things worse. Draft all defense and get some FAs and hopefully things will improve on a couple of seasons.

  30. Ndog Says:

    You guys talking about switching teams are so weak. Guys like you are why we have one of the worst fan bases in the country.

  31. Destinjohnny Says:

    Him as the gm!

  32. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    And we have the crappiest QB array ever in the SB!!! So much for needing a franchise QB although I guess Bortles qualifies.

    Meanwhile I’m over the NFL rules. Kelce was killing the Titans until the guy gives him a head shot and put him out of the game and KC lost a game they probably win even with MM’s miracle pass to himself.

    So 42 clearly headhunts Gronk…he’s now probably out for the rest of the game.
    Here’s the deal. ANY team will take 15 yards to put another teams star out of the game. Easy solution. The player who puts the guy out of the game sits until the guy he injured clear concussion protocol….even if it’s multiple games.

    That hit was as ugly as the one that paralyzed Darryl Stingley. If this game is really about concussing guys or paralyzing them count me out as a fan.

  33. Richbucsfan Says:

    Interesting to see Patrick Omameh starting for the Jags. Coaching obviously made the difference. Sad to see former Bucs succeeding on playoff teams.

  34. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    The Pats are serial cheaters and I wish them nothing but the worst.

  35. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Franchise QB – check… Now DL CB RB…

  36. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, how is it that Omameh wasnt good enough for us but is playing very well on a playoff (probably superbowl) team as a starter.

  37. gambelero Says:

    So, it’s great to say that you need a plan, but the draft has a lot of uncertainties. If you go in saying DE first round, OL second, cornerback third, you get in a spot where the best edge guy is only rated Bottom 1, but Duncan and Fitzpatrick are there. Are you supposed to reach for the DE, draft stratified BPA, or pure BPA?

  38. Ndog Says:

    Its easy guys, and I hate to say this, but Licht is just not a very good talent evalulator. So many players that he let walk to just replace them with players the same or worse. I mean if you go back and look at our team when he took over and we might be better at WR, linebacker and of course QB but that’s it. Where else is this team better? Secondary nope, o line nope, RB nope, D line are you kidding me?

  39. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog… most of us came from elsewhere and became Buc fans after joining the community. For me over 30 years ago….And we stuck with them during many years of laughter and disgrace, which has been most of the teams existence before and after the mid-90’s through the early 2000’s. Players and coaches have no problem moving from team to team. The players aren’t mostly local guys, born and bred in the Tampa Bay area. So what is the problem? The owners all ring the cash register year after year. After all, it isn’t as if we were bandwagon fans….the Bucs for most of their existence haven’t been bandwagons…they have been Sheet wagons.

  40. SB Says:

    I agree Defense……….That would be something.

  41. Mike in LOL Says:

    Man look how balanced the Jaguars offense is, and the mixups in the playcalling!!! They have less receiving weapons but because of better coaching and playcalling they look like they have a much better offense than us (of course having a good RB and OLine may be big reasons for that…)

  42. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s crazy that Brooks Isn’t our gm.
    Jason is a good (not great) scout.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    This Pats defense looks absolutely terrible, there is no pressure at all. Good for the Jags if they can pull it off. I wasn’t picking them but I LOVE seeing home teams lose in the playoffs.

    As for those saying they might change their team affiliation – that is what is called being a bandwagon rider. Anywho, seeya.

  44. MadMax Says:

    And Gronk is out for the game (concussion?)

  45. Ndog Says:

    Mark2001 well since that is the case why should there be fans of any team? That is just a weak mindset and I sit on my a** every game every season and have to listen to these other fans cheer there team. If we had real fans that wouldn’t happen and “fans” like you are the problem!

  46. SB Says:

    Bortles is NoWhere Near the QB that Jameis is and he has NoWhere Near the offensive weapons Jameis has. This said the Bucs Defense doesn’t even resemble the Jags’ D
    Anyone remember how we lost to the Pats in week 5 when we missed 3 FGs and a PAT? 10 pts missed and a loss by 5?

  47. mark2001 Says:

    Jacksonville….by far the best team in Florida. No doubt.

  48. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    This Jags D is nasty. I hope they win it all

  49. Defense Rules Says:

    Hey, here we are in the 4th quarter, Jax up 20-10 and Myles Jack strips the ball. Now that’s D-E-F-E-N-S-E. Don’t know what the Pats’ time-of-possession is thus far, but gut feel is that Jags have had the ball twice as much as the Pats.

  50. Rod Munch Says:


  51. Defense Rules Says:

    SB, he may not be as good as Jameis, but Bortles is in the AFC Championship game. He’s getting the job done very efficiently and that’s what the Jags need.

  52. Rod Munch Says:

    Bortles is garbage, but if you give any QB a strong running game and they can sit in the pocket all day with no pressure, they’re going to look good. Just look at Dak in Dallas last year, everyone acted like he was an incredible QB and not just the product of his running game and offensive line.

    Anyone comparing Winston and Bortles is just a d-bag.

