Could The Licht Be Flickering?

January 17th, 2018

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9 Responses to “Could The Licht Be Flickering?”

  1. BigHogHaynes Says:


  2. denjoe Says:

    He is not a team builder that is obvious! Everyone wants to down play the kicker in the 2nd round and give him a pass and blame it on someone else but the dude Drafted a freaking kicker in the 2nd round and a nickle corner, in the first. Last draft he didn’t go for needs he took luxury picks. Spence fell to us in his draft because everyone knew he had injuries. Then he brings in Baker, without doing his home work, also we needed a DE not another DT. How many Te’s and safeties do you need on one team. Licht one up before the draft.

  3. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Dood he drafted a LB in the 3rd round, a RB in the 5th took a TE in the 1st a kicker in the 2nd a late flyer on a DT, a weird hybrid safety project in Justin Evans in the 2nd, WR in the 3rd…

    Sure some of these guys might be good but Licht drafted all the wrong positions. Did they really need Bechwith? OJ? Goodwin?

    Licht drafts for best player on the board not for need and that’s just wrong.

    This draft better be DE, OT, DT, OG, DE, CB, DE

  4. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    ^^^Oh and why not draft an RB? Because PAYTON MF’ing BARBER

  5. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Some of the fans are like listening to a nagging wife. B**ch and moan.

  6. Pa Privateer Says:

    @ Joe in Michigan

    I agree. A lot of JBF Commenters need to let things go. Licht already knows hindsight is 20/20. He knows the kicker was stupid looking back. The 2017 draft was a growth for Licht. He stuck to his board and team building plan, but Licht and everyone else can see different moves he could have made.

    My argument for the “Debbie-downers” is that arguably we found a starting TE, SS, LB, WR and possible replacement for Baker with Stevie T.

    For the 2018 draft Licht will bend a lot more to some of the team needs. But do not expect him to draft a DE in every round. Last year Licht had DEs on his draft board in every round. But he stuck to his board. Imagine what a team will look like if we get 4-5 starters out of every draft for the next 10 years?

    Looking at the desperation being felt across the league for finding a Franchise QB, Chubb is very likely to be there at #7

  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I no think Chubb will be there at 7.

  8. Memberberries Says:

    Please stop yelling at me Jason

  9. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Fix the trenches, fix the Bucs!!