  53. SB Says:

    It’s good to see Romo finally make it to the 3rd round of the playoffs. 🙂

  54. mark2001 Says:

    Ndog…you don’t get it. Teams even leave communities…St. Louis and such. The Raven’s/Browns screwed Cleveland. You root for the team you want to root for. No team lives or dies based upon your fandom. You obviously are a weak minded youngster that has never been around. So you have season tickets and support the team with your heart and finances? Good for you,…you are financially invested in the product. But honestly, unless you do, you don’t mean S to the team. Hate to give you the truth, but there it is.

  55. SB Says:

    My point Defense is that Elite Defenses help QBs too. I.E. Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer………..

  56. Lovable yucs Says:

    Well at least Bortles (so far) isn’t fumbling and throwing int’s all over the field like Winston.

    Love Winston but he just can’t help himself with bad throws and terrible decisions.

  57. SB Says:

    Don’t you guys wish we had an OC that could call so many Great plays???

  58. Rod Munch Says:

    yucs – Bortles fumbled the ball twice last week and should have had another couple of INTs. As for this game, as I said, if you can’t get pressure anyone can look good and in case you didn’t know the Bucs played this Pats D and Winston threw for over 300 yards, a TD and had no turnovers.

  59. Rod Munch Says:

    Now we get to crunch time. If I was the Jags I’d just run it up the gut, but so far they’ve done a good job mixing it up and moving the ball. Anywho I’d expect the big BS call to help the Pats coming here soon.

  60. Lovable yucs Says:



    Should’ve this should’ve that.

    It doesn’t matter it’s the same sh it show every year for the Bucs. Doesn’t matter the reason. Next season will be more of the same.

  61. cmurda Says:

    The Patsies are going to win this game. Bortles has played great but the Pats are forcing him in the 4th qtr to beat them with his arm and I don’t think he can. Pats are stuffing the box with 9.

  62. Mike in LOL Says:

    They just have such a better coaching staff and playcalling at Jax… I don’t see Koetter doing 1/3 the job of this OC from Jax…

  63. Rod Munch Says:

    yucs – Dummy, I gave an apples to apples comparison, improve your reading comprehension then get HIV. God bless.

  64. Defense Rules Says:

    SB, couldn’t agree more … on both.

    And Rod, this isn’t the same Pats team that we almost beat. They grew (matured) as a T-E-A-M during the season. That’s what HCs like Belicheck bring to the table.

  65. Ndog Says:

    No mark2001 I get it, your weak I totally get it, trust me I get it.

  66. Rod Munch Says:

    Nope, that non-PI wasn’t the big call for the Pats – there has to be a blatant one… still waiting…

  67. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense – I know it’s not the same “team”, but it is the same early season defense that has looked absolutely terrible today, no pressure at all. They got a key stop there, but that should be expected.

    Here’s the money drive. The Bucs, a truly elite defense, would get a turnover and score a TD… but are the Jags elite? I don’t think so, not yet, but this is when we find out.

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    I thought that might be the BS call from the refs, but that was a legit PI…

  69. Defense Rules Says:

    Ramsey kinda blew that one. Pretty obvious pass interference.

  70. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    That’s bullspit. Pats have been hold WRs all day and now they call that on Ramsey

  71. Defense Rules Says:

    Awesome blitz

  72. Rod Munch Says:

    The Pats only have one pentality all game, versus 6 for nearly a 100 yards… LOL! OK maybe it’s not one big call that will screw over the Jags.

  73. Defense Rules Says:

    You’re right Rod, it’s crunch time. 6 minutes left, Jags with the ball. Here’s where they need their running game to control the clock.

  74. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    The pats are just daring Bortles to beat them.

  75. Rod Munch Says:

    I know it’s been working most of the day, but man do I hate running out of shotgun for the Jags, just line up and run it up the gut, straight power game – they could run out the clock.

  76. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Jeez. They are gonna blow this. SMH

  77. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I smell a pick coming

  78. Defense Rules Says:

    Pats at the 15 yard line with 5 minutes left. Not looking good right now.

  79. Rod Munch Says:

    Elite defenses step up here….

    But in fairness they’re going against an all-time great.

    Interesting matchup….

  80. Defense Rules Says:

    QB sneak … don’t see those nearly as much as I used to. And it worked. Wow.

  81. Rod Munch Says:

    Why in the world doesn’t Dirk allow Winston to sneak the ball, it’s such a dumb move. It’s like last week Big Ben coming out and saying he’s not allowed to audible into a QB sneak. How dumb.

  82. Richbucsfan Says:

    Jags have given up. They’re toast now.

  83. Not there yet Says:

    Beyond me how this knucklehead joe thinks Lynch can run a team after sitting in a announcers both but Brooks after running a team in arena league is only good enough to hold a clipboard it’s just insulting.

    Sounds like Brooks understands the main issue of building a team to me, light has zero experience and it shows now.

    Brooks just said they need to craft a plan lol the guy with no experience running an NFL team says the guy in his 5th year running the team needs a plan hahaha what a joke.

    Dirkhead can’t even handle his defense which is why Mike Smith is here so why should he be involved in the draft at all. If coaches coach and players play, dirkhead should coach the players he is given not have input because anyone could pick oj Howard if he’s on the board at 17. I want licht to take full control of free agency and draft and stop worrying about what the coach wants.

  84. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense – Going back to the Jags possession, if they lose this game it’s all on that drive from their 10 when they ran the ball once from shotgun, it just makes no sense.

    However with this Pats defense being so poor, if the Pats offense scores, the game isn’t over.

  85. Rod Munch Says:

    If this TD stands… too much time… 2:48 left…

  86. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I flucking HATE the patriots

  87. Defense Rules Says:

    No pass rush … Brady had all the time in the world … TD. Amendola is awesome BTW.

  88. Defense Rules Says:

    Great opportunity for Bortles to define his career. Almost 3 minutes left so Jags have plenty of options still on the table. Come on Jags.

  89. Rod Munch Says:

    The Jags can still win here – that Pats defense has been awful all day. 2:48 and 3 timeouts, that’s a lot of time.

  90. Lovable yucs Says:


    Stfu you little di ck queeerr.

    You wanna start calling names?

    Choke on a bag of di cks.

    You don’t know sh it about anything.

    On here acting like your the all knowing knowledge provider.

    Go bang your boyfriend

  91. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Let’s go Bortles. Show us how good u are

  92. Rod Munch Says:

    This is like watching the Bucs trying to stop someone…

  93. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This is exactly why you pick a QB at number three in the draft. Let’s see if Bortles lives up to that pick.

    Off to a good start…if he brings the Jags back in Foxboro ya gotta give him props.

  94. Rod Munch Says:

    yucs – LANGUAGE!!!!

  95. Lovable yucs Says:


    About as smart as a wet paper bag full of sh it

  96. SB Says:

    I have the feeling that Jax is still going to win this game.

  97. SB Says:

    Well maybe not now 🙂

  98. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    I guess the children have arrived. ^^^^^^

  99. Rod Munch Says:

    Bortles nearly fumbled it away at the worst possible time… Glad he didn’t, even if it would make me laugh. I want to see a proper ending to the game – ideally with the Jags getting a TD here, Brady then getting a FG and we get OT! Who doesn’t want to see that?!?

  100. cmurda Says:

    @SB. What was that with Fournette? Ball is right there to make a play on and he makes no effort a la D Jax. Jags aren’t winning this game. Bortles can’t make the throws that are necessary.

  101. SB Says:

    cmurda. Either Fournette was out of place or Bortles made a bad throw. Either way Good teams make that play.

  102. cmurda Says:

    3 yard dumpoff on 3rd and 19 ain’t gonna work

  103. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I’m not Pats fan…I loathe Brady…and I have never been impressed by Bortles…

    But let’s be honest guys…no matter how this game ends up I gotta show respect for both QB’s…at least for THIS game. Both QB’s have played very well!!!!

  104. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Ball game here boys.

  105. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Ball game

  106. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow, that was one hell of a defensive play. The Bucs aren’t making that stop all year.

  107. Defense Rules Says:

    Hmmm, probably gametime. Great knockdown by Gilmore.

  108. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    We need to sign or trade for some Cbs

  109. Rod Munch Says:

    Jags still get the ball back again if they stop them here, with over a min to go, not over yet.

  110. mark2001 Says:

    Not weak Ndog… currently have a couple homes near a couple of NFL teams and lived around. So I have to decide which “local team” I should support. You are young and weak minded, and likely haven’t even been to other NFL cities and known their fans. And you criticize Buc fans that call out this lousy organization…probably don’t even financially support the team…but man….you are a “strong fan”. You have a jersey, right? So that makes you a “strong fan”. LOL.

  111. Lovable yucs Says:

    Rod munch saying language after saying for me to catch HIV and a dummy.

    Bit ch go eat your boyfriends as s

    I’ll beat you so bad it’ll be considered a hate crime.

  112. cmurda Says:

    Jags D? Meh. Decent, not there yet. No way the 02 Bucs D allows that game clinching run.

  113. Rod Munch Says:

    That Jags defense…


    Sorry Jags fans – I think you’re a year or two away from being elite. You’ll get there.

  114. SB Says:

    Well……………I guess I am a Vikings fan now. I can Never be a Philly fan.

  115. Defense Rules Says:

    Run game made all the difference in the end … unfortunately for the Patriots. Jags played a great game though IMO on New England’s home turf. Hats off to the Pats – they somehow always seem to find a way.

  116. Rod Munch Says:

    The Jags blew the game on that drive with like 5 mins to go when they gave up on the run – still makes no sense. Oh well they played much better than I thought they would, I didn’t think the game would be all that close – as in the score might look close but the game would be firmly in hand – that was certainly no the case here.

  117. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I’ve been a Vikings fan for the past several weeks. Not that I was some prognosticator just that I’m rooting for them after the way the playoffs shake out.

    I liked KC but of course Tennessee took care of them.

    I just think it would be cool if the Vikes could become the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

    Of course with the Jags out it’s easy…I hate New England and Philly fan? Who wants to watch those creeps get a chance to cheer!!!

  118. Rod Munch Says:

    Now I can’t wait to see a bunch of pieces of garbage in that s-hole Philedphia crying their fat faces into a bunch of cheesesteaks. Nothing beats seeing Eagles fans in tears.

  119. Ndog Says:

    Mark2001 you know nothing about me but I KNOW you are a weak fan cause you told everyone you are a bandwagon fan which equals WEAK. So go route for the Patriots and Yankees and Golden State and then when my team actually wins again I will enjoy it more than you ever could cause I and not a winning jumper like you. You see the hard times makes it more special but you wouldn’t know cause you are out looking for the latest win to cheer for.

  120. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree with the sentiments about Philly fan but I’m not sure who wins that Eagles-Vike game.

    Neither team has a good QB although Keenum seems a tad bit better than Foles…that’s not saying much.

  121. MadMax Says:

    Now for the Vikes to beat the birds so I can root against the patsies. If its pats and birds, that’ll be a boring SB!

  122. JimmyJack Says:

    One mistake is all it takes. The Jags lost all momentum and possession and ball control and wind up giving seven the other way right before halftime. All of that happened because of one delay of game pentalty.

    That mistake wound up costing them the game IMO.

    We also got to see how a great coach adjusts. The Jaguars passrush was held in check in the second half. They were hitting Brady all first half and got taken out of the game. We need a coach in Tampa who can make similar adjustments. Hope Dirk figures it out

  123. Rod Munch Says:

    Bandwagon riders are absolute garbage. I mean if you’re some chick who just jumps on the bandwagon because their man likes a team, I get that, but for a man to claim they’re a big fan of a team, then say if my team loses that I’ll jump ship for a winning team, that is the absolute worst type of “fan”. But hey, it’s a free country, like whoever you want, you have that freedom. However respect the freedom of others to call you a piece of garbage bandwagon rider, that’s only fair.

  124. JimmyJack Says:

    I had predicted Eagles-Jags. Oooh for one

  125. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – I would say what cost the Jags was abandoning the run late in the game when they should have been trying to run the clock. They did the same thing in Pittsburgh, but hey it worked there, but my reason for thinking the Pats would win this game was that Jacksonville wouldn’t stick with the run and it would cost them. But they had a lot of success on the day and it was much closer than I thought it would be, so maybe what they did was the best they could do, who knows.

  126. JimmyJack Says:

    Agreed about the Jaguars giving up on the run. They were also burning up the edges which is a soft spot on New England’s defense.

    Have no idea why they got away from what they were doing in the first half. Very poor gameplan coming out of the half for Jacksonville. I had expected them to start using Bortles legs to hit the edges and it never came.

    They had their shot and they blew it IMO

  127. DB55 Says:

    I’d just like to remind everyone that nothing matters except for the 4th qrt.

    Down 10 with 9 mins to go!!! No problem.

    It’s just the 4th that’s all that matters.

  128. Rod Munch Says:

    Good point on Bortles running – he really didn’t do it this week after doing a lot of it the prior 2 weeks. I agree with you on the Jags blowing it – had they just went to a power running game with 8 mins to go, or certainly with 5 mins to go, they could have just ran the clock out – I don’t think the Pats could have stopped them. But running from shotgun on first down, ugh, I hate it and don’t get it. It worked most of the day, but when it mattered it might have cost them the game.

  129. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe must think that the Jags have a garbage defense because they got scored on in the 4th quarter!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!

  130. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Enjoy listening to Tony Romo. Diagramming some of the pass plays He got a good handle on what offense will do. One of the things I found most interesting was at crunchtime for the Jags, You run your best plays on first and second
    down not on third down. Might be a clue to score in the redzone and keep drives going.

  131. JimmyJack Says:

    Guess everybody in Jacksonville will be begging for a QB. They’ll also be in the market for a WR. Ya never know maybe they consider a trade for DJax since they look primed to make a run.

  132. SB Says:

    I am WITH you SPBF!!!!!!!!! GO VIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and PHUCK the PATS!!!!!!

  133. DB55 Says:

    That’s no simple task for the Bucs honchos with so many issues before them
    Come on Joseph you know most of these playoff teams have turned things around with 1-2 years. Tenn, minn, buff, la, philly, Jax, ATL and last year just as many “new” regimes went to the playoffs.

    So they’re either incompetent or disinterested you choose. I say both.

  134. The Anomaly Says:

    Quarles over Brooks if I had to pick one for GM. Not even close.

    Waiting for Brooks to tell us next that water is wet.

  135. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Keenum starting where he left off last week .Great TD pass. And DB ,I would much rather go into the fourth quarter with an insurmountable lead. Let the the bad things happen to the other team on the way to the fourth quarter.

  136. Defense Rules Says:

    DB55, I personally think that Tennessee blew it by firing their coach, but only time will tell. Kept hearing though that they wanted Mularkey back, but that he had ‘philosophical differences’ with the direction management wanted him to go. Strange situation though, since he was only there 2 years (same as GM Jon Robinson) and both years coached the Titans to 9-7 records. We’ll see how Vrabel does I guess, but with LeBeau running the defense I’m not sure what Vrabel brings to the table.

  137. Rod Munch Says:

    Ugh… Keenum doing his best Bortles impression.

  138. Bob in Valrico Says:

    equalizer from PHilly! that thing interesting.

  139. Bob in Valrico Says:

    edit: makes things interesting

  140. B Coburn Says:

    You sign two pass rushers and draft two. Honestly if you end up having another underachiever in fa like ghost Johnson and waste a draft pick but one or two work out wouldn’t that still be a relief? Wouldn’t you happily just part with the fa that didn’t work out next year?

  141. Rod Munch Says:

    Coburn – There’s no DE’s to sign. The Bucs will have to trade for someone or hope they get lucky and draft people who can play from day 1, which is pretty rare.

  142. Rod Munch Says:

    I still say the Bucs should just switch to a 3-4. Spence is stand-up edge rusher so is a perfect fit in a 3-4, and David is an elite edge rusher as well. Beckwith’s size makes him a natural inside LB, and while Kwon is a bit undersized for this defense I think he can make it work. Then you have 3 down lineman. You can move McCoy to the outside like Sapp played in Oakland – sure it’s not ideal, but it will work and you can move him inside on 3rd and long. Gholston is a natural fit as run stopping 3-4 end. For NT I think you can find someone for that a lot more easily than you can find an pass rushing DE. With all the talk last season of running 3-4, it wouldn’t shock me if they made the switch. The Bucs would need some more LB’s, but again, they’re easier to find than DE’s.

  143. SB Says:

    We REALLY Fd up by signing Baker vs. Campbell in FA this yr.

  144. SB Says:

    Maybe we should have kept Blount all along???

  145. Wesley Says:

    Until Licht is gone this team is gonna blow.

  146. MadMax Says:

    Keep seeing Blount on playoff teams (and SB – Pats)

    I was very angry when we cut him…but didnt realize he’d turn out to be this great! Another doochbag move by Dom and Schiano i think?

    Its in the archives, i was mad as he!l

  147. SB Says:

    I surely am not going to check the archives Mad Max. I never wanted him gone either. All he does is produce wherever he goes.

  148. Ndog Says:

    Realist they had a 3rd and 9 to stop and the allowed the first on a RUN! That is after they gave up and 10 point lead. They are not garbage but that is a major choke job when most of the team money is tied up on that side of the ball. So much for being elite. CHOKE JOB!!!!!

  149. Rod Munch Says:

    MadMax – Blount wasn’t cut, he was traded. As we know the Jersey Trash ™ Schiano has a crush on Belichick and thus Schiano gave away Blount and Talib to make his crush happy.

  150. JimmyJack Says:

    MadMax as I remember our coaching couldn’t figure out how to get Blount to stop fumbling. His fumbling issues cost the team. He moves on to superior coaching and waa-laa problem fixed……Coaching matters

  151. Bob in Valrico Says:

    I thought that since they drafted Beckwith who seems to be built to be a Mike
    LB. And Drafting J. Evans. My concern would be whether Spence will come back
    follow the path Jaquis Smith. Hope not but it is a two year paTTERN.

  152. JimmyJack Says:

    Eagles defense looks like the end of the road for Minny. They look outmatched right now

  153. Ndog Says:

    I must say I am growing weary on Licht. I don’t think he has any clue how to build a team, he just thinks you pick good players and you will win. WRONG!

  154. Rod Munch Says:

    SB – Baker was signed for back-up money, not really comparable to the $16-mil or whatever the number was that Campbell got. I was for signing Campbell but it’s not like anyone at the time said Baker was a bad signing, most people thought it was a great deal to get a player with starter ability for non-starter money.

  155. Rod Munch Says:

    Bob – I agree in being worried about Spence at this point, also I didn’t like last offseason that he lost a bunch of weight when if he was supposed to be a DE he should have been putting on weight. If you look at that, you look at the Bucs drafting Beckwith, who seems to be more of an inside guy, you look the last pick being a giant NT, you have to wonder if they did plan on going to a 3-4 and just gave up on it. In any case they should reconsider, with a very weak DE market (assuming people are tagged) I don’t know what other options they have, unless they work the trade market – which I wouldn’t be against.

  156. SB Says:

    Actually Rod a bunch of people said Baker was a bad signing. Campbell was the right target All Along and most of us knew it. Licht was trying to save money. The first thing I remember hearing about Baker when we signed him was that he didn’t like Practice…………That is a huge red flag to me. Kinda like Djax doing an Iverson impression.

  157. SB Says:

    I am Surely not going to do a “Realist Repost” but I was a front runner here on the “Campbell Train”

  158. DBS Says:

    #Sack Matter!!

  159. SB Says:

    Lol DB
    Makes sense of what I said earlier
    Funny, the Top 5 Sacking teams in the league this yr were Pitt, Jacksonville, Rams, NE, and Carolina. All of those teams were playing in January and one of them is headed to the SB.
    A fierce Pass rush makes and average Secondary look Great.

  160. MadMax Says:

    Thats right Rod, thanks. Still was mad about it.

    And yes, Coaching 101 can fix a lot.

  161. Rod Munch Says:

    Some comments on Baker – not picking on anyone, I didn’t think it was a bad signing for the money…

    StPeteBucsfan Says:
    March 11th, 2017 at 12:48 pm
    These three were solid additions without going crazy…as in 15 million for Campbell. The team is definitely improved and we haven’t even had the draft yet.

    Defense Rules Says:
    March 11th, 2017 at 1:12 pm
    Love the signings so far, they give us a lot of flexibility in the draft.

    tnew Says:
    March 11th, 2017 at 1:13 pm
    Baker is a huge upgrade on Spence. And he looks to be still developing.

    tmaxcon Says:
    March 11th, 2017 at 2:08 pm
    signings have been great.

    Dave Says:
    March 11th, 2017 at 7:52 pm
    Waterboy, Baker more than just a slight upgrade over Spence.
    Really need to do your homework before posting your comments.
    Here’s the facts: Since 2015, Baker is one of six NFL defenders to post 100+ tackles, 9+ sacks, and 5+ forced fumbles, joining Oakland’s Khalil Mack, Denver’s Von Miller, Cincinnati’s Carlos Dunlap, San Diego’s Melvin Ingram and Philadelphia’s Brandon Graham.

  162. SB Says:

    Derick Barnett……………Another kid I was wishing for………..

  163. MadMax Says:

    Derek Barnett, the edge guy I wanted in last years draft! Was hoping he’d be there for us or we would trade up for him but then he goes a few picks before we land TE Howard (which I was happy with).

    I seriously considered Barnett a top 10 talent,,,and now he’s playing like it!

  164. Rod Munch Says:

    SB – The Baker being lazy stuff didn’t come out until like a week or so after Baker was signed, that’s when Ira dropped the knowledge of what people from DC were saying. I’m almost certain I’m correct on the timeframe there. However at the time of signing most people were happy with it, and most everything you heard on a national level was what a steal the Bucs got.

  165. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t think the problem was so much not signing Campbell as it was choosing to bet on unreliable players at that position.

    They misevaluated(yet again) their own player and thought they had enough at that position. Then they went out and splurged their big money on a WR which should have been used elsewhere.

    The results were a good passing game(which we already had) and a bad team at the other three phases of the game.

    Evaluations are pretty tough in the free agent market but when it comes to your own players it is a must. Misevaluation s Of our own team have led us to take over a team that was good at three phases of the games and now only good at one. This is why I wanted a new coach because Dirk is probably the biggest part of evaluating the current players we have.

  166. SB Says:

    Rod Munch Says:
    January 21st, 2018 at 7:51 pm
    SB – The Baker being lazy stuff didn’t come out until like a week or so after Baker was signed, that’s when Ira dropped the knowledge of what people from DC were sayin
    I get that Rod
    However the people that get paid Millions of dollars a year to evaluate players should already know this. I make about 90k a year to build sh!t. I don’t get paid to evaluate football talent. Something was amiss in the “Baker vs. Campbell” decision. It was a ‘no brainer’ in hindsight and should have been obvious in foresight if a Carpenter could see it.

  167. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – I disagree on Campbell, I think it was a huge miss by the Bucs, and in large part because Licht thinks it’s better to get a bunch of mediocre guys than to pay one guy. Thus the Bucs normally sign 2nd (and often 3rd) rate guys at “cheap” rates then people are shocked when they don’t play like starters. Baker wasn’t productive, but it’s hard for me to call him a bust considering his pay – he’s a back-up player who played like a bad backup. Sure he’s overpaid a bit, but based on his history, his pay was a good deal. Obviously other teams heard that he was lazy as well or else he would have got more money. I’m guessing Licht heard that as well, but figured for the price it was worth the risk, and in that regard I don’t disagree. But if the option is to get a bunch of 2nd and 3rd rate players, or get one really good player – you get the one really good player.

  168. Defense Rules Says:

    Rod … “There’s no DE’s to sign. The Bucs will have to trade for someone or hope they get lucky and draft people who can play from day 1, which is pretty rare.” All for trading also Rod, but Bucs have this habit of coming out on the short end when it comes to trading. There are several very good DTs available though, and beefing up the middle of the DLine like the Panthers did with Short & Lotulelei can be pretty effective. Draft also has several excellent DE prospects … no reason Licht can’t grab at least 2 DEs & 1 DT to beef up our DLine.

  169. Rod Munch Says:

    SB – We’re on the same page with Campbell, my comment is about after they didn’t get him, what they did instead – Baker wasn’t, for the money, a bad deal. But per above I’d rather spend my money on one good player than a bunch of 2nd and 3rd rate guys.

  170. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Looks like Foles may be win the battle of backups today.

  171. MadMax Says:

    SB 90k is nice. Im lucky to make 45k in a good year with some good overtime….no OT, maybe 36K. But I get by lol…own my own place thats worth a lot of $$ and almost paid off.

  172. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense – Do the Bucs really come out on the bad end of trades? I can’t actually think for the last big trade for a player that the Bucs did where they struck out. The Bucs have had a history of really dumping some guys for some high picks only to have them die, like Ricky Bell and Gaines Adam. If you mean trades like Keyshawn and Reavis, I don’t consider either a bad trade. For Reavis the Bucs cut him, which was incredibly dumb, but if they kept him it was a great trade, certainly considering the Bucs would have taken Dee Milliner with that 1st.

  173. JimmyJack Says:

    Rod the way I see it is they spent big one one high profile free agent. And you would assume they went after the one position that would make the biggest difference and they bought a WR.

    I gotta think they felt they were strong enough at End and that’s why they didn’t seriously go after any starting caliber players there. It was just an absolute misevaluation of their own team IMO.

    I don’t even think Baker fits into the discussion because of his position. Even though he was horrible at tackle the biggest weakness on this team was at End. That position was not adressed and should have been the biggest priority. They decided to make their biggest priority at WR, not tackle. And they did nothing at End except rely on injured players to return.

  174. MadMax Says:

    Man….ERTZ is a beast!

  175. MadMax Says:

    Oh well, the birds are running away with this one.

  176. SB Says:

    ^^^^^^ What Mad Max just said

  177. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – Yeah it’s clear Licht really messed up with thinking that relying on two undersized injured players, Spence and J Smith, was the answer for DE, it was really really dumb. Because of the salary cap situation with Winston not making big money for another few years (last offseason) the Bucs could have signed someone like Campbell to a front loaded deal pretty easily, and still got DJax. No reason the Bucs can’t do multiple big signings when they had plenty of money – and getting two older vets makes it easier since you’d have their contracts ending when Winston gets his $25-30m/year.

    The only defense I’d give Licht is if he got outbid. The Jags had even more money than the Bucs did so they could pay more, but still, for what Campbell ended up costing, he wasn’t out of the range of what the Bucs could afford. After not getting Campbell the Bucs gave Baker $5m and Gholston $7m, I believe that is timeline on events.

  178. Rod Munch Says:

    Blak… Eagles vs Pats Super Bowl… want to talk about two of the most annoying fan bases ever. I’d be cheering for a roof collapse if they were still at the Metrodome.

  179. Nate Says:

    beyond a next year over-whelming playoff run achievement……HIRE MR. DERRICK BROOKS GLAZERS!!!!!!!!

  180. MadMax Says:

    Well, its not over yet…..never know. Those Vikes might (i dont think so) but might have a few tricks up their sleeves.

  181. Rod Munch Says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to say this but the Vikings defense… not elite.

  182. JimmyJack Says:

    Yes Rod they sure could have afforded that money for Campbell according to the cap. But there really isn’t any way to know that the Glazers gave them that much spending freedom……..When Malcom was here he didn’t spend much til the team looked primed to make a run and then let them spend more to get them over the top.

    Not sure if he sons have the same philosophy but I like to think they do.

    For all we know Licht only had enough spending freedom to make one big signing and spent it on WR……..I also hear a lot of fans saying subtract Doug and Bakers contract and you can afford Campbell but I’m not sure it’s that easy as Campbell was guaranteed 30,000,000.

    We fans just don’t know what the signing process is like at One Buc But one thing we can probably all agree on is the Baker and DJax and Doug didn’t live up to the money they got paid. Bad free agent year for Licht no matter how you slice it.

  183. Rod Munch Says:

    Are the Eagles elite? I mean they made a goal line stand, but that was against the choke artist known as Matt Ryan. In this game they’ve given up 7, but also scored 7. So far the Eagles are… ELITE.

  184. SB Says:

    !@ Max…….I wasn’t trying to put my worth out there. Contractors make good money here in Montana. I was trying to say that the Bucs’ evaluation personnel should have seen Baker coming from a mile away. BAD decision to take Baker over Campbell IMHO

  185. JimmyJack Says:

    The Eagles defense just looks like they want it more then the Vikings.

    Looks like they are playing more physical and with more intensity the Minnesota was prepared for.

  186. MadMax Says:

    Whoooo, Barr was unblocked! I remember wanting him too back then…people said he was too small.

  187. SB Says:

    Almost zero chance that Either of these teams can beat the Pats.
    SMDH having to watch the Pats win another SB…………Sux

  188. MadMax Says:

    Na its all good SB. Trust me, i have very little bills so I do fine. Ill hit close to that mark one day if i can just get hired on by this company….they pay good to build BMW’s.

  189. MadMax Says:

    Alright, game over…..whatta TD! hmmmm….i dont know who to pull for since i hate both….I’l do like Rod and root for a roof collapse lol.

  190. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – $30-mil guaranteed really isn’t that much over 2 years. Everyone had Campbell as as solid of a FA as you could get. Sure he was older, but he wasn’t on the decline. The risk on it was very low. Licht did spend the same money that would have went to Campbell in any case since I doubt they get Baker and resign Gholston to a $7m deal if he’s signed. I mean Evan Smith was sitting on the bench this last year making $4.5m, they could have found the money. Personally I think it’s more like Licht thinks anyone can throw money at the top player, but only a “special” GM can sign 2nd rate players to “good” deals, then if they hit he looks like a genius. Not the case with everything player, but I think that could have had something to do with it. In any case Licht’s free agency record leaves him wide open for tons of legitimate criticism.

  191. SB Says:

    All good Max! Have always liked your posts! I wish the best for you and yours!
    Go Bucs!
    However I do Not see the Vikes coming back from this.

  192. MadMax Says:

    Yeah same here SB, we seem to like a lot of the same draft prospects….you know what they say, great minds 🙂

  193. TampaTown Says:

    Sounds like Mr. Brooks is the man with the plan. Please hire him now.

  194. JimmyJack Says:

    Rod you just said 30,000,000 isn’t that much money hahaha.

    I’m just saying that it actually is a lot of money and it isn’t Lichts money. The Glazers let him spend 20 mil on DJax and asking them to spend 30 more is kinda a big deal.

    I have no way of knowing just looking at it from a different angle that perhaps the Glazers weren’t willing to commit that much of their money til they see more results on the field.

    I know the Glazers don’t meddle into football decisions too much but I would think they don’t just allow their GM to just go and spend whatever and however much he wants………if that were the case I doubt we would be so far below the cap every year for the last 15 or so

  195. SB Says:

    I Actually have to root for PHILLY in the SB?!?!?!?!
    I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this.

  196. Defense Rules Says:

    @Rod … “Do the Bucs really come out on the bad end of trades? I can’t actually think for the last big trade for a player that the Bucs did where they struck out.” Guess maybe we just see things differently.
    o Bucs traded Barron to Rams for a 4th & 6th.
    o Traded Zuttah to Ravens for a 5th rounder.
    o Traded Wright plus a 4th rounder for Mankins (plus his BIG salary)… hey I liked Mankins, but still an expensive trade.
    o Casillas plus a 6th for a 5th.
    o Goldson plus a 7th for a 6th.
    o A 5th and a 7th for George Johnson.
    Need I continue Rod? Do you classify those as GOOD trades? Or should we blame all those 2014 & 2015 trades on Lovie.

  197. Rod Munch Says:

    JimmyJack – The way the Bucs structure contracts and don’t give out signing bonuses they wouldn’t be paying $30m up front, it would be $15m a year for 2 years, and in any case they spent the same amount money they would have spent. Again that’s Baker, Gholston and Evan Smith – not exactly key players. Also I don’t think it’s the Glazers being cheap, I just don’t buy that – the Bucs just haven’t had anyone to pay. They will in the next couple of years however with Brate, D Smith, Marpet, Evans, Winston and Kwon – this will be the first time they need to pay big money to keep their own guys, we’ll see, but I strongly doubt they let guys walk to be cheap. Also in Free Agency there just hasn’t been a lot of players, Campbell is really the only surefire guy they didn’t get that I can think of. I mean for all the talk of the Bucs being cheap, this is a team that tried to give Albert Haynesworth the richest defensive contract in NFL history only to have him turn it down to play for the Redskins. Yeah that was a while ago, but that was at the peak of the Glazers are cheap stuff which is why I bring it up. Hugh Culverhouse was cheap, I don’t think the Glazers are.

  198. Ndog Says:

    I think after this post season it is clear we need a new GM. Licht is garbage at putting a roster together. That and he has no idea what a good football looks like. I mean how could anyone watch and meet Chris Baker and think he is someone you invest in? Look anything the people not players he has brought in. Baker =lazy, Djax=selfish, Ward=selfish, it’s like he doesn’t even talk to thsee guys? I mean is something wrong with him or does just not know what anything team player is?

  199. Rod Munch Says:

    Defense – 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th round picks aren’t really blockbusters, and as such I don’t think they qualify as bad trades. For something to be a truly bad trade they need to get robbed of something of value. Also my point was the Bucs TRADING for players, not trading away players.

    As for the players the Bucs traded for there…

    Mankins for a 4th? No, I don’t think that was bad at all. He was the key player on that 2015 o-line that put up the top duo of rushers in the NFL, also he was a mentor to the young guys. It’s a 4th round pick – that’s Ryan Smith in most years.

    A 5th and a 7th for George Johnson? It’s a 5th and a 7th. Plus the only reason there was any pick involved was because of tamper charges or something along those lines were the Bucs messed up, it was supposed to be a 6th if I recall correctly.

    For something to be a bad trade it has to be say trading a 2nd rounder for Gaines Adams – that’s an awful trade. If the Bucs trade for a DE and they can get one for a 5th and 7th rounder, then guess what, that player isn’t any good.

    When I say trade for someone I mean do like what I suggested last offseason to do and try giving up two 1st for Aaron Donald when he was holding out. That’s a trade. I doubt the Rams would have taken it, but that’s what I’m talking about when I say a trade – getting impact guys, not dumpster diving.

  200. Dan Says:

    Same Coach Same Qb Same GM Same record. 5-11 2018

  201. mark2001 Says:

    Poor Ndog…Sapp and Winston rub his little puppy nose in it….fly Eagles, fly.

    And you assume the weak organization will ever get another ring…weak